10 Reasons Why Web Design Does Not Google Index

Web design is a journey from design, and code to content ideas, with the aim of providing the best user experience. But, if your site does not appear on Google, nobody will know it.

10 Reasons Why Web Design Does Not Google Index

Google does not index website means that you spend a lot of effort

Web design is a journey from design, and code to content ideas, with the aim of providing the best experience for users. But for people to know your web design, it is largely because they appear on the search engine results pages, the most popular being Google.

In fact, Google has become so popular that it’s not just a term for a technology company or software, but it has become a recognized verb around the world.

Therefore, it is a pity if your website is not in Google’s eyes and not indexed. But this is the main reason why your web design has such a problem, try to take a look and check it out. Does your website make the following 10 errors?

Your website design doesn’t have both www and non-www domains

For visitors to your website, it is difficult for them to distinguish the difference between a URL starting with http:// or http://www. Because both domains will return to the same site.

But if you own a web design, then you have to understand these two domains are not one. In particular, the domain containing www is the subdomain of the Root domain. It is also known as the root domain and it is important that the robots will view these as two independent websites.

Therefore, you should carefully convert the landing page of these two domain names to make a website, otherwise, you will have the problem of Duplicate content (Copy content on the website).

Sitemap of website design you encounter problems

When the website design is completed, the next thing if you want your website to appear on Google is to wait for the Google robot to visit your website.

This usually takes at least a few days, but if more than 1 week your website has not yet been indexed. It means that your sitemap has problems that Google robots can not access. If the sitemap has a problem, find a way to fix it.

If you do not have a sitemap, you must immediately create one, then go to the Webmaster tool to ask Google for robots to crawl your website.

Web design has blocked Google robots from accessing

Robots.txt files will be the main reason Google bots can’t access your website. However, sometimes website developers need to use these files to prevent robots from entering to index a certain page when they need to repair or upgrade the site.

Therefore, your task is to take a quick tour of your website and delete robots.txt files that appear for no specific reason. Then wait for the Google bot to come in, this needs a few days, so don’t be too impatient.

Google bot has trouble crawling web design

Sometimes your web design is not indexed by the Google bot bug. You can see this by observing that the homepage is or has been indexed but the pages are not. All you need to do is visit the Google Webmaster Tools page to check which list of sites you are indexing.

Most of the errors that Google cannot index are due to robots.txt files (as I mentioned above). It could also be due to DNS or server errors. But all these errors can be easily overcome in any case.

Web design with duplicate content

Content duplication is a dangerous error that you need to avoid if you want to appear on Google search results pages. If the Google bot enters your website and detects duplicate content. It will confuse their spiders and they will immediately stop indexing your website design.

So you need to immediately delete the duplicate content, or you can use the robots.txt file to block Google bots on these pages or use the 301 redirect command to redirect them to other pages.

Web design has problems loading pages

The slow loading speed will make your website lose chances of Google indexing. You can improve this by enabling caching, resizing image sizes if they are too large, or installing some applications to speed up the loading of your web design.

In addition, you should also review your hosting. Because it is likely that your website’s hosting is unreliable, causing the website to not work smoothly, and interrupting the indexing of the Google bot.

The website language is not optimized

10 Reasons Why Web Design Does Not Google Index

HTML, Javascript, and AJAX have commonly used languages ​​for website design. In particular, HTML is considered the language easily Google indexes fastest.

For Javascript and AJAX, although both languages ​​are supported by Google, the Google bot index time is longer. If your website is built with Javascript or AJAX and the website structure is not designed properly, the Google bot will suspend your website index.

Google index is blocked by htaccess or some privacy settings

If your website was built with CMS WordPress, it’s possible that you’ve accidentally turned on some privacy settings.

Or you can enable htaccess on the server. Although these files will be useful in most cases, they can sometimes interfere with the indexing process.

In meta tags, websites are accidentally tagged with Noindex or Nofollow

As the robots.txt file, these two concepts are used to hide your website from the Google bot. So you should check in the website code to see if your pages are tagged with Noindex or Nofollow. Change or delete them if you want the Google bot to index those pages.

Your website is penalized by Google’s algorithms

When Google penalizes a website, this search engine can reduce the website rankings on the results page.

Thereby reducing visibility and traffic to the website. However, Google seldom removes a website design when it is indexed unless you make a huge mistake. So you don’t need to worry about this.

When your website is indexed, you will soon find them on Google. But if your website is low ranking, you can see that your website is still new, your domain age is still low or your website may be penalized.

Whatever the error, you need to maintain a good SEO Website service for a long time, you will be able to fix all of these errors.

Hopefully, the 10 reasons I have mentioned above will help you understand why some website designs have not been indexed by Google and ways to fix those errors.

Hope you find this article useful and see you in the following articles!

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