How To Promote A Website That Helps Many People Know

After designing the website, the question is “How to make the website popular?”. In other words, “How to promote the website quickly to reach the target customers, and increase sales opportunities in the online environment?”. Let’s take a look at some of the free and paid website promotion methods below.

How To Promote A Website That Helps Many People Know

What is the purpose of website promotion?

In online business, the website is like a real-life store, which is a bridge between businesses and customers on the online platform. Therefore, website promotion is necessary for business development, helping businesses achieve goals such as:

Increase brand awareness online

Website promotion is a way to introduce your website to more people. This means that brand awareness of businesses is increased. In the online environment, the website is the face of the business. If successfully promoted, it will help users remember and impress more about your brand.

Increase traffic to the website

The process of website promotion helps reach more customers, thereby increasing the number of people who know the website. At this time, traffic to the website will have an opportunity to improve.

Increase sales opportunities

The ultimate goal of website promotion is to increase sales. When these two goals are completed, you will easily sell, and improve sales for the business.

To achieve the above goals, you need to choose a suitable website promotion, to bring the highest efficiency. Next, I will suggest some ways to promote your website, including how to get your website online for free and for a fee.

Ways to promote the website to help many people know

Promote the website on Google

Google is a huge search channel, with the highest number of users today. Therefore, in the ways of website promotion, is the most basic way for many customers to find your website.

There are two options for you when promoting websites on Google: SEO (search engine optimization), and running Google Ads.

SEO – Website optimization

How To Promote A Website That Helps Many People Know

SEO is the most effective way to promote websites on Google. Want to take the website to a high position in a natural way, you need to focus on optimizing the overall factors such as content, images, and page loading speed… to enhance the user experience.

Through targeted keywords, your website will reach a group of customers who want to find out about products or related information.

Then use the content on the website to answer and satisfy this need, and persuade customers with valuable content, thereby contributing to increasing conversion rates for businesses. Therefore, many website owners choose SEO as one of the main promotion ways in their Online Marketing strategy.

For example: Your website sells fresh flower products, using SEO as a website promotion strategy to reach potential customers.

After the process of doing SEO with the keyword “fresh flower shop” with an average number of searches per month of 4,400 visits, your website appears in the first position on Google. Imagine, with these 4,400 searches, how effective will your website be seen first on Google?

Although not all of these people will be potential customers, at least in awareness, they already know your website.

Some ways to support an effective SEO website such as:

  • Build quality content around products and related topics.
  • Optimize old content available on the website.
  • Build quality backlinks.
  • Enhance the user experience on the website by: using attractive images, improving page load speed, building layout, and proper formatting…

Advertise with Google Ads

How To Promote A Website That Helps Many People Know

SEO helps your website appear on Google naturally. As for Google Ads, you have to pay to “hire” a number of positions on this search engine to advertise useful articles, promotional content, and product descriptions… Some platforms are Google for Website promotion with Google Ads includes:

  • Promote via Google Search with targeted keywords.
  • Promote via Google Display by image.
  • Promote via Youtube with videos.
  • Promote via Gmail with images.
  • Promote via Google Shopping to introduce products.

Way to promote your website helps you reach customers faster and in many different ways. However, you need to consider the goals you want to achieve, to choose the most effective form of promotion.

At the same time when using Google Ads to promote the website, your advertising campaign is very likely to face uncontrolled virtual clicks from competitors. From there, it leads to losing money but it doesn’t work.

Promote the website via Email Marketing

How To Promote A Website That Helps Many People Know

Email marketing is one of the effective website promotion methods applied by many businesses. Especially for B2-B businesses, Email Marketing is an important tool in online marketing strategy. It not only helps increase sales opportunities but also increases brand awareness and nurtures potential customers.

In order to promote your website via Email Marketing effectively, you need to have a good strategy, to avoid wasting due to spam. Here are some ways to promote websites through Email Marketing with high efficiency:

Collect quality email data

This is a core issue in every Email Marketing campaign. No matter how attractive the content you send, the wrong audience or the email file sent is the “dead” email that will waste resources and inefficiency for running email. At this time the email open rate and clickthrough rate are very low.

Building good email content

The next thing after collecting customer data is to run the Email Marketing script. If the data email file determines whether the target audience you are promoting is the right target, the content will determine whether your message is appropriate for the customer’s needs.

Have an appropriate email strategy

Sending Email Marketing should be maintained regularly to nurture potential customers. However, you should also limit sending too much in a day or a week to a set of objects.

This is very counterproductive for Email Marketing, customers will feel bothered when receiving too much information. Besides, with potential emails such as opened or clicked, but not converted into orders, you also need to filter to have an appropriate marketing strategy.

Promote the website via social networks

How To Promote A Website That Helps Many People Know

With an increasing number of users, social networking is an effective website promotion channel if you know how to take advantage. Therefore, branding and increasing awareness for websites on social networking platforms are popularly applied. You can review some ways to promote websites on social networks such as:

  • Create a personal page for businesses on social networking channels such as Facebook, Youtube, and LinkedIn… Then use these channels to create posts that link to the website, and attach the website address in the introduction to the business…
  • Join groups related to your field of business, or groups that focus on many target customers to exchange, share experiences, and introduce the website.
  • If you want to promote a stronger website, run paid ads on the most potential social networking platform.

Promote the website through other websites

The most popular form of website promotion through other websites is:

Writing PR articles on newspaper pages

This is a form of posting business-related articles in appropriate newspapers. Through the number of users accessing these newspaper pages, the article will reach customers. In this way, you can take advantage of placing a website link in the article to promote.

Discuss on forums

Similar to when participating in social groups, you can introduce your website on related forums. For example, when discussing an issue on the forum, you can lead an existing article on the website to answer a member’s questions.

So you need to choose the forum and topic to exchange cleverly, to be able to lead customers to the website in the most natural way.

Note: Commenting on other websites is also a way of promoting the site. You can easily see this form on websites with high traffic. However, I recommend that you do not apply this method. Because it is easy to spam links, and is not effective in attracting visitors.

Promote the website via KOL

KOL or other influencers can directly impact user behavior, thanks to good knowledge and high reliability. Therefore, promoting websites via KOL can be highly effective if businesses choose the right KOL. Some ways to promote the website through KOL include:

  • Put the link in a KOL article.
  • Directly introduce the website through videos with the appearance of KOL, and live broadcasts…

Sharing effective website promotion experience

In order to build a popular website, and to provide valuable value to customers as currently, HUDAREVIEW has applied many ways and draws valuable experiences to help you promote the website to many people.

SEO is the way to promote a website that brings the most sustainable value, but you need patience!

Take a look at the following example to understand why I make such a comment!

If you are trying to lose weight, you can choose one of two ways:

  • Using weight loss pills to bring instant effect, quickly get a slim body. However, when you stop taking the drug, the weight will return quickly, even faster than it originally was.
  • Exercise and follow an appropriate diet to lose weight. In this way, your body will be trained every day to gradually reduce the amount of excess fat, nutrients still provide enough to ensure the best health. After reaching your desired weight, you just need to maintain and control the weight well. But this way, you have to be persistent to get good results.

Similarly, promoting your website with SEO is the same way you lose weight by practicing daily. In order to increase rankings and maintain its position on the front page of Google, you need to fully optimize all factors. This process can take 4-6 months to see results gradually, so patience is essential when promoting websites with SEO.

In return for this waiting period, the value that SEO brings is extremely worthy: improved website rankings, not dropping the top immediately when stopping doing SEO, and optimized items that can be used for a long time…

Specifically, optimized content on the website to make SEO a high position on the search rankings. But after a while that content is no longer relevant, you just need to update new content to re-use. This not only saves the cost of implementation but also Google a better website rating.

Meanwhile, in other forms of website promotion, the time to reach customers is faster, but the value of use is only effective at a time. At this time, it requires businesses to change the message frequently, creating new content to attract customers.

For example: Content posted on Facebook will immediately reach customers who are following your fan page.

However, just a few months later, this content will be “drifted” and very difficult for interested customers to find. In contrast, with content that has SEO and top, any time can attract customers to the website, through key phrases searched on Google.

Improve the quality of the website before promoting

The ultimate goal of website promotion is to increase traffic and increase sales. But if your website is too bad, will it attract customers to convert?

Using a website that has a poor user experience, poor quality content, just copying… promoting is a waste of time, effort and money.

On the other hand, this is also easy to make a bad impression when visitors experience the website, reducing the reputation of the brand, and directly affecting the value of the business.

So, in addition to optimizing UX-UI-related elements, you need to build a content chain to drive customer thinking and retain visitors for a longer experience on the website.

Combining many ways to promote the website to bring greater efficiency

The smart website promotion strategy is not to choose the most effective channel, but rather to combine the most effective channel with the remaining channels. This approach not only helps to expand the reach of the website but creates a stronger resonance between channels.

For example: SEO is the way to promote your official website. But because SEO takes time to reach customers, in the process of waiting for the website to top you can use support channels such as Google Search Ads, social networks, forums, Email Marketing, etc. will attract visitors the first time, help Google evaluate the website better, support the SEO process to quickly increase keyword rankings.

Or another business chooses Google Ads as the main website promotion method. Before starting a Google Ads advertising campaign, the website of that business should still do SEO to optimize the website’s internal resources and other factors. When landing page quality is better, the cost of advertising is also significantly reduced.

You should also note one thing: Website promotion can be done in any channel you find effective. But you need to identify all brand identity features in every channel such as logos, colors, messages, and images… So that when customers come across any related information, they can recognize your website.


Website promotion for long-term and sustainable effects takes time. You can temporarily apply for a fast promotion, but then you need to aim for sustainable value to optimize costs.

Therefore, choosing which promotion method and how to combine is a problem that businesses need to solve based on the business strategy and goals of each unit.

Thank You For Reading!

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