Guide to making money with Product Launch 2019

Guide to making money with Product Launch 2019

Hi fellows,

Whoever has been intending to join the MMO world will certainly be very disturbed to choose for themselves a suitable MMO direction. In this article, I will introduce to you a form that is not new but still an attractive option for newbies when starting to make money online.

Making money Product Launch (Launch Jacking) is one of the most popular forms of Affiliate Marketing today and brings quick results for employees. In this article, I will acquaint with you a form that isn’t new yet at the same time an appealing choice for beginners when beginning to make money online.

Making money by Product Launch (Launch Jacking) is one of the most popular ways of Affiliate Marketing today and brings speedy outcomes for employees.


Currently, there are numerous sites set up to guide individuals to profit online with genuinely broad articles. My blog is no exemption, however, I will attempt to present the content for the newbies can comprehend and follow.

Make sure to follow the series of articles on the most proficient method to profit with Product Launch to be able to apply the best.

What is the Product Launch?

Firstly, try googling the word “Product Launch” to find out how many results there are:

2,500,000,000 results in just 0,43s

Impressive, right?

This proves that making money with Product Launches is still on-trend these days.


Product Launch is an upcoming product.

Normally, the Internet Marketers of the creator of the upcoming items really want the Affiliate Marketers like us to promote their new products. The objective is to empower them to rapidly accomplish high item deals upon the arrival of item dispatch.

Before the time of product launch, the product will be heavily promoted in the media for two purposes:

1/ Reaching the users to widen their recognition before putting the product on sale.

2/ Assist them with finding the information about the item after it is launched.


Clients truly need to know the assessments of the individuals who have utilized the item with the goal that they pick the item to purchase. That is why Product Launch was born.

Trends in making money with Product Launch: The market will be much more intense than before because of the products with high investment, good quality, and high commission (there are products up to 100% commission for both funnels).

Why do we choose Product Launch when in the MMO world?

Product Launch is like “hot cakes” for the Affiliate Marketers. Even if you have not reached the required level, making a few sales from new products is no hard task.


Product Launch has the following features:

  • Not many competitors: you will work with new items that have not yet been released, so there will be just a few and hardly any data about them. Whereas, the current reality of PL competition is quite high because the community of Product Launch has developed incredibly.
  • High commission rate: normally 40-60% for every semi-effective item, even 100%. Why 100%? Basically on the grounds that the merchant (the creator of the item) really needs to promote their item in the main dispatch. What’s more, so as to encourage affiliate marketers to promote their items, new item owners frequently offer challenges for their colleagues. The prizes for high subsidiary advertisers are generally huge, going from two or three hundred to a few thousand dollars relying upon the item.
  • Different item range and you reserve the privilege to pick items with a high commission rate to make. Low speculation cost: snappy benefit. For instance, you fabricate a straightforward site to do a Product Launch.
    • Investment costs are around $ 4 – 6 $/year for the domain (utilizing markdown codes). In the event that you are fortunate enough to have the option to chase for rebate coupons for just about $ 1 – $ 3, facilitating if utilizing coupons is about $ 20/year. Calculating the total cost of about $ 30/1 site, not that costly, right? If you cannot write your own review, there’s an audit administration in English. Right now an audited article in English is around 600-1000 English words costing about 150k. Extremely modest, isn’t it? A few systems you can contract to compose survey articles like Fiverr, SEOClerks, etc.
  • New items are launched constantly. As long as there is a vendor, and a new product launch, the Product Launch still exists. You do not need to be too worried when there is no product to do.
  • Long-term profits: A Product Launch site can thoroughly attract sales if there are still individuals intrigued.
  • The Product Launch community is enormous: So you can discover bunches of accommodating instructional exercises en route.

Product Launch is the product that will launch strongly in a short time, then depending on the Vendor (the creator of the product) will decide whether to continue selling or stop, if sold again, the price will certainly be more expensive than the launch phase.

There are 3 parties in the Product Launch:

  • Vendor (Product Creator): who creates the items
  • Customer: people who purchase the items
  • Affiliate: the intermediary between the Vendor and the Customer, getting a commission for successfully selling a product.

Products from Product Launch


We focus on 2 main items:

  • Digital products: due to the short-term nature, making it quick, we will choose digital products to do. At the same time, the commission for digital products is very high. This type of product often includes video, software, online courses, plugins …
  • Physical products: hardware, home machines, digging tools, and so on. In any case, rather than doing a Product Launch, we should make a Niche site or Authority Site for this sort of item would be better.

Skills for Product Launch

This is a question that PL beginners are always intrigue. Of course, the answer also depends on the ability of the doer.

When I first started approaching Product Launch, I spent hours daily searching on google just for information.

Questions like:

What is a Product Launch?

Product Launch Guide

Is working with Product Launch hard?

Steps to make money Product Launch, etc.

Like other MMO forms, Product Launch has the following specific requirements:

IT: you need fundamental skills in site organization, item choice, site establishment, space buy, have an establishment, SEO, etc.

English: Product Launch mainly works with the foreign market so it will meddle with individuals who are feeble in English.

On the off chance that you are bad at both of these, it is clear that making money from Product Launch is a difficult form for you.

However, you should not worry too much. Product Launch is considered to be the most pleasant way of affiliate marketing.

That means it requires the least skill in affiliate marketing.

Later, when you dive into affiliate marketing, you will encounter other methods that are much harder than Authority sites, Niche sites, etc.


1/ Customers are becoming increasingly careful before buying anything online

The fact that advanced purchasing propensities insignificant nations, for example, the US, UK, and Australia have changed in the course of recent years.

Instead of searching on Google, go to a review page and do not even read all click on the affiliate link to buy, customers know to find reputable blogs, and compare prices, and bonuses before buying.

Furthermore, obviously with the audits that regardless you have no clue what the item is doing, in addition to the irrelevant reward, the possibility of having a deal is exceptionally low if not zero.

2/ Google is getting hard

New domain names are created with low trustworthiness and poor content is increasingly difficult to rank.

SEO uncontrolled with single destinations is extremely risky.

If you are careless, your website will be put as a sandbox or penalty by Google.

3/ Vendors make it hard for Vietnamese Affiliate Marketers

Nobody wants to mention this, but it was once true. The main reason for this is that the quality of visitors coming from review sites is usually not high.

You send 100 visitors to the product purchase link but nobody buys it.

That is, you have decreased change rates and EPC – the most significant parameters of an item.

Obviously, sellers don’t care for this and they reserve the privilege to decline to give you a partner connect.

4/ Increasing Competitiveness

In fact, when a Product Launch gets to the maturity phase, everyone will get used to it.

The overflow of single-site and authority sites for an upcoming product is easy to spot.

Ways to make money from Product Launch

Product Launch is the item that will launch strongly in a short time, at that point depending upon the Vendor (the maker of the item) will choose whether to keep selling or stop, whenever sold once more, the cost will absolutely be more costly than the value during launch (The launch, for the most part, endures from 5 – 10 days)

How to sell items during the launch?

What are the key headings when doing a Product Launch?

The essential thing for when you need to do a Product Launch, is you need to pick the item to advance.

Incorporates essential data: item content, the target group of spectators, and so forth. The choice of this item likewise incorporates data about sellers, costs, and so on.

You have to discover cautiously before choosing to figure out which items you will advance.

For new companions, consider the seller’s history is dependable, and the item cost isn’t too high in view of the high challenge. After picking the item and getting an associate connection from the seller, you have to pull in clients to purchase the item by means of a member interface. There will be 3 fundamental bearings for clients to discover the member interface as pursues:

1/ Create a website + create content + SEO

You should know that, before and during the product launch time, the vendor will promote the product a lot through channels, especially email and Facebook.

In other nations, customers have a habit of reading reviews or finding more information about a product on Google before buying it.

Based on this feature, you can write articles about the product you choose to do Product Launch and then post them on the website.

The affiliate link will be inserted in the post or in the site layout.

Creating a website today is very easy. You can use Google‘s Blogger or WordPress source code. This website is often called the Product Launch product review website.

Due to its duty on attracting clients, the content of the article will be the most important part to attract potential customers to register to buy products. After building a website, try to use SEO skills to bring the website to the top of the search with keywords related to the product.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a collection of optimization methods to make the website become friendly (Search Engine). Since then improve website rankings when users search with related keywords.

SEO is a form that you have to do when customers search for product names or review products on Google, they will reach your website.

2/ Email Marketing


Email Marketing is a way of conveying marketing messages to potential users, target customers, and existing customers via email to them. Email Marketing helps you save costs, and target the right customers because the target customer list is collected, selected, and researched by you.

To be able to use this method, you need to have a list of your email lists. How to get a customer email list? When customers visit your website, give them something free of charge for the product they are selling and ask them to sign up via email. Then send an email to them to send gifts, and market the products they are trying to sell.

Moreover, during the Product Launch, you may get a lot of messages from individuals who have gotten your reward. So you can email them about HOT items that will be propelled later, and you’ll sell a great deal.

3/ Video, usually on YouTube

It can be said that promoting products via video is a new but not simple marketing approach.

Using video sites, the top one is YouTube to reach users through watching videos.

The process of making money with Product Launch with YouTube means you need to SEO your Video to the Top of the video search.

The pros of this structure are that you don’t have to spend the expense of making a site. Also, currently, SEO by the website is quite hard & faces many risks when the Google algorithms are increasingly harsh.

Besides YouTube, you can likewise transfer to other video sites: Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.

The Product Launch procedure with YouTube Video is certainly flourishing later on.

Making Money from Product Launch series

1/ Overview of and symbols, symbols

2/ Overview of JV Page of a Product Launch

3/ Instructions on choosing the product starting to be Product Launch

4/ Instructions on getting affiliate links from vendors to make Products Launch

5/ Structure of a good PL product review article

6/ How to create a Product Launch product review website

7/ Connecting hosting and domain – install WordPress source code

8/ Basic setup guide for Product Launch page

9/ Instructions on SEO on-page for Product Launch page

10/ Direction Guide to off-page SEO for Product Launch page

11/ Instructions on how to earn Bonus for Product Launch products

12/ How to create a Call to Action in the review of Product Launch

13/ The essential tools to make Product Launch effective


The golden age of Product Launch is over (2012-2015) but that doesn’t mean Product Launch won’t bring you any more benefits.

The biggest benefit when you use Product Launch is to help you gain the most knowledge with the affiliate marketing segment.

From there you can develop affiliate marketing in the direction of a niche site or authority sites later. Remember when you start, focus on 1 or 2 products.

Once you have the experience, you can switch to making more products at once. The percentage of failure in first products is probably high

But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to sell anything later.

After my 6th product, I began to gain sales. Yet I know a lot of high-profile friends who make a sale on the very first products.

“Prepare yourself with a good spirit of work and study, always try and keep learning”.

So, the first article in the series of Product Launch MMO has ended.

Maybe this knowledge is still very general and after reading, you still have no idea and don’t know what to do next.

Don’t worry, keep watching the series.

Please share the results of making money online with your Product Launch in the comment section. I’m glad if you can make money from Product Launch after reading my series.

Thank you and see you again in the following article. Have fun!

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