Best link building tools used by E-commerce websites SEO experts

Best link-building tools used by E-commerce websites SEO experts

You may not be aware of the backlink maker and how it works in the SEO of an e-commerce website. Or you don’t want to use them thinking they are fake and should not be used.

If you think like this then, this post is for you. The backlink generators will rank e-commerce websites faster and naturally. They are free and work faster than humans. They can reduce your work effort of manually making backlinks and give you the best leverage of your time.


The tools below provide backlinks that are good for your e-commerce website. There are do-follow or refer and no follow or no-refer backlinks. The do-follow backlink acts as a referring domain for your products-selling website.

If a big authoritative website refers to your website. It gives Google a signal that they can rank it because it is referred by a good website.

The other type of backlink is no followed backlink that doesn’t refer to websites and google doesn’t consider them for ranking.

The no-follow backlinks can be a good source of traffic generation from websites like Quora but they don’t help in ranking e-commerce websites. In order to get good rankings in Google, you should use both do follow and no follow backlinks.

SEO czar

Some backlink builders do not give high-quality backlinks. The ranking in google can be hurt by some backlinks taken from sites that violate Google’s policy and some people don’t mind taking backlinks from them. The websites that take free backlinks from these websites end up hurting their website’s ranking.

This website provides high-quality backlinks and especially niche-based backlinks that will help search engines recognize your website better.

The website is free to use you just have to place the link of the website in it and this website will start making free backlinks for your e-commerce website.

SEO Ninja Software

You can generate high-quality backlinks from this backlink generator with a click of a button. This website gives high-quality backlinks to the user’s website.

The backlink directory of this website is very large and you will get a lot of backlinks from this website. The website will provide free backlinks from good DA websites and if the website is good and loads fast.

Search engines like Google and Bing like this factor and rank those websites. You just have to paste the URL and click the button and the website will start making backlinks.

If the content of your website is good then, your website will always stay at the top of the google search page.


This tool creates backlinks free, these backlinks are in bulk and are of good quality. Backlinks that will rank your e-commerce website in google. This website’s backlink directory has only high DA websites and the link from them helps in ranking for sure. The low-quality websites are removed from their system by their extensive algorithm.

Prepostseo is available for everyone. The links that are produced on this website are natural.

The website maintains the balance of both do-follow and no-follow backlinks and provides both as google sometimes suspect website with only do-follow backlinks. The website is very fast so you don’t have to wait for anything.


Nimtools is one of the best free backlink generators that create backlinks according to your needs. I can generate backlinks for YouTube and websites. You can generate backlinks for free without any sign-ups or logins. You can also sign in and make your own account to use it without any difficulty.

Nimtools create backlinks for your website and a large number of best PR backlinks. you just have to enter the domain name or URL of your website and your high-quality SEO backlinks would be created in minutes without making a single effort.


Dashboard.pushstar is a free SEO backlink maker. That makes quick, free, and online backlinks for your domain. You just need to enter your domain name and 20 free SEO backlinks in minutes.

It is a completely free tool that can be used without registrations and signups. That means you don’t have to give your personal information to use this tool or any other tool from their website.

Dashboard.pushstar also provides you with the opportunity to use the rank checker tool, backlink checker tool, plagiarism checker tool, and many others. it is easy to use and can be used by beginners without worrying.

Counting Characters

This website has three additional features for making backlinks. This backlink generator can make backlinks in all countries.

So, you can get backlinks from your country as well as from other countries like the USA and UK. The website also gives you the feature of choosing keywords and niches to get backlinks from.


These backlink makers can help you in improving the ranking of your e-commerce website and as the website ranks at the top position. It gets almost 60% of the total traffic. So it is very important to rank at the top of the search engine.

The ranking of the website is directly influenced by the backlink profile of the website with good backlinks you can rank higher than others. These backlink makers provide you free backlinks from good websites that will help you rank higher in google.

If you are making a new e-commerce website then ranking on the top is very important that will be achieved by good on-page, off-page, and technical SEO. The on-page SEO will be provided to you by the content writer.

The technical SEO will be done by the developer, who will create your website but the off-page SEO will be done by making good backlinks from good websites and no-follow backlinks from social media websites that do not refer to the website provided a lot of genuine and organic traffic.

The backlink makers above will solve this problem by providing fast backlinks to your selling website and they are very easy to use. The website will not be hacked by any of these backlink websites and they will provide an SEO boost to your e-commerce website.

Thank you for reading!

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