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It has been a while since I came back to series making money from product launch, if you are exploring about product launch, do not miss out this article.

In my article today, I would like to show you how to install and complete a web/blog to promote product launch in the most effective way.

Website WordPress with the domain is a popular method to make product launch that I think you should choose.

“You can use Blogger as it is the free base and very easy to install, but in my article today, I will only show you how to develop website/blog with WordPress due to its good ability on customizing and SEO.”

I/ Why it is a must to have website review product launch ?


Why customers com to visit your website on Google ?

When products are about to launch, vendor, affiliate marketer or other big affiliate will promote it immensely through some big channels such as : Email Marketing, Facebook, Google Ads, ..

When customers get to know about that product, they will search its name on Google to read review and evaluation about it, find out about its benefits and drawbacks and then decide whether they should buy it or not.

It is similar to when you buy a new mobile phone online, you need to read review about quality, price, models between brands. So is product launch.

After you have got affiliate link of the product, there are many ways for you to choose to marketing it to customers through website, email marketing, Facebook, ads,.. but the common way that is used by lots of people is website.

What is the reason?

Below are some main reasons that people who are responsible for product launch choose blog/website :

  • Website development is the least expensive way, you only have to invest in domain and hosting. If you buy the unlimited domain hosting package, then you do not have to buy hosting any more.
  • It has long-term sustainable result. Once you successfully SEO keyword to the top, buyer keywords that already rank top 1,2 on Google then selling product is definitely about to happen up to 90%.
  • Online marketing knowledge will increase and you’ll have more experience on SEO, backlink, keyword researching, which create for you a solid base to do authority site, niche site,..
  • Setting up website knowledge helps you easily create new blog/website in the future.

Your goal will be building up a web, then you post your product review which contains your PL affiliate link.

Once customers come to your website to read and buy through your link, you’ll get money.

This is why your website needs to be ranked on the first position on search finding, it attracts more customers to come.

II/ Knowledge on domain, hosting, WordPress

Definitions of hosting, domain, WordPress is the basic things when you develop your website, you should explore more about on Google or through articles on my website.

Some basic things that you need to know on the process of making product launch :

    +    Domain : is your web’s location. For example : hudareview.com is a domain. For PL, you will have to buy domain preferably .com, .net or the worst .org. do not use cheap domain names like .info, .biz .. because of the SEO capabilities of the top. This domain is extremely difficult.

    +    Hosting : is where saves your website data. Having hosting so that you can create website. There are paid hosting and free hosting, however, in order to compete with others, i advise you to use paid hosting. You should also buy hosting packages that include lots of websites as you can create many website in only 1 host.

    +    WordPress : is open source to help you develop your website. There are many sources code, websites that allow you to create websites like blogger, WordPress but WordPressis currently the perfect choice.

    +    Theme : is website’s configuration. You should choose theme which fits best with product launch, the theme which is simple, light and easy to customize.

III/ How to distinguish single site and authority site

To make product launch, choose 1 of 2 ways of choosing domain :

1/ Single site : ( one product only )

This is the site which is created the aim of promoting for one product only.

Therefore, mostly people will choose domain name is product name or product name + review in order to include keyword SEO in domain.

For instance : i make PrezHero then i can call it :

  • com ( .net, .org )
  • com ( .net, .org )
  • com (.net, .org)
  • com (.net, .org)
  • PrezHero-Review.com (.net, .org)

If this is your first time doing this, you had better choose this way.

Eventhough each time doing a product, you have to buy different domains but in the whole process, if you make any mistakes, you’ll have to omit that domain.

If you choose 2 ways below, one domain can be used for many products ( authority site ), if you make any mistakes, you’ll have to omit all products which were posted on web, the result is really big.

2/ Authority site ( many products on 1 website )

You choose common domain to do and develop it into brand with many products promoted on that site.

Let’s see some examples of authority site when doing product launch :

  • hudareview.com (My Website)
  • tikareview.com
  • glennreview.com
  • flashreviewz.com
  • am-review.com

Choosing to build domain like brand, you’ll save money ( no need to buy each product with each domain, you’ll only need to pay one time ).

If you do it well, your page can be stronger and become authority site. Once you post something, it is possible to rank in the top of search result.

Otherwise, your web can be fired by Google.

Once your site gets on top,besides product launch, you can take advantage of making money from website through 8 ways of making money online. In the past, i did single site til the sixth product and then decided to invest on authority site.

The requirement is that you have to have SEO knowledge,keyword research, write article and be patient on time as it takes a lot of time to rank top. Making PL money after having solid experience and then you can work it well with those 2 ways.

Advice : if you are a newbie, choose the first way. Once you work well with it, choose the second way.

IV/ How to set up website review product launch

Things that are necessary to create website :

  • Choose product to do product launch. Refer to my old articles.
  • Once you choose the product to buy domain and hosting
  • Install WordPress
  • Write review
  • SEO keyword to make it to the top on Google

Note : with single site, first you must have affiliate link of product which is about to be done and then you buy domain.

The whole process of buying domain, hosting, installing website has been mentioned on my previous articles, take a look at it :

1/ Register domain name

Domain name is used to do product launch, you should use these types :

  • Product name (.com, .net, .org )
  • Product name + review ( .com, .net, .org )
  • Product name + bonus ( .com, .net, .org )
  • Product name + discount ( .com, .net, .org )
  • Product name + special offer ( .com, .net, .org )

In case these domains are out of registration, you can add one random letter at the end of domain such as s, x or z.


For example : product name + reviews ( .com, .net, .org )

If you decide to work on single site and keep doing it in one year, you should buy domain from GoDaddy, NameCheap, NameSilo as discount on the first year is very cheap.

If you decide to work site sustainably in the next year, you can pick out NameSilo as the duration price at this one is the cheapest.

I have bought 12 domain name in total to make single site at GoDaddy, Namesilo, NameCheap so you don’t need to worry anymore.

For instance: to register a domain at NameSilo, follow these steps :

  • Click here to log in the main page NameSilo
  • Select the domain name and the the extra part ( .com, .net, .org )
  • In case there is coupon code, use all of it to get discount
  • Pay by credit ( visa, mastercard ) or Paypal account

2/ Register hosting

You need to register hosting service from the hosting provider to install webiste :

There are 2 ways to buy hosting

    a/ Use free hosting

To some of you, the expense of registering a hosting is probably expensive, you can register free hosting.

The drawback: you cannot add your own domain name, the long default domain name is not favorable for SEO. The security of free hosting is not high, is quite difficult to manage because there are lots of problems that are likely to happen to free hosting which you can’t handle. Therefore, i don’t recommend you to use free hosting as you are about to take risk.

    b/ Use paid hosting

The best strategy for product launch is: invest on buying paid hosting


  • Your product launch website will be high-secured and avoid of risks when using free hosting
  • You can install many websites on hosting
  • The possibility of changing into authority site after mastering single site is 100% so owning your own hosting is a must
  • The price of shared hosting currently is quite cheap for one year with many attractive discount code.

You should buy hosting at some famous hosting providers : Hawk Host, StableHost, DreamHost. Now, i am working product launch with hosting at Hawk Host.

3/ Install WordPress website

After having hosting, you can create a WordPress website by using automatic installation mode of hosting or using FTP.

After that, you need to download your domain name on server of hosting, after installing WordPress, the next step is installing essential theme and plugin. You can install more plugin that suits your demand.

4/ Write review + bonus and complete website

The next step to do is writing product review and bonus ( give customers gift when they purchase through your link to attract customers )

A good product review needs to have these elements :

  • Product overview
  • Why customer need to have this product and what it helps to deal with
  • Why its price is cheaper than what it will bring on
  • Why it is must to buy product today
  • Show proofs, videos, images that prove this product is high quality
  • Conclusion and close the sale.

The important thing of review is that it is written in English and meets the SEO standards.

You need to integrate these 2 factors to pull customers so they read the review and they feel it is beneficial so they are ready to buy product through affiliate link. If you don’t specialize on English, i advise you to rent content writing service on Fiverr or SEOCLerks. Writing a product review is not easy. Take a look at this article to have your own experience.

Next is the product bonus. Your bonus needs to be attractive, unique and helpful for your promoting product. To find for bonus, you can search on Google. You also need to place it in a well-designed way, product’s image needs to be on point and clear as well. Sometimes customers purchase the product only because of your bonus pack.

The end  

After creating a WordPress website and have product review, the next integral part is SEO your website to the top Google. Having the first sale is really important as it is a huge motivation for to continually make money. It requires your perseverance, patience, eagerness to learn and the ability of practicing.

On the process of making money from product launch, you will find out the suitable strategy with Google algorithm and make your site to top 10 of Google. I won’t say more in that part as in Google, there are many articles about SEO, you can refer to link building strategy and how to rank top keyword.

Good luck!

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