6 Facebook Marketing trends you need to know in 2020

6 Facebook Marketing trends you need to know in 2020

1/ Facebook Stories


You might be amazed by this fact: Facebook Stories has over 500 million users and 1 billion uploads every day.

While most business enterprise has never paid attention to this, Mark Zuckerberg believed that Facebook Stories would play an extremely important role in the future of Social Media. There are two reasons behind this:

  • Fast update feature:

when uploading information on Stories, users’ online friends can instantly get updated with the latest information. Users consider Stories as the second News Feed to continuously update what is going on in their daily life.

  • Momentariness:

actually, many people prefer their posts to be temporary as they only want to show some small aspects of life. Some emotions or thoughts only make sense for a certain amount of time. If they uploaded everything on News Feed instead, their wall would be loaded with silly posts.

Therefore, you should take advantage of Facebook Stories to effectively manage Fanpage. Especially, there are several things you need to plan ahead:

  • Content of your post
  • Posting frequency
  • Creative ideas that you want to try out
  • Available budget

Some recommended types of content for Facebook Stories:

  • Behind the scenes
  • Product using instructions
  • Product images
  • Customer’s images
  • Storytelling through a series of images
  • ….

Remember that people share their Stories to update their daily life. If the same thing happens to your brand, make sure to diversify your content between News Feed and Stories.

2/ Livestream

You might think that Livestream is not something new as it has become a hot trend for such a long time. However, in 2020, you can integrate other interactive activities with the Livestream feature.

Currently, you can opt for so many tools that help you to live stream professionally including mini-game, quizzes, lucky draws, online voting, interview, multiple choice…

With the help of these tools, you can engage more users to join and interact with your Livestream.

3/ Good profit

Let me tell you how to distinguish between Good profit and Bad profit:

  • Good profit:

this occurs when a business creates value for the customer and they keep coming back for more.

  • Bad profit:

profits that might increase revenue but at the expense of the customer.

Although in 2 cases, 2 sellers can earn the same amount of profit but there is an obvious gap in customer satisfaction levels between the two of them.

In the Bad profit case, in order to sell the product at a high price, a large proportion of revenue is spent on paying selling, marketing, and advertising expenses.

In fact, no one would like to buy a product that costs much more than its actual value. Customers would not be happy when knowing 30-50% of the price is to pay for the product to reach them.


It’s clear that the Bad profit business model has taken over Facebook in the past few years. There are many people selling hot trending products at a price that is about 5 to 10 times as much as the prime cost. Advertising cost accounts for a dominant percentage of the revenue.

This kind of profit business model takes place when an enterprise is having a hard time searching for its customers. Is there a way that helps enterprise reach their customers better and simultaneously, decreases selling and marketing expenses?

Yes, there is. It’s an eCommerce business. With this model, enterprises gain their competitive advantage by offering better prices, product quality, and customer care service, not by advertising.

Their profit per order might be little but they can get thousands of orders every day and all of that add up to huge profits.

Selling or shipping expenses will be fully utilized due to large-scale business. Customers buying products via eCommerce sites get a much better price which is quite close to the actual value. That is considered a Good profit!


Current eCommerce sites are getting stable traffic. When customers get to see products on Facebook, they end up buying the same product on eCommerce sites instead.

Even though there exists low-quality products or fake reviews, eCommerce still remains the best sales platform. Facebook is getting back to being a Social Media Site where brands interact with customers instead of being a sales platform.

To sum up, there are 2 main points that you need to put in mind:

  • Start early with eCommerce, and try to integrate it with your current business model.
  • Many customers at a low price point are better than a few at a high price

The high price isn’t associated with bad profit. The main factors for the high price might be brand equity and great values.

4/ AI era and the missions of an advertiser

AI and Machine Learning have been game-changer in how we advertise.

If you have been in the advertising industry long enough, you will be able to see that advertisers have much less work to do than 4 or 5 years ago. Before, when running Facebook ads, marketers have to manually allocate the budget.

Now, the ‘set rule’ feature is available to automatically do the work. Before, marketers have to find targets. Now, Facebook just does it all by analyzing keywords and instantly finding the target audience in real time.


Not only Facebook, but Google is also speeding up the AI race. Currently, in most cases, SmartBidding and CPA Advertising is considered to be much more effective and easier to run in comparison with conventional Bidding.

With amazing data collection speed, it is predicted that AI will replace humans in handling technical processes. All we need to do is just set goals and AI will take care of the rest. Advertisers now have other work to care about.

What is that ‘other work’?

That’s creating content. Advertisers will have to spend most of their time on this. Diversifying Content is the key to reaching more customers and increasing the advertisement’s persuasiveness.

Diversifying content includes:

  • Message (Key message that you want to get across)
  • Format (video, images, slideshow, web posts…)
  • Wording (How to use appropriate words so as to effectively deliver your message)

Therefore, basically, AI cannot completely replace advertisers in this industry. Advertisers will have to create better content instead of caring too much about the technical aspect. Besides, advertisers also have personalized content which is mentioned right below.

5/ Personalizing

Imagine if you are looking for a robot vacuum for your apartment, will you read an article like “Robot vacuums for Apartments” or an article about robot vacuums in general?


That’s the problem. Living in an information-saturated world hinders, customers from always aiming to read personalized content. Therefore, instead of focusing on the product description indicating how good it is, you should directly point out which group of customers is suitable for the product.

A product may have many features and groups of the target customer. Try to break them down further and build each content track separately. For example, if you are trying to sell a Marketing book, create 2 landing pages.

One specifies why beginners or students have to read it. Another telling why this book is helpful for people working in the marketing niche. Of course, two landing pages have to target different groups of customers.

This is just a tip of the iceberg relating to personalizing. This terminology is not far-fetched but it has high applicability and popularity. It will definitely take you a lot more time to have a deeper understanding of personalizing.

6/ Facebook Watch – TikTok – Pocket Video

Video has long been an effective content format. In 2019, with Facebook Watch (FB Watch), video content is taking the dominant lead in content formats.

Some people even spend more time on FB Watch than on their News Feed. Besides, TikTok has created a trend for short video content. With the existing tools supporting technology and ideas generating, everyone can be a Video Creator.

Although TikTok ads are quite new, it has been receiving so much positive feedback from advertiser. I personally consider TikTok Ads to have better accessibility than Facebook Ads as it’s easier to use and has fewer complex features.

This advertising platform is predicted to skyrocket in 2020. Some relevant niche for TikTok ads is fashion, beauty, household, and tech…

Pocket Video is a short video format. Some brands choose to produce a TVC ranging from 30 to 60 seconds and run it as a Facebook ad. In that case, they won’t be able to get high efficiency.

It’s simply because users are having so many video content options and spending 30 seconds on an ad is impossible. Therefore, remember to streamline your video content so as to make it more appropriate for Social Media.

Actually, there is no length limit for video content. The key is to foresee how customers feel during the video. Customers will even watch a 10-minute video if you can stably keep customers feeling good for the whole video.

That is my prediction for important trends on Facebook and Social Media in 2020. I hope to receive your feedback and comments in order to get to know your perspectives.

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