Top 10 Most Potential Dropship Products Early 2019

Top 10 Most Potential Dropship Products Early 2019


Dropshipping is forecast to be one of the hottest online businesses in 2019 – not only easy for starters but also without much capital required.

Your job is to create a store on e-commerce platforms, import products from online sources to your website, and advertise them on social networks and search engines. And that’s all. It’s simple, isn’t it? Well, not really!

The reason is that the success of a dropshipping model, as well as many other business models, depends very much on choosing the right product or niche.

Product niche is the decisive factor for your success. You can choose the niche which is less competitive with products of high search volume. Or you can follow the trend and choose the best-selling products at specific times of the year.

Before embarking on the niche, find out which product is best suited to the dropshipping model.

Which types of Dropshipping Products will be top-selling?

1 / Products that are priced under $10 and look cute.

    +    Example: Key chain, jewelry, phone cover, or pet products

2/ Products that are rare or difficult to find. Usually, these products are not available on Amazon.

3/ Products that are useful. If the product is really useful, or you can prove it through the instruction/introductory video, the customer will still be ready to pay for it, even if its price is a bit high.

What Should I Choose When Dropship: The Niche or The Trend?

My answer is both.

For people who are starting to drop ship, the best way to check the effectiveness of many products at the same time is to follow a certain niche.

However, you shouldn’t go too deep into a niche. If all products you import into the warehouse are in the same product niche and unfortunately this niche is not very interested in the buyer community, everything is considered to fail.

A balance between the trend and niche is the optimal choice.

Top Hot Niche Products to Dropship

  • Products for pets
  • Phone accessories
  • Fancy jewelry
  • Haircare products
  • Fashion accessories

Note that these niches are still quite general. To achieve the desired effect, you need to dig deeper and look for additional niches.

    +    For example: In the gym and yoga niche, there will be tight pants, sportswear, etc.

How To Find Appropriate Dropship Products?

It’s only a piece of cake – you can find products to dropship from many different websites, such as Net sale, Taobao, TMall, ChinaBrands, AliExpress, SaleHoo, Niche Scrapper, etc.

These websites provide (most of) the necessary information for drop ship sellers to market their products, such as marginal profits, sales, and product sources.

In addition, most of these websites build their own forums or Facebook communities, where dropship sellers can exchange and discuss their sales campaign results.

Not to mention, there are still other opportunities to receive more free consulting details or sales materials.

Top Promising Dropship Products in 2019

Below is a list of dropship products that are expected to bring the highest profit for selling and promoting through social networks and search engines.

The most important consideration in the product filtering process is to select products with a rating of 4 stars or more, and only select products from suppliers with at least 100 orders.

1/ Waterproof bag for phones and tablets


The common fear of people going on a picnic must be dropping their phones in the water.

Most smartphones today are not designed to be waterproof, so if your phone accidentally falls into a pool, puddle, or sink, the possibility of water damage is almost inevitable.

The best way to protect your cell phone is to equip it with waterproof cases. From a drop-ship seller perspective, this will be one of the most profitable products in 2019.

This product is sold on AliExpress at $4, and you can easily find buyers if you resell it at the price of $10.

According to Google Trends, the demand to buy waterproof cell phone cases tends to increase sharply in the summer. It is easy to understand because this is the time when users often take part in swimming and sea activities, so it is necessary to have water protection measures for their phones.

Thus, with dropship sellers and marketers, the goal is to sell this product in the summer to achieve the highest revenue.

Product Overview


  • $5 – $8


  • MPOW Official Store
  • Tiske Store

Choose Suitable Ad Audience:

  • iPhone accessories
  • Mobile phone accessories
  • Screen protector
  • Selfie stick

2/ Portable Mini Air-Conditioner


Similar to waterproof phone cases, portable mini air conditioners are also seasonal products and especially best-sellers in the summer.

This product is likely to become the best seller and bring a high marginal profit for drop ship sellers if it’s sold in countries with hot temperatures all year round.

Now the price of this convenient conditioner is about $28 and you can resell it for $50 and get the ideal marginal profit.

According to Google Trends, portable mini air-conditioners are really popular to be sold in the summer. Looking at the chart above, it can be seen that the demand for this product peaked in the summer months of last year.

Product Overview


  • $10 – $30


  • YM Factory Store
  • Adoolla Store

Choose Suitable Ad Audience:

  • Air conditioning
  • Heating system
  • Indoor air quality
  • Home Appliances
  • Home Improvement

3/ Raincoat for Shoes


Raincoats for shoes can be well sold in countries with high average annual rainfall. Sellers should consider importing this product for sale during the rainy season in countries with humid tropical climates.

A pair of raincoats costs around $7 and can be sold for $15 via drop shipping.

As mentioned, the demand for buying generally stretches year-round but raincoat shoes are especially being sold in the rainy season.

The big markets that you should target with this product are countries with heavy rainfall, such as England, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

Product Overview


  • $2 – $7


  • Alidada Leading Lifestyle Store
  • Jackshibo Official Store

Choose a suitable Ad Audience:

  • Engaged Shoppers
  • Footwear
  • Shopping
  • Sneakers (footwear)
  • Shoes
  • Online shopping

4/ Mineral Magnetic Mud Mask


Magnetic Masks have become a phenomenon on the internet recently thanks to the aging cell regeneration feature, making users more youthful and preserving their beauty longer.

The demand for this product is especially high for middle-aged women around the world so dropship sellers can sell this product to any country that has a habit of online shopping.

The price of this product is about $17, and the appropriate reselling price should fall to > $30.

The magnetic mask once created a real fever when it was first introduced to the market two years ago. Since then, the fever for this product has cooled down a bit. But that does not mean that women are no longer interested in this product.

The evidence is that many of the leading suppliers on AliExpress are still regularly receiving orders for magnetic masks daily, which means that this is still one of the most suitable trendy products to sell in 2019.

Product Overview


  • $15 –  $17


  • Asian Wintersweet
  • Anne Shop

Choose a Suitable Ad Audience

  • Anti-aging cream
  • Face
  • Facial
  • Natural skincare
  • Skincare

5/ Wireless Phone Charger


The wireless phone charger was the invention of 2016, however, the popularity of this product has not shown any signs of falling, and you can still find buyers in the online community.

The simplest and most obvious way to take advantage of this popular niche is to find trusted providers of phone chargers. Many low-quality chargers on the market today come from China due to cheap prices, but they are not guaranteed their quality and longevity.

Wireless chargers help users to recharge their phones in just a few minutes and have an original price of just over $10.

This is a trend chart for the need to buy wireless mobile chargers. As we can see, this product has never stopped being hot, on the contrary, it tends to increase gradually, and it is expected that this trend will continue as now the iPhone has launched a new mobile line that also used a wireless charger.

Product Overview


  • $13 – $16


  • BASEUS Official Store
  • Ugreen Official Store

Choose a suitable Ad Audience:

  • Behaviors > Mobile Device User > All Mobile Devices by Brand > Apple
  • Facebook access (mobile): iPhone 5C
  • Facebook access (mobile): iPhone 5S
  • Facebook access (mobile): iPhone 8
  • Facebook access (mobile): iPhone 8 Plus
  • Owns: iPhone 6
  • Owns: iPhone 6 Plus
  • Owns: iPhone 6S
  • Owns: iPhone 6S Plus
  • Owns: iPhone 7
  • Owns: iPhone SE

6/ Magnetic Phone Holder


There are millions of people who use phones while driving and this is an opportunity for you to get rich with the Magnetic Phone Holder.

Nowadays, as more and more people use Google Maps to find their way, the importance of this product is even clearer than ever. And the chart below can show you proof.

It can be seen that the trend of finding and using this convenient holder is on the rise, and with the appearance of smart cars in the future, the need to use phone holders is expected to continue increasing in years to come.

Magnetic phone holders are sold in many different designs and sizes, so it is not difficult for you to find the right product for your sellers. Another pro is that this product is currently available for less than $10.

Product Overview


  • $3 – $4


  • BASEUS Official Flagship Store
  • FIVE CITY Digital Store

Suitable Ad Audience:

  • Behaviors > Mobile Device User > All Mobile Devices by Brand > Apple
  • Facebook access (mobile): iPhone 5C
  • Facebook access (mobile): iPhone 5S
  • Facebook access (mobile): iPhone 8
  • Facebook access (mobile): iPhone 8 Plus
  • Owns: iPhone 6
  • Owns: iPhone 6 Plus
  • Owns: iPhone 6S
  • Owns: iPhone 6S Plus
  • Owns: iPhone 7
  • Owns: iPhone SE

7/ Mirror Alarm Clock


The mirror Alarm Clock is a multi-function device, which can be used as an alarm clock, a lamp or even a mirror.

This is a household product that is suitable for decoration, especially for families with children who are afraid to sleep alone at night.

Mirror Alarm Clocks are being sold with free shipping at about $9, and you can resell this product for $20 and earn a decent profit.

The above chart shows that the demand for this product has increased steadily year by year. Accordingly, you may consider importing this product for your store in 2019. This is also a non-seasonal product – generally a safe option for marketing campaigns.

Product Overview


  • $8 – $10


  • Winzwon Official Store
  • eHome Global Store

Choose Suitable Ad Audience:

  • Alarm clock
  • Alarm device
  • Bedding
  • Clock
  • Relaxation technique
  • Sleep

8/ Pet Grooming Gloves


Hair molting is a problem that keeps pet owners from headaches. Pet Grooming Gloves can solve this difficult problem so you can classify pet owners as the targeted customers for this product.

A few years ago, pet grooming gloves did not even appear in the dictionary, but now they have become one of the most popular products in many e-Commerce stores.

Product Overview


  • $2 – $4


  • Dreaming Life Store
  • NICREW Official Store

Choose Suitable Ad Audience:

  • Cat Owners
  • Dog Owners
  • Pet Products
  • Dog Grooming
  • Dog Lovers Club

9/ Scalp Massage Comb


This product is made with strange shapes but surprisingly becomes one of the best-selling items thanks to its multi-purpose. You can both use it as a massage tool or a comb while taking a shower.

In the Black Friday season last year, scalp massage combs did not only break many sales records but also were among the hottest products on the dropshipping list.

This product is currently priced at $2 on AliExpress, but you can completely consider reselling it for > $10 in terms of its quality and versatility to customers.

Google Trends chart of the demand for scalp massage combs has shown that this figure peaked at the end of last year and will continue to grow in the coming years.

Product Overview


  • $2


  • Makeup Club Store
  • Elera Healthy Store

Choose Suitable Ad Audience:

  • Health
  • Massager
  • Health and Fitness

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