YT Influencer Review: Be a master of affiliate marketing through your YouTube channel

YT Influencer Review


YT Influencer Review- The introduction

Making money from YouTube is becoming outdated? The answer is definitely not. If you still think of YouTubers, and vloggers when it comes to YouTube, you may have missed many opportunities to exploit the great potential of this giant.

YouTube over the years, still retained its position as the largest video search platform in the world, viewers spend hours every day for this application, so you think why don’t you start a business and profit from it?

Just like you make money from affiliate marketing through other channels, you can do the same thing on YouTube, it can even be to have more potential. The fact that you know how to build yourself a Youtube channel, is the first step to making money from this platform. However, it will be difficult if you don’t have an expert next to you.

Today, I brought “that person” to you, through the course called YT Influencer. This product will answer many related questions and how to develop the YouTube channel to become a profitable channel. Please visit the article below for more details.

YT Influencer Summary


The app creator

Chris Dereberger

Product name

YT Influencer

Front-end price

$12.95 (one-time payment)

Sales page

Yes, Huge Bonuses, at the end of this YT Influencer review


30-day money-back guarantee

What is YT Influencer about?

YT Influencer is a personal course on building and growing a long-term and profitable affiliate business on YouTube promoting other people’s products and services.

It offers 26 videos that will take even a complete beginner from setting up a YouTube channel to learning how to find your own products to promote, creating videos, and ranking on YouTube while earning substantial commissions and getting $1,000’s in free products every month.


Who developed this course?


Chris Derenberger has been a full-time YouTube marketer since 2013 earning 6-figures every year promoting other people’s products and services. He’s also the CEO of a YouTube ranking service and has clients all over the world from individuals who do launch jacking to multi-million dollar businesses.

After discovering the secret to ranking videos on YouTube, his affiliate business quickly grew into a six-figure-per-year enterprise. Some of his launches that you may have heard of include YT Marketer, PLR Wealth, YT Evolution, DFY Bonus Suite, WP Affiliate Suite, YT Supremacy, AffiliateTuber, etc.

Let’s take a look at his recent courses:


You can see, he is one of the greatest trainers about making money online with YouTube. He helped a lot of newbies make money with YouTube. His training courses got near-perfect ratings from his customers.

YT Influencer Review- What does this course cover?

YT Influencer is a comprehensive, over-the-shoulder course with 28 videos taught by a highly experienced, full-time, 6-figure/year YouTube affiliate marketer. The course is designed to take you on a step-by-step journey, starting with the basics of setting up your YouTube channel and progressing all the way to building a long-term, sustainable income by promoting other people’s products and services on YouTube.

Share your video on YouTube and you’ll earn referral commissions of up to 75% from every visitor that buys through your affiliate link.

Soon, other companies will start contacting you to review their products.  You get the products for free in exchange for a review. As your channel grows, you continue to earn more and more affiliate commissions while getting more products to review for free.

What you’ll learn currently has 28 videos:

  • How to set up a brand new YouTube channel properly.
  • How to find affiliate networks and products.
  • The best ways to create videos for maximum conversions.
  • How to create faceless AI-generated videos for affiliate marketing.
  • How to create affiliate videos for physical and digital products.
  • How to cloak your affiliate links
  • How to properly SEO optimize your channel and videos for best rankings.
  • How to create attention-grabbing YouTube thumbnails.
  • How to get as many free products as you want.
  • How to rank at the top of YouTube for products you don’t own.
  • How to promote products you don’t own.
  • How to record and edit videos
  • You will learn the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and how to effectively use it on YouTube.
  • You’ll also learn how to identify profitable niches, create engaging and high-quality video content, and optimize your videos for YouTube search.
  • Throughout the course, you’ll have access to proven strategies, insider tips, and real-world examples from the instructor’s own experience.
  • By the end of the course, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and resources to turn your passion into a profitable business and create a sustainable and long-term income on YouTube.


My experience trying the product

A preview of what you’re about to discover inside

Now let me show you the inside of this course so you know exactly what to expect before making your purchase.

After you log into your account and click on the main menu bar, it will take you to the course training of the platform.

There are 3 sections to the videos:

+  Preparing videos

The creator will talk to you about the types of YouTube channels that you need to make and then show you proof that all of this works through some of his own stats, and more to be discovered inside.



+  Taking action

This part will offer you the training step by step on getting everything set up and then get verified so you can add your affiliate and so much more waiting.


+  Case study

This is the final part of the training center. It includes some videos case studies and updates that the creator is continually updating.


Now, let’s take a look at this YT Influencer course’s walkthrough demo to know what is exactly inside:

Why choosing it is a wise choice?

♥  You know everything to promote Amazon affiliate products on YouTube and earn commissions repeatedly.

When you take this course, 28 videos will answer all your questions and guide you in detail on making money with YouTube marketing programs.

You will know how to build your YouTube channel to make money. What niche products should choose to promote will definitely bring you profits, and YT Influencer will tell you everything.

With this training, you learn from the vendor’s knowledge that has been successful with this type of marketing. So you do not need to worry about the feasibility or these are just theories. You can see the figures below:


User shopping behavior usually takes place when they see links on videos posted on YouTube, which helps you get commissions.

And of course, this course will help you learn how to let them click on those links. More specifically, you know the way of filming and editing videos for your channel.

To gain a good amount of traffic as well as good engagement, YT Influencer also generously share knowledge so you can achieve a high-ranking video on the search bar. It can be said that whether you are a new or experienced person, or want to conquer a new challenge. This course will help you open a completely new and promising way to make money.

YT Influencer Review- Price and upgrades

The front-end plan

This course will show you how to promote physical products and digital products for passive monthly income on Youtube and how you can get products that cost $500 or more for free in exchange for a 3-5 minute video review.

You will pay $12.95 for such a sweet treatment. If you buy now, this is what you pay. However, this price will change to retain the core values that’s why you should be rushed.


The upsells

Some of upsell options that you can be interested in:

OTO 1: LAUNCH JACKING – $67 (one-time payment)

In this video series, he shows how to build an affiliate business with launch jacking.  He explains how launch jacking works, how to create videos, use affiliate links, optimize for rankings, offer bonuses, building an email list and he shows a recent case study where he did close to $8,000 in commissions from promoting one product.

OTO 2: RANKING EXPERT – $147 (one-time payment)

In this series of videos, he dives more into ranking strategies using my agency’s ranking service as well as using other YouTube views and subscribers services to build a YT channel and rank much faster. Included case studies show him using these services to rank videos.

Who is it perfect for?

Choose it if the list is included your title:

  • An affiliate marketer
  • A newbie
  • A digital marketer
  • An affiliate site owner
  • A small business owner
  • An online coach
  • A content creator
  • A web developer
  • A person who wants to get a passive and extra income
  • A freelancer
  • A person who doesn’t have much time but wants to make money from affiliate marketing
  • A campaign strategy planner

YT Influencer Review- Pros and Cons


  • No content creation is needed, you still make money on Youtube.
  • You know how to create your entire affiliate channel in just seconds.
  • You can monetize your Youtube channel in just seconds.
  • Newbie-friendly.
  • No hosting, domain, or list is required.
  • You can have free products from the affiliate promotion program.
  • 24/7 support by Chris Derenberger and his team.
  • Your risk is FREE with their 30-day money-back guarantee policy.


  • You should have some basic knowledge about Youtube and understand the potential of earning money with YouTube.

YT Influencer review- The conclusion

Don’t just waste time and money on useless courses to promise you are going to get a quick result. To know how to do it, just buy this YT Influencer product now so you can earn hundreds of dollars a day even though you are a newcomer. Invest smartly to reach your goal in record time.





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