Build-A-Bot Master Class Review– Learn How To Leverage The Power Of Messenger And Bots

Build-A-Bot Master Class Review


Build-A-Bot Master Class Review-Introduction

I can’t imagine a more exciting time for marketers. We’re living in an era where there’s no such thing as downtime – we have 24/7 access to your customers and prospects via email, messenger, and SMS. When you can have email, push, text, and messenger going out all at once and automated, it gives you superpowers with your in-house marketing efforts.

Also, if you’ve been involved in online marketing for any amount of time, and have had either your eyes or ears open, then I’m sure you’ve heard about chatbots. You know, automated apps that have conversations with people who message you, so you don’t have to.

And do you know that the Facebook Messenger App is the #1 downloaded app in the world both on Apple and on Android with 1,300,000,000 people on messenger? It would be a waste if you do not take advantage of these lucrative platforms to elevate your online marketing game right?

I am delighted to introduce to you the most useful course to discover exactly how to go from ground zero to chatbot pro, pulling in tons of highly targeted valuable leads.

This training course is called Build-A-Bot Master Class. You can market your own products and services to these leads, or you can provide them to other businesses as a service. And it works for any niche, any product, and any service.

So are you ready to start the next marketing trend? Let’s jump right into my review now.

Build-A-Bot Master Class Review- The Overview



Karl The SharK


Build-A-Bot Master Class

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Highly recommend!

About The Product

Build-A-Bot Master Class is a two-part training designed to turbocharge your marketing and list-building efforts with just a few clicks of a button.

In this Master Class, the creators will show you how smart marketers are leveraging one of the best features of Facebook–Messenger Marketing!–to grow their audience and convert more customers with ease.

You will learn a step-by-step process on how to use automation tools like chatbots or visual commerce in order to build an engaged following base who can’t resist what’s next for them.

About The Creator


The famous creator behind this product is Karl The SharK.

Karl’s been doing chatbot marketing ever since Zuckerberg mentioned the concept onstage in 2016. He knew then that, done correctly, a chatbot would leverage automation and create a lead generation machine. It would multiply his efforts 10fold or more, without having to do manual work.

Here are some of his previous launches so you can have a look: Kuicklist, UpStorz, Kuicklist v2, BlogaShop PRO, Impulsely, and NowDriven.

Karl wanted a chatbot that truly delivered on its promises. He wanted a chatbot that could be used ethically, without scamming people. And he wanted a chatbot that didn’t FEEL robotic to the lead who’s conversing with it. With this comeback, you can put your faith in the miracle is going to bring.

What Can You Get Inside This Package?

Karl spills all the secret sauce for Chatbot Marketing the right way in his Build-A-Bot Master Class. You’ll discover how to do it correctly in an easy-to-follow easy-to-execute two-part training that takes you from the ground up:

Day 1 – Level 1 Training: Build The Foundation

You’re going to walk away with your very own Messenger Chatbot in any niche. You will be able to build your very own bot to deliver these lead magnets.

You will learn this simple formula of how to set up bots for any niche. Building these massively simple but highly effective list-building bots. It’s going to be i.n.s.a.n.e once you grasp what these little things do for your business. Plus a FREE bonus just for joining them on that first call!


Day 2 – Level 2 Training: Your Own List Building Bot

The first day is about simple tactics and techniques to start the fire in list building but what if you could learn how to add what I call BoobyTraps on Steriods?

This will literally ignite your list-building efforts. The trainers will talk about how to lead your list through a series of questions that give you data points on what your list is interested in the mega difference between just getting a lead and sending a message.

There is a 200-per-day case study in which the creators will show you how one of their accounts actively gets over 200 new subscribers every day. Hands-down this is the VERY BEST solution when it comes to building a list fast and frictionless.


About using details

A Quick Demonstration Of The Product

Now let me show you a detailed demonstration of what’s inside this product and how to make it work

[+]   Login

First, you will need to log into your account:


[+]   The training

After logging in, you will get access to the training area with detailed modules to get started:



[+]   The software

Not only you can get useful and practical training, but now you can actually go ahead and build an interactive bot for yourself.

After you have access to the Segment software, you can click on Create bot on the toolbar on your left side.


After that, a box will show up and you can now choose and select the options that suit your needs or suit your type of business the most. When you have completed it, click start.


Moving on, there will be a layout showing up and you can add, edit, and remove the elements on how the bot will react to your customer’s/ clients’ messages.

It seems complicated but actually, if you go through all the modules in the training sessions above, it is very easy to understand and implement:


Why Should You Join This Course?

What this course will show is the valuable methods of how the creators give stuff away for free and build a list that turns them into brand names/authority figures and makes it stupidly simple to sell their stuff.

The best part of the Build-A-Bot course is that you can create these bots too with no experience necessary. This works for any niche, product, and service. You’ll discover how to build a base of truly engaged hyperactive buyers who are pumped to buy what you have for them. And you’ll never have to hire developers or learn a bunch of tedious tech knowledge.

There are so many other extra benefits you can get from this one package. They will show you how to add this passive income as an easy sellable item to your business.

In fact, not only will you walk away with your own high-powered Messenger Bot, the same type Karl uses, but you’ll also get his full insider Flexy List Building Method.

This builds highly targeted lists of people who’ve told you upfront what they want to buy. Then you can sell them other services you offer adding even more income to your bottom line.

Because they now know, like, and trust you. They provide everything you need to jump-start your business including guides, a training vault, marketing plans, a kick-off webinar, and more. Plus a private group of other like-minded individuals and businesses are now selling Bots-as-a-Service.

On top of that, the experts will be sharing with you how you can get access to the training for life and how they together will be building your very first bot. You see, everything in this training is available as a self-serve course so why not enroll now?

Let’s see how satisfied the users are after the training:

Build-A-Bot-Master-Class-feedback-1 Build-A-Bot-Master-Class-feedback-2

How Much Do You Have To Pay?

Build-A-Bot Master Class FE

For this very special launch only, you can take the Build-A-Bot Master Class for a low one-time investment of $27.

If you’re tired of being ripped off by people selling you crappy bots or shady methods, then you’re in the right place at the right time. It’ll be an easy decision when you see the special low-price deal Karl is running during this introductory period.

And you’re guaranteed to be happy with your decision, or Karl will give you a full refund within 14 days after your small one-time investment.



The Upgrades

Below are the upgraded versions for you to take a look at:

OTO1: #1000BotChallenge ($97)

This is the 0-1000 Leads Challenge using the creators’ Messenger contest system.

DS1: #1000BotChallenge Split-Pay Option

$57 2nd payment is in 14 days so all PayPal commissions are paid within the month.

OTO2: FB™ Ads Wrap ($47)

This is a new Facebook Ads course and is very up-to-date with all the Facebook UI changes.

DS2: FB™ Ads Wrap Split-Pay Option

$27 2nd payment is in 14 days so all PayPal commissions are paid within the month.


Bonuses From The Creator Team

Not only that, they have a few monster bonuses included:


Pros And Cons


  • Automated apps that have conversations with people
  • Spills all the secret sauce for chatbot marketing the right way
  • Easy-to-execute two-part training
  • Builds highly targeted lists of people
  • Special low-price deal Karl is running during this introductory period
  • Full refund within 14 days after your small one-time investment


  • There is none

Who Should Try This Package?

From my perspective, I highly recommend this training to anyone who is passionate about earning more income as an online marketer.

Especially, if you belong to the list below, you should seriously take this Build-A-Bot Master Class into account:

  • Digital marketers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Beginners
  • Freelancers
  • Local consultants
  • E-com store owners
  • Advertisers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Newbies


In all, this is the single best chatbot marketing course that you will ever encounter. In just two easy-to-understand sections, you get a complete path from ground zero to success.

The same path Karl follows with every one of his own projects. No tech g.u.r.u-ness is needed, and it’ll work for any niche, product, or service, ethically and truthfully.

Thank you so much for reading my Build-A-Bot Master Class review to the end.



Fast-Action Amazing Bonus Package


Special Package: Build Your Online Empire


Package 01: General Bonuses



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