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Is making money on YouTube real or not?

YouTube is a huge platform developed by Google that allows you to post videos and share with the community or keep them private for you.

Thanks to this platform, the phrase “making money on Youtube” has gradually become familiar. I’m sure with you there are many people around you choosing this way to make money. (Some people will make it public, some people will keep it a secret, and you will not know what they do.)

But this work is quite vague for beginners, those with little technology exposure, and even this is unbelievable (or extraordinary) for those who haven’t heard of MMO before. (Do you know what MMO is? If not, refer to this article.)

So, is making money on YouTube real? I will give you a few examples:

PewDiePie: Over 10 million USD per year

This guy once “trolled the whole world” with the statement that he deleted his YouTube channel. Later, he made his promise but with another channel.

Pewpew Channel

Being a handsome guy with a great sense of humor and good gaming skills, this guy makes millions of dollars each year by publishing videos on YouTube and making money through the YouTube Partner program. Also, his revenue generated from advertising games is also considerable.

 This is one of his videos as example on YouTube:

Make money with Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is the promotion of other brands’ products/services. You will not have to worry about the source of goods, customer service or logistics.

The only thing you need to do is to find ways to promote the product/service.

This is not a new form of making money. Many people make thousands of dollars every month doing affiliate marketing on Amazon, Commission Junction, or Shareasale,…

Affiliate marketing is also a growing trend. If you want to learn more, please read two following articles:

  • What is affiliate marketing & how to do effective affiliate marketing
  • Why should you make money with affiliate marketing

Back to Youtube, it is very common for many people to use this platform to make money with affiliates (even earning a huge income), especially videos introducing products containing demos, user guides, and tips,…

For example, Verizon FiOS is a popular Internet and TV product in the US, they are willing to share $35 to $45 to referrals whenever they bring in a new customer.

When looking for Verizon videos on YouTube, it’s easy to come across videos like these. When viewers click through to their links & make a purchase, they will get a commission automatically.


Please check the video’s description and you will see they are making money from affiliate marketing through this video:


For example, with 68k views, you only need 0.5% of viewers to make a purchase through your link and you can easily earn 340 x $40 = $13749 per video. (this is only an estimate, the actual number can vary).

Use YouTube to build a brand

In this case, I will take SaraBeautyCorner – a popular beauty blogger as an example.


Whenever SaraBeautyCorner publishes a video introducing a new product, each one can attract hundreds of thousands to millions of views with approximately tens of thousands of comments.

And of course, the sale of the product will also be extremely favorable.

However, remember that SaraBeautyCorner had previously shared a lot of knowledge on Youtube. Well, there is denying that “Giving is the master key for success, in all applications of human life”.

And it is totally worth it, it’s time she can enjoy what she has built up. Honestly speaking, there was a time that this girl’s shop had over 1,000 orders per day and the website had to be temporarily closed to avoid overload.

Hopefully, with the 3 clear examples, I have mentioned above, you can have a closer look at the roles of Youtube as a tool, and a video platform. But how to make money on Youtube is a different story that still depends on your skills.

In the next section, I will dive into Youtube Partner, the easiest way for you to get started.

How to Sign Up for YouTube Partner

Since 2018, your Youtube channel needs to have 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers to join Youtube Partner. (note: they have to be real views), so don’t try to register if you haven’t met this demand.

Youtube has built up a page to instruct you on how to start making money. If you’re interested in this content, you can have a look.

However, these videos are quite general and mainly show you how to use, and how create content professionally.


Simply, YouTube Partner can be defined as a program that helps you earn income by putting ads on the videos you uploaded, and you will get money with:

  • 1000 ads shown (rare)
  • Each click on the ad (popular)

And money will be sent to your Google Adsense account.

The amount of money you get will also depend on:

  • What is your video’s content? (which niches does it belong to, some popular niches can be mentioned as finances, beauty, transport, etc)
  • What nationality are people who clicked on the ads? (If they are from countries that have developed advertising industries such as the US or European countries, you will probably get higher income.)

To make money with YouTube Partner, you need to have:

  • A YouTube account that has been accepted to join YouTube Partner (4000 hours of watch time + 1000 subscribers).
  • A Google Adsense Hosted account.

Also, to make money on YouTube, the initial thing you have to prepare is videos to upload. I would show you some basic ways to create videos:

Shoot and make videos on your own

Actually, this is not an easy way to go. If you want to create videos on your own, you must be gifted in a field where you think it can create special social values.

These are a few specific examples:

Vlog: BFvsGF/PrankvsPrank, NigaHiga/HigaTV, TheWillyRex/WillyRex,… I think these figures are popular names with you guys. Here is the fact.

Not only do they film for fun, but they also do that to make money on Youtube, build their personal brand and then make money from other advertising programs (both online and offline).

Review Video: These videos are mainly about evaluating products or services which draw attention from many people in the market such as mobile phones, technology stuff, tourism services, credit cards, etc.

Tutorials Video: You can create tutorial videos, such as: How to use Photoshop to…, How to create a recording with…, How to play a kind of instrument…, They can be anything, you name it, just show your audience anything you know how to do it but not many people can do that.

Animated Video: If you have the skills to make simple animated videos, you can write a script yourself and make videos for kids. Take KN Channel as an example, they create attractive videos about baby dolls and get a huge number of views in return.

Filming anything you think people want to see: For example, if you are skilled at playing a particular game or you catch an adorable scene (babies, pets, couples,…), don’t hesitate to film them and upload them on Youtube. Or you can make an overall video in any niche that you think can attract the public’s curiosity.

Still A Newbie? Try Editing to Create Videos

If you don’t have any special flair to talk in front of videos, create a quality script, or don’t have a good appearance to be confident enough to make a video, I think editing or summarizing information can be a good way for you to get started with making money on Youtube.

Examples for Compilation Videos:

  • Online Newspaper
  • Adorable moments of dogs, cats, mouses, pandas, …
  • Videos about Kids, Kids playing with Pets
  • Arguments, Natural or Catastrophic Phenomenons around the world
  • History Figures, Public Figures, …

These videos, actually, are cropped and edited from different sources and video makers can add their own photos, explanation, or music.

Of course, you can do the same. Search for videos with the same topic and turn them into a new one by adding new pics or words, applying more effects, and rearranging them.

You can use Cyberlink Power Editor or Proshow Gold to create, edit or render the final video.

Videos with enormous views will bring good profits, for example:

Many users choose to make Chinese, and Japanese subtitles for music videos, and foreign films, however, this kind of content is likely to be reported and there is a high possibility that your channel can become a dead channel.

YouTube SEO – A sustainable way to attract views


To make money from Youtube, uploading videos is not enough, you have to make attention-grabbing videos to gain views. Having a considerable number of views means you have viewers who are more likely to click on your ads.

Currently, more than 90% of advertisers auction by CPC bidding type. That’s why you shouldn’t focus only on the number of views, in fact, the number of clicks is what matters.

And don’t you try to click (or ask anyone to click) on the ads shown on your own videos, Google will detect this fraud and ban your Youtube Partner account permanently.

Along with the fact that you always have to be creative to produce videos with quality content, SEO is a major marketing method that many people use to gain more views for their Youtube Channel.

SEO video is a way to optimize videos, which lets your videos rank in top positions when users search for relevant keywords on Youtube or Google.

For instance, users search for “who is the strongest superhero?”, videos with good SEO will appear in the top positions on the result panel. As a result, they will get more views than others.

This is a popular method to get views “at no cost”, therefore, I would encourage you guys to learn more about this and apply it to your work.

Attract views from Social Networking Site (Facebook)


Facebook is a social networking site that has the most active users in the world. Why don’t we take advantage of this site to boost our Youtube views? Let’s see how famous Vloggers do this:

You can also create fanpages on different topics which are relevant to your video channel. Take Yeu Lu as an example. This is a successful fan page that you can follow on how they do this.

Please remember that “It’s the first step that counts”. Just start with getting likes in any way you can.
Especially, if your fanpage owns quality content with massive likes, you can simplify the process to attract Facebook users to your Youtube channel will be a lot easier.

Besides, you can first use Facebook Ads to attract people classified by age, hobbies, gender, and behavior… However, you should do much research on this if you don’t want to waste your budget on ineffective ad campaigns.


Whatever type of videos you create to earn money on Youtube, make sure that your videos target a special group of people. The more popular this targeted group is, the bigger the market share you get.

However, don’t take the copyright for granted and always appreciate people’s grey matter. Reuping videos from other channels are being eliminated & banned.

Always be creative in content and keep your own uniqueness.

With this fundamental sharing, hopefully, this article helps you have a deeper understanding of how to make money on Youtube and build up your own ideas to start this journey.

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