7 Tips To Help Your Website Or Blog Get A Higher Alexa Ranking


Do you want your blog/website to appear on the list of the most popular websites in the world? I guess the answer is “Yes” obviously. So, what are the main metrics that determine the popularity of a website? I must say that the Alexa ranking is one of the most important factors.

In other words, a good Alexa ranking makes it easy for your sites or blogs to perform better on Search Engines, as a result, your sites will be more likely to reach a huge amount of audience out there.

In order to help you deal with this, I write an article about tips on improving ranking on Alexa for any websites or blogs. If this field is new to you, keep reading and you will get some good ideas.


Tip 1: Increase traffic to your blog/website

Traffic will be improved when more people visit your blog/website. This can usually only happen when your blog/website appears on the first pages of search engine rankings.

You know, it is a long process and requires a lot of effort. Here, I will give you some tips to help search engine optimization increase blog/website traffic in the shortest time.

Non-SEO tips:

  • Blogging with consistent content, not encroaching on too many different topics.
  • Encourage visitors to share articles.
  • Building a guest blogging system (allowing collaborators to post).
  • Clearly list the categories on your blog/website.

SEO tips:

  • Use the appropriate keywords. Use keywords in the page title, article title, description, and even in your domain name (SEO-on page).
  • Use Alt tags for images and links.
  • Use appropriate Anchor tags.
  • Use strategic keywords in meta title tags.
  • Optimize on-site and off-site appropriately.
  • Good backlinks can help your blog/website rank high in search engines. Use “do-follow” tags for popular links.
  • Search for paid traffic with the help of Google Adwords, Bing Ads, or Facebook Ads.

Tip 2: Install the Alexa toolbar

Please install Alexa Toolbar on all your web browsers. It plays a very important role in monitoring your blog/website traffic. Make sure you see the effectiveness of all your campaigns then make appropriate changes if needed

Tip 3: Insert the Alexa rank widget into the blog/website

You can create rank Alexa widgets and then insert their JavaScript code on your blog/website. It helps display Alexa ranking statistics (worldwide and by country) on your blogs/websites.


Tip 4: Create quality backlinks for your blog/website

Backlinks are the key to creating links between websites. The great thing is that search engines are often interested in good-quality backlinks that are linked to your blog/website. It helps naturally increase traffic through search engines.

Do not create “nofollow” backlinks, because search engines often ignore them while crawling pages that link to your blog/website.


Tip 5: Write useful and quality content


The articles that you post on your blog/website must have interesting content and successfully gain the attention of readers. Content related to SEO; webmaster tools are often very beneficial.

In fact, bloggers/webmasters often visit such sites to hone their knowledge and find useful tips to help improve their own blogs/websites.

Tip 6: Connecting to social networks


When the content on your blog/website is shared on social networks by visitors, you are more likely to have more readers. This has a positive impact on Alexa rank increase for blogs/websites.

Take advantage of as many social networking sites as possible: Facebook, QZone, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Telegram, Reddit, Taringa, Foursquare, Myspace, and Nextdoor, …

Tip 7: Submit your website/blog to web/blog libraries

The web library organizes blogs/websites according to their niche. It will help you create popular “inbound” links. Good quality backlinks play an important role in increasing the PageRank of a blog/website and thereby increasing Alexa rank. Some important web libraries you can refer to are DMOZ and Yahoo.


Similarly, a Blog library is a place to aggregate and categorize blogs according to different categories. Once your blog is approved by libraries, you will have a chance to become the owner of one of the branded blogs.

It will bring traffic to your blog and help generate “inbound” links. Some of the best blog libraries you should join are Technorati, Best of the web blogs, and Boing Boing.


What are you doing to increase your Alexa rank for your site? Please share your tips with us using the comment box below.

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