How to Make Money Online: The Only 2 REAL Ways to Earn Money Working From Home

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How to Make Money Online:

The Only 2 REAL Ways to Earn Money Working From Home


Hey there, my friend. How are you doing?

It’s Chris Njigha and in this very exciting episode, I’m gonna be sharing with you how to make money online.

All right, the only two ways to make money online from home, all right?

I release training on how to make money online, how to work from home, home businesses, and things like that, all right?

Okay, so you’re here because you wanna know, hey, how can I make money online, right?

How can I bring in some extra cash, right?

Maybe you need a little extra cash to help out with your everyday life. Hey, we’ve all been there, right?

So how can you do this without breaking the bank and having to go different places, right?

What I’ve found is that there are only two basic ways to make money online, and that’s either two ways.

Either you’re selling your stuff, or you’re selling somebody else’s stuff, all right? The bottom line, you’re generating income.

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That’s what it all breaks down to, selling your stuff or selling somebody else’s stuff.

So what I’m gonna do in this video is I’m gonna share with you a couple of strategies, a couple of tips, or different ways to make money either selling your stuff or selling somebody else’s stuff, all right?

Now, before I get down into it, we’ll talk about making money online. I’m gonna ignore or, ignore two different ways that some people are familiar with.

Now, one of ’em is like surveys, right, you can make money online by doing surveys and things like that.

I’m gonna ignore that because I’ve not seen those to be a legitimate way to make money, right, ’cause in this video, I’m gonna show you real ways to make money, and that, not only is that that you can scale and make even more money as you become skilled in it if you choose, right?

Now, the second one that I’m also gonna ignore is investing.

Like some people, I know some people like to day trade. Now, I’ve done day trading before, and the way I see it, I’m not putting it on this list, because as far as I’m concerned, day trading is investing, and that’s where you have money to invest to make money.

I’m gonna assume that many of you don’t have money like that, right, and so you’re not trying, you don’t have a lot of money to invest to make money.

And so, it really doesn’t work on top of that, and that strategy is a very, I found to be a very, very volatile strategy, so if you’re not careful, you don’t know what you’re doing, you end up losing the little money that you already have, right?

So, I’m gonna ignore those two strategies, and these 2 strategies that I’m gonna be sharing with you, you’re either selling your stuff or selling somebody else’s stuff.

There are three strategies for each one of those basic ways to make money online, and I’m gonna share those with you, and I’ve done those.

I’ve done a lot of them myself, so I can speak on them. I’ll give you the advantages and disadvantages of each so that you can have that information in front of you that you can decide on, right?

So, let’s get down to it. How to make money online, all right? You’re selling, if you’re selling your stuff, one way you can do that is by eBay, right?

eBay is a website, and I’m sure most of you are familiar with it, where there are a lot of goods and services that people are selling, right, to like, to different people.

And so, what you can do is you can sell stuff that you have, right?

If you have an old guitar, old tools old clothes or items, things like that, you can take those things and put them on eBay and sell them to make some extra money.

The advantage is that if you have things at home to sell, then you can clean up, you know, a lot of old stuff and put some extra cash, especially if you have antiques, nice stuff, things like that, but the disadvantage is that, well, if you don’t have anything to sell, well, you can’t make any money, right, because you don’t have anything to sell.

Another way to make money online selling your goods and services is by utilizing websites.

Now, there are websites called Fiverr. Now, Fiverr is a website where, most people, most entrepreneurs, go there.

Can you get a lot of work done?

You can get a lot of things that you can find someone who can do your videos. You can find someone who is a graphic artist to create graphic pictures for you.

So, if you have those skillsets, you can go on Fiverr and create a profile for yourself to, you know, put your services out there, right, and charge a certain amount to do graphic arts, do video editing, to do all kinds of different stuff, right?

There are a lotta various services on Fiverr that, if you look through it, you could probably find something that you can do and that you can sell.

Now, the advantage is that it’s a great way to put your skillsets to use.

The disadvantage is that if you’re just getting started, it can be tough to get clients because it’s based on a rating system, so you really gotta get your ratings up, and it’s tough compared to people who’ve already been there.

But it’s not impossible.

So it’s something that you can do if you market yourself the right way. You can find a lot, get people to find your service, and you, and then you can make money doing that. Another website that’s similar to that is Upwork.

Upwork is a very similar type of service, but it’s more, kind of more of a professional level, so it’s like higher tier, but you can find, you can go on there and set up a page and provide services of video editing.

Maybe you’re a writer, and you can blog and you can write blog posts.

You can write press releases for people.

If you know how to do copywriting, that’s a skill set that people are looking for. So if you have any type of skill like that, you can put yourself on Upwork, and it’s a great way to make money online by putting your service to use from home.

Now, the second category of making money online selling your stuff would be selling an info product, right, educational-type products.

Now, these can be things, these can be courses or products that you’ve created yourself based on a skillset that you have, right?

A really common one is Facebook advertising, right?

So people, if you know how to advertise on Facebook, right, and run ads on Facebook, you can create a really simple course, right, a real simple course of several videos that walk someone through the process of setting up their first Facebook ad and, you know, setting up, you know, their first video ads and running their ads and tracking the metrics and things like that.

And people will buy that because there are a ton of people who are looking to learn how to do something.

So if you know how to do something, you can create an informative product and sell that. This can range from a bunch of different stuff, from Facebook advertising, YouTube advertising, and video marketing, if you know how to do video marketing.

It can be investing. if you know how to invest in the market, you can create an entire course doing those types of things.

The advantage is that this is a digital course, right, so once you’ve done it, it’s pretty much there, and you can sell it, and it’s awesome, and there’s no overhead, right?

Pretty nice.

The disadvantage is that, well, you’re gonna have to have that skill set, right?

You have to have the skill, first of all, and then you have to pretty much put that product together, right, which can be time-consuming, but once again, it does have a lot of upsides.

It’s just that the beginning part can be quite difficult, putting it together and making it look nice and of course marketing it so that people find you and buy it from you.

But, they are awesome business ideas for passive income, and, once you have that skillset, once again, you are in a position to provide value to other people that people will pay you for.

Great way to make money online from home. Now, the third way to make money online selling your stuff would be by coaching.

Now, you’ll see a lot of that, right?

I’m sure if you’ve been online, I’m sure you’ve seen Joe Bob and Susie Sue, they’re a success coach and things like that. So there are a lotta people out there doing that, which is one of the disadvantages, right?

You don’t know who’s legitimate and who is pretending to be a coach, right, they haven’t had any results, and someone who’s had results and is sharing with you true value. So that can be a disadvantage.

But essentially, all it is is that if you have a skillset, once again, you can help others, and you can charge them a fee for your services and help them create the same results that you had.

So let’s say you’re good at, once again, Facebook marketing, or maybe video marketing, or maybe you’re good at lead generation, right?

You just know how to generate leads for businesses. You know how to create more traffic, right?

Maybe you know how to create websites, right?

Or maybe you know how to do prospecting. You know how to talk to customers, you know how to prospect, you know how to close leads, right?

All of these are skill sets, and if you know how to do these things with an online business, you can find a lot of people online who will want to learn how to do that, right?

Or maybe you know, like, once again, you know how to create blogs, or maybe you know how to create websites, things like that. So, people are looking for help.

Some people are willing to pay you to help them show them exactly how to do it, but those who are not, don’t want to have to go through the struggle that you went through to figure it out.

They just wanna pay you to do it, which is awesome. It’s a great exchange of value, right? It’s a great way to make money online.

As I said, the advantage is that once you have the skillset, it continues to pay you, right? And it’s, it’s just awesome, right? You just continue to make money, and once again, as I said, these are, remember what I said in the beginning.

These are opportunities to scale, right?

That’s why this is not just a quick make-a-buck. You could scale this pretty, pretty nicely to make a very sizable income, full-time income, with this type of skills, right, whatever it may be. Now, this could be, and once again, it might not even be marketing.

You could, maybe you know how to cook, right?

Maybe you know how to do that. Coach people on the provide products to help people cook, or maybe you know how to do investing, or maybe you know how to do gardening, right, things like that.

People will want to know how to do that. You can provide that value and that content to them to help them, and they’ll pay you for that.

And that’s a great way to make money online.

Like I said, disadvantages, you gotta watch out for the people out there who are pretending to be something that they’re not, right?

So if you can avoid that, find the people who know what they’re talking about and learn from them, then you can create and develop the skillset so that you can start making really good money for yourself online from home.

All right, so then, what if you don’t have any of your stuff to sell, right?

You don’t have any skill sets yet, right?

Then the next best step really, and this is the best step for most people who wanna start making money online is to sell other people’s stuff, right?

So if you’re trying to make money online, you can easily sell other people’s stuff and start generating increased cash flow into your business, all right?

One way you can do that is by utilizing affiliate marketing, okay?

So affiliate marketing is essentially where you become affiliated with some company, manufacturer, product, service, or entity that is providing some product or service, and by you becoming affiliated.

It means that if you promote that product, right, and someone buys that product from you, then the sale that goes to the company, they’ll get the sale and take a certain portion of it and hand it to you in the form of a commission.

You can start making 20, 30, 40, or 50 percent commissions, depending on the type of affiliate program that you’re enrolled in.

Now, one of the most common places that you can go to start doing that and find it is ClickBank, all right?

ClickBank is a website that essentially houses a plethora of different affiliate marketing programs and offers that you can be involved with and that you can get signed up with.

So once you get signed up with these offers and these different programs, you are now affiliated with it, and you can then market their product and/or service or coaching, whatever it may be, and if someone buys from you, makes a purchase from you, you then receive a commission from that company for it.

Another popular affiliate program that you’ve probably heard of is Amazon Affiliates, right?

So, Amazon Affiliates is a great one, because you’re able to take all the products and services that Amazon is providing there and create links that are associated with your affiliate marketing, affiliate website, or affiliate membership.

And you can plug them in different places where you’re promoting a different type of stuff, and it can be all kinds of different things from all kinds of different niches, from home and garden to investing to business, all kinds of things, right?

Internet marketing services and tools and strategies, whatever. You can promote your links in those different places, and whoever clicks on them and buys from them, you get affiliate sales from them, all right?

Now, it doesn’t even end at that, it can be any type of digital marketing service online, right?

It could be email marketing services like AWeber, or a common one that I use, I use SEMrush for a lot of my SEO marketing.

In any of those places, if you’re using tools, tools, and resources online for your business already, or anything you’re using online, most likely, they have an affiliate program associated with it.

So it’s always a good idea to just explore it, ’cause usually, it’s free, and you can just get involved with it, sign up for free, and just share that link or that link wherever you’re marketing so that you can make extra cash and make extra money just promoting the stuff that you already use anyway, which is really what’s the best part about it.

Because you can share your own true, real-life results from using those products and services.

Great way to make money online, all right?

Now, one of the disadvantages of affiliate marketing is that, while it’s a great way to make money online promoting other people’s products and services, it does require a certain amount of skillset to market those, marketing those services, right?

And you have to understand, certain marketing principles and strategies to get more people looking at it, and drive traffic to your offers.

You need to drive traffic to your affiliate websites and things like that, so it requires learning and understanding marketing. Not impossible, not something that you can’t do, but it does require some work upfront.

You won’t be super successful in the beginning, but once again, if you take the time to learn the skillsets of how to market this stuff effectively, the upside is tremendous.

You can make money online, on a full-time basis from home if you take the time to learn the skillsets.

The second way that you can make money online, right, by selling somebody else’s stuff is via a model of network marketing, all right?

So, network marketing’s very similar to affiliate marketing in that you essentially partner up with a different company, a manufacturer that is producing either some type of product or service of some sort, right?

And you become the affiliate in that whenever you promote that product or service to someone else, to anyone else, if they buy that product, the company will then take that sale and give a portion of that sale to you in the form of commission, all right?

Sounds good.

But what makes network marketing different and even more spectacular, in my opinion, is that your customers not only can buy from you, but they can also become co-affiliates, if you will.

They can also be partners with you, and therefore, you can develop an organization, a team of customers, that are also promoting the products and services.

So they will then get commissions from the company, but a portion of their commissions that they get will also be divided up with you.

You also will end up getting overrides from everyone in your organization and your team who’s making sales and having, and having profits come in. So it’s a very dynamic and interesting, interesting model.

It’s also called multilevel marketing, because of the multiple levels of, partners that you can have, and levels of residual income that flow on up to you from all the sales to your customer.

Now, the advantage of network marketing is that it’s a great way to get started for most people who are trying to make money online.

Usually, the start-up fees are pretty nominal and pretty easy to get started.

Programs are pretty simple to follow. But the disadvantage is that to build a sizable income that you can make pretty decent money, relatively simple, but to make a sizable income, we’re talking about, talking about bringing in, making money to the tune of 10,000, 15, 20,000 dollars a month and even higher requires a considerable amount of skillset, a considerable amount of work to be put into it.

And so, once again, it has the opportunity and the potential to scale but to scale it requires a lot of skills, a lot of training, a lot of learning of a lot of marketing skills.

So, not something that’s impossible. Something that you could get started doing now and be learning as you’re going about it, kind of what they say, learn and earn as you go.

But it’s a process, and it requires a lot, a lot of work. The third way that you can make money online by selling other people’s stuff is via e-commerce.

So you’ve probably heard that too, right?

Now, this is the one that I haven’t delved into as much myself, so I don’t have a super amount of background with it, but I am familiar with a lot of people who have.

Essentially, e-commerce is selling, selling products and services, and you really can, you can probably drop, Amazon and eBay into this, into this mix. Essentially, what it is is the movement of products and services from the manufacturer.

And it’s automatically drop shipped to a customer, to their place where they live, and you get, you get a commission or get a sale from, from those purchases, and essentially, you never have, even have to touch the product, right?

It went straight from the manufacturer straight to the customer, right?

And so, it’s a really popular way people are making money online right now, and it’s very, it’s very simple to get started, and it provides an excellent way to make money and extra cash flow in your pocket in the front-end without learning a whole lot of marketing, a lot of strategies.

The advantage of it is that it’s a great way. It’s a great way to make money online.

Simple start for most people.

One of the disadvantages is that, well, you’re gonna eventually have to learn, learn some skillsets and marketing eventually if you really wanna take it to the point where you’re making a sizable income.

It can put a few dollars in your pocket, but if you really wanna take it to the next level, you’re gonna have to learn some marketing strategies of that nature.

But still, regardless, an excellent way to make money online.

Something you should take a look at. And that’s it, my friend. Hope that was helpful right there, all right?

That was right there the two basic ways to make money online, how you can make money online, which is basically either selling your stuff or selling somebody else’s stuff, all right?

So it’s either you’re selling your product, your goods, and stuff from home, or maybe you’re selling an info product, educational product, or services.

Maybe you’re selling coaching, or you’re maybe selling somebody else’s stuff via a network marketing model, affiliate marketing, or e-commerce model, all right?

All of them work.

All of them you should take a look at and decide which ones best fit you, all right?

Hope you enjoyed this video. Hope that was helpful. If you did, hey, definitely give the video a like, subscribe to the channel, and oh, by the way, let me share something with you.

One thing you might have noticed is that while all these methods work well, one of the main things that you need to scale this so that you can make a sizable income.

Maybe a full-time income from home so that you can stay home and work from home full-time, stay home with children, stay home with your family, and that’s something that you’re interested in learning more about, then at the end of the day, you’ll notice that the one thing you need to understand is marketing, right?

You need to understand marketing skills and strategies that get people to see your stuff, and how to drive traffic to your stuff.

So if you wanna learn more about how I’ve learned how to do that, because I didn’t know how to do that at the beginning, but I do now.

And if you wanna learn the best way how to do that and still make money online at the same time while learning, then hey, definitely click the link below that I have here.

It’s gonna take you to a page.

You can put your name and email address in, and I’m gonna share with you exactly what I’ve used, all right, to help you get to that point where you can understand more information about how to market your business and market yourself online, all right, and make money online.

So, hope that was helpful.

Hope you enjoyed it.

This article was about how to make money online, all right.

There were two ways to make money online, to make money from home.

Hope that was helpful, and I’ll see you guys at the next one, bye now.

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