Beautiful Website Design – 7 Landing Page Design Trends In 2022

Keeping up with the trend of beautiful website design and putting it into practice is the must-do of any business doing digital marketing. Discover 6 landing page design trends that are expected to explode in 2020.

Beautiful Website Design 6 Landing Page Design Trends In 2020

Designing beautiful and mobile-friendly websites is still the main development direction

Designing a beautiful and responsive website with many different types of devices is a story that is not new at the moment.

Since the information technology revolution broke out, the number of people accessing the Internet with mobile devices has been constantly increasing and accounting for two-thirds of the total traffic.

The proliferation and proliferation of smartphones have opened a new era for the web design industry in which spreading users on these devices becomes one of the leading factors. The most valuable is a measure of the effectiveness of a website.

A simple landing page will bring you a more beautiful website design

The proliferation of mobile preference is also one of the main reasons why landing pages with minimalist designs have become a new trend lately.

The trend of beautiful website design is now a landing page focused on impressive images, using large fonts, and simplifying the content so that the landing page contains only brief with the most valuable information.

The design is divided into layouts in accordance with the allocation of CTA buttons that are calculated and easy for users to manipulate.

What is the benefit of simplifying a beautiful website design?

Minimalist style not only gives businesses a beautiful website design aesthetic but also solves the problem of improving the user experience on the landing page.

Because they have the ability to direct visitors to the area you want. In addition, users will also be more beneficial in the search. And the whole system of information they read on the website.

As well as promoting the conduct of valuable business activities such as leaving contact information or making a purchase.

Besides, landing page optimization is also beneficial in reducing page load time. An extremely important factor in the process of evaluating and ranking Google websites.

Nice website design with an asymmetric layout

Along with simple layouts, asymmetrical layouts are also predicted to be one of the more beautiful website design trends that will be more prevalent in 2020.

These asymmetric structures attract strong attention to users because they convey the spirit of freedom and generosity, bearing the personal impression of website owners, factors that make the site unique and stand out.

However, use asymmetric layouts in your landing page design carefully. If the field you are operating in does not have the strength to convey the message by image, web design of this type can become chaotic in the eyes of readers.

Beautiful Website Design 6 Landing Page Design Trends In 2020

Design beautiful websites with geometric applications and harmonious colors

Squares, circles, triangles… and their variations appear more ubiquitous in life and become familiar with the majority of users. The combination of these geometries and colors evokes certain meanings already in our subconscious.

So putting these combinations on your landing page promises to help you get a great website design that attracts the attention of users when applying color psychology in digital marketing is always the way to control user behavior.

How to design a beautiful website and load pages fast?

Referring to page loading speed, they have never been a less important factor in developing and designing beautiful websites. On the contrary, this has become more important and necessary than ever in recent years (and of course for at least the next 5 years!)

When the Google Search system was updated in 2018, accelerated Page load was a factor in ranking the website with the highest priority.

To satisfy these requirements, nearly every recently developed site uses CDNs or content delivery networks and shrinks scripts to ensure that pages load faster and have higher rankings.

Use animation effects wisely for a beautiful website design

A beautiful website design needs simplicity. But simply does not mean boring. Using animation effects doesn’t seem right for the minimalist design that’s on the rise because many people find it easy to distract users. However, if applied in an elegant, sophisticated, and selective manner.

This is not necessarily a bad idea to attract an additional amount of traffic to your site. You know, when most current websites are minimalist, you need a new element to stand out from your competitors.

Moreover, surveys and research also show that images and animations work to improve user experience and keep them on the website longer.

Beautiful Website Design 6 Landing Page Design Trends In 2020

Get acquainted with the banners in the beautiful website design in 2020

As mentioned above, images play a very important role in designing beautiful websites in the direction of minimalism. Banners are one of the most effective tools when they can both attract the attention of the user and convey the most important information (such as promotional information).

Therefore, it is not too difficult to understand when the position at the top of the landing page is always preferred to place the banner because this is the first place that users contact when setting foot on your website. Therefore, do not be afraid to spend the budget on designing banners for landing pages.

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