What Is Keyword SEO? How To Choose Keywords For Successful SEO?

What is keyword SEO? What role do they play in increasing the ranking of a website? What is the difference between normal keyword and keyword SEO? Let’s clarify the above issues!

What Is Keyword SEO How To Choose Keywords For Successful SEO

What is keyword SEO? How to understand the most accurate definition of them?

If you are still wondering “What is keyword SEO?” then this is the answer for you. SEO keywords are words and phrases that exist in the website with the function of showing the content of the article/page that contains them. They are considered an extremely important link to help users find your site through search engines.

What are the reasons we need to care about how Google uses keyword SEO?

To answer the question “What are the factors to consider when choosing keyword SEO”. Google uses keywords as a guide to identify.

Determine what content on your website is relevant to specific search queries and how to rank those relevant pages, but what exactly does Google use keyword SEO for? Then the way that Google ranks hundreds of thousands of websites consists of 3 steps:

  • Google’s algorithmic system will collect data from your website by visiting the website, and reading text and meta tags.
  • They then add the pages that they think are best for indexing and list-related pages.
  • When users perform a search, Google’s system will display the results that they think are the best, relevant and best meet the needs of searchers based on search queries entered by users in the Google toolbar.

What is the importance of choosing the right keyword SEO?

What is the reason all SEO-ers care about keyword SEO? Choosing the right keywords is one of the most important steps if you want to do SEO successfully. Increasing traffic for the page is of course a top priority in the field of SEO, but attracting the right audience/user is also extremely necessary.

Choosing the most effective keywords to build a link with your target market will definitely cost you a lot of time and effort in researching. However, once successful, the results will certainly not disappoint you. Here are 5 tips to help you choose the right SEO keywords for each of your projects.

What is the secret to choosing keyword SEO? Put yourself in the shoes of your customers when choosing keywords

What is the relationship between customer needs and keyword SEO is considered one of the extremely important questions that SEO-ers and business leaders should be concerned about.

Determining the target audience and putting yourself in the position of customers is always necessary when building a keyword list.

Ask “If I need to find one of these products/services, what will I type in the Google search bar?” and self-answering them is always an effective way for you to know which keywords will perform well based on real needs. You can also consult with others, such as friends, family members, or even existing customers.

In order to get an idea of ​​the terms, they will use when searching for your products and services.

What Is Keyword SEO How To Choose Keywords For Successful SEO

What is the secret to performing keyword SEO? Learning from rivals to “know who knows us, a hundred battles a hundred wins”

The second secret when searching for keyword SEO is what? Explore the market, make a list of your main competitors and visit their websites to see what keywords they are targeting.

Don’t be afraid to take the time to glance at the content posted on their website and see their meta tags. This can help you identify the keywords they are targeting.

Looking at your competitor’s keywords not only helps you revisit what you can forget but also helps expand your list of ideas.

The secret to “main battle” SEO keywords is what? Use long keywords properly to make SEO more effective

What is the reason that you should choose long keywords when listing keyword SEO? Long-tail keywords are keyword phrases consisting of 3 words or more. Although long keywords tend to serve those cases with lower search traffic.

This means the number of users you can reach is also lower, but they often attract more relevant, less competitive traffic. Of course, the price and risk of doing SEO for these keywords are also lower.

In addition, SEO long keywords and detailed descriptions will easily achieve better rankings as well as the ability to convert can also be significantly higher.

In a nutshell, long keywords will bring you customers who really need or are at least interested in your product or service.

What is the secret of success in keyword SEO? Use professional keyword search tools

The Google AdWords Keyword Tool is one of the best tools on the market for SEO-ers researching potential target keywords for your campaign.

With these tools, you can collect data on keyword volumes and trends that users regularly use, analyze keyword competitiveness, search for similar keywords, and more.

Balance budget and expenses for SEO – what are the items to keep in mind when performing keyword SEO?

The question is what do we need to consider in terms of keyword SEO? If you do SEO for your business, the cost of SEO will not be a concern because, at most, you only have to pay your employees a monthly salary. However, this method also has many potential risks, including the most dangerous is that keywords and websites cannot rank up as expected.

To solve this problem, outsourcing a professional SEO company is a solution that many businesses choose. Of course, when working with a reputable and professional unit, performance is something you can rest assured but in return, you definitely have to agree to lose a monthly fee paid to these agencies.

Therefore, if your business is only small or medium size and does not have too much funding, discuss with the agency to come up with a reasonable, effective, and economical keyword list.

Find out right away what criteria are required with keyword SEO.

What are the requirements that we should meet when choosing keyword SEO? The most optimal SEO keywords should have high relevance and low competition. Low competitive keywords are often more specific.

In addition, more specific keyword searches make it easier to create more relevant content focused on the search purpose. A piece of content that is well-written, highly useful, and able to answer for search purposes often gets organic traffic better than content of the same type but without investment.

What Is Keyword SEO How To Choose Keywords For Successful SEO

What are the common mistakes during keyword SEO?

When doing SEO, have you ever wondered what are the common mistakes when choosing keyword SEO? Most new SEO-ers make the same mistakes, namely the following common mistakes: What is keyword SEO?

  • Do keyword research only 1 time SEO
  • Do not update, expand and edit your keyword list
  • Focus only on keywords that are too popular, that is, choose keywords that are too competitive

Basically, the research and keyword selection for an SEO campaign should take place continuously and continuously throughout the campaign.

Old keywords need to be reviewed periodically and highly competitive keywords should be replaced with long-tail keywords with high accuracy and specificity.

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