SEO Google Map Failed? Find Out The Mistakes Of The Marketer

You have completed the Google Map SEO steps but still have not seen your business name appear on the Google map list. Let’s find out the common mistakes when doing SEO Google Map!

Your business has just completed the Google Map SEO steps and you’re excitedly waiting for the positive results to show up on Google. Yet you still have not seen the business name appear on the Google map list. Before blaming Google, let’s review common errors when doing SEO Google Map to see if your business is suffering!

SEO Google Map Failed Find Out The Mistakes Of The Marketer

Your business information has not been verified leading to SEO Google Map failure

Creating a business profile in your Google Map SEO strategy is like your overseas Visa, all information must go through Google’s “customs” portal and must be recognized by the “Big Boss” as accurate.

If you have not applied for a visa, then, of course, you cannot exit, equivalent to unconfirmed business records. It is not possible for Google to appear in the search list and Google Maps.

The easiest sign to know that you’re gone is that you can log in to Google My Business and see underneath your profile the word “Verified” and the green checkmark.

In fact, Google has detailed instructions on how to get your business verified on the system. So this is not difficult for the veteran marketer. Being aware of the importance of being recognized will help this digital marketing method to maximize its effectiveness.

Businesses have not provided enough necessary information for SEO Google Map

Imagine a milk tea shop marketed heavily on all fronts but not mentioning the store address, and how customers can find it. As for SEO Google Maps, too, the lack of any necessary information will make it difficult for digital marketing to succeed.

In the process of creating your business profile, make sure you provide all important information such as your address, business website, correct phone number, and opening hours.

In addition, businesses can also add “salt” to their profile with photos, descriptions, or videos of the product and user experience. This not only helps the brand at the top of the search but also enhances the image value of the business in the eyes of the user.

Another important part of the Google Map SEO strategy is to constantly update Google profile information to notify customers about changes to the business, such as the business that closes early, breaks holidays, or special events.

If you do not provide sufficient information, Google will likely not allow your profile to be displayed.

SEO Google Map Failed Find Out The Mistakes Of The Marketer

Use fake reviews – a double-edged sword for SEO Google Map

There is an undeniable truth for digital marketing in general and SEO Google Map in particular that thousands of advertising strategies will not be equal to a perception from customers who have experienced products and services.

That is the most concrete and valuable evidence from the customer’s point of view. Because of such power assessments, every company tries to win over customers by improving the quality of its products or services or using “black tricks” – creating unorthodox judgments.

Recognizing the quality disparities between businesses, Google invests all its efforts in producing the most legitimate results because it believes reviews are only valid when they are objective and authentic.

If reviews of your business come from family members, colleagues, and friends, and are discovered by Google. Your brand will be removed from the search results list immediately.

If the reviews on your site are because you “hire” customers to do that, your profile will be questioned by Google because it is completely contrary to Google’s enterprise service policies.

This leads to a crucial principle of marketing through Google Maps that a hundred unorthodox reviews will be equal to a true rating from users.

Business profile lacks the power to control location – pathogens for SEO Google Map

As mentioned above, Google is quite allergic to any form of non-transparent Google Map SEO. So don’t let your digital marketing tactics become suspicious of Google. For example, if your business uses a virtual office address or a location for which you do not have any management authority or own it. Then be prepared to “incur” Google’s penalty for violating Google’s terms of service.

The power to control venues is the fuel to overtake rivals and rise to high rankings on search engines. The basis of this power is the authenticity and consistency of business information.

In particular, business information is called citation (reference of the business) including: business name, exact address, phone number, and website, significantly affecting rankings on Google Maps in the same way as backlinks.

Influence web rankings on search engines. When building this information on the web, make sure it is the same as on Google Maps.

Switching business locations without updating also affects SEO Google Map

If you notice, many businesses will suddenly disappear from Google Maps after they change business locations. It is because they have made a mistake regarding the above rules: Do not actively update brand changes.

For customers, they do not automatically know where your business has moved and this means you lose a number of potential customers.

Google also doesn’t automatically update new locations for you. In addition, when you add a new address but there is no data to prove this change. Your business name will be on the list of suspects and you know, you are out of the game.

For SEO Google Map to succeed even if your business has to be relocated, take Google’s re-certification process seriously.

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