How To SEO Keywords To Top Google 2020

In this article, we will provide the most complete and comprehensive. How to SEO keywords to top Google 2020 for your reference.

What is keyword SEO?

Leads are looking for information about your products or services. They will search through specific keywords. Your job is to make them find your marketing content.

If not, they will visit the competitor page. Making SEO keywords will help your website rank higher than competitors.

Understand simple SEO keywords that do the SEO optimization business. Target keywords are ranked high on the search results page.

Actually, in principle, SEO work is based on search engine optimization techniques. Keywords and keyword rankings are the goal of SEOs when performing SEO campaigns.

Some marketers want to focus on just a few very specific keywords instead of comprehensive optimization. This is normal because the goals of each unit during specific times are very different.

However, in terms of costs between independent keyword SEO and overall SEO, the overall theme of the keyword SEO is usually higher. Stability and sustainability are also lower in the Top position.

Keyword SEO

As we recommended above, if you already understand the benefits of SEO, you should be interested in overall SEO. In special cases (you want to push additional keywords that have not reached the ranking goal…), keyword SEO is a good choice.

How To SEO Keywords On Top Google 2020

How to find SEO keywords

Finding SEO keywords is exactly SEO keyword research. That expression shows that keyword research is extremely important. Think about it, once a keyword is chosen as SEO, the whole SEO process will not benefit your business.

Common mistakes for finding SEO keywords are:

  • Only perform SEO keyword searches once
  • Do not care to expand the keyword list
  • Focus on keywords that are too popular, and highly competitive…

Keyword research should be continuous and regular. SEO not only develops new keywords but also needs to reassess the effectiveness of the old keywords. Competition level, search volume, and conversion rate.

Some kind of keyword

Keyword types can include short keywords, and long keywords (long-tailed keywords). However, for marketing goals, we should pay attention to the types of keywords according to user goals:

  • Brand keywords
  • Product keywords
  • Service keywords
  • Price keywords
  • Place keywords
  • Keywords according to user needs (gain keywords)
  • Keywords by user problem (pain keywords)…

Some keyword research tools

Using keyword research tools is essential. You will know the search trend, the search volume, and the level of competition… of each keyword. And from there make the most reasonable choice. Some tools can be mentioned:

  • Google keyword planner
  • Ahrefs
  • Kwfinder

Analyze the opponent

When keyword SEO, you need to thoroughly research direct competitors. The majority of keywords that have a small amount of search traffic will still have ranked websites.

The analysis of opponents will be based on indicators such as:

What is the specific target landing page being ranked?

  • Indicators such as DA, PA, DR, UR, CF, TF…
  • The keywords and keyword rankings on that landing page are being ranked
  • Actual traffic: New, old traffic, signal metrics, and user experience
  • Backlink index, link type, characteristics of backlinks, external, internal links

In general, how many criteria affect SEO results, we need to analyze that much in competitors if possible. This should also be noted that the study will be relatively a reference.

Because only longtime SEO people can recognize it. There are many metrics that are not meant to be meaningful. SEO results also depend on many factors that can not be studied by competitors.

Keyword SEO process

For every SEO project, professional SEOs always want to be comprehensive and systematic. That can only say to the overall SEO type. However, for a number of different purposes, when implementing a specific SEO keywords campaign. Businesses will have process changes.

The process of keyword SEO depends on each project, each project needs a different volume and priority. But basically still based on a fairly specific priority order.

How To SEO Keywords On Top Google 2020

05 steps below is a basic keyword SEO process that can be referenced:

SEO analysis (Audit)

SEO analysis is also known as SEO audit. Usually, this task is preliminarily evaluated before making quotes in the provision of keyword SEO services.

The audit will evaluate Technical, Onpage, Offpage issues and trending issues of specific industries. There are hundreds of SEO criteria that need thorough analysis.

Some basic criteria with keyword SEO are:

  • Is the landing page under penalty?
  • SEO indicators of keywords, current rankings if any
  • Content has optimized SEO standards and semantic terms of keywords
  • Landing page metrics: DA, PA…
  • Indicators Backlink, signal…
  • Reference of competitors…

Optimize Technical SEO

The search engines read the website as well as analyze the website based on HTML language and technical factors. Optimizing Technical SEO is crucial for Bots and algorithms to access and evaluate and rank.

The task of evaluating and optimizing important technical SEO factors can include:

  • Optimize Robots.txt file (make sure bots are indexable)
  • Optimize sitemap.xml (path information as well as priority levels)
  • Optimize and handle broken links
  • Optimize page load speed (page speed)
  • Optimize SSL security with HTTP
  • Optimize the tag rel = ”canonical”
  • Mobile friendly
  • Handling errors 4xx, 5xx…

Content Optimization

Principles of content optimization with keyword SEO trends SEO 2020. We will not focus on trying to “cram” keywords. Instead, it is focused on explaining the semantics.

Providing more information around the topic of the keyword will help Google algorithms as well as search engines understand exactly what we are talking about (keyword SEO).

To make it easier for content optimization, we also need to use support tools. The software helps to make suggestions about semantic keywords (LSI) as well as keywords related to the main keywords. Can say about:


In addition to the semantic issue, the optimization of content also needs to be based on the checklist standards. Based on these standards, we will create the most standard and scientific SEO article.

Internal linking

The total website is a system of static pages, catalog pages, articles, products, etc. combined.

Not to mention the industry-specific application features that the website aims to experience users. Establishing internal links will allow them to create relevant information interconnected.

It is both navigational and guaranteed to bring the most multidimensional information around the topic or keyword of each specific content. Internal links are also often optimized according to specific models such as:

  • Models Silo, Reverse Silo
  • Content cluster
  • Content Topic Cluster…

Develop backlinks & signal

If the 4 steps above are to create a standard system, were ready to receive and provide useful information to users. Then step 5 is the decisive factor for growth and development. In other words, it is the promotion and attraction, and evaluation of the user.

Think about it if:

  • What about a good product or service that no one knows about?
  • Many people know it but they are not the right audience for your segment.
  • You have no strategy to re-attract and expand the scope so they remember you, etc.

The development of backlinks is understood according to the principles of advertising, PR, and even promoting user votes. Important backlinks, as well as Signal technical elements, include:

  • Backlink brings traffic to marketing content
  • Backlink ensures relevance with the topic and keywords that the marketing content is describing
  • Backlinks need to have a strategy to use proper anchor text
  • Backlink comes from reputable and quality sources
  • The growth rate of the number of backlinks needs to be reasonable (based on brand, and signal…)

The advice for startups is to build a sustainable digital marketing system. Let’s start with the inbound marketing strategy, then the website design standard SEO… A series of work to do is important that it is in the overall business strategy of the business.

Above is the whole article updating information on keyword SEO to Top Google. I hope to bring you useful information. For all requests please leave a comment below the article.

Sincerely thank you!

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