How To SEO Website To Top 1 Google Effectively And Sustainably



1/ Analyse the business’s products and services

One of the steps to having effective ways to SEO keywords is to find out carefully about the products and services of your company. Listing out your company’s good points.

In this case, marketers usually call it USP ( Unique Selling Point ). Can it be the price? Or the quality? Or good facilities? Or solid experience?


Once you list out all your USPs, the next step is to base it on the keywords which relate to that USP. You don’t need a tool to analyze the keywords. You just need to list all the emotional keywords.

2/ Basic overview of the market and competitors

The next step after you have analyzed your company’s products and services, move on to analyze the market a bit.

Some of you will wonder if there is no date yet, how can we understand and analyze it? Let me tell you. We are analyzing the market from the perspective of SEO.


You can go the Google Trends to see how the market of your products and services fluctuates. Google predicts the demand for your products whether they will increase or decrease the next time.

You can use the Keyword Tool IO to know more about the product’s history, and from that, you are able to have an overview of the market.

In other words, you go to the Google Keyword IO ( it must be the VIP account ) in order to see the searches of users for that keywords in the past months. It enables you to have a look and anticipate the future.

It will be better if you have Google Keyword Finder to evaluate your market. This tool will help you understand how difficult the basic overview of the keyword in your industry sector is.

Keywords with KD ( keyword difficult ) which >= 30 are considered competitive and more difficult to do SEO.

3/ Set up website structure

At that time, you will set up and establish a website structure that is friendly for users and Google as well.

Website structure is very important, it is regarded as the base to build a house. The more stable the base is, the safer and stronger the house is. Otherwise, it will be very dangerous.

Your website structure has to be friendly to users. They don’t need to click many times, do many steps to find out what they want. Navigate as best as you can in order to sell products, it’s about sales perspective.

If we refer to SEO. A good structure will make the flow constant and power will be transmitted to your entire website rather than focusing on a single page or a single post.

There are lots of website structures such as :

Circle structure: this is the website structure where all pages are linked together.

The power of the homepage, as well as the SEO landing page, will be significantly reduced, this structure will be suitable for satellite sites that have a news format when all posts are equally powerful. It is not appropriate to use the “all page to page” structure to apply to your sales page.

This is the image description

Distributed structure: this website structure helps you limit the number of links on each page and create many more levels in order to orient better to specific categories, and topics (goals) on your website.

This structure will make BOT Google and users take a lot of time to reach the last branch. From there, indexing of the bottom pages will be more difficult and the power will be transferred to the pages at the top.


Flat structure: This technique seems to be applied by a variety of SEOer. The power of flow will be stronger and faster. It makes Google BOT and users easier to access and interact


Use the most suitable structure which meets your demand or purpose.

The website structure is all done, you should also guide and give the power of each URL link so that Google BOT is easier to prioritize. You can refer to how to navigate the web sitemap based on the priority index.










































Priority is the parameter that defines the importance of URLs for the website, prioritizing the vital URLs for their peak, the highest is 1.0 and the lowest is 0.1.

4/ Analyze the keywords for SEO

Analyzing the keywords is one of the most important steps in SEO. Based on the emotional keywords that you had listed and use the analysis tools such as: Google, Keyword IO, Google Keyword Finder, Google Keyword Planet, Uber Suggest.. in order to research the most effective and high-quality SEO keywords.


5/ Group keywords by map keywords

Here you have to group keywords into terms that you have built in the previous steps:


Choose the words that have high volume research and low allintitle to top the group and do the same for the rest.

6/ Set up an internal link strategy

Now you draw out the flow of user behaviors. Set your role as the user. When you go to page A, you will go to page B or page C, or will you go to the homepage?


It does also base on your own purpose of navigating SEO, you will have yourself the most suitable internal link strategy.

7/ Establish the network and social system

Set up the network and social system to boost the strength of your website and spread your own brand online.


You should take a look at these social and network systems:

8/ Write content for Google BOT

Do you have to let Google understand what your website is talking about and what it is saying? Create a standard SEO article for BOT by optimizing the basic and extremely important tags in 2018 and the following years like :


Article URL: it needs to be short, focus on the keyword, and contain keywords.

Title: it needs to mention keywords, about 60-67 letters

Meta description: it needs to mention keywords, 100 first letters contain keywords, about 155-160 letters. The meta description can be longer for some professionals.




9/ Write content to serve the user

As Google increasingly understands the meaning of foreign languages, it is imperative that you build a valuable and useful content strategy for users. Write about what users of products and services are interested in, don’t write what you currently have.


You should create a long-term content strategy, and build your website into an expert in the profession, then at some point, the value you receive will be equivalent to what you have done.

10/ Carry on the Onpage website

Do the Onpage website based on Google’s standards :


  • Optimize the article URL tags
  • Optimize title tags
  • Optimize description tags – meta description
  • Optimize meta keyword
  • Optimize metalanguage tags
  • Optimize meta-author tags
  • Optimize heading
  • Optimize heading tags
  • Optimize IMG tags
  • Optimize schema tags
  • Optimize mega GEO tags
  • Optimize canonical tags
  • Optimize hreflang tags
  • Optimize the speed of downloading
  • Mobile responsive
  • SSL installation
  • XML installation
  • Fire Robot.TXT installation
  • Google Webmaster Tool installation
  • Google Analytics installation
  • Favicon installation
  • Diverse content transmission ( text, images, video, infographics )
  • Optimize keyword density
  • Focus content on insight customer
  • Internal link strategy
  • Anchor text strategy
  • External link strategy
  • Broken link handling strategy
  • Social media integration
  • Attaching the DMCA ( copyright law )
  • Hosting

11/ Update and renew articles

Keep updating and creating new posts regularly. The constant update of new content will make Google BOT crawl to read information and index faster. Since the promote the reputation of your website.


12/ Conduct building link for the website

After building the Onpage system, you should start to set up a strategy Onpage for the website by building links from these sources :


  • Building link from Forum system

You can search from forums that have the same field as you and make link-building for your website. Go to Google, type Forum: keyword to list all forums with the same field, and build backlinks.

  • Building link from web buyer, classified pages

This way also builds effective backlinks as there are many members and the trading activities are quite good.

  • Building link from 2.0 web

Using 2.0 web such as Blogger, WordPress, Weebly, and Tumblr,.. to develop links is very effective

  • Building link from the PBN system

The old domain name system with the power from high-power sites will also be a way to create quality and sustainable backlinks.

  • Building a link from a satellite site

If you have a satellite site and it fits your field, a backlink from it will help you rank top faster

  • Building links from Social and Network

SEO Fanpage Facebook

SEO Event Facebook

SEO Note Facebook

SEO Google Map

SEO LinkedIn

SEO Medium

SEO Twitter

SEO Pinterest

13/ Promoting website

After you have Onpage and Offpage, start to create viral and advertise your brand as quickly as possible.

The more people know about it, the better it is. Below are some ways that you can use PR for your website or products, or services.


  • Find related Facebook groups: share posts on them to earn interactivity.
  • Running Google ads: support keyword SEO to the top faster as well as the fastest sales possible.
  • Running Facebook ads: Reach more potential customers and sell immediately.
  • Running GDN ads: overlay branding system and increase sales channels.
  • Running re-marketing: chase after customers who have visited your website and follow them until they buy it.

14/ Measure and evaluation

Measure and evaluation to learn experience make the next time better. Use the following tools to check the website as well as the value of the website to see if it is high or low, in order to have a better SEO strategy.

These tools are:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Webmaster Tool
  • Ahref Tool



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