12 Important Considerations When Choosing A Domain Name For The Website

12 Important Considerations When Choosing A Domain Name For The Website


Choosing the right domain name is one of the most important jobs you do for your business.

Do you think it’s simple? The following important notes will be useful for those who are choosing a domain website.

Does It Fit The Brand Name?

Consistent here is in terms of:

  • Does the brand name match the domain name or not?
  • Consistency will make customers easier to remember you. They hear the name of the business and can easily find the website when searching.

Is It A Good Brand?

A good brand is:

  • Unique
  • Neat
  • Meaning
  • Attractive
  • Inspiring
  • Is your own

Be creative giving options and solicit ideas from multiple sources to make choices for yourself.

The Level Of Competition

We are mostly competing on Google rankings. You need to know in Google, what kind of domain names are highly competitive. Be sure to choose a unique but competitive domain name to ensure easier ranking.

You can use the Google AdWords diagnostic and preview tool to view domain rankings by country.

Easy To Read, Easy To Remember

This has a very strong impact on the user’s brand memory level. Not only that, it helps people easily find you on the internet.


Don’t Lead With Keywords

An innovative domain name will take precedence over a domain containing keywords. This does not mean that you cannot have a domain that contains keywords. It is still used if meaningful.

Google was able to track and identify domain spam signs. And certainly, these domain names never rank high.

There Are No Dashes

Using dashes in a domain name reduces domain quality. For many reasons such as:

  • Easy to fall into spam
  • It is difficult to convey when you introduce the domain name to your friends through communication.
  • No aesthetics

Please check that, all major brands do not use hyphens for domain names.

It Is Optimized Without Spam

The above advice is not to include keywords in the domain name. But that is not a matter of saying that you cannot optimize.

There are some cases, in which you can leave keywords that look natural, easy to remember, creative, and not spam, so it should be optimal.

Keep The Domain Name Short

Not only is a shorter domain name better looking, easier to remember, and faster to enter into a browser, it’s even better for your email address and business card.

So if your root domain (main part – e.g. example.com) is short, it means that all of the subpage URLs have some length reduction as well.

What Is TLD?

TLD stands for the most advanced domain name, common are:

  • .com
  • .org
  • .net
  • .co
  • .us

In addition, there are many other options. Of those options, which one would you choose for yourself?

Think of your target market. Is your market global? If yes, select “.com”. If not, select TLD by country like “.us”. The national TLD will help you rank well on the search engine versions of that country.

Google doesn’t prioritize keywords in your TLD, so there’s no need for “.review” if you’re a professional reviewer.

In general, “.com” or the national TLD is more reliable and more known than the keyword TLD (eg “.review”).

In addition, there are some exceptions. If you are an Internet or IT company, you can consider the “.net” TLD. Or, if you are a non-profit organization, “.org” may be the best option.



Is It Unique?

Check to see if anyone else is using the same domain name as you. In this job, you can see that someone is using the same domain name as you but with other TLDs.

Therefore, it is still best to offer a completely unique domain name. When you have a unique domain name, you are afraid of others stealing them and attaching it to a different TLD. In this case, you should buy many other TLDs to prevent copying in the first place. Moreover, you can also redirect additional domains to your primary domain.

You can buy domain names from many different domain registrars. But it is best to choose from the same company for easy storage, and contact handling when something goes wrong.

Screening Your Domain Name Like You On Social Platforms

Sure you will be annoyed to spend time, intellect… to come up with a unique domain name but then, find out someone is taking them and using them on some other social networking platforms.

Even if you do not intend to use them immediately, you need to prevent others from taking them.

You can use a tool like namevine.com to see if your domain name has been used on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or Blogger… or not.

Check The Trademark Registration

Before you pay to own a domain name, always remember to check whether the domain name is registered or not. This is important if you do not want future copyright disputes to occur.

And over here, when owning a new domain name, you should perform trademark registration for it. Because a registered trademark brings more value.


The choice of domain name is becoming increasingly limited, while domain names will follow enterprise for life. So, the most important thing is still creative. Along with that, 12 important considerations when choosing a domain name for the website above will contribute to a more ideal domain.

Thank You For Reading!

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