Guide to making money online MMO fastest & most effective (Updated 2020)

Do you want to make money offline or make money online anytime, anywhere?

Wondering if making money is limited by time or space?

Do you want to passively increase your income, not work, at work? Did you know you can make money when you surf the Internet?

Start to get used to making money online, also known as making money online, making money MMO, making money via the Internet as soon as possible.


Not only I know that many of you are also looking to create a sustainable source of income from online tools.

In this article, I will help you gain an overview of making money MMO – make money online – what is the definition of MMO? popular ways to make money online

From that, you can realize how easy or difficult MMO is. Should join to make money MMO or not?

This is your decision.

(Knowledge sheet articles from the Internet aim to build motivation for you to join MMO. Content updated 2020.)

What is MMO? What is making money online?


MMO stands for Make Money Online meaning: make money online, make money from the Internet.

The characteristic of MMO is to require participants to use computers/phones (mostly computers) or devices connected to the Internet to do the jobs, in the end, to earn money from the work on the internet.

MMO is the way to make money online on computers, phones, and tablets.

Of course, you need to be aware that those ways of making money must be legal, but if you are doing the wrong type of hacker, fraud, or multi-level, it is not MMO.

With a few keywords “make money MMO”, and “make money online”, you will find that the number of results returned on Google is really terrible.


Obviously, making money online is increasingly HOT and becoming one of the rich topics that are most interested in today.

What are you waiting for but don’t shake hands right now?

What is the trend of making money in MMO now?

Today, many people are eager to create for themselves passive sources of income by making money online: main income or left-hand income.

MMO has many forms of making money from simple to complex.

The amount you receive accordingly will vary according to the capacity, and MMO form.

Sometimes the money earned is not fixed by the month, it varies depending on the effort, the experience, the type, and the seasonality you make.

There are people with incomes up to several thousand, even tens of thousands of USD / month.

But there are also people who only earn about $100, $200 / month was happy already.

  • Subjects participating in MMO, want to join MMO countless: students, students, office workers, housewives, engineers, and farmers,…
  • The characteristic of MMO is that you can work from anywhere, anytime you are comfortable. Just a computer, laptop, or smartphone with an Internet connection can do MMO.

This is great because you will have more freedom, and no constraints on time, geography, and relationships.

  • Besides, MMO does not require a degree, you can research and learn with the help of people who go on forums, and groups about MMO.

MMO is very vast, there are many different forms of making money online for you to choose from.

So closing the following characteristics for you to consider whether to do MMO in 2020 and in the future:

  • Comfortable time, and location space when making money online.
  • Simple MMO tool: computers, and phones connected to the Internet.
  • Diverse forms of making money online.
  • The ability to scale large incomes can earn up to several thousand dollars, even hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • A strong international MMO community + a popular MMO + documentation about making money online.

Who should do the MMO?


You must be wondering:

What is the way to make money online suitable for students, students, …?

I work in the office full day for 8h, can I do MMO?

MMO is suitable for everyone (student/student/office worker / pregnant / homemaker, …), everywhere, as long as they have computers or phones connected to the Internet.

There are three main types of subjects pursuing making money online as a job:

  • MMO is the main income-generating job.  That is, you will not do anything else except spend all your time making money online.
  • Making MMO as Part time.
  • Or combine to do both the main job and the MMO in parallel. This is the most common form, at this time MMO is like a left-hand job that helps increase non-salary income.

In particular, MMO will be more convenient for those who have background knowledge about the Internet and computers and have a good command of English.

D. Make money online MMO fraud?

Many people I find after participating in making money online MMO complain that they have been cheated and lost money.

Is MMO a scam?

Which is the most prestigious form of MMO?

This is actually because they lack knowledge or know the wrong source, they believe in what they do not need to do with money, just invest money, and trust that it is easy to make money from MMO.

People say that MMO is a silly scam because they do not fully understand the concept of MMO or the nature of MMO.

In the MMO world, scams go hand in hand with truth.

You work on the Internet, with many anonymous people, people who are far away from you halfway around the world, and you can’t know for sure who that person is and whether they intended to deceive you.

Anything can happen on the Internet because the Internet has two sides.

Be careful when you do anything, okay?

MMO is a genuine job, it requires constant efforts to learn to be successful.

The advice that you do not need to do anything for money when making MMO is 100% wrong.

So before making money to do MMO, find out information carefully about the object, make money online course, … through the review of the previous person.

You can easily search on Google or Facebook with keywords like:

“… reputable?”

“… is there a scam, a scam?”

“Should I study/work/invest…?”

The common difficulties when making money online

Making Money MMO is DIFFICULT, even extremely difficult.

If you are reading this article and think that MMO is just a game, then to be successful and fully experienced in MMO will take a lot of time.

Remember: the goal of MMO is to make money – CASH.

Earning money in this society is never easy! (Do not listen to the words that pour into your ears is easy, fooling MMO)

The amount of time you spend will not be inferior to finishing a certain university.

Maybe more than that!


The difficulties you will face when joining MMO are:

  • Not difficult to join MMO, but not easy to succeed and earn a huge profit from it. Can make newbies distrust work. You join with the desire to make a lot of money in a short time but without preparation which leads to failure => Depression => Losing faith and leaving MMO.
  • Always requires patience and perseverance. Making money online is a job. Of course, if you are impatient you definitely cannot succeed.
  • MMO scams are common, you need to carefully select sources of information.
  • Resources MMO is not really rich, the number of large forums specializing in making money is not much.
  • Not fluent in English.

To have income from MMO is not difficult.

But want to reach an income milestone for example $100, not everyone is easy to achieve.

To create income from MMO you must have perseverance, and determination and must spend time and effort.

Forms of payment, receiving money

MMO When participating in MMO, you have to pay and transact through online payment systems and international payments.

That is if you make money with websites, or organizations, they usually pay via: a bank account, ATM card, etc

If you make money from international sites, the most common way to receive money is through a PayPal or Payoneer account.

In addition, you may need at least one type of online payment account such as:

  • BitCoin
  • PM (Perfect Money)
  • WMZ (Webmoney)

Then you can convert it into USD, EUR, … by :

  • Direct withdrawal to your domestic bank account via VISA / MasterCard.
  • Sell ​​to people who need to buy.
  • Exchange with currency exchange (Exchange) services.

Registering, and creating online payment accounts for MMO is free and easy.

The following are the widely used payment methods when making MMO money:

1. PayPal


PayPal is a popular online payment gateway in the world and is widely used.

Your PayPal account is the email when you register.

From PayPal, you can withdraw money from banks to use.

You need to link PayPal with international payment cards such as Visa, Credit Card, and Debit Card …

Therefore, you should register these cards at banks that have good support for international payments.

2. Payoneer account


Payoneer is the first choice to withdraw money when you make money from affiliate marketing come from Affiliate networks / Affiliate programs around the world.

Now when you sign up for Payoneer, you get a Payoneer account and a MasterCard card (if required) used to receive payments from companies from the USA (US) or from Europe (EU).

You can use the card to withdraw money from ATMs or make money transfers around the world.

G. What do you need to make money online?

1. Knowledge of Online Marketing

The marketing element plays an extremely important role in any successful business project.

Along with the explosion of the Internet, most individuals, organizations, and businesses are using online marketing as the main advertising channel because of its low cost and effective results.

Therefore, you should be familiar with the knowledge in Online Marketing / Digital Marketing, such as: Content Marketing, SEO, Ads, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing …

Currently, two popular methods and the most effective are advertising on Google (SEO, SEM) and advertising on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc …).

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  • SEM – Search Engine Marketing
  • ADs – Facebook Ads, Google Ads, …

2. Knowledge of website administration, blog

Today, you should have basic knowledge about website/blog administration.

How to create a blog making money is no longer difficult and requires as much knowledge of programming as before.

Instead, you only need a little website administration skills on the WordPress or Blogspot platform.

All utilities (plugins, themes …) are available to save you the most time to have the most professional website to make money.

Good management of your website and blog will be the foundation for you to implement the most effective online marketing methods.

3. Knowledge of bank payment

Banking payment transactions became popular in the MMO field.

There are many online payment banking services around the world that can help you do this.

In particular, the most popular MMO payment today is 2 PayPal and Payoneer accounts.

I. The most popular forms of making money online today

There are many ways to make money online in a vast MMO world.

However, the most popular, sustainable, and reliable forms of MMO monetization are the following:

1/ Making money affiliate marketing – mainstream 2020


Affiliate marketing (affiliate marketing) is the most sustainable and passive form of making money online – certainly continues to boom in 2020.

This is the form you promote. sell products or services to a particular firm, company, or organization, and they pay you a commission when someone buys you through a link provided by that company or organization.

About 4-5 years ago, Affiliate Marketing is an easy way to make money online with new people when you do not need to have your own products for sale, regardless of the product handover process and customer support.

You make money through affiliate marketing through the Affiliate Program / Affiliate Network such as:

  • In the world, you should join: Amazon, Clickbank, Commission Junction, and AdCombo, …

When doing affiliate marketing, you will be given separate marketing links for each product, if customers buy through the link, you will receive a corresponding commission according to the commitment from the beginning.

Up to now, Affiliate Marketing has become a lucrative and lucrative bait with very high competition among publishers.

2/ Product Launch/ Authority Site/ Niche Site


These are the 3 methods of making affiliate marketing flourish.

Product Launch is your affiliate for the products that are about to debut, which means you will be promoting those products, and preparing everything so that when the product launches, there are people who buy that product through your affiliate link.

=> You will receive a commission.

Authority Site is a website created by you that develops strong enough on a specific theme (health, sports, animals, finance …), developing daily, monthly, and yearly, …

A niche site is a form of making money online in the direction of affiliate marketing.

You will have to build one or more websites about a certain array (niche) or a very small array (Micro-niche).

You will then have to have content for this website, content for the website that will direct visitors (site visitors) to make purchases through your site.

3/ Design & sell T-shirts for Business Marketing


T-shirt Business is an online business related to T-shirts, also known as T-shirts.

This job helps you make money, such as you have your own printing factory & create T-shirts to sell to customers, or you can buy T-shirts elsewhere to sell to customers at a higher price to make money. difference.

4/ Hit money, Freelancer


Freelance is understood in the sense of freelancing. Individuals working in this area are referred to as Freelancers (referring freelancers), refer to those who work in a self-governing manner, without any restrictions on rules, environment, location, and time. workspace.”

More simply, Freelancers are people who work for others (individuals, companies) without any constraints on the time to work each day, as long as they complete the job on time as agreed, as well as not a long-term commitment.

Making Money as Freelancer is a very familiar job for many people, even many of you have been doing it every day.

Predicting the future, Freelance jobs are still growing strongly.

There are many places you can make money Freelance:

  • Fiverr
  • SEOClerks
  • 99designs

5/ Make Google Adsense Money (GA Content)


Making money online through hanging ads on Google Adsense is a fairly common form and many people have earned a large income from this form.

Google Adsense has been present for quite a long time, attracting many webmaster communities.

If your application or website/blog is approved by Google Adsense for them to post banner ads embedded, Google will pay per click (PPC – Pay Per Click) for you.

“Did you know, is the site with the highest AdSense income in the world, estimated revenue of $ 690,000 / year only counting Google Adsense? Mashable was started in April 2005 by Pete Cashmore when he was 19 years old.

Now Mashable is one of the best technology news websites, gadget sharing, and social media developers.”

With this way of making money, you just need to create a blog, and WordPress website => build content => and GA registration to get started.

I had quite a specific article on how to make money with Google Adsense, which you can refer to.

6/ Make Money Youtube Partner (GA Hosted)


YouTube is a video-sharing social network owned by Google.

With the increasing demand for entertainment and watching videos, Youtube is a tool for anyone to do marketing and make money online easily.

Currently, YouTube has more than 1 billion users each month, a huge number.

Youtube Partner is a program that helps you earn income by placing ads on videos that you upload on Youtube.

This program helps video clip creators make money from the number of views/number of clicks on advertisements that come with video clips.

In other words, the more your video is watched, the more money you make.

7/ Make money Drop shopping


Dropshipping is an online sales model that bypasses shipping.

This is a form of business or trade in which you are a retailer but do not keep goods in stock.

When customers buy goods, you will go to your supplier and ask the supplier to ship the goods to customers. The supplier is responsible for closing the product with your contact information on the packaging and shipping orders to the customer.

With the Drop-shipping business model, you only need to create a separate website or a store on eBay, Amazon, …

You will not have to ship goods to customers but only focus on product marketing, and order tracking. , customer care.

Profit from Dropshipping is the price difference between the supplier and the price they sell to customers minus shipping costs.

The person who owns this process is called the Dropshipper.

You buy the product at a low price and sell it at a higher price to eat the difference, the difference depends on the type of product, it can be up to several hundred% if you have the skills to find Search for Supplier and choose a product.

And normally a profit of 30-60% is acceptable.

8 Online business, online sales


Online sales, online business (Online Business) is actually not new, but its popularity is expected to increase sharply in 2020 – and is one of the effective ways to make money online. most today.

This is a form of online business with every purchase and sale of products taking place online through popular sales channels such as blogs, websites, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Zalo, …

Its biggest advantage is being able to reach an endless supply of customers through the Internet.

If you love business and have money to make money, start joining an online business as soon as possible.

Online business items most effective in 2020?

Should start selling online?

Doing business here means you provide goods or services, products, you can own or enter the source of the sale.

In general, online selling requires a lot of marketing skills and you need to learn gradually to apply.

9/ Other forms of making


In addition to the popular ways of making money, the MMO world is extremely diverse.

There are some types of people who do not need participants to invest money, but there are also types that you have to spend money to work.

Remember that any form of MMO is potentially risky, you should research carefully before participating.

Some free MMO forms such as:

  • Pay Per Click Advertising (PTC)
  • Paid to Upload (PTU)
  • Shorten the link to make money
  • Type Captcha
  • Offers Make money through the application

Examples of some areas of investment such as:

  • High-yield investment program (HYIP)
  • Matrix Investment
  • Forex
  • Gambling

So, you need to find out which way of making money online is most reputable, most effective, providing sustainable income before joining.


Not everyone who takes part in making MMO money is persistent enough to succeed. There were so many people left halfway because they were too depressed.

If you intend to start making money online, do not hesitate, but find out the path to making money that you find most interesting and suitable.

The MMO world is so vast, you need to constantly strive to improve every day to fill the amount of knowledge needed.

“Please accumulate gradually, do not discourage you.”

An expert in Online Marketing always finds a solution in different situations.

Therefore, you will always have to learn and update new knowledge to avoid being left behind.

Creativity is the most important factor in every advertising campaign. To become a master, you need to keep thinking to find the most effective options. After determining whether you are interested in doing MMO, do you feel interested in MMO?

You can find out about online money-making communities, online money-making forums, or around the world to gain experience, and connect with MMO players.

I hope this practical sharing on making money online will help you get inspired to start your MMO journey.

Good luck!

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