What Is Anchor Text? 9 Types of Anchor Text And Principles of Use

For SEOs, the concept of anchor text is nothing to explain. However, for beginner SEO or you need to update, it is necessary to understand the concepts and principles of using anchor text.

What Is Anchor Text 9 Types of Anchor Text And Principles of Use

What is anchor text?

An anchor text is a piece of text used to attach a link (URL) to it. There you can click and go to the page with the link attached.

The influence of anchor text on SEO is both positive and negative. Perennial SEOs may be obsessed with the first update of the Penguin algorithm on April 24, 2012. A series of websites have been heavily penalized for manipulating and overusing anchor text.

The problem is how to use anchor text properly. Below is an analysis of 9 different types of anchor text as well as principles of fair use. From there, it brings better keyword ranking results as well as absolute safety for your SEO Web.

09 types of anchor text

An order of 1 to 9, means that you should allocate the structure of the number of words from high to low. This is an especially important principle to keep safe and increase the ranking effectiveness of your website.

1. Brand name (branded anchors)

Using anchor text by brand name is the safest way. Start from the first link pointing to your landing page with anchor text which is your brand name.

A few examples:

  • Hudareview
  • Hudareview bonuses
  • Hudareview e-commerce
  • Hudareview social media

Anchor text brand name will become more secure if your domain name is also your brand name, for example: https://hudareview.com. In case your domain name is the correct keyword, you need to be careful and have options to avoid manipulation.

2. URL path (Naked Link Anchors)

The form of using the same URL as anchor text is also known as a naked link. This is very simple, you just need to take the URL and set the link as that URL.

You will see:

  • https://hudareview.com/backlink
  • www.hudareview.com/backlink
  • hudareview.com/backlink

3. Call To Action (Generic Anchors)

Call-to-action words are especially effective for optimizing user interaction. We also know the power of user signals. And every time a user clicks on your link, this will help increase traffic and at the same time show that the content you are referring to is appealing to them.

You can refer to some CTA:

  • See more
  • Click here
  • Buy now
  • Register
  • Sign up

4. No text (No anchor trick)

This is a tip you should care about and use. The fact that a lot of SEO experts as well as big websites are using it. The easiest way to do this is to use images.

What Is Anchor Text 9 Types of Anchor Text And Principles of Use

5. Images Anchors

If you think the image only helps to bring in traffic and does not affect the keywords, then it is necessary to have a review. Please note the criteria when optimizing images such as:

  • The image has a title, image name contains keywords
  • Images with alt tags, alt tags contain keywords…

Alt tags are an alternative form of text to images. So when you put anchor text as images (with SEO optimization), you still get power other than traffic.

6. Keywords Anchor + Brand

It can be said that this is a particularly effective method from many perspectives. Even many SEO experts take advantage to transform the ranking process of keywords with high competitive index.

Attaching keywords in combination with brand names will help you promote communication. Users identify faster: what your brand is about.

Some examples:

  • Tips & tricks hudareview
  • Funnel builder hudareview
  • PLR hudareview

7. Keyword variations

Providing more information to users around your keywords is a smart way to do it. When we do it really seriously, there’s nothing to worry about. This technique will be especially effective for keyword rankings if you think in that direction. Of course, if you manipulate, no one will help.

Example of variation keywords (if your target keyword is SEO):

  • What is SEO?
  • Benefits of SEO
  • 12 mistakes when doing SEO

8. Keywords with prefixes and suffixes (partial match anchors)

About 10 years ago, the use of the correct keyword and then the keyword associated with the prefix and suffix was mostly. It has become very dangerous right now. We still have to assert that this still works. And that’s why SEOers still have to use it.

For safety, we must use it strategically. We put this work in the eighth stage and the corresponding number will be less, at least. So you need to understand how important and risky how high!

Example of keywords with prefix and suffix as anchor text (target keyword is “anchor text”):

  • How to use anchor text effectively
  • Optimize anchor text properly
  • Learn anchor text HTML

SPECIAL POINTS: We can say in this form we need to know additional information that is anchor text using LSI keywords. How Using LSI keywords (latent pentagram) is a way to make your content more detailed. Google users and algorithms understand and understand more precisely what you’re talking about.

9. Exact keyword (exact match anchors)

Using anchor text with exact keywords can say this is the king of the anchor text of all types of anchor texts. As a king, being the best, being number 1, it also carries the greatest risk and risk. You should only risk if you are really sure about the link strategy. Some criteria when using:

  • Diversified other types of anchor text.
  • Sources ensure absolute relevance and high trust.
  • Low quantity (keep the percentage less than 1% if possible)…

What Is Anchor Text 9 Types of Anchor Text And Principles of Use

Principles of using anchor text

If you’ve read the entire content above, you probably already understand some of the basic and important principles of using anchor text. We will re-update with the following bullet points:

  • Accurately identify target keywords and plan anchor text allocations.
  • Determine the source (internal and external) that will be placed and linked using the anchor text.
  • Distribute the number and match the anchor text with the appropriate link source.
  • Make a timeline table to determine which anchor text comes first, and which anchor text follows.
  • Use support tools to control and correct.

Using anchor text in SEO is one of the hundreds of important techniques that directly affect your SEO results. That means you will have to understand it very well and use it in principle to hope to achieve your SEO goals.

Good Luck!

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