How To Make Users Spend More Time Reading Content On Your Website

How To Make Users Spend More Time Reading Content On Your Website (Reduce Bounce Rate)

Creating engaging content is a challenge, harder than ever. Content marketing is on the rise, but there is still little content success. The time users spend reading and interacting with content is still largely limited to seconds, not minutes.

The difficulty of the content on the website is that it is overwhelming everyday information, and it is difficult to attract attention. But as content marketers, we must improve quality, provide them with useful information, help them interact, and transport customers to make purchasing decisions and this is not easy.

While not knowing which recipe will work for you, you should try some of the following simple ways to extend the time users spend on the page longer. It will reduce bounce rate, an important factor in marketing content.

How To Reduce Bounce Rate That Make Users Spend More Time Reading Content

Write long content to reduce bounce rate

There are times when you’ve heard content marketers suggest creating shorter posts. But a while later, move on to deeper content types. In fact, long-form content will have a higher conversion value.

According to a study of more than 400,000 articles in many fields, long-form content gets more shares and backlinks than short content. The longer the content (more than 2,000 words) receives higher the results.

Analyzing 1 million search results on Google, long-form content occupies higher rankings. The content on the front page of Google contains an average of more than 1800 words.

Besides, it is also cited by many places, 9 times more than short content.

Do you want and enjoy reading long articles?

There are countless options for receiving information (radio, video…) and too much attention so people don’t patiently read long articles.

On average, each person only takes 35 seconds to read the content. And out of 5 people, only 1 patiently read to the end of the article, the rest is a cursory glance.

The number of people who spend 15 seconds to read accounts for 55% of the number of people who click on content.

People share content even if they have never read it once. A study with 10,000 content shared on social media showed no correlation between reading time and the number of shares.

Losing long content means losing a means for people to perform their psychological behavior. It is that quirky psychology that makes long content get interactive, and good rankings. That is also the reason that many marketers still maintain them.

How To Reduce Bounce Rate That Make Users Spend More Time Reading Content

Add the lively element

The typical vivid element on the page is usually video. Pages with videos will make the page stay 2.6 times higher. So why don’t we start creating videos?

Maybe you think it takes a lot of time and costs. But today, being able to take advantage of a smartphone or digital camera along with basic video editing skills is enough to produce videos for your website.

You can create videos:

Video tutorials:

Instructional videos provide useful information for most people. It is only redundant with a department that is already professional in that field.

Usually, the instructional videos are intuitive and in-depth, forcing users to spend time watching from beginning to end if they want to practice successfully.

Video for updates on industry information:

If you work in a typical field such as search engines, you will find there is a lot of new information about Google updates.

And from that information, you can get an idea for the video. Or if it’s a product website, you can come up with ideas for a weekly video of new or bestselling products or sales within the week.

Flexibly combine your sales message with fun and humor, helping your customers to watch the video while being entertained and able to understand the sales message well.

Video promoting your expertise:

With the service, this type of video can be an exchange and sharing of industry knowledge of experts. With products, it can be videos about the factory, production processes, import goods…

An important note in posting videos on the web:

Always include a video with a text. It is similar to using images to enhance posts. The content in the video should be described as text directly below.

If the reader does not see the video or does not want to watch the entire video, it will help them to understand the information faster. Moreover, the written text will also help Google understand more clearly the content on the page.

Use tips, and pointers to other relevant information

It is possible to break down the information by subheadings and links to other relevant content on the website. Readers both follow the content and have many options.

To keep customers longer this way, consider using a prominent logo. This factor helps keep customers from staying when they are intending to leave the page.

Content is too familiar in marketing, though not new but always an element that marketers pursue. Because the more content, the stronger website, and the more opportunities it will show up on searches.

And the better the content, the higher the chance of a conversion. So please make effort, to take the time to make content for the website right from the beginning of website construction!

Above are some ways to reduce bounce rate. Thank You For Reading!

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