What is CTR? 8 Tips to Optimize CTR Click Rate

Click Through Rate has become one of the indicators of the success of a Digital Marketing campaign.

So what is CTR? and which notes can easily and intelligently increase CTR for online marketing campaigns? Invite you to read along to find out in the article below.

Tips to Optimize CTR Click Rate

What is CTR?

CTR (click through rate) which shows how often people who see your ad end up clicking on it.

Clickthrough rate (CTR) can be used to evaluate the performance of your keywords and ads.

CTR is a way to measure the initial success of an online advertising campaign. CTR is calculated by dividing the “Clicks” by the “impressions” of an ad.

For example, if a banner ad is displayed 100 times after someone clicks on it, the resulting CTR will be 1%.

Things to know about CTR ratios

Have you understood what a CTR is? then right. In order to learn more about this type of index, let’s also analyze some key factors of CTR.

How much is good for CTR?

The click rate depends on each case and each object. In fact, there aren’t any specific figures showing how high a CTR is.

The average CTR index will vary by industry, each form of advertising, and media. And CTR depends on many factors, especially in which it depends on the display position.

The average CTR rate in AdWords is 1.91% for search and 0.35% for impressions. But as a rule of thumb, the best CTR in Adwords is between 4-10% for the search network or 0.5-1% for the display network. However, you still want the CTR to be as high as possible.

The importance of CTR

In your opinion, what is the importance of CTR? Why do so many people care about this indicator? In fact, CTR is very important for advertising accounts because it directly affects the quality score.

Whether Google AdWords or search marketing platforms will offer preferential rates for highly relevant ads. Such as will make searchers feel satisfied.

Quality score is proportional to AdWords clickthrough rate:

  • A high clickthrough rate will result in a high-quality score.
  • The quality score allows you to improve/maintain your ad position at a lower cost.

If your ad is highly queried, then you will get a high clickthrough rate. This means you are directing a large number of people to access your product/service.

CTR types and formulas

CTR ratio will be most commonly encountered in the following 3 main types:

CTR of ads

For standard ads, your ad’s clickthrough rate is the number of ad clicks divided by the number of individual ad impressions.

Ad CTR = Clicks / Ad impressions

For example, if you receive 10 clicks out of 1000 ad impressions, your ad’s CTR will be 1%.

For link units, the number of ad clicks divided by the number of impressions for the ad page appears when the link unit is clicked.

CTR of page

The page clickthrough rate is the number of ad clicks divided by the number of page views.

Page CTR = Clicks / Page views

For example, if you receive 30 clicks for 250 page views, the page CTR will be 12% (30/250 = 12%)

Query request CTR

Query clickthrough rate is the number of ad clicks divided by the number of reported queries.

Query CTR = Click / Query

For example, if you receive 20 clicks out of 1000 queries, your query CTR will be 2%.

Tips to Optimize CTR Click Rate

8 methods of CTR Optimization

Here are 8 ways to increase CTR and organic traffic for your website. Practice, and you will definitely see the effect and change markedly.

Content optimization

Let’s say your website doesn’t have a high visit or bounce rate. That may be because your content is not really good. That is why content is really important in affecting conversion rates.

# 1 Optimize content marketing

Optimizing ad content is extremely important. Content Marketing has a great influence on the CTR rate.

Effective content marketing not only helps keep customers staying on the website longer. But it also helps to increase their conversion rate to higher leads. To retain customers, the prerequisite that you need to have is attractive content, attracting customers.

Some tips for engaging content like you need to know who you are writing to and what customers need. Besides, CTA optimization also contributes greatly to stimulating customers’ actions. Do not forget to incorporate images, to help content richer offline.

# 2 Optimize the meta description

Meta description tags appear largely on the search engine results page. It provides the information that potential visitors expect when clicking on the link.

Writing a quality meta description can increase your CTR significantly. For example, to evaluate a book, you can also look at the book cover. So, the meta description is your link to potential customers.

You should only write about 160 characters in the meta description.

Without a description tag, Google will grab any content from your article to display in this meta tag. Therefore, sometimes the things customers see first do not hit their needs. Which leads to the skip advertising without clicking.

# 3 Optimize titles

Optimizing the title by simplifying the title format is essential.

The title is the factor that search engines see first and most clearly. The title may be broken or separated if you use the brand name. This again helps to stand out the brand name. However, it can affect the ranking on the search page.

It’s easy to remove the website name from the title tag using Yoast SEO for WordPress. You can add your brand name to the title or not. Because that doesn’t hinder Google’s algorithm.

Besides, you should also check the title when it is displayed on Social channels. Select a title to publish and WordPress will automatically be published in the media. You will see the number of clicks, comments, and likes that the title has received.

Compare clicks on the titles of the same link. This A/B Testing will help to determine which title matches the search engine results page. However, this test is only effective when your page has a large following.

# 4 Use descriptive URLs

Your page URL is the place to store the long-tail keyword. It will appear in the preview of the link in order to attract visitors to click. Length, path, and URL category also affect search results.

When posting on your blog or website, categorize them properly. This helps to increase the appearance of keywords and the visibility of search engines. This also helps customers to view only one product from a multitude of choices.

You can change the URL in the Settings – Permalinks section of WordPress.

Technical Optimization

Good content, but not enough. You need to use some techniques to help increase the CTR rate. What is that?

# 5 A/B Testing

A/B testing is always an extremely effective technique for optimizing advertising effectiveness. You can A/B test different ad samples with one keyword. That helps you know which ads are getting more attention from customers.

Many marketers think that this is quite time-consuming, so it is really effective to choose the best ad template to help you get the clickthrough rate you want.

Usually, we will test 3 ads in about 2-3 weeks and then select the sample with the best interaction or CTR and maintain that ad.

# 6 Use long-tail keyword

Long-tail keyword – long/expanded keywords are an important part of every SEO strategy. They are essential for blogs. Studying long-tail keywords and integrating them into your website will greatly increase the number of natural queries.

It’s like playing the lottery or sweepstakes. The more tickets you buy, the better your chances of winning the prize.

A long-tail keyword is the key to building a solid sales funnel. While the single keyword is on the top, the long-tail keyword creates the middle and bottom of the funnel.

For example, when a customer searches for the phrase “water purifier”, or the phrase “cold and hot water dispenser”.

At that time, they seemed to want to buy a water purifier with more specific characteristics than just a regular water purifier. If you are a water purifier supplier, you will get many quality clicks through long-tail keywords.

# 7 Schema markup

Structured data (schema markup) is the main component to create interactive, rich content.

For example, when searching for “2018 Hollywood movies”. You will see a bunch of great movie results from Google. Keep reading a review and you get a list of movies.

Interactive info boxes usually appear on all search results. And can bypass SEO rules if you have a diagram exactly like the algorithm Google is looking for.

That is a sign for Google to recognize the search is presented in a way forward. We can see the information boxes often appear on the top of Google results.

Social media sites like Twitter and Wikipedia or IMDB have long used “schema markup”. Without structured data, your website will hardly appear on the results page.

# 8 Optimize page load speed

Clicks will not count if the user cannot wait for the page to finish loading. Website speed is an essential factor to increase clicks and bring a good user experience.

Page load speed correlates with a position on the Google results page. Therefore, improving website speed is a top priority to maintain CTR. It is also important for SEO.

There are many free tools available to check website speed. One of these is Google’s PageSpeed ​​Insights. Using this tool, you will know exactly how your site has worked.

If you want to speed up (and increase conversion rates by 7%), you need to minimize HTTP requests. As well as reducing server response time, enabling compression, image optimization, and CSS delivery. Enable browser cache and prioritize content.

The general knowledge about what CTR is has been relatively comprehensive. This is certainly very useful information to help your business optimize and successfully implement marketing campaigns. And increasing the number of potential customers is easier than ever.

Good luck!

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