Google Freshness Algorithm: What SEOer Need to Know

Google Freshness algorithm was announced on November 3, 2011. It has been focusing on providing users with the most accurate search results on google.

It makes suppliers, SEOer, and even content stand up and pay attention to this algorithm. Let’s find out more about Google Freshness Algorithm!

Google Freshness Algorithm What SEOer Need to Know

Google Freshness updated

Google experts have analyzed and made predictions that more and more user databases will be created (especially in 2017 and onward).

It is a new trend that Google is gradually developing. It is not only a motivator for SEO and SEO services but also brings a large number of resources.

The main purpose of this update is to emphasize the importance of content and content. Especially in areas like the latest news, events, politics, celebrities, and trends.

Does the Freshness algorithm have a big impact on Seo?

According to experts’ estimates, about 6-10% of search traffic is affected by the Freshness algorithm. But some level of change has been applied to one-third (35 percent) of all searches.

Google likes websites like news websites, video broadcast sites, and lots of Brand websites. This is also a type of website that posts new content regularly and has a great brand.

Reaction to Google Freshness algorithm update

Analysis of this change is related to the impact of large projects. It is expected from Google’s notice of 35% of the affected search results. And a small amount of disproportionate impact is reported.

The Google Freshness algorithm update is one of Google’s most concerning algorithms. Because it makes perfect sense and has a changing impact on search better, easier to understand, and more practical.

If you are covering a subject area and the information you have is outdated, sensitive. With time, has not been refreshed or updated for a while.

Or simply be surpassed by new, more compelling, and more competitive content. That may be something you need to pay more attention to that content or topic, both on and off the page.

An important part of the new update is that it’s not just a content refresh. But also tied to the frequency of content related to the topic.

This update is based on the established Google query methodology.

Google Freshness Algorithm What SEOer Need to Know

Practical tactics to recover from the Google Freshness algorithm

For some new events or hot topics that are gaining traction on the web. Of course, you will want to find out right away. So the newer the information, the better it is, and the higher the quality of the information.

  • Periodic events: You must have a specific cycle for each keyword or plan for keywords.
  • Regular updates: Most information changes regularly or is constantly updated. Although not a hot topic or an event.

Five of the best ways to recover from any lost rankings. Or take advantage of new untapped opportunities as a result of changing the Freshness Algorithm including:

1. Review existing content: Google Freshness algorithm

Identify pages or topics previously included to increase the number of impressions of a keyword. Therefore, traffic and rankings on websites are prioritized by Google to refresh them.

You will find that every time you post an article, there will be a time and date you post that content on your website or blog. In the news and the media, you will see the change and the data will be greatly reduced.

If this is the case, consider the value of updating your content by citing new sources. Update statistics, include current citations, and add the latest search terms.

2. Social sharing and content: Google Freshness algorithm

New social signals and link signals will bring significant benefits. Thanks your content can boost the number of ranking keywords. With the algorithm updates, Freshness Google is enabling good websites online.

Do not underestimate the value of some activities like PR and social sharing to promote Google bots to discover, engage and interact with new content.

3. Review content frequency: Google Freshness algorithm

If your website is constantly changing industries, events, and any level of news or insights. You may need to think about how often to notify your consumers, readers, as well as the Google bot and add content to your site.

People will read more content than ever before, with the CTR increasing. Small frequency changes can make a lot of positive differences between being first on the market and being taken multiple times.

4. Take a hierarchical approach to content creation: Google Freshness algorithm

With voices, videos, real photos, and a bunch of new content types posted. Plus high PR news website approaches (blogs, news, media, newspapers, microsites, etc.).

Adding content layers to your services will allow for a broader level of keyword display. The brand is also, therefore, pushed to the top. Plus additional leverage for different search industries, and social networks.

5. Add green content to your content: Google Freshness algorithm

Green content is the creation of deeper content for specific articles. And can be done over different months. It contributes significantly to search rankings. And traffic for months, even years will increase significantly. Green content will reflect:

  • Give thorough and thorough headline research.
  • Have a unique multi-dimensional overall view.
  • Highly specialized application goals.
  • The refined content is updated every few months. While the changes require modification.
  • Longer form content (usually within a few thousand criteria for an article).
  • More aggregated content.

You can see this is the content for you. To avoid loss of large amounts of budget, and promotions, invest time and resources.

Google Freshness Algorithm What SEOer Need to Know

Did the Freshness algorithm update succeed?

Although the algorithm changes Freshness is not noticed often in SEOer groups. And it is often overshadowed by other algorithms such as Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, Mobile First, and RankBrain… This reinforces its success.

The search results will change (often change by week) reflecting the practical benefits of this algorithm. This update brings a lot of our search experience and this opportunity brings companies based on value.

Above is the latest Google Freshness trend that I want to share with readers. The article will hopefully provide you with useful information.

Thank you!

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