What is backlink? Knowledge And Trends Backlink Newly Updated

What is a backlink?

A link from another website that points to your website. Actually, a backlink is an obsession of every SEOer. That’s the truth, so you should find out carefully and need to apply it wisely with your SEO campaign.

A backlink is also known by some other names like:

  • Incoming link.
  • Inbound link.
  • In link, inward link…

Professional SEOs, most certainly taste the sweetness and the bitter taste of backlink techniques. The following article will provide not only basic knowledge but will also cover good lessons and trends. We hope to be helpful to you.

What is backlink Knowledge And Trends Backlink Newly Updated

Why is backlink important?

We all admit that, with some areas of low competition. No need for to Backlink can still rank high and even top. Instead of Backlink, Onpage solutions, technical SEO, verify, Entity, AI technology… are gradually changing the trend of doing SEO.

Professional SEOs have all witnessed a change in the way Backlink works. With this term alone, there are so many things SEOs need to grasp. Does the question Backlink still make sense in SEO? The answer is definitely YES, even very important!

No backlink Still Up TOP?

With a professional SEOer, all backlinks are considered a terrible obsession. From many perspectives, active magnetism is limited, high investment costs are required to contain many risks.

Because of this, SEOer focuses on many SEO techniques that are less dependent on backlinks. Some techniques can be named as: Verify, Entity, Trendy, LSI…

When do you build backlinks?

Building backlinks only when your site is ready!

Many SEOs today still only think about backlink development, even before they optimize the site (onpage optimization). This is very wrong and it is like you invite guests to play when your house is not yet complete.

Some things to do before building a backlink:

Handling technical errors and optimizing user experience (UX)

Technical issues such as code, links, structural errors, etc. will greatly affect the performance and friendliness of the site. We need to audit the entire website and take corrective actions.

Optimize factors that help increase user experience such as:

  • Page speed loading.
  • Mobile friendly.
  • Handling duplicate content.
  • Meta tags.
  • Canonical card…
  • Redirect handling (Redirect 301, 302…)
  • Optimizing 404 errors.
  • Fix external links (broken links)…

Optimize links and site structure

This is a big problem, not just the way you need to change your mind. Changing the content structure or in other words, repeating the sitemap. This makes you think again.

If previously the site structure will take the home page as the root, thereby opening smaller pages under the floor (Silo). Today the optimal way is the reverse Silo model – that is, take the detailed content as the root, and thereby redirect users (links) to larger pages.

This way you will also easily create trust and win the hearts of users. The information you reach customers has useful information instead of pure sales content.

What is backlink Knowledge And Trends Backlink Newly Updated

Backlink quality

Building backlinks requires a great deal of time and money. Moreover, the range you can control is also very limited. Therefore, a very specific plan is needed. More importantly, we need to ensure we adhere to the principles of backlink quality.

Let’s learn the following 5 factors that determine the quality of the backlink:

# 1 relevance

If your topic is “backlink service”, your backlink is located in a website/category/article specializing in backlinks. There is no longer any reason to refuse, it is extremely valuable from a related perspective.

And that fact is very rare and not easy to get, even somewhat unrealistic.

So how to solve this? The strategy is to decentralize the relevance of backlinks. You design certain content levels according to a pyramid scheme.

Pyramidal relevance

Looking at the image above, we notice that if our backlink topic is “backlink service”. The content of this type belongs to the highest level of relevance 100%. Accordingly, it will reduce by 80% – 40% – 20% – 1%.

As such, it is clear that we have expanded the subject area to match more diverse backlink sources.

Relevance by location

If your market and users are in the USA. The most relevant is when your backlink is also placed on pages in the USA. This may not be too difficult for SEOer today. But the reality is that the temptation from foreign backlinks is still an obsession.

# 2 Source of Prestige Link (authority)

The website where you place the backlink is as strong as possible. The power is shown in website indicators such as: PA, DA, UR, DR, TF, CF…

This you easily measure and evaluate through the tools available in the market such as:

  • Moz.com
  • Ahrefs.com
  • Majestic.com

You should also be aware, when using these tools, to measure quality indicators. The problem is that these indicators are still easily manipulated. So, you should study thoroughly, and analyze the components in detail, as detailed as possible.

# 3 Traffic (traffic)

The source of your backlink needs to have a certain amount of traffic. In other words, traffic is an important consideration in the quality of your backlink source.

# 4 Number of outbound links

How many outbound links do you have? This seems unrelated to you. But in fact, it is very influential. You need to really define some characteristics like:

  • How is the content linking to other websites?
  • Are those links relevant?
  • Is that link natural or is it a paid link?

# 5 Indexing

Another factor is indexing. What do you think if your backlink’s content is not indexed? Be sure of this so your backlink quality is really quality.

What is backlink Knowledge And Trends Backlink Newly Updated

Backlinks should be avoided

As mentioned above, using backlinks will involve a very high level of risk. So one of the guidelines is that you should not use some of the following types of backlinks:

  • There is no connection at all
  • The source is the public strong as forums, forums, …
  • Comment Blog
  • Sidebar/footer backlink (selective)
  • Automatic backlink…

What is a backlink? New Backlink Knowledge and Knowledge

We would like to thank you for your interest. Hope there is more information needed and you have found in this article. For any suggestions or requests, please respond in the comments or contact me.

Good luck!

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