Creative, Less Capital And Unique Business Idea

Everyone knows that successful people create superior products. But how to find a good product is also a difficult problem.

Therefore, the idea of ​​a really important business, associated with start-ups, can flourish. Or will fade away after a while. Join me on how to create a brilliant idea.

Creative, Less Capital And Unique Business Idea

What is the business idea?

Business Idea is an important concept in the field of business, only the type of creative ideas that bring profits in business.”

According to Wikipedia

The idea of ​​getting the highest value when it brings good profits. Therefore they often carry some characteristics:

  • Outstanding: The idea must emphasize certain specific advantages of the product/service over existing business models.
  • Originality: This is the most striking aspect, demonstrating the creativity of an applicable business idea.
  • Novelty: They need to be pioneering ideas, not yet on the market. Using an existing product/service for business is not creative. Therefore it cannot be properly called an idea.
  • Pragmatic: Search business ideas based on real needs and meet them. Therefore, businesses should consult customers to improve their products.

5 signs of a good business idea?

Already own a few ideas? Write them down specifically. And evaluate your ideas based on the following factors:

Help solve the problem

Business ideas must address customers’ existing needs and surrounding problems. Think about the difficulties people are facing when addressing their needs or problems.

You can find it through the difficulties you encounter when using a product/service in your area, or when you are working.

The problems that others encounter can be easily known by listening to others complaining. To find out what needs and difficulties they need to be satisfied.

Feasible to scale up

The ability to expand the model and market is a potential opportunity for you to grow your business. You can start by being an SME. But whether or not that SME has grown into a unicorn depends very much on the original idea.

Whether or not your business is truly ready to expand depends on how you build your business plan. The truth is that investors are always willing to spend money if they see the potential.

After all, the returns from investments come from the ability of those investments to grow. Can your idea expand in the future, or make it more flexible? Consider this.

Can sell at low prices and have good profits

Choosing the right price for the goods or services you provide is essential. Because whether it’s a good idea or a good problem solution. If the price is too high in the sky for the real value, the customer will still not make a purchase decision.

Not easy to copy

Creating a unique business is extremely difficult. However, maintaining the uniqueness of our products and services is even more difficult.

With just one idea, there are many business models based on that idea. There are many cases where companies file lawsuits over their claims that their business ideas have been robbed.

Whether you work in consumer goods, providing services, technology, or intelligence. Copying ideas is inevitable. This leads to customer disputes. So to minimize, the only way is to make your ideas hard to copy as possible.

Be honest with yourself.

One of the keys to having a good business idea is to be honest with yourself! Does this make you confused? We will explain a bit. When sketching different ideas, you have to choose the best one.

You will have to evaluate the feasibility of the 4 above factors in a fair way for each idea. Because sometimes, you “like” an idea and idealize it. Forget about fairness and choose something that is not perfect.

10 creative business ideas

Here are the 10 most innovative, unique, and trendy business ideas in the world, which can be applied successfully anywhere.

Business  cafe/small restaurant

This is a small business idea for those with passion and cooking skills. This small business model, making money at home is actually not too difficult to implement.

But important is the workmanship, cleanliness, and diligence in sourcing, and choosing fresh, clean foods. To ensure food safety quality. You can open a breakfast restaurant or coffee shop, and smoothies.

If sales are mindful, come with product quality. The ability to attract customers is very high and maintain a good relationship with the customer.

If you build a reputation, the profits will not be small. The idea of ​​selling coffee or food is also a model with a high success rate today.

Business Eco green appliances

Creative Less Capital And Unique Business Ideao green appliances

Eco appliances are a relatively new concept at the present time. It refers to products that are environmentally friendly. Including paper straws, bamboo brushes, paper bags…

The world trend is gradually warming up to the impact of persistent waste. The use of clean green products is very much a supporter. And people are slowly becoming aware of this.

Therefore, trading Eco products is a unique business idea.

Trading in clean vegetables, clean fruits, and organic standards

Food safety issues are a concern today. Then opening a store selling fresh food is considered a unique and effective business idea.

Usually, in order to buy fresh food, people have to go to the market early to choose. However, this can not be done by everyone because of limited time.

Therefore, they will only buy during rush hours to prepare the meal. So, if there is a store that sells clean food throughout the day, it will definitely be of support. Even if the price is more expensive than the products on the market, they are still willing to pay.

In order to import cheap and quality goods, you should go to rural areas specializing in agriculture. It ensures a very plentiful and safe source of products.

At first, it may be difficult because every day they have to import new goods early to ensure their freshness. After that, I have to go back to business until the end of the day.

However, do not be discouraged, as this is a useful solution, so be sure to be concerned. This is especially considered effective with a low-capital business idea.

Pet care business

In large cities today, the need to care for pets is very large. Because of narrow living space and much working time. They will not have time to take care of their pets.

So services like pet bathing, and babysitting, when away from home. Or pet food stores are thriving in big cities.

Website design services

Creative Less Capital And Unique Business Idea

Website design services are a new and thriving business in recent years. When technology 4.0 and the online business wave are creeping everywhere.

If you are a website developer, you can search for your customers online through social networks like Facebook, and Instagram or search ads on Google. The potential of this job is enormous. Therefore, this is considered a smart service business idea.

Online Marketing consulting service

Are you a marketing expert? You are dreaming of running your business and want to apply the learned knowledge into practice? Contribute to building a business community.

Whatever your reasons, when you want to start your own marketing consulting service, you need to be well prepared.

Important activities that you need to prepare to include:

  • Finding niche market in the context of big competition
  • Identify key services and target customers
  • Develop long-term business plans
  • Channels that can find customers?
  • Recruitment and training of personnel
  • Office for rent…

Business Fitness room

Not only is the fitness gym, but a fitness model is also a great place for us to make a profit. Compared to other small business ideas, the gym business has a higher profit potential.

In fact, in 2009, the Small Business Administration identified the sports industry with very high growth potential. Even when the economy is facing a global economic recession.

Healthy Food online store

Besides fast food, snacks are an online business rampant on the internet. More and more young people are more interested in weight loss and physique.

Especially the “green”, low-fat are called healthy foods.

However, in the busy life nowadays, there are many young people who do not have much time to prepare themselves for a healthy and nutritious meal.

Therefore, the healthy food business is one of the logical new business ideas. However, you need to have a certain understanding of the nutritional ingredients in dishes, meals, calorie intake… safe food to ensure the needs of customers.

Sales of beauty products

Increasingly modern life leads to a higher demand for human beauty. Everyone wants to be more beautiful to confidently communicate with others.

Habits, when women go out, women always makeup, to lipstick to be more beautiful, and fresher. Therefore cosmetics have become an essential thing. So if you want to get rich with business, cosmetics are an effective business idea.

Business MMO

MMO stands for Making Money Online, which translates as making money Online. Thanks to the development of 4.0 technology, making money online has become much easier.

So if you have knowledge of digital marketing, or financial activities, trade coins. Then this is an online business idea suitable for you.

The general knowledge of business ideas has been relatively comprehensive. This is certainly very helpful for businesses to successfully apply appropriate business models.

Good luck!

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