Why You Must Use Amazon PPC For Your Product Launch 2020

Why You Must Use Amazon PPC For Your Product Launch 2020


I’ve been paying very close attention to everyone’s questions when it comes to launching your product successfully on Amazon FBA by using only PPC.

Launching your products on Amazon by only using PPC is something that I believe in 100% because these are strategies that I have been taught and that I have tested many, many times in order to successfully launch your product and rank it to as many pages 1’s as possible on Amazon.

That’s where you want to be. You want to launch your product on as many pages 1’s as possible. With that being said, I don’t believe in cheating the system. We’re going to talk about all of these other cheating methods later.

What does it really mean to launch your product using Amazon Pay Per Click, using Amazon‘s advertising platform?

There’s this one thing that really stands out to me and I believe in it 100%, I really believe that everyone should be launching their products using PPC because of this one main reason.

Part 01

Can anybody guess it? I am going to write it down right here. Launching your products using PPC means that it is 100% organic.

If anybody is new to selling on Amazon, what this means is that people are genuinely interested in your product and every time they make a purchase for your product on Amazon, it’s organic.

They’re not cheating. You didn’t purposely send them a link to go there and buy it. You’re not purposely trying to manipulate the system.

People are actually 100% organic and they are interested in your product.

They clicked on your ad, and they bought your product causing you to move up in rank. Moving up in rank means that you’re getting closer and closer to page 1.

And of course, everybody wants to be on page 1.

My goals are always to be on as many pages 1’s as possible. Why? Because that’s where all the traffic is, right?

Take Google, for example, let’s say you’re trying to Google something and you always only look at maybe a few websites on the first page.

It’s very rare that you even go to the second or third page unless you can’t find something valuable on the first page; so, therefore, it’s very important that you guys understand, launching your product using PPC only, 100% organic and Amazon loves it when you guys are using their advertising platform – whoops – to launch your product.

Part 02

How can you use PPC and make this launch work for you and your product?

Well, you’re going to have to learn the different strategies and methods within using the PPC advertising platform, using automatic, and manual campaigns.

And there are different ways of doing this. Which I explained more about in this video right here.

I’ve done a lot of previous YouTube videos talking more in-depth about PPC. Make sure you check out this video and it’ll just dive deeper into when to use certain campaigns to run your ads, which are the most effective, and which ones will give you that lower ACoS percent that everybody is dying to have.

Check out that video. Besides having 100% organic traffic, these are also real customers, right?

It’s real. Real, not fake.

Because what you want to do when you are selling your product on Amazon, you always want your customers to come back for more. Especially for a product that requires a refill.

Part 03

For example, maybe you are selling paper cups, well, eventually all of those paper cups are going to get used up and they are going to have to come back to you, the seller, to buy more.

That’s why you want them to be real. You want people to be genuinely interested and love your product and don’t mind paying full price for it.

If you guys continuously try to cheat the system, reimbursing people just for reviews, that’s not real and that money is coming out of your own pocket.

You never really know if people are even into your product, they’re just buying it because it’s free.

What makes you think that they are going to come back and buy your product at full price?

You’ll probably lose 50% of your real customers. How many times have you guys gotten a coupon to shop somewhere and after that coupon, you never went back?

Because there are no more deals.

Part 04

If there are no more deals, a lot of your customers will just go somewhere else where there is a bigger or better deal.

That’s why you want this to be real.

I want to be clear that when you are launching your product on Amazon, whether you are cheating the system or maybe you are using PPC to launch your product, it’s going to cost money.

Advertising in every single business will cost money and I can’t really tell you exactly how much it will cost.

If you guys want a general idea, I made this video right here where I talked about previously, how much money it really costs, the entire Amazon business to pick your product, source your product, ship your product, create your product, and finally, launch and rank your product.

You should check out this video right here. I mean, hey, after all this is a real business and real businesses cost money to run.

Be prepared to spend money.

However, if you guys know how to launch your products properly and you guys are following my tips, advice, and step-by-step tutorials on how to organically and realistically launch your products using PPC, then you are going to make all of that money back long term.

It’s always important to think long-term.

Part 05

And I apologize if the camera is not focusing.

It tends to do that whenever I move a little bit. Okay, so now that you guys understand the importance of using PPC to launch and rank your products, these 2 are the most important reasons, what can you expect after using PPC?

What can you really expect?

There’s kind of a general timeline of when things start to happen and when things start to pick up.

Whenever you are running your advertising, one very most important thing that I want to be extremely honest and clear about is that it takes time.

You guys, PPC is not an overnight success.

In fact, it’s not even a weekly success. It takes time to gather keywords, to really know which keywords your customers like, and which keywords would generate the most amount of sales with the lowest ACoS.

It just takes time to gather that information, right? The most common timeline that I have seen to get results by using PPC is anywhere between 2 to 6 months.

Part 06

Sometimes 2 months. Sometimes 3, 4, 5, 6 months. Anything longer than half a year, there’s something wrong, there’s something definitely wrong if you are running PPC for 6 months and you’re getting zero results.

That’s pretty bad. It takes time to learn really which keywords are working for your product.

Some keywords that may seem like they will convert very well into a sale are not the case.

And the only way to really figure out which keywords are going to make you the most amount of sales, the most amount of money with the lowest ad spend is by running PPC.

And the good thing about PPC is that it shows you exactly what customers are typing into the Amazon search bar when they are looking for your product.

It’s really important that you guys are running PPC. If you ask me this 2 years ago when I was still doing giveaways, I was a huge part of doing giveaways when I first started my journey as well, my Amazon FBA business.

Part 07

And it worked so well back then but it’s now 2019 and a lot of things have changed it’s up to you to stay up to date with all of these changes that are going to help your business really explode.

If you want your PPC campaigns to work out for you and you want everything 100% organic and 100% real, something that I go by, then you are going to have to run your campaigns consistently.

And learn everything in the backend, learn all the optimization, and what it really takes to have a successful PPC launch.

It’s not easy. A lot of people struggle with this because a lot of people who are new to selling on Amazon simply don’t realize that the advertising platform is a bit of a challenge especially if you’ve never sold your first product online.

Make sure you are following a step-by-step system to get you familiar with how to launch your products and you’re not just dumping in advertising, and ad spending, every day trying to figure it out yourself.

That’s absolutely not the way to go and you’re going to end up burning a ton of money, a ton, a ton of money. With PPC, it’s so easy to lose money.

It’s wild.

Part 08

If you guys have lost any money using PPC, drop me a comment below.

But I highly do not recommend new sellers to start trying to figure this out themselves.

It’s just not going to work out very well.

Not only do you need to follow a step-by-step system, but it’s also very crucial that you understand the process.

For example, if you are someone who is lurking information from YouTube that is for free and you’re just taking different strategies and different pieces from all of these different coaches on YouTube and trying to fit it into your own campaign, it’s never going to work.

Because there are different strategies in place to make PPC a success.

The way that I do it may be different from somebody else and you’re not fully grasping the concept behind running these campaigns which are ultimately going to cause you to lose a ton of money because you don’t understand what’s going on.

You’re just copying and pasting. And that’s absolutely not the way to go if you want to have huge success launching your products to page 1 by relying on PPC.

Part 09

Okay, so now that we have talked about all the positive reasons why you need to be using only PPC to launch your products, we are now going to go over all the cheating systems that other people are using that you should stay away from if you don’t want to get your account suspended or get yourself in trouble.

Okay everyone, do not do these 4 things. Do not do these 4 things. Do not do these 4 things.

Because you are going to eventually run into a huge issue. You can get your account suspended and then you’re going to have to hire an attorney to get you reinstated. People can rat you out. There are so many things wrong with these 4 things that I listed right here.

Let’s talk about PayPal reimbursements. PayPal reimbursements, depending on who it is that you are reimbursing, can cause you a lot of issues.

If you are doing this to a cold audience, a cold audience means people that you absolutely do not know, and you somehow got in contact with them and you told them, “Okay, I am going to give you back all this money via PayPal if you just write me a positive review.”

Part 10

You guys, it only takes one complaint. One complaint to Amazon from anybody is to get your account shut down and it’s not worth it.

Imagine all of that money that you spent on inventory, gone, right? All the hard work is gone. You don’t want to be doing PayPal reimbursements unless it’s your family members who are giving you a review or an audience you have built up that is very warm and you trust them 100% that they are not going to rat you out

Again, if this is the cold audience, don’t do that. Just don’t pay anybody randomly to write you a positive review.

That is against the terms of service and that is something I personally stay away from.

That kind of covers random people. Random people, it’s sort of like people writing posts in Facebook groups and they’re like, “Hey, free product, PayPal refund.” Oh well, hello, you don’t even know this person.

How do you know that they are not going to do something bad to your product, right? You just don’t know so to keep yourself safe and to do things 100% real and organic, just create a bomb-ass, wild, really good product, and people will leave you 5-star reviews if they want.

Part 11

And people will buy your product and come back for more. That’s really all it is.

I’ve seen this over and over again with my students who are profiting 5 figures per month.

People just buy their product, leave a positive review, and that’s it. There’s no reason to be cheating the system to reimburse random people to give you a review or to give you that rank to launch your product.

Gift cards are very similar to PayPal reimbursements. Sometimes instead of reimbursing people over PayPal, you might say something like, “here is a gift card if you buy this product through this specific URL.”

And that will give you a boost in keyword rank and maybe they can leave you a review. All of these apply to getting reviews and getting boosted for specific keywords as well.

You don’t want to use gift cards. It’s just another way of cheating, right? You guys don’t have to cheat.

If you guys have an amazing product as I said, people are more than happy to buy it, to review it, and it just takes time and honesty for you to really make it big selling on Amazon, right?

Part 12

Giveaways. Okay, giveaways and giveaway services are something that you need to absolutely stay away from. Stay away from, going forward. Do not use giveaway services.

However, if you are launching your products using Facebook ads and Manychat, something that I’ve taught and something that I still teach, you can do that.

But you must not mark your product off more than 65%. Try to not mark it off more than 60%. Let’s just say, the more you try to not discount it, the better.

If you want to discount it at 20% off, you can test that.

You can test 30% off, and 50% off. But you should not be going over 65%, or 60% really, because the steeper you get, I believe it has the more negative effect on keyword rank.

Amazon is smart enough to know that you are cheating the system.

It’s 2019, right?

Part 13

If you do want to discount your product, you can apply a discount, especially towards a colder audience on Facebook. But what I have been teaching is that I’ve been teaching people how to build audiences on Facebook that have already bought from you.

These are real customers.

These are organic real customers who already bought your product on Amazon and I am teaching you how to upload that audience onto Facebook, retarget them, and launch additional products long term.

That’s something you should be learning especially if your first product is profitable and you are now deciding to sell on Amazon long-term, I definitely recommend that.

But it all goes back to not marking off your product at an extremely heavy discount.

Just don’t do that. I hope you guys are really thinking hard about not using these. I believe I went pretty in detail about these.

There are exceptions and it all goes back to having real people, real customers, and building up a relationship with your customers where they can trust you and you can trust them if they were to do any of this.

There are so many ways to do these. I am not going to go over it in today’s video but if these are people you don’t know then I would suggest you stay away from all of these cheating methods to launch your product.

It’s just not safe.

Part 14

You see, another good thing about launching your products 100% organically and really by using Amazon PPC Sponsored ads is that once you figure out how to do it, it’s really just repeating the same thing for your next products and all of the other products that you are planning to launch, right?

If you are really serious about starting to sell on Amazon and making this business a huge success, then you should be utilizing everything Amazon offers.

Amazon offers you enough tools and enough resources to start launching your products. There is no reason for you guys to use cheating methods.

It wasn’t recommended by Amazon and I am sure Amazon, themselves, are very well aware that what they offer which is PPC is enough to get you launched and ranked.

What you want to do long-term and I want you guys to all think about this is, that after you have a successful, organic, real PPC launch, you want to start dialing back on your ad spend.

That may sound confusing if you’re new. But what you want to do is not have to rely on PPC long-term.

Just imagine paying ad spending for the rest of your life. Some sellers paying ad spend for the rest of their life is not a big deal.

Part 15

For example, for me, it’s a big deal because the more money I put in, the more money I make. That’s somewhere you want to be.

However, if spending money on advertising for your business is a huge issue, then what you want to do is eventually learn how to launch and rank using PPC. And start dialing back on that ad spend.

Lowering your ad spend. Lowering your keyword bids.

And still, make the same amount of sales. That is what I call a successful PPC launch because now you’re removing ad spend and you’re also still selling steadily.

I have people in my course who are amazing and have done this exactly the way it is. And succeeded in my expectations in their PPC launch that they no longer have to pay for advertising.

Part 16

I thought that was really cool and it just all depends on how you want to run your business.

  • Do you want to pay for advertising?
  • Do you not want to pay for it long-term?
  • And do you want to go with 100% real and organic?
  • Or do you want to cheat the system?

It’s all up to you. I can’t really decide for you but I am just sharing with you today in this video what I believe in, what has worked for me, and what has worked really well with people that I coach.

I really hoped that you learned something, you found value in this video. If you guys have any questions for me, be sure to drop me a comment below.

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