Revealing digital marketing content trends in 2020

Digital Marketing Content Trends in 2020 bring a whole new color. If in previous years, the development of digital marketing content in the direction of pursuing customer journey.

By the end of 2019 and 2020, it will expand in the direction of covering multi-dimensional information (content topic cluster).

This is not a new thing, but it is really an effective trend that marketers or copyrighter can refer to.

Revealing Digital Marketing Content Trends In 2020

Digital marketing content 2020

Users have been too bored, knowledgeable, and frustrated with the pursuit of pursuing marketing models (remarketing). Information is covered by marketers with high frequency and intensity, especially with online marketing.

In fact, we all see ad campaigns drastically reducing conversion performance. That depends on many factors. However, start analyzing your potential customers. Redefine Customer Insight for our target group. There are certainly many things we need to reconsider.

Content coverage strategy

As mentioned above, it was boring to focus solely on developing digital marketing content that follows the customer journey. Users have been identified and fed up with the way spamming outbound marketing is.

Building a content strategy that is inclusive, that is, exploiting information and sharing from different perspectives. Useful, systematic links to content clusters. From there, users will become confident and feel certain friendliness.

Semantic content

It is not merely that we provide information from many different data. The problem is, each user will have different behaviors and approaches from different ideas. We cannot follow each of these ideas to develop digital marketing content. And don’t cram too much data in digital marketing content.

Use the questions to flip the problem in different directions. From there, it is easy to help users understand the problem you convey.

With search engines, the algorithms of search engines are smart enough to understand if you provide them correctly. Even if we don’t need to be explicit in words, search results can still return results and display exactly what the user searched for. (You can learn the Google RankBrain algorithm).

Digital Marketing Content according to UI/UX

After all, how well have we done, how useful the information has been? It is not enough to just stop at the dynamic level. Think about how users will reach and experience your content. What will they do?

  • Can see and understand in the shortest time what you want to mention?
  • Can you view it on mobile easily?
  • Is that contain exactly what they need?
  • Is the content new, strange, or useful?
  • Is the content verified?

Revealing Digital Marketing Content Trends In 2020

2020 Marketing has changed?

The way of marketing has changed. Especially for SMEs with small scale and can only approach local marketing.

Instead of focusing on a single strong platform. Digital marketers will need to diversify dynamically to optimize conversion performance. From there bring the highest ROI.

What is content digital marketing?

Content Digital Marketing is the marketing activity of a business or brand. Focus on creating & distributing valuable content, related to products/services applied on Digital platforms.

With the aim of attracting, and retaining readers, thereby promoting behavior & converting them into customers.

Why is Content Digital Marketing important?

A perfect marketing strategy is indispensable in content digital marketing. Content Marketing fulfills its mission of attracting and reaching customers with useful creative content. Content brings users and thus grows your potential customers (traffic to your website).

This content will assume responsibility for changing user behavior. Make users from potential customers become the main customers of the business.

In today’s era, when users are closer to digital technology. Every business needs to build advertising, build brand image in the minds of customers. And the coordination with Content Digital marketing brings the best effect.

Content Digital Marketing classification

Content marketing is classified by function and by form.


Functionally, Content includes three main categories:

  • Content information
  • Entertainment content
  • Content gadget
  • Content sales…

Content information

Provide useful information to help readers find ways to solve problems. The article has just come up with a solution but also integrates the brand into it. These posts will create sympathy to attract target customers.

Content entertaining

Provide useful information to help readers find ways to solve problems. The article has just come up with a solution but also integrates the brand into it. These posts will create sympathy to attract target customers.

However, with high-ranking positioning brands, seriously should not apply this concept. Because entertainment content does not smart and will become pale and less charming.

Content gadget

This type of Content is used as a free tool to solve problems for customers. It helps remind regular customers about the brand.

The advantage of widget content is that it can measure the number of times customers use click, download, or use.

According to the form

By form, content can be divided into several categories. Here are some types of Content classified by form:

Content Article

An article is the most basic form of Content. Usually informative articles, and blogs. This type of content provides knowledge for readers.

Use keywords related to the brand to affect a certain group of readers. In addition, it is a form of diary on the website referring to one or several specific areas, expressed by the writer (or organization) based on personal views.

The article often has forms such as Content How -, Content comparison, Content list, Content Product Review, Case Studies, Content Guides, and Content Interviews.

Ebook content format

An ebook is a bundle of long content in a different format, usually PDF. Ebooks are usually downloadable, and often free to receive mailing lists.

Producing ebooks can help you boost your reputation in an industry. A great way to share your insights with the world.

Content Image

Beautiful, invested photos always attract customers’ first look. However, users always put the truth of the information on top. Therefore, in addition to beautiful photos need to look real. Image content creates extremely good interaction.

Content Meme

The content meme is suitable for a few subjects and products that are humorous, and attract attention. Do not overdo Meme too much. If abuse easily leads to a level of interaction that is not high or to the opposite reaction.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is trending in recent years when Youtube and Facebook have continuously promoted video marketing.

Effective video marketing needs a good idea. It brings the element of sharing (touching the right customer insight, funny, even a bit weird) together with the beautiful image.

In general, video marketing and viral video marketing are divided into 8 main categories:

  • Product video: talk about the product
  • Business video: talk about the people and members that make up the organization and business
  • Television advisement
  • App Videos
  • Animated videos explain a certain aspect
  • Video website
  • Video tutorial
  • Testimonial video (video records the reviews of customers who have used the service)

Infographics format

A useful and intuitive means of using images to present information, data, or complex knowledge quickly and clearly. However, attention should be paid to selecting the most important and necessary factors. Do not take everything into one infographic.

And the logic, orientation of reading minds of readers also need to be focused.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is messages sent to a group of loyal customers or potential customers of the business.

Email Marketing has advantages such as: Cost savings. Proactively send messages about products and services that customers are interested in. Easily measure customer conversion rates. Reach a large number of customers in a short time.

Form of Live Stream

Newly appeared in the first half of 2016. However, the storm Live Stream has caused the wind to save a cost for businesses. Be proactive in time, content, and location. Live Stream Content enhances interaction efficiency, brand awareness, and programming.

Revealing Digital Marketing Content Trends In 2020

Content Digital Marketing

The Content Digital Marketing trend of 2019 is extremely clear on Social channels and user actions. Some of the following trends can be mentioned:

Content by Video

Video Content is an extremely attractive form of content today. This type of content has a huge impact on everyone’s buying process.

Every day, 500 million hours of video content are watched on YouTube and more than half a billion internet users watch videos online on Facebook. A large number of these people are looking to buy products and services.

According to LinkedIn, 75% of B2B marketers believe video is one of the most important forms of content in a company’s digital strategy.

To succeed with video marketing, it needs to focus on engaging, mobile-friendly, and have a regular, optimized publishing schedule.

Interactive voice throne

Interaction or voice search is growing very fast thanks to Siri, Google, Alexa, and a host of other smart devices. Users regard the voice on these applications as a virtual assistant.

Accordingly, users tend to use these “virtual assistants” every day to find useful information, shop, and explore.

Actual images & Infographic

Visual Content will be a key strategy that affirms your superiority over your competitors. Your images & infographic on your website or social media will need to be implemented with this type of content.

With infographics, content that brings “inspiring” reading & is highly viral will still be strongly deployed on websites and social media platforms.

Interactive Content increased

Interactive Content, also known as interactive content, requires user participation and real interaction between the two parties. Interactive content creates a distinctly different effect, engaging and increasing conversion rates.

Interactive content makes users more than 80% interested. Remember information 7 times easier. More than two-thirds of marketers have created brand stories with this type of content.

Content from personalized

Personalized content continues to influence and create a good buying effect. Most people easily believe in people who “look like themselves”.

Ever experienced the problems that I am having. This type of content needs to build a cohesive story, find common ground and lead buyers to action.

Content Digital Marketing brings about a lot of different colors. This is the “backbone” strategy in Digital Marketing.

Content marketing is enduringly valuable and is becoming more important than ever. Want to achieve the benefits you want, you should not ignore the principles of content marketing below:

6 golden rules of content marketing

When it comes to content we think of the people behind the keyboard, the words are sharp. The “multi-talented” people are knowledgeable in diverse industries. But not that you have a wealth of knowledge that will successfully transfer what you think.

Does the article attract readers or could it drive customers to the service you’re offering? The “Need” condition always accompanies the “Enough” element. What are the basic skills required of a professional content writer:

Content must have clear goals

Do whatever you need to know what your goals are, and what you desire. Setting clear target strategies both saves time and costs for businesses. Good marketing means earning a lot of money, good content marketers must know what they’re dancing about.

Content marketing must originate from the problems of brands and businesses. Your article has attracted a lot of visits, many shares, and likes.

The question here is what your content has been helping businesses solve. Always remember the marketing goal comes first, and the content goal follows.

We always go into solving the problem of content production without forgetting what the root of the target is to convey. And depending on the audience, industry, and time, the content strategy will have different goals:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase website traffic
  • Collect customer information
  • Increase upsell capabilities for existing products

Which team is your content focused on? If not, do not hesitate. A small change in perspective can also save you a lot of money.

Good content – clear strategy, satisfying customer needs

A healthy, well-grown tree needs a strong root system that helps it weather storms. The content strategy you want to be solid depends on how well you understand your customers ‘insight”.

Content is boring, not giving the information customers need, they will say goodbye to you with a note. The problem is what do we do to attract the attention of your customers?

How to create excitement and avoid boredom for customers? That is the goal of the person who made the content of the communication strategy, exploiting the most effective insight.

But understanding customer insights has never been easy. We often see the surface when we rely too much on the “tool”. What we see is just something on the internet. Understanding the customer requires you to ponder a lot of sources of information. But how to contemplate them?

After catching insight approaching the problem with great ideas. It will be the root of everything you say. How to keep the message flowing in a new and attractive way? How does content “touch” consumers?

Your task is to shape “insight” into powerful messages that will keep your viewers in mind. And when viewers appreciate or share “what you say,” you succeed.

Content touches customers’ emotions

What is the core objective of marketing? Change the mind, and decide the behavior of customers in the desired direction of the brand. In order to do this, we have to reach the heart and create customers’ feelings for the brand.

We can express ourselves in many different ways but it is important that sincerity solves problems for brands. According to research, buying emotions is rooted in emotions more than rational.

One more point, the need for social connection for spiritual fulfillment is one of the basic needs of man.

So if a brand wants to connect with customers, it has to connect like a real person. There are emotions, there are views, that will reflect the “person” of the brand. Remember the most recent article you really remember and were impressed with.

Does it make you feel something? Choosing a “reckless” move through creating soul and emotion in your content or accepting safety depends on you.

Revealing Digital Marketing Content Trends In 2020

Content pillar – a vital element of a content strategy

Why is it a deciding factor in content marketing? What do you understand about the phrase “content pillar”? If you are still confused about this phrase, do not ignore the following information:

What is the content pillar?

The content pillar, or main topic groups, is developed from the big idea. The content pillar has a mission to guide the content to become consistent to achieve the set goals. The content Pillar is characterized by being large enough. From there you can easily deploy with different orientations without fear of being deviated from the original orientation.

Besides the flexible approach, you also need to diversify the content format. Because user behavior is not the same on every channel. Content – how multichannel but still consistent is the conundrum.

Now the content creators themselves have to be constantly creating and understanding the digital platform in order to create appropriate content. It will be very difficult for a professional article writer or SEO article to be as agile as you do social.

Similarly, if you are familiar with the content or have fun, it is difficult to know what is a content website strategy, or email content strategy. Having done the content, we must always improve ourselves and learn about various types.

With that, you have just come up with a content marketing strategy that solves a business problem.

Content doesn’t say much about itself

The core value of content marketing is to create useful value, creating customer trust in the business. Thereby pulling customers to experience the service of the business.

Asking a question, do you trust anyone who first tried to sell you something or clearly had a different purpose? Or do you want to talk to someone who just talks hard about his good things? The answer will most likely be “no”.

There is a basic principle in Digital Marketing Content that brands should understand. The more a brand speaks about itself, the fewer people share content, and the more that story. Returning to the essence of marketing is understanding and bringing value to customers.

Once the received value is large enough and confidence is created. The customer will then be happy to use your service as a response. So, do not hurry.

Content is constantly innovating and adapting

Everything can change quickly for content creation strategies. There may be a new technology that will allow you to communicate better with your customers.

If you want to survive in the ever-changing content world, you need to constantly adapt and recreate your strategy. Find new marketing tools, explore new topics, and improve your approach.

With the above useful information. Hopefully, the article will provide readers with insight into Digital Marketing Content in the digital age. We look forward to receiving your comments to further optimize the information.

Thank you for your reading!

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