SEO Trends 2020: Update 8 Latest SEO Techniques

Thinking SEO trends 2020 has many units doing SEO, SEO experts mention and provide a lot of information for readers. In fact, the level of reliability for a series of this type of information is, should it be trusted and used for our SEO strategy?

So what does this article I want you to believe in? We also expect nothing more than possible suggestions. Let you consider and apply for your digital marketing plan.

The bright point with SEO trends in 2020

With SEOer, if we are observant, we can see the interface of Google search results itself. User experience is always tested. This shows how Google cares about signals from users.

It is essential for Google’s algorithm to understand what users want when accessing the information that this search engine provides. So, from today if we have doubts. Or not yet started with SEO orientation based on user reaction. The door to being Top and staying at the Top is still a luxury.

So, besides the technical and technical SEO trends. We need to think about studying user behavior, portraying potential customers, and identifying customer insights. Before implementing goals and SEO plans for your marketing strategy.

8 updated SEO techniques 2020

SEO 2020 trends, in addition to SEOs, need to build an overall SEO strategy. Simultaneously deploy a full stack of important SEO operations. The 8 SEO techniques mentioned below will be classified as important and should be the first priority in the SEO process.


UX & Technical SEO

Google will do everything to navigate and protect its reputation with users. Query results prioritize marketing content that meets their standards.

SEOer focuses on UX & Technical SEO techniques. This can be identified as the most important SEO trend in 2020. This provides a better user experience and it meets the goals of both Google and its users.

UX techniques

UX (User Experience) is considered right from the moment users are performing interactions on SERPs. Interactions while they are visiting and viewing landing pages, and related pages. Even if they have exited the site, revisiting or continuing to search for related keywords…

The initiative of SEOer in this case is handling user experience designs. Optimize technical standards for a more positive experience, such as:

  • Faster page loading speed
  • Content marketing messages are clearer and more beautiful
  • Provide evidence to increase the reputation of the content…

Technical SEO

The Technical SEO problem is how to handle technical SEO factors. In order to meet the technical aspect of the website that best suits the wishes of the search engines.

Technical SEO also includes work to enhance user experience (UX). It also helps our Landing page to be optimized in other digital marketing strategies such as ADS, Social media, and Email marketing

High-quality content

For SEO to succeed in 2020, you need to write something that is relevant to your viewers and is valuable to them, etc.”

According to Tony Wright – CEO, WrightIMC

Content marketing (marketing content) is all that matters to SEO. Obviously, content is crucial and relevant to everything SEOs do.

The development of articles and types of content will need based on your field of expertise and understanding. You can system by a content cluster (Topic Content Cluster). In order to provide multidimensional information about your topic.

You can also refer to the standard SEO writing services. The standard checklist to create a standard SEO article. Meet your technical requirements and communication goals

Optimize with Google BERT

Optimize and focus on the user. From the factors surrounding their query, SEOer will need to optimize them to take them to the information they need. Content will have to be written for users, meeting their information needs and addressing that needs.

“Google is constantly updating to optimize search results based on user intent. Instead of focusing on content just to match keywords…”

According to Jenn Mathews – Groupon


BERT algorithm (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) was launched by Google in 2019. Google BERT will help to understand the semantics according to context and entity entities.

Fully speaking, BERT helps Google understand the words in sentences in a specific context relevant. From there provide more information (even in the form of featured snippets) to the querying user.


Branding (SEO Brand) and influencing reputation is a major influence on SEO trends in 2020. Google will consider the overall brand E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness).

Businesses when doing SEO need to think of brand competitive factors. From building trust and satisfying experiences from customers. Up to SEO technical factors such as security issues on the site…

Based on digital marketing. Enterprises need to optimize and provide service elements to users such as:

  • Delivery time (faster)
  • Online payment (more convenient and more secure)
  • Price
  • Online customer appreciation events…

Mobile SEO

Mobile query rates as well as mobile-based reviews and purchases have crossed the 50% threshold. That says we are forced to change our minds.

If before, we designed our website on a computer platform. Along with that is the optimal feature on mobile devices (mobile-friendly). Then 2020 will need to think the opposite. The initial design needs to be done on a mobile platform and the optimizations will apply to the computer screen.



“If you do not have a mobile-friendly website and are optimized for mobile devices. You need to take immediate action. You cannot wait any longer.”

According to Kris Jones – Founder/CEO,

Structured data

Quality content is still an SEO 2020 trend. However, that is not enough, because the algorithm does not really understand the context of your content.

Structured data not only helps search engines better understand the content on your page. Optimizing structured data also helps the algorithm understand the other factors on that page. In addition, there is a link between that page and another page of the same topic group.

And of course, you should note that marking your previous data structure may still need a review. Because the reality in 2020 has many changes.

Link building

Link building is always an interesting thing and also the pain and suffering of every SEOer. In the period 2020, we need to start forgetting to build links and backlinks the old way.

In 2020, let’s link building as a real brand development process

  • With internal links: We need to take trust and experience the user as the goal. Internal links must come from establishing an information relationship. Provide relevant and valuable information to users.
  • With outbound links (external/outbound links): It is like quotes of reference information.
  • With external links (backlinks): From the press, those are the introductions of your business. Show your brand influence. Sometimes your content is quality and useful, so people are willing to share it.

8 Optimize display

Let’s think about ROI conversion performance. This has been addressed as a marketing trend for 2020. Even if we did everything well, what would happen if the display optimization wasn’t good?

Increasing marketing costs, business opportunities in the hands of competitors… So optimizing display (Focus on Visibility) will be important to increase the CTR rate and increase your SEO job performance.

Above is the entire article analyzing the latest updated SEO trends in 2020 with 8 important SEO techniques. I hope to make fresh and useful information for you. Any additional comments or suggestions please contact or leave a comment below the article.

Sincerely thank you!

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