How I Make Money Online During COVID 19 | My YouTube Success Secrets For Passive Income

How I Make Money Online During COVID 19

My YouTube Success Secrets For Passive Income


Are you having to stay at home during the pandemic? Has COVID-19 made you not be able to go to work and are you worried about, where the money is going to come to pay the bills?

Part I

If that’s you or if it’s someone you know then stick around cuz today I want to talk about something that might help you during this time.

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So today I wanted to talk about covid-19 and how it’s impacting a lot of us. I am very blessed. My wife is able to work from home for now.

We don’t know how long that will last and I know a lot of companies out there are trying to get their employees to also work from home social distancing is very important right now.

And it’s causing a lot of anxiety in our families not to mention the fact that our kids are home and most of us don’t home-school I used to home-school my children for the first 12 years of their lives so luckily I’m familiar with it and I understand what works best for my children.

But I noticed that the schools even though they’ve officially started again with distance learning they don’t really have the pieces in place yet to make it work really well simply because they’ve never been in a position like this so it’s gonna take some time which means we have to have patience.

Part II

But it also means like my daughter for example she’s supposed to graduate high school and her whole graduating class may never finish their courses or have to get marks based on where they were up to but never actually get the education that was promised to them.

And again it’s not the education ministry’s problem they’re doing the best they can it’s definitely not the teacher’s problem they are being as proactive and helpful as possible but it’s showing a reality our old systems are not working right now.

And this is a time when it is more important than ever to be in charge of your own life your own financial stability and to start that side hustle that home-based business that you’ve been thinking of starting.

But maybe either you have started and you want to use this time to learn more and get better at it or you haven’t started you’ve thought about it but you kind of put it off because well it’s scary trying something new is scary.

But then you’re stuck at home and you’re feeling like you can’t get a lot done so how can I use this time in the best possible way that I possibly can and that is to use this time to learn the skills that you need to learn to build your own business.

And I wanted to share a couple of things with you today that can help you get started with that I’ve got a link in the description below I’m going to actually hold a master class showing how I use YouTube to help first of all earn YouTube ad revenue but also to help drive targeted traffic to my website.

Part III

So that I can help more people who are actually looking for the help that I can offer them and I want to share that with you so I’ve been kind of dabbling with the idea of holding a special master class that will be for free to teach you what I’ve learned over the years of how to make YouTube work for your business.

Yes, there are a lot of s’s in there so make sure you take them all in or just use the clickable link in the description below and sign up for that because I’m planning on hosting that in about a week week and a half and you don’t want to miss it it’s gonna be a free mask class to walk you through what I’ve learned.

So let me tell you my story I started here on YouTube way back in I think 2007 or eight and at first I really just used it for family videos.

And I wanted to start my cake decorating business and use YouTube to show other cake decorating how to bake yummy recipes and how to learn fun cake decorating ideas to inspire them.

Part IV

So one of the very first videos that I ever did on my channel is my how to bake a cake video which you can see over there um and also my mocha buttercream icing recipe which is also much I’ll put the links in the description below freezing go check them out later.

But what I noticed is that the how to bake a cake video was actually a video that I made in my mom’s old kitchen and it was perfect for that because it was my mom’s family recipe sponge cake recipe.

And I wanted to share it so I took a video making the cake now it took me maybe three hours to bake to make the icing decorate it video edit the video and put it on Youtube so in the grand scheme of things, not a lot of time and the cake only cost me about 20 dollars in ingredients to make Plus maybe a five or six dollars to make the icing.

So it was very inexpensive and I was very excited to have grown up watching cooking shows I literally just stood there and had my measurements all preset out in glass containers so you could see where I was putting them in and I pretended I was on a cooking show and this is what you do.

Part V

And I showed them exactly step by step how to make your cake and then what happened was at the time my ex-husband and I was building up the cake decorating business plus the financial education for parents teaching parents how to teach children about money.

So we just used the one channel to teach both things Plus like I mentioned we were using it as a personal family blog for our vlog for our family videos as well so it was kind of a mishmash of different videos and it was very confusing for the YouTube algorithm which one we started was not really in effect yet.

So it didn’t really matter back then but it’s made a huge difference going forward Plus on top of that I created two sub-channels one for my daughter and one for my son so that they could have their fun videos on the channel as well so yeah we had a baking cake decorating financial education home fun videos about Barbies, Minecraft video is everything in one place.

You can imagine YouTube had no idea who they should be showing my videos to because it was very confusing but even still I noticed a couple of years later once I had the ad revenue set up properly I was earning money every single month especially on that how to bake a cake video.

Part VI

I was earning about 20 cents a month now don’t get too excited who twenty cents a month ya know so okay. I’m not a huge amount of money per month but it got my light bulb just flashing the concept that I could create something one time.

And then get paid for it over and over and over again every single month like clockwork with no more work involved and I thought so it was just a numbers game so I just keep adding more videos.

It will slowly grow and it’ll slowly be enough to take care of our family and which in theory is definitely possible but would need a lot of tweaking to make that happen.

Anyway I kept pushing forward pushing forward and about another year later suddenly that cake video was earning about twenty dollars a month cost cake it cost me twenty dollars to make the cake one time and I was getting paid that cost every single month.

Part VII

I was earning a hundred percent every single month with no extra effort and I thought wow like how is that possible so I started to learn more about how it all works and then a friend of mine a fellow internet marketer.

He suggested doing a 90-day challenge where we would upload one video per day for 90 days yeah a lot of videos and make it even easier on myself I asked my kids if they wanted to join me on the challenge.

I thought it would be a fun account kinda thing so all three of us made a video every single day for 90 days guess who had to edit them all yeah but that was fun again at the time we were homeschooling.

So we made it part of our homeschooling project and it was amazing to watch we were getting views and suddenly we were getting in the system in the YouTube algorithm for cake decorating for financial education for Barbies and Minecraft.

Even though it was confusing we weren’t becoming the videos that were being shared with other YouTubers in those specific keywords or niches and I wanted to learn more.

So I kept on learning and I really learned how to create titles how to create the descriptions for the videos and then the magic of key phrases and keywords and how to tag your videos and a whole bunch of stuff that really when works together make your videos go off like a viral rocket.

And then I had the big decision to make and that was what are we gonna do with this because it’s making about $20 a month now which is amazing I want to grow this.


After that, he went from $20 a month and it started to grow and it was getting $50 a month and then $60 a month when I tallied up the single cake that cost me $20 to make it 3 hours to create a video and upload I earned me thousands of dollars in ad revenue.

I mean how often can you bake a cake one time for 20 bucks and yet paid thousands of dollars for it there is no way I could be having a home bakery where I am baking and decorating cakes for people and earning that much money on that simple of a cake.

It’s just not possible but it is possible when you go outside the box when you create cookbooks when you create cake decorating books when you decide to do online courses showing other cake decorators how to bake cakes or decorate them.

When you use platforms like YouTube to share your information for free and earn ad revenue and then drive traffic back to your websites for further education of other courses and other products and services. As you can offer I was very excited by this.

But I was also in a really difficult time at that time and I got sick and I ended up in a coma which you can see in this playlist over here but what are the really cool things well.

Part IX

The coolest thing is that I have survived thank you but the second cool part was that well I was literally fighting for my life my cake video was still earning money while I slept I didn’t have to do anything.

When I woke up three weeks later and then I started to stay in the hospital for another three weeks after that and then I had months of recovery at home my cake video still made hundreds of dollars in ad revenue without me doing anything.

And I decided I was on a mission now I had to teach this to other people and make this possible for them to take what you’re passionate about what you love what is important to you and find a way to create passive income doing something you love.

So once I was strong enough to start working again from home again it’s been an interesting journey learning how to do that once I started getting that going again and I really spent the time to learn how YouTube worked, how websites worked what made somebody want to become a member of your email list, what made somebody want to trust you that they want to buy your product, your service.

I started learning all of this and it started working for me then one day I looked and that single cake did you know how to bake a cake was earning over a hundred dollars a month.

Part X

I was like oh my gosh I have to share this and then I had the really big decision because like I said I’d confuse the algorithm I didn’t know if it should be showing my videos to cake decorators to home bakers who wanted yummy recipes to parents.

For those who were homeschooling or wanted to teach financial education to their kids who liked watching Barbie shows or Minecraft shows it was all a mess.

So I decided to separate my channel into two channels. My kids create their own channels and start siphoning those videos over there. Just moving forward and it was the most difficult decision I’ve made on YouTube on my channel. Because I felt obligated to the fans who loved those different nations to still be there for them.

I struggled and I made this video asking my viewers here what I should do what you wanted me to do and it came back loud and clear. You really liked the idea of having separate channels but let you know it because we have the community tab to let you know in the community tab.

When the videos were available on the other channels so now this channel is dedicated to financial literacy financial education helping parents teach their children about money and also helping fellow entrepreneurs learn things like how to use YouTube to build their business from home.

So that you’re not ever going to be in a situation again where you have to stay home and you don’t have a way to earn money to take care of and provide for your family like so many of us right now are dealing with.

Part XI

After making the decision to separate the channels and to really fine-tune my cake-decorating channel to really fine-tune the keywords that it was going to be focused on and recommend my videos.

It’s skyrocketed and now that video depending on the month is earning over two hundred three hundred dollars a month for a single video and then other videos are taking off as well they’re now starting to see that 20 cents at 30 cents.

But they’re taking days to reach that rather than years to reach that so it’s just this constant forward momentum and it’s very exciting because everything is so targeted and so niche now it’s going to take off so much faster.

I want to share with you the journey that it’s going through and so my financial education this channel right here doesn’t yet have not yet been able to apply for Google Ads because you have to reach a thousand subscribers and you must have over four thousand hours of watch time.

Part XII

The number of times people are watching your videos so it takes a while but it is growing so fast I’m watching it and it’s exciting because it’s a chance for me to start fresh and to know what we need to do now in 2020.

I can help you even better I can help you with what I’ve already accomplished because I’m starting new in 2020 rather than 2007 when it was all very different.

I’m going to share with you the steps that it took to get there the exact action steps you need to do to do this for yourself and this is such a great opportunity.

Because now that your kids are at home and I don’t know if you’ve noticed this morning my children just started their online distance learning and the schools have not really yet figured out how to make it all work.

So there’s still a lot of empty time for our kids and we want to use that time this is pretty special to have them home with us and to give them the opportunity to learn.

I want to help you teach them something that’s going to help build their financial education so that they are prepared for whatever challenge that life throws at them so that if we are ever in a situation like this like we’ve got a coronavirus pandemic that is making us stay home and social distancing.

Thank you so much for reading to the end!

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