The Role Of Periodic Tracking Keyword SEO Process

The Role Of Periodic Tracking Keyword SEO Process

Keyword SEO is associated with patience and a long time. Doing SEO is a must to keep track of current projects. When the keyword has entered the first page of Google, you are subjective with that result, beware!

Whether the keyword SEO process lasts 5-7 months, a year, or longer, tracking is required. It plays an important role to bring about the success of the SEO project. But first of all, we need to know what will the work here cover.

An overview of the keyword SEO process focuses on two major issues:

  • Any information related to the Google search engine. For example, updating search algorithms, changes, additions on ranking factors…
  • The status of the project and the results through each stage of the SEO plan.

The following and the role of this work:


Tracking keyword SEO to confirm the current position of the keyword

Whether you are building an SEO strategy at your own company or hiring a service, you always want to know the position of your keyword SEO in Google search results.

But in fact, the rankings of keywords fluctuate incessantly. Today’s 9 o’clock might be 10th place, but at 3 pm it could rise to 7-8 or drop to 11-12.

Only by regular monitoring can you determine your current rank. In addition, you have to do this to get deep sequence data over time to determine if the keyword is changing in a good or bad way or normally. From there, there is a plan to improve appropriate and right results.

The regular follow-up does not necessarily make it each day. But it is imperative to have a reasonable recurrence, depending on the stage and length of the SEO project you are working on.

Determine the current opponent

You are optimizing your website every day, trying to put keywords into the front page and so many other businesses. At certain times, there will be an opponent who has surpassed you and someone who is following you. And the names of rivals may change over time.

Today you are facing A, B, and C. But maybe 1 month later, the opponent is D, F, K. When tracking the SEO project, you will know your current competitors. Identifying the opponent is important.

By knowing who they are, you have a basis to analyze what quality points they have to reach their present position. And to overcome them, you must have a solution to make that quality score on your site higher.

Certainly, this race has no end. But identify your current competitor to identify yourself and your competitor, and put in place the right plan to improve the quality of your site. This helps the keyword stand firm rankings after reaching a good position, to be sure of any position that position.


Timely plan to improve and maintain ranking

In addition to the above two roles, tracking is especially important in cases where Google updates the algorithm and is badly played by competitors.

In fact, you never know when Google will issue an algorithm update order or someone willfully harm you. Therefore, the monitoring helps you promptly detect problems and have solutions to continue improving rankings. Limit a more serious situation for the website.

When Google updates the algorithm, it has done SEO in accordance with safety standards, focused on quality, and has a reasonable amount of time.

The website is usually not affected or positively affected. But in the process of doing SEO, you deliberately cheat or accidentally make mistakes, the rankings drop very quickly.

If detected early, quickly proceed to optimize and improve again, there is an opportunity to improve rankings. Also found delay, many opponents this opportunity makes your website disappear from the front page. At that time, the process of restoring rankings was difficult and took a long time.

It is the same with websites that are badly played by competitors. Timely discovery to seek support and resolution is very important.

In the case of being attacked, or detected too late, there is a high possibility that the website will stop working. At this time, all previous SEO efforts seem to be pouring down, everything is back to the starting line.

In short, trying to put keywords on the front page of Google is very difficult. But regular monitoring to make plans to maintain rankings is also time-consuming and effortless.

But deciding to do SEO, must first be patient and long-term work. Keywords on the front page of Google, you do nothing but rank forever, it is impossible.

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