3 Types Increase Website Traffic Cause Damage To SEO

3 Types Increase Website Traffic Cause Damage To SEO

Increasing website traffic is a mandatory task when doing SEO. Because this index is one of the important components to help increase a website’s internal strength. However, not every way to increase traffic helps increase and keep the Top Rank.

Improving website traffic improperly, keyword SEO rankings are easy to be dropped. Let’s find out this problem now!


Increase website traffic too quickly in a short time

After the first time, Google recognizes your website, the website traffic growth rate will be regularly updated by the Google system. In other words, you are “being” followed.

Whether it’s a new website or an old website, Google may calculate the irrationality of excessively increasing traffic.

Not only is this the case with the use of a virtual traffic boost tool, but it can also be caused by sending too many Email Marketing at the same time resulting in skyrocketing traffic at a time.

For example: normally the highest amount of traffic in 1 minute is 20, but when running Email Marketing, you do not spread 10,000 data out of multiple submissions but proceed in 1 single sending.

This leads to 1-minute traffic to 100. If this situation occurs frequently, Google will evaluate your website as unstable, the possibility of your website rankings will be dropped!

So, no matter what method you use to increase website traffic (Facebook Ads, Email Marketing, SMS, Display Ads, etc.), remember to maintain consistent growth in traffic. Do not let it increase or decrease suddenly with large amounts.

Increase website traffic by software

This is a trick in black hat SEO (using a bad trick). Access to your website does not come from real users, but from automated software programming.

When activating these types of tools, it will proceed to visit the site periodically. For example, every 3 seconds will create a counter.

If you can use the way to increase website traffic by software, then SEO becomes very easy. But in fact, the most professional and effective SEO method today does not include this method in SEO categories. Because it contains the following potential risks:

  • Google is always improving its algorithm to detect fraudulent behaviors to be Top. Therefore, no matter how advanced your tool is, you still have to worry about being discovered by Google. And when discovered, website rankings will be miserably dropped.
  • Falsify the measurement data of website development. This causes an illusion about big data but nothing in reality. Also, you cannot analyze customers via Analytics due to inaccurate figures.
  • The entire virtual traffic does not bring you any revenue because this is a robot’s access, it does not make a decision to pay for a purchase.

Therefore, the best that does not to increase website traffic with software, but to bring traffic from real users.


Do not Increase website traffic naturally

Of all the sources of access, Google ranks highest as the source of Organic Search (natural traffic). This is the source from users who search on Google and click on your link proposed in the search results.

Increasing natural website traffic is formed by two key activities:

  • Keyword SEO: helps the website appear on the front page of Google, thereby increasing the opportunity to reach thousands of searchers.
  • Constantly developing website content: Google appreciates this activity. At the same time, the expansion of information and knowledge in the industry will easily attract more people than a website with poor content. If you combine SEO standards for each article, you are gradually covering the market with more relevant keywords.

Sometimes, you are too focused on increasing website traffic thanks to advertising (Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, email advertising…) and forgot to increase investment in SEO and website content development.

As a result, web internal resources are not nurtured, rankings are difficult to increase and the number of Organic Searches is difficult to grow.

For a new website, of course, access from Organic Search is almost unavailable. Now you have to increase advertising to increase website traffic. But advertising alone will be difficult to rank keywords on the Top.

Once the website has a fair amount of traffic from advertising, switch to focus more on SEO investment and content publishing periodically. The first stage may be 4 articles/week, after having about 100 articles, You can reduce it to 2 articles/week.

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