What Is Organic Traffic? Why Should Invest In Organic Traffic?

What Is Organic Traffic? Why Should Invest In Organic Traffic?


Traffic is data that most website owners are interested in, even being checked every day, every hour. Website traffic usually comes from two sources, Paid traffic and Organic traffic – this is an important amount of traffic on the website because it creates a lot of sustainable value. So, in this content, I will join you in understanding what is organic traffic and why should you invest in organic traffic?

What Is Organic Traffic?

Unlike Paid traffic, when customers click organic results on search engines, you don’t have to pay as much money as when you click on ads. This is one of the advantages that most businesses want to get organic search traffic.

Organic traffic is also known as Organic search traffic (used in Google Analytics tool).


SEO traffic is an activity that helps improve Organic traffic effectively, sustainably and optimally. And how it does that, I’ll help you answer in the following sections.

Why Should We Invest In Organic Traffic?

All channels can bring about the same amount of traffic to the website. But why do most businesses want to drive more organic traffic? Below I will give the reasons that investing in Organic traffic is the right choice!

Bring In High-Quality Potential Customers

High website traffic is a sign that the website’s growth trend is good. However, if it does not attract the right customers, that amount of traffic does not bring value to the business.

So what is the way to know if that user is your target customer? It is through search intent.

Organic traffic completely satisfies this. Because users only search when they have a need to learn about a product, service, or information to help them solve a problem.

So, if your content is quality and optimized by the standards of search engines, your chances of reaching the right audience become higher. Thereby helping to increase conversion rates.

Optimizing Costs For Businesses

Obviously, when you hear about Paid traffic, you already know how much it costs to attract traffic than Organic traffic. With paid access, you have to keep pushing costs in order to maintain consistent traffic.

At the same time, if you want to get tens of thousands of traffic, then I guarantee the amount you put in is a large number.

This does not mean that Organic search traffic is 100% free because you have to invest time and effort for the website to reach potential customers.

If you hire SEO traffic services, then you need to pay a fee to the service provider. The difference here is that after successful optimization, Organic traffic is much cheaper and more sustainable than Paid traffic.


Organic Search Is The Most Potential Traffic Channel For Traffic

Most users will search Google first when curious or wondering about a certain issue. So the search engine is an effective bridge between you and your potential customers, bringing a huge amount of natural traffic to your business.

What you need to do to attract and entice customers to the website is:

  • ♠   Research the problems users are facing to solve and satisfy them.
  • ♠   See how users respond to content to refine the best content.
  • ♠   Convince customers with real values.

Increase The Reputation of the Website

In order to attract a large number of users to the website naturally, you need to seriously invest in your website in all aspects such as: content, page load speed, and user experience… This activity will gradually improve website quality, and credibility with both users and search engines:

♠   For users: getting useful, good quality, in-depth information, along with a satisfying UX – UI on-site experience.

♠   For search engines: The website is comprehensively optimized in every aspect, increasing quality and reputation score.

Increased Brand Awareness

In the field of your business, you can explore many different topics and aspects to provide customers with the most comprehensive and in-depth information. Once you do this, you will cover the market and increase your brand’s coverage in the Internet environment.

The user journey that converts from demand to completion of purchase occurs in stages and stops at different touchpoints. Understand this principle combined with search engine optimization (SEO), you will reach more customers, and easily increase brand awareness for the business.

SEO Traffic – The Most Sustainable Way To Increase Organic Traffic!

SEO traffic (SEO content) is search engine optimization with the ultimate goal of increasing organic traffic for the website. The reason I affirm that SEO traffic is the most sustainable way to increase organic traffic for the following reasons:

SEO Many Informative Keywords

SEO traffic focuses on boosting the ranking of informational keywords. This is a type of keyword that is searched a lot and easily reaches a group of potential customers. Your job now is to provide content that has a lot of value to satisfy their needs.

In addition, informational keywords are often very diverse and have quite a large search traffic, so when used to do SEO, you will reach a large number of customers in many different aspects.

Although not directly hit on sales purposes, for websites that are not well known, SEO traffic is a way to promote the brand more widely.

This is the first step to building a solid foundation for your brand, gaining attention, and remembering customers.

In the long run, once you have a steady and stable customer base, you will continue to reach out to your brand in other advertising channels. The conversion rate will be higher than when the customer is first seen.

Towards Building Quality, Sustainable Content

For SEO, quality content is always the top priority. Especially in SEO traffic, useful information is what customers search for after each keyword.

On the other hand, informational keywords when doing SEO traffic also bring sustainable value in terms of content.

Content around these keywords can be exploited for a long time, even for a lifetime (Evergreen content), because this content often has no expiration date. It brings value to the reader both now and in the future, as long as you update it regularly to better fit the market.

SEO traffic aims to build and develop such content, so the traffic on your website will increasingly accumulate and increase over time. Especially when no longer doing SEO, it still exists, providing information and attracting users to the website.

Reduce Traffic Risk Dramatically When Running Out Of Budget

A cruel truth: You turn off ads, and your traffic is “off” as well. That is why you need to find a way to increase website traffic long-term, sustainably, and more economically.

With SEO traffic, your website’s internal force is nurtured and grown day by day, along with the increasing natural traffic volume.

At one stage, when the website can reach many customers, you stop SEO activity, and the traffic volume will remain stable for a while, not immediately decreasing as advertised.



The website Is Fully Optimized

Certainly, when doing SEO traffic, your website will be comprehensively technically optimized with all on-page, onsite, and external factors. Helping you build a solid foundation in Online Marketing is the website.

Now that website traffic has been formed, internal resources have been enhanced, and you have the basis to implement stronger SEO (SEO for highly competitive keywords).

At the same time, it helps you to limit the risks when the website has no internal resources but SEO to push the ranking of highly competitive sales keywords.

Once the website has built its brand and attracted sustainable organic traffic, you can continue to use it as a basis for developing other Online Marketing activities such as:

  • ♠   Remarketing according to the set of objects on the website.
  • ♠   Optimizing advertising costs when the website has standard SEO.
  • ♠   Use content on the website to distribute on other Online Marketing channels such as: Email Marketing, social networks, …


What is organic traffic? This is one of the extremely important metrics on Google Analytics, proportional to the strengths and weaknesses of a website.

Investing in organic traffic is never a redundant job in website marketing. It helps you to nurture your website in a sustainable way, as a foundation for developing other marketing activities.

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