Make Money Online, also known as MMO, has become a hot trend in generating extremely popular passive income today.

Maybe you don’t see the “neighbor” or the “classmate sitting next table” not working but they still have money to spend. But you may not know what they do online.

Thanks to the development of technology, more and more forms of making money online appear.

The nature of freedom, comfort, opportunities & potential has made many people see MMO as their main job.

Many individuals create a stable and sustainable stream of income, with a “huge” income thanks to MMO. It could be $1000, $2000, or even more per month.

If you don’t believe it, because you’ve never met such people. However, if you dig deep, you will encounter “pros” regularly in the community.

With MMO, there are people who make a lot of money, some people earn a little. Mainly based on ability, pursuit with much arduous plus luck.

However, on the contrary, many people have a headache because of not being able to earn 1 penny! Why is that?

In the current situation in parallel with the prestigious MMO forms, there are many forms of fraud, profiteering, and taking advantage of the confidence of new people.

People who are cheated are mostly people with little knowledge of technology, and are unfamiliar with the online world.

With over 5 years of experience as an MMO, I can properly orient the forms of making money online and should make absolute prestige, long-term nature, professionalism, and high passive income potential.

Note: I just bring to you the concepts. For each method, I cite the source so you can dig deeper.

Make money online with Affiliate Marketing (4 ways)

Affiliate marketing can be considered an easy way to make money online to approach newbies.

With this method, you do not need to have your own product to sell, nor need to care about the product delivery process and customer support.

When you do affiliate marketing, you will be given separate links to promote the product, if customers buy through your link, you will receive commissions corresponding to the commitment from the beginning.


Making money online with affiliate marketing has tremendous potential when it is a channel that brings very high performance in comparison with other forms of marketing. Small and large businesses around the world are deploying affiliate programs more and more. So, this will open up more opportunities.

To make money through affiliate marketing, employees must have knowledge of the forms of product promotion. For example: creating a website, SEO, running ads, email, chatbot, …

It sounds hard in the beginning period, but in fact, a lot of people have and are succeeding.

I myself have spent 6 months learning and practicing to get the first income from an affiliate.

Make money with Trade Cryptocurrency (Trade Coin)

The reality is not difficult to reach. CryptoCurrency can be interpreted as “Encrypted Currency” traded daily, you can buy and sell with real money.

This market is growing so there are many forms of making money with it such as Tradecoin, Referral Program, mining, and investment, …

For instance, a Trade coin is a way that buys and sells cryptocurrencies for a certain period of time to harvest profits, instead of long-term storage.


For example, last week’s BNB (Binance Coin) price was $10 you bought into, this week it was up to $ 15 you sold, so you would earn $5 per BNB. Many people buy and sell in large quantities, such as 1,000 or 2,000 BNB.

At the time of writing this article, I have 2500 BNB.

However, it is the case that the price of coins goes up, and if the price of coins goes down and you sell it, you incur losses.

So you need:

  • Know technical analysis (Must learn)
  • Follow the news (Buy the rumor sell the news)
  • According to the signals of reputable, experienced people (Even having to spend $ to buy signals)

But be aware that in this market, there is no absolute formula. And each person will have their own trade coin tips, hard to share widely.

Starting out with small money, and not being greedy are the initial tips.

Making money with a freelancer (2 ways)

So how does a freelancer work?

Freelancer is the form in which you use your “Special Ability” to help others who are “in urgent need” of that capacity.


Specific example:

Mark is the owner of a small online store, he is in need of a design for a marketing campaign in 7 days that will soon take place. He doesn’t hire a designer because “sometimes he needs it but not often” (because it is a bit expensive to hire.)

Instead, Mark went to freelance sites like Vlance to hire freelancers with “design” skills and pay them to get a design that is his’s liking. And so, Mark occasionally hires freelancers in many different fields: Web development, design, translation, …

As simple as that, if you have “Design Competencies” you can go to freelance sites to work with a lot of people in need like Mark. I emphasize the huge & increasing demand

These “competencies” can be writing, translation, graphics, web making, programming, accounting, legal, architecture, marketing, advertising, … And much more.

The demand in the international market is even more terrible, the picture below is I took only 1/4 of the portfolio on Fiverr.

That is the first way, this way requires you to have a special ability, ie “professional skills”. However, not everyone has the skills available (Like me in the early days, it was a blank sheet of paper).

The second way, if you do not have the skills, you can completely resell the “skills” of others. 

Make money online with the phone app.


If you are using an iOS or Android phone, you can find applications that help you earn more by completing small tasks such as reading ads, doing surveys, watching videos, or inviting users, …

The advantage of this form is: Anyone can do it & does not need capital. However, the downside is not durable & earns not much.

There will be apps that ask you to take action according to their wishes & they will pay you when the action is completed. Depending on the application, you can use the money to buy a card, exchange gifts, or withdraw to the bank & cash.

Make money online with T-shirt Business (3 ways)

Speaking of T-shirts, you will think of T-shirts and maybe some people think that selling a shirt with a profit of tens of thousands will not be very profitable. And not many people buy, or can’t afford to create & operate a T-shirt-selling process.


But you will have to think again if:

  • You do not need to produce t-shirts.
  • need to ship shirts to customers.
  • need customer support.
  • Profit from 200 – 500k on each shirt.
  • Only need a computer connected to the internet to work.

In fact, for the past few years, selling T-shirts is a form of MMO that has helped many of you have a huge income in a short time, from a few hundred, a few thousand to a few tens of thousands of dollars per month (I emphasize a lot of )

To start approaching this form, you need to thoroughly understand the operating model of the platform selling platforms (platforms) and understand what you have to do.

In addition, the T-shirt business is also known for two famous forms of making money online:

    +    Create a store with Shopify: You will create an online store thanks to the Shopify platform, and using the available application, associated with a number of shirt-printing and shipping companies. You sit at home selling shirts and those companies operate.

    +    Sell ​​shirts with Merch by Amazon: Appearing in late 2015, Merch by Amazon has helped many individuals sitting at home earn several thousand dollars per month.

Shopify will not be suitable for newbies because it requires a lot of skills, newbies should sell through platforms (For example: Teespring, Viralstyles, Teechip).

And Merch Amazon is increasingly competitive, the seller dumping a lot and stealing each other’s ideas is also a painful problem. But this is still fertile ground if you know how to do it.

Make money online with PPC Network (2 ways)

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. This means that when your website or video attaches adverts to an ad network, they will pay you when a user clicks on the ad.

This form of making money online is known for two famous forms: YouTube & Google Adsense.


Speaking of PPC, you may not realize it, but when it comes to YouTube and Adsense, most of us know it.

    +    YouTube: Find topics, create channels, create content throughout video => Plow sub & view to a certain extent will enable ads and links to Adsense Host account to make money.

    +    Adsense: Find a topic, create a website, create content for the web, register an Adsense content account (or buy an account) and attach ads to the site. Then find ways to push traffic to make money.

In addition, Facebook also allows you to make money with this method, called Facebook Ad breaks, currently, quite a lot of you are doing.

Fulfillment By Amazon and Dropshipping (2 ways)

I don’t do these 2 forms so I don’t have much knowledge. However, I will cite credibility.

Dropshipping is a form of intermediary sales. You don’t have a product, but you have marketing and searching clients skills (e.g. amazon, eBay, create your own website …)

When there is a customer, you will transfer this order to a wholesaler, the agent has that item and this party will send the product to the customer. And enjoy the differential profit.

With Dropshipping, you will not have to worry about inventory issues, you can sell the price higher than the amount you pay the distributor even 2.3 times, and be proactive about the payment. (You will receive money directly from customers.)

A dropship is a form that can require little capital, even if it can be done without capital because you do not need to import goods. And FBA is the opposite.

FBA (Short for Fulfillment by Amazon), is an Amazon service that allows you to build a warehouse at Amazon, and Amazon will help you preserve, manage, and ship goods to customers.

With this method, you can sell on Amazon without having to care about warehouse management, saving packaging, shipping, or staff, … Your job is just to find good sources, list products on Amazon, and find customers.

But this is not the form for people with less capital, because you have to import and then list on Amazon. It is similar to the way that you trade in the international market.

Get paid when making money online

Many people ask: “Many international forms, how to receive money”?

Currently, with the development of technology, many payment gateways are born, international money transfer is now quite easy, you only need to make a few accounts and necessary cards.

Why aren’t there common MMO forms?

Why don’t I list out very simple forms like typing a captcha, doing online surveys, clicking ads, reading ads,…

These also form many people do but I advise you not to learn what to do to waste time.

Many people crash their heads because of its ease. But you can completely realize, that whoever does these types of jobs is like working for someone else without having to brainstorm.

The income potential of these forms is also extremely low. There is almost no, you can only earn a few odd coins that expense day by day, not earn a real treasure. This method for high school students to earn money for snacks is probably more reasonable.

The reason is that these forms are very easy to cheat, and refuse to pay your money at any time. Try to think of the effort you take 1-2 months to prepare to withdraw, suddenly your account is blocked, how will it feel …


Making money online is not easy at all. If you have chosen one form, stick with it until you have the result. “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” will make you waste time & hardly succeed.

All of the above (except mobile apps) are the forms I recommend you learn to do. However, don’t “The grass are always green on the other side of the fence”.

No need to rush, you can slowly learn and choose the form that suits you based on your inherent strengths.

Thank you so much for reading my article, hope you will visit more

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