What Do You Pay Attention When Google Updates Algorithm Regularly?

What Do You Pay Attention When Google Updates Algorithm Regularly?

As ethical SEOs, you can’t commit a specific time to a keyword to the top and the keyword will rank in positions 1,2, or 3… The reason is simple you can not control Google.

The first major algorithm was published in 2003, nicknamed Florida, putting the SEO expert community fright of every algorithm update.

Regardless of your experience, you can’t predict exactly how an updated algorithm will affect your site’s rankings. An SEOer has done everything right but still sees the negative impact of the update, this case can still happen.

Recently, Google has updated its core algorithm, nicknamed Medic. It affects most website health. And there are no Google guidelines to restore rankings if they have been negatively affected.

Basically, search engines only make recommendations to create quality content, and improve user experience. But clearly, this advice cannot comfort the page that has fallen.

So what needs to be paid special attention to getting ready with the inevitable algorithms, when Google updates algorithms every year?


Note 3 factors when Google Updates Algorithm

Update information continuously

You should keep up with what is happening with Google’s algorithm. Interested all, as soon as the update may not affect your website field.

This allows tracking:

  • What time of year does Google usually issue algorithm updates?
  • What ranking factors do updated algorithms address?
  • Which issue will Google’s recommendation address? Good content, links…
  • When updating, how is the adversary affected?

These trackings are very important, it helps you have the knowledge, and understand the movement and direction of search engines. From there, apply the safety optimization process for the site

To be ranked, you must make that rank

It is okay to spend a longer time, but by all means, make sure to rank for sure that rank. Before the update algorithm time, you have time to verify this. If you notice that keywords often fluctuate up and down, keep making efforts to fix the best position possible.

In fact, the effort to fix the best position means that you have improved more comprehensively, creating a more positive impact on the site. So that it has the ability to maintain rankings in the long run. The result is also a testament to the quality and the right direction in SEO.

By the time Google updates the algorithm, the stable results over the past few years, if not positively impacted, will not be significantly affected, even if dropped, only a few steps rather than fall into a long slide.

In case you are new to SEO, the optimized website has been redirected to high positions. But that position is only temporary for a few weeks, a month has not been verified for a long time, and it is impossible to confirm anything when the algorithm comes.

SEO is always a matter of time. Time is used to analyze, optimize, track, and verify results… And time also becomes a measure of the effectiveness of each SEO project.

Absolutely say no to black-hat SEO


The first manifestation of black hat SEO is that SEO gets to the top too fast time, 2-3 months of detailed commitment will put the keyword in position 1,2,3… on the first page of Google.

All safe SEO experts can only rely on experience to infer those results, which may not be true. And it is impossible to say exactly by a specific number.

Some other manifestations of black hat SEO may be warned by Google, blacklisted, or punished… Or keywords that get to the top will disappear from the front page, and no longer even appear on search engines. These manifestations are not easy to identify, maybe after the process of doing SEO for a while, we will realize.

Every black hat SEO technique now needs to be boycotted. If you do not remove it, the updated algorithm will perform. Once rankings fall to the abyss due to algorithms, the recovery is even more difficult than making SEO-safe standards, focusing on quality.

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