Voiclet Review: A revolutionary ‘speed-to-lead’ video funnel builder tech

Voiclet Review


Voiclet Review- The introduction

In 2023 and beyond, customers want to buy from businesses they know, like, and trust and want to speak directly to someone, such as on a phone call or a webinar, before buying online now.

However, attention spans are less than goldfish now & potential customers no longer have the patience to navigate through traditional marketing funnels. That is why the key to surviving & getting more sales in 2022 is to reduce the time it takes from a lead engaging with your business to becoming a sale as much as possible.

So, in the review today, I am going to introduce to you a revolutionary agency app called Voiclet that just launched that creates new higher converting ‘speed-to-lead’ video funnels automatically.

Voiclet is a special software that replaces multi-step, low-converting traditional funnels w/ new ‘pure video’ speed-to-lead ones. Not only do these new video funnels reduce the time from interested prospect to sale to just a click, but they also allow you or agents to talk live to the prospect from any device anywhere in the world & convert them 15%-25% higher.



Ben Murray & Altlas Web Solution


Voiclet Advanced

Launch Time

11:00 EDT, 2022-Dec-12

Front-End Price

$27 – $37 one time

Sales page https://voiclet.io/yes
All-in-one Bundle YES

Bundle’s sales page

Bundle Price $260 one time



Yes, Huge Bonuses from my HudaReview team


30-day money-back guarantee

What is this product about?

Voiclet is a groundbreaking app that creates new ‘speed-to-lead’ video funnels 10x sales by reducing the customer journey process to just a click, closing leads with high-converting HD video selling.

This transformational technology comes with agency rights, allowing you to sell new video funnels to local businesses and online retailers for monthly fees who are frustrated with their expensive, low-converting, and ‘leaky’ marketing funnels.

About the creators


Ben Murray with Atlas Web Solutions together created this excellent software.

Here are some of his successful previous launches that you may have heard of: Massfluence, Big Agency, Koincart,  Vidmonial Evolution, Rewardsly 2.0, YTSuite Reloaded, and more.

After months of development, they created groundbreaking video and voice technology designed to reduce the distance between prospects and businesses to just one click.

Voiclet Review- What can you get inside this product?

By getting your purchase of this product, rest assured that every feature included with Voiclet will just keep getting better and better in the future. The developers are committed to keeping up with all the API and newest HD video requirements and technical changes as needed to keep all apps performing optimally.

And here is the list of robust features that will definitely blow your mind:

+  Create New Video Funnel & Voice Funnel Selling Systems

Upgrade low-converting funnels to new ‘speed-to-lead’ video or voice funnels that significantly reduce the time it takes from interaction to sale and helps close leads far easier.


+  Crystal-Clear HD Inbound Video Call Tech

Convert leads faster & easier w/ live HD video calling that works anywhere in the world instantly.


+  Create ‘Magic Video Sales Funnel Links’

Create links that open up your video or voice funnel when clicked. All it takes now is a simple link to 10x conversions and turn any expensive, low-converting sales funnel into a profit-pulling one instantly.


+  Create Video or Voice Selling Widgets

Create special widgets that embed anywhere page visitors can click to open up an HD video call or phone call with an agent fast and easily.


+  OmniChannel Marketing – Get Customers from Anywhere

Integrate magic video sales links in Facebook ads, Google ads, TikTok profiles, Instagram profiles, & more that, when clicked, open your optimized video sales funnel.


+  Organize Campaigns by Clients

Create and organize video sales campaigns by product or by a client you’re working with so everything is organized.


+  Easily Assign Call Agents & Answer Video Calls on the Web or Mobile

Assign single or multiple agents to answer specific video or voice campaigns in a click. Agents can answer calls on a desktop, or download the Android or iOS Voiclet app to answer calls on the go.


+  Easily Collect Email and Phone Number Leads

Choose to direct magic video funnel links to pages that require the lead’s phone or email address before opening the video call.


+  Create eButtons & QR-Codes

Integrate your video or voice funnel campaigns anywhere with smart QR codes or buttons. Turn a video sales funnel into a QR code and embed it on business cards or marketing flyers to reach and convert offline leads fast.


+  Get Prequalified Local Business Leads

Find prequalified clients desperate for more leads and sales and tired of struggling with expensive outdated sales and funnel tools. You’ll see exactly where these clients are and how to land them for $500+ per month.

+  Detailed Analytics

Quickly see which agents answered what calls, minutes used, and more with important analytics at the touch of your fingertips.


And even more features like:

  • Tutorials & 24-7 support
  • Easy to use – beginner friendly
  • Record conversations
  • Autoresponder integration
  • Mobile friendly
  • Advanced call encryption
  • Real results from users
  • Tutorials & training included
  • Accept calls on the web, android, or iPhone

Moreover, if you get Voiclet during the special launch period, you’ll get the following bonuses for no extra cost:





My using experience

How can you employ this software?

Now let me show you the easiest demonstration of how you can get started with this product:

[+] Login

Of course, the first thing to do is log into your account and you will be taken to the main dashboard where all of the current statistics are shown clearly for you:


[+]  Assign agents

Now, let’s move on by organizing campaigns by clients & assign specific agents to each campaign:


If you want to add a new agent, let’s just proceed to add basic information for registration:


[+]  Auto-Create a Magic Video Funnel Link or Widget

Then, the next step is to create a ‘magical video link’ that will redirect to video funnels or voice funnels ready for agents to close sales seamlessly:


While creating the campaign, you can choose to collect lead information such as email and phone number and send it to the autoresponder.

The platform has integrated perhaps it goes immediately to an HD video call to close them by turning:



[+]  Dedicated page

Now after you have done the previous important sections of assigning tasks, adding URLs, and so on, you can now see there is a dedicated page for you to edit.

A dedicated page is a landing page the prospect can land on if they want before the video or voice selling call is initiated. The reason that you may want to have this is due to compliance with AdWords or Facebook.


Now all is done, you can share your video funnel link in ads, social profiles, & more. When clicked, it will open your video sales funnel with agents ready to help close clients instantly:


Below is the instruction in video format, you can check for more:


Why should you invest in this?

First of all, I am convinced that this is the easiest way to create frictionless customer engagement using revolutionary video technology that explodes revenue for any business. There’s no more need to wrestle with complicated and costly funnel builders, chatbots, webinar systems, follow-up sequences, and outdated funnel systems that just slow down sales.

On top of that, this groundbreaking app comes with agency rights, allowing you to sell this new video technology to local businesses and online retailers for monthly fees, or use it to land clients for your products.

Due to Voiclet’s global reach, you can even have other people from anywhere in the world answer video calls on a desktop or mobile phone. That means you or your small business client’s employees don’t even need to be on the voice or video calls if you don’t want.


How much do you have to pay for this?

Voiclet FE

Here is the good news, if you buy now, you’ll lock in access monthly for one-time only, super-low fees today. There are two options for you to choose from right now:


And as you may know, video hosting technology is expensive, so to support the bandwidth for this cloud technology and provide you with world-class support, the team of creators has to raise the price every few hours. Plus, Violet will soon be sold for a higher monthly subscription after the special launch period ends.

Moreover, you can use Voiclet for the full 30 days with no restrictions at any cost. If you feel you’re not satisfied, you have the right to use the money-back policy that entitles you to claim a full refund of your money even in the last second of the 30th day.


Voiclet Review- The upgrades

Some of upsell options that you can be interested in:

Special Offer: Voiclet BUNDLE ($317 one time)

This bundle includes:

  • Voiclet Advanced
  • OTO 1: Professional 
  • OTO 2: VIP 
  • OTO 3: Platinum 
  • OTO 4: Voicely Unlimited Special 
  • OTO 5: Vidtoon Unlimited Special
  • Exclusive Bonuses and Licenses
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


Discover the details of each upsell version:

Voiclet OTO 1: PROFESSIONAL ($127 one time)

The sales page: https://voiclet.io/l/professional

This upgraded, more advanced edition of Reputor includes:

  • Do unlimited video and voice calls
  • Remove Voiclet branding from widgets
  • Capture unlimited leads
  • Add unlimited agents
  • Create unlimited campaigns
  • VIP call connection speed
  • VIP Professional bonuses
  • VIP video rendering time
  • Access to video streaming technology with Streamr, a VIP app that lets small businesses live stream videos on autopilot

Downsell: Voiclet Professional-Lite ($47 one time)

The sales page: https://voiclet.io/l/professional-lite

A lighter version of Voiclet Professional for a lower cost, but with fewer features.

Voiclet OTO 2: VIP ($67 one time)

The sales page: https://voiclet.io/l/vip

The team will help guarantee you land your first Voiclet client in a special VIP offer. Includes:

  • Outsourcers license + integrate team member technology.
  • DFY ‘video funnel’ agency site to help sell services – includes easy-edit technology & DFY hosting plan.
  • DFY video agency lead videos – help land clients with DFY lead videos for your own agency.
  • Reseller rights + reseller materials – sell Voiclet with just a link and add to your campaigns.
  • Voiclet Whitelabel VIP call scripts – DFY scripts to help agents close leads fast so businesses will continue getting results with Voiclet month after month.
  • Voiclet Whitelabel PPC sops – Whitelabel standard operating procedures to use or sell to clients on how to run profitable local adwords campaigns.
  • Plus, Voiclet comes with one-on-one support to help guarantee success. They’ll help you get your first ads campaign up, help understand anything better in the training, and generate your first leads.

Downsell: Voiclet VIP-Lite ($47 one time)

The sales page: https://voiclet.io/l/vip-lite

A lighter version of Voiclet VIP for a lower cost, but with fewer features.

Voiclet OTO 3: PLATINUM ($127 one time)

The sales page: https://voiclet.io/l/platinum-2

This most advanced edition of Voiclet includes:

  • Unlimited agency account license
  • Unlimited team members’ license
  • Whitelabel easy-edit tech – the ability to Whitelabel the app with custom branding, logo, and colors
  • Outsourcing training – learn how to scale your agency faster
  • Video Agency Suite – get a DFY video campaign proposal, print-on-demand materials, swipes, contract, legal agreement, and more to start getting agency clients.
  • Reseller Rights Program Access + DFY Materials
  • Platinum VIP bonuses

Voiclet OTO 4: VOICELY UNLIMITED SPECIAL ($27 one time)

The sales page: https://voiclet.io/voicely

Voicely is a fully-automated software powered by real AI that turns any text into a natural lifelike sounding voiceover in seconds. Create video ads, full VSLs, and more with realistic-sounding voiceovers.

Voiclet OTO 5: VIDTOON UNLIMITED SPECIAL ($27 one time)

The sales page: https://voiclet.io/vidtoon

VidToon is a proven animated video creator that creates Disney-style marketing videos in minutes with a world of animated spokespeople. Run your own profitable video animation marketing agency with this amazing tool.

Pros and Cons


Create new video funnel & voice funnel selling systems

‘Magic video links’ opens your funnels in a click

Crystal clear HD video call tech. 10xs sales

Omnichannel marketing – get leads from anywhere

Web, ios, & android supported

Sell any type of product for any business

Get prequalified local business leads

Newbie friendly

Sell access to clients for $500 per month


Up until now, there is none to be detected.

Who is this product for?

It doesn’t matter if you are a dropshipper if you are using JvZoo, Warrior Plus, or Shopify, or selling health, physical or digital products. If you belong to the following list, let’s take this software into consideration:

  • Affiliate marketers
  • Stay-at-home mums
  • e-commerce store owners
  • Local business owners
  • Clickbank affiliates
  • CPA marketers


Voiclet Review- The conclusion

Like how video replaced text pages, video funnels will start replacing long-form text-based funnels. Businesses that don’t start adapting video call technology will fall significantly behind their competitors. So, why not be the one that sells this solution to them instead of a competitor, and 10x your own lead and sale campaigns too?

I trust you will make a wise decision and grab this amazing opportunity while it is still available!





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Step 2: After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

Final step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours.

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