InstantVidz Review: The only tool you’ll ever need for creating vertical videos

InstantVidz Review


InstantVidz Review- The introduction

Welcome to my review today,

In the contemporary world of digital marketing, it is an undeniable fact that short videos are rapidly becoming a massive trend all across the globe. Consumers today love videos and often prefer them to any other type of content. Brands, too, are taking notice and stepping up to meet this preference and the ensuing demand.

In particular, video marketing is expanding and reaching more consumers than ever before across the most popular social media platforms. This effect is occurring as a result of the explosion of short-form videos. And if you’re not already using these in your content strategy, it’s time to start.

However, a lot of time and effort goes into producing vertical video content and publishing it to your target market. In particular, you might probably need expensive equipment and spend time and money neglecting important aspects of your business or even buy your video from popular sites for no less than $200.

But don’t worry, I am here today excited to present another breakthrough app that creates jaw-dropping vertical videos from templates within the app which is called InstantVidz.

With InstantVidz, you too can strike gold by creating & uploading video stories and reels in hot niches, that will drive free traffic, increase followers, hook potential clients, and make your sales!

InstantVidz overview



Eric Holmlund & Firelaunchers



Front-End Price

$27 – $37 one time

Sales page
Front-End Coupon Add code “VID5OFF” for $5 off on the Commercial License version



Yes, Huge Bonuses from my HudaReview team


30-day money-back guarantee

About the product

InstantVidz is a special product that can help you instantly create hundreds of awesome vertical videos for Google, FB, TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, & YouTube.


Who’s behind this awesome package?


Let me introduce you to the talented creator of this software: Eric Holmlund and Firelaunchers

They are passionate online marketers and also very prominent figures. They are known over the past few years and always had a flair for technology and that reflects in the launches that brought success for so many users like Courserious 2.0, VidVoicer, TT Suite, Buzzious, MediaCloudPro 2.0, Bitcoin Blowout Reseller Package, Instant Software Brander, Inner Profit Circle, and so many more to come in the near future.

With their dedication and experience, you can trust the product that they proudly presented in this launch.

InstantVidz Review- What can you get inside this product?

Let’s take a closer look at how powerful this package is:

+  Template Library

In the templates section, there is a template library where you can choose from 100 ready-to-use templates to create powerful ads, shorts, reels, stories, and more. These templates are from 11 hot niches. Edit easily with a few clicks.


+  11 Hot Niches

The templates are carefully selected from in-demand 11 hot niches for all your video needs.

The niches include real estate, food, fitness, automobiles, fashion, business, education, travel, hotel, footwear, and super sale.

+  Rich-Featured Powerful Built-In Video Editor

Once you select a vertical marketing template, you can edit it in the editor in the following ways.

You can:

  • Select/move objects
  • Search image
  • Upload image, add watermark
  • Add text
  • Add music
  • Add VOX
  • Add VOX with music (create your own VOX with music)
  • Add stickers, emojis
  • Add avatar


+  Smart Built-In Video Editor With More Features

You can also go to my videos section & edit videos with more powerful features:

  • Select video and thumbnail
  • Add audio – background music or VOX file with music
  • Add audio
  • Reverse the video
  • Rotate the Axis
  • Speed control to 2x, 4x
  • Trim the video
  • Add image and fade image


+  Unlimited Searchable Vertical Videos

Just enter the keywords, select your choice of vertical or horizontal video and the app finds your choice of video templates from public domains on the web.


+  In-Built VOX Maker

In the VOX maker, you can create your own multilingual voiceover with your own script. select accent, add music, choose the language from 100+ languages, and generate and add it to your vertical videos.


+  Add VOX to Videos

Create your own voiceover in the VOX Creator and add it to your vertical video template.


+  Generate VOX with Background Music

In the VOX Creator, background music can also be merged with the VOX file and you can add this musical VOX to your videos.


+  70+ Social Media Channels

It’s not just YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, but InstantVidz gives you access to 70+ social channels to share your video directly from inside the App.


+  Share on Social Media

In the short video editor, you can share the video once finalized, directly on any social media channel, all from inside the app.


+  Download & Publish

Once you have finalized the video inside the app, simply download it in your system, share it on the web, and start getting tons of free traffic, leads, and sales!


+  Storage up to 1 GB

You can create and store unlimited videos but only up to 1 GB of storage on the cloud. Once 1 GB is consumed, you can download those files into your system and 1 GB storage would be available again for creating & saving new video files.

+  100% Cloud Based

It is completely cloud-based. There is no need to download and install any software to your device.

+  24/7 Dedicated Support

They have a 24/7 dedicated support team to solve all your queries.

+  Detailed Tutorials

The in-depth training tutorials are complete and provide step – by step guide to get you up to speed quickly.

+  User-Friendly Interface

Have you ever thought about video editing without any technical hassles?

With its low learning curve and user-friendly interface, InstantVidz is your go-to choice.


The following coupon codes are only available for the Commercial License package:

VIDZ5OFF” for $5 off for the first 2 days of the launch

VIDZ3OFF” for $3 off for the next 2 days

VIDZ2OFF” for $2 off for the remaining launch days

InstantVidz Review- About using details

How to create stunning vertical videos with this app?

Now let’s check out how InstantVidz works in action with my demonstration. This is the dashboard of the software and you can see the left menu includes the template library, and the tools to edit videos & create vox:


First of all, we will take a look at the templates available. They are eye-catching, professionally-designed graphics that you can instantly use for marketing and advertising with some easy customization.

You can sort the templates by choosing the local niche:


The more businesses you can serve, the more money you are able to earn. And simply get started with an InstantVidz template.


Now we move to the Template Editor, which is the feature I like most. As the design comes with done-for-you effects, you just need to customize it with your client branding, and change the content however you want for a complete video:


InstantVidz provides you with a wide range of tools to edit to your taste:


After you feel satisfied, click the checkmark below to have the video generated:


You can save the videos here for future use or make a different version of them:


Besides, there is a huge library of 10,000+ vertical videos to expand your service:


Next, I am going to show you the Vox maker tool. In other words, it is a text-to-speech tool that makes it easy to voice over your videos.

You can generate a vox in your chosen language and with the text you want. The process is quite simple:


There you have the vox to use for your next video:


Why should you invest in this?

From the previous sections, you might be well aware by now that short-form videos can entice, intrigue, inform, and educate while also leaving audiences asking for more. By providing short bursts of entertainment, information, or educational content, you deliver a new way for consumers to engage with the world and with your particular brand.

Businesses are realizing the actual potential of video marketing. That is the reason, they are ready to spend huge amounts of money in exchange for healthy returns on investments.

And with access to InstantVidz, not only can you create videos for yourself but you can also offer services for other businesses which are in need and charge them for it. There are multiple ways to set up that 6-figure business with InstantVidz.

To be more specific, there are multiple ways to create videos with this tool. There are 100 + editable and searchable video templates in 10 niches. You can create your own voiceover and add it to videos. You can share on social media channels from inside the app.

Moreover, it is so much easy to use. All you need to do is log in, select a template or a horizontal video, and edit it with the robust editor. You can also edit with more advanced features like adding music, trim, speed control, watermark, images, creating music with VOX, etc., and finally share on social media or download.

Price and evaluation

InstantVidz FE Plans

There are currently 2 packages for you to select right now in this special launch with extremely affordable prices. They are:

  • Personal Use: $27 one time
  • Commercial License: $37 one time

Here is the recap:


On top of that, you will get 30 days to use InstantVidz, and make sure this is for you. If for any reason you’re not satisfied, just let them know, and they will get you a refund of your tiny investment.


The following coupon codes are only available for the Commercial License package:

VIDZ5OFF” for $5 off for the first 2 days of the launch

VIDZ3OFF” for $3 off for the next 2 days

VIDZ2OFF” for $2 off for the remaining launch days

InstantVidz Review- The upsells

Below are the upgraded versions for you to take a look at:

InstantVidz OTO 1: PRO Upgrade

Price: Personal Use: $37 one time / Commercial License: $47 one time

Sales page:

You’ll get access to:

  • Ready to use 100 horizontal video marketing templates with 10 niches.
  • Users can choose any one horizontal marketing templates at a time and convert them into vertical marketing videos – using editing tools (video must be 30 seconds to 60 seconds).
  • Video editing tools.
  • Searchable horizontal videos.
  • Choose any horizontal video from the search and create horizontal videos.
  • Create VOX and add VOX to horizontal videos with a volume controller.
  • Can add background music with VOX in horizontal video with a volume controller.
  • Upload vertical and horizontal videos locally, edit videos, and share on social media (YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram) maximum video size of 50 MB.
  • They can speed control, trim video, add ready-to-use stickers, add image watermark, add text, add music into video, add VOX, add emoji, etc.
  • Download videos from the app into your system and upload them on any social media channel for promoting your business.
  • Store up to 2 GB of videos per month – once 2 GB is consumed, download video files to your pc and store up to 2 GB again in the software.
  • 10,000 downloadable vertical videos.
  • 10,000 downloadable horizontal videos.
  • 100% beginner friendly.

InstantVidz OTO 2: Template Club Monthly

Price: 10 Vertical Templates: $27 monthly / 10 Vertical + 10 Horizontal Templates: $37 monthly

Sales page:

With InstantVidz Template Club, you’ll get fresh new vertical & horizontal video templates every single month covering multiple niches!

This upgrade also includes Commercial License allowing you to make a huge profit from creating engaging videos for your clients. 

InstantVidz OTO 3: RESELLER

Price: $197 one time

Sales page:

You will be authorized to sell InstantVidz in the Reseller Pack you purchase to anyone you like on our sites and keep 100% of the sales you make for yourself. You can easily add thousands of dollars to your bottom line with their Reseller Packages.

They have already done all the hard work for you. You won’t need to create your own website or create marketing materials or banners to sell this.

You’ll get to use all their Marketing Pages; Members’ Areas; Sales Videos, Sales funnels, etc. They got you covered all the way. You simply send traffic and pocket all the profit.

They have a dedicated help desk available to handle support, product delivery, product training, and handle customer complaints to make it hassle FREE for you. You simply sell, and we take it up from there. They even help you collect and pay the money directly to your account.

InstantVidz Review- Pros and cons


App with editable and searchable video templates in hot niches & other premium features

Earn thousands per month & set up a profitable business by creating & selling unlimited vertical videos!

Get free viral traffic & import leads from top social networks

Commercial license to sell them at profits

Great opportunity to be paid as an influencer!

Create vertical videos that attract leads and sales

Use them to upscale your own business and boost ROI!

Great for any video requirements for any type of online business


I have no complaint about this out-of-this-world product

Who would be interested in InstantVidz?

The only thing needed to succeed wildly with this product is your willingness to follow the step-by-step tutorials and try it for yourself. If you belong to the following list, you should seriously take this into consideration:

  • Internet marketers
  • Resellers
  • Small business owners
  • Literally any business – entrepreneurs, eCommerce store owners, etc. who want to increase their engagement, traffic, and sales by leveraging the giants of social media platforms – Facebook, YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram & Snapchat, or any other.


InstantVidz Review- The conclusion

In short, this is a breakthrough vertical video creator app that can help you create incredible vertical videos for professional use. The moment you start using this wonderful software, you may never want to go back to anything else because it’s so simple to make money with.

Hopefully, you will get sufficient and useful information if you are interested in purchasing this product!





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Final step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours.

Thank you so much for reading my InstantVidz review to the end.

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