InstaWiz review– Let’s check this brand-new software

InstaWiz Review


InstaWiz Review- Introduction

Well, it is undeniable that making money online is getting harder and harder than ever before.

Especially, due to the current crisis, businesses are forced to shut down which means fewer jobs with lots of people stuck at home.

The more surprising thing is there is a 61% increasing in social engagement and messaging according to Forbes:


Do you know that 90% of online users check their Instagram more often than other social media?

The number never lies and from the data, I mentioned above, you can already see Instagram is truly a great source of traffic, leads, and sales. If you are not taking advantage of this platform, you are behind in the online money-making battlefield.

However, Instagram marketing is no easy job because you need to be consistently posted and engaging with your following which can be a very painstaking task.

Also, Instagram is a visual platform meaning you have to post videos, stories, and images,… meaning you have to spend hours and hours per day to post a single piece of content.

But now you don’t have to because today you are going to have a system that automates 99% of the work while offering you the same or even better results than you do it manually or hire someone to do it!

Let’s dive into my InstaWiz review and see what’s in it for you!

What is it?

InstaWiz is a groundbreaking Instagram Cloud-Based Profit System that enables you to grow your Instagram following and generates traffic and daily commissions effortlessly.

In detail, everything is on autopilot with InstaWiz including following, unfollowing and posting stories, videos, images, and hashtags.

If getting results like this is your dream, InstaWiz can make that dream come true!


Curious yet? Let’s move on to the next part to see who is behind this amazing product!

About The Creators- Oj James & Sandy N.


This product is brought to you by OJ James. He is a well-known talent in the marketing industry because of his solid experience.

During his career, he has launched lots of incredible products which are highly evaluated not only by customers but also by experts, some of which are KontentXpress, SociProfix, MailZen, Traffik Siphon, Swift Member 2.0 – Exclusive Warrior, Kontent Kaboom, etc.

This time, James decided to launch InstaWiz which will definitely do wonders for anyone.

What Does It Offer You?

Let’s take a look at what InstaWiz offers you:

♠    100% Smart Account Automation

InstaWiz will like and follow accounts that are related to your particular niche.

♠   100% Smart Automated Likes

InstaWiz will only deliver likes to niches that are related that way the traffic is always targeted.

♠   100% Smart Keyword Automation

Thanks to InstaWiz, your Instagram account will only like and follow depending on the keywords that are relevant to your chosen niche.

♠   100% Brand Specific Automation

Your account will only like and follow accounts that are related to your specific brand.

♠   100% Smart User Behavior Automation

InstaWiz enables your Instagram account to only file and follows accounts based on your specific user criteria.

♠   100% Smart Location-Based Automation

Your Instagram account will only like and follow accounts depending on your chosen location.

♠   100% Smart Video Automation

This AI-powered feature allows you to post or schedule videos to drive engagement, leads, and sales.

♠   100% Smart Hashtags Automation

No more struggling with finding the most trending and viral hashtags because InstaWiz will also do it all for you. Just sit back and enjoy a quick influx of traffic!

♠   100% Smart Unfollow Technology

What this tool does is automatically message everyone who unfollowed you so as to regain them with an engaging message or simply unfollow them as well.

♠   Smart Image Designer

Thanks to this amazing image designer, you will be able to convert all your images into powerful quotes for even more viral traffic.

♠   Multi-Device Friendly

Since this software is cloud-based, you can easily access this software using any device.

♠   Deep analytics

The inbuilt analytics will give you in-depth information about your opens, clicks, and impressions to a minute level for every customer.

♠   Social Checkout

This is the most innovative feature which enables you to sell products directly on Instagram.

♠   100% Compliant System

There is no need to worry about your accounts getting banned, never ever with InstaWiz!

♠   Give A Unique Touch To Every Message

InstaWiz will send personalized responses for human-like interaction. Thus, you will be able to boost your conversions without any hassle!

♠   Complete Step By Step Video Training And Tutorials Included

InstaWiz Review- About using

How to use this app

– As you login to the system, you will be able to the statistics of your Instagram account as shown:


Send Message:

– You will be able to send any type of message to a specific base of audience including followers, following, users list, and direct contact.


Direct Messenger

– You will be able to enter or paste your message to a specific account:



– If you want to add more Instagram accounts to InstaWiz, this feature enables you to do so.



– First, click on ‘Add autopilot’:


– Then you can set up an autopilot campaign by simply choosing who you want to send it to, selecting a type of message, and choosing a starting and ending date.



– Initially, click on ‘New Post’:


– Then, you can upload your image from your device, add a caption and choose whether to upload your post right away or schedule it to post later.


Chat Bot

– You can also add an answer to a specific question from anyone so as to increase your engagement with visitor and skyrocket conversions.


For more details, check the instruction video below:


My Opinion

   ♥   InstaWiz Is Newbie-Friendly And Totally Easy-To-Use

As you can see from my using instruction, it’s obvious that InstaWiz is extremely easy to use. All you need to do is just log in, post your affiliate link, product, or content on Instagram and that’s it.

You will then be up and running with InstaWiz and generate sales and commissions like cra.zy! Meanwhile, the whole process only takes a few minutes!

   ♥   Forget Those Manual Work When It Comes To Instagram Marketing Because You’ve Got InstaWiz

We all know that traffic is the lifeblood of any business and Instagram is truly an amazing platform for you to generate traffic and commissions!

In order to make people notice your business or Instagram account, you need to make your name pop up in their notifications by interacting with them, consistently posting content, finding what’s currently trending…

Honestly, that is nothing different from doing a 9-5 job when you are doing it manually. However, you don’t need to glue your eyes to the screen because InstaWiz will do all the work for you. It’s like a virtual assistant working for you 24/7/365 days without any break!

I believe InstaWiz is worth the money and everyone should really give it a try. I highly recommend this software to anyone who is looking for ways to simplify Instagram marketing. Just give it a try and see how you can skyrocket your online profits with it!

In addition, let’s see what others talk about this amazing software:


Who Should Buy This?

InstaWiz serves perfectly for anyone because the content is essential for literally any business! If you belong to the following list, you should seriously take this into consideration:

  • ♣   Internet Marketer
  • ♣   Email Marketer
  • ♣   Product creator
  • ♣   Social media marketer
  • ♣   Freelancer
  • ♣   Small or local business
  • ♣   eCom business owner
  • ♣   Newbie

And the list goes on and on.

Price And Evaluation

InstaWiz FE

Let’s first quickly recap what you are getting with InstaWiz:


Pricing & Discount Strategy

FE: $17 from 10 am – 3 pm then $18 until midnight

Then goes up by $1 each day

It’s pretty surprising for me because the quality of the software you are getting is literally above what you have to pay for!

InstaWiz is clearly a bargain! I believe that this is a reasonable price as you can gain I don’t think I need to say more as you can obviously see what you can benefit from this product. This is such a no-brainer deal that you just can’t miss out on it!

Come to think about this: Instagram is a profitable yet super competitive platform for literally anyone who tries to generate traffic and profits! You cannot go into a battle without getting yourself equipped with anything. InstaWiz will be your 24/7 assistant which makes your success with Instagram marketing guaranteed!

Please put in mind that this price will soon increase so be sure to grab your chance quickly and start making money now! Don’t procrastinate and then regret it later!

Don’t hesitate because there is a refund policy available for this product. In case you are not satisfied with this product, you can get a FULL refund within 30 days of your purchase. Hence, you are not taking any risks buying this product!

InstaWiz Review- The Upsells

Also, if you want to add more features to this product, please consider these upsells once you check out:

OTO 1: Platinum Edition ($32)


Upgrade your InstaWiz order & 10x your traffic & sales with 100% hands-free post-scheduling & automation.

With this special platinum upgrade offer you’ll get all these awesome features:


Plus, you will get these exclusive one-time bonuses:


OTO 2: Automation Edition ($32)


Get 400% more traffic & commissions with this automation edition!

Unlock the exclusive upgrades below that will generate 100% more sales and 100% more results!

With their InstaWiz Automation upgrade, you get:


OTO 3: Diamond Edition ($32)

Take their Instagram profits into overdrive!

  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Get Faster Results
  • Get Premium Level Bonuses
  • Get Commissions Starting Today
  • Get Positive ROI
  • 100% Saturation Proof

With this product Profit Bundle, you get:


OTO 4: Done For You ($32)


They used this method to triple or even quadruple their sales & commissions with any extra work!

  • Get Premium Reseller & Whitelabel Products
  • Makes Your Promotions More Profitable
  • Get Faster & Better Results
  • Get Premium Level Bonuses
  • Get Commissions Starting Today
  • Get Positive ROI
  • 100% Saturation Proof


OTO 5: Agency Edition ($297)


How you can make $5000- $10,000 using InstaWiz in the next 7 days even without using it.


Insta Wiz Review- Pros And Cons


  •    ♥   World’s fastest, smartest, and easiest Instagram traffic system.
  •    ♥   Advanced AI software for 100% hands-free automation.
  •    ♥   Publish or schedule any content on your feed or stories directly from the browser.
  •    ♥   Grow your list, sales, and commissions without any paid ads.
  •    ♥   Tap into the massive traffic on Instagram even if you are a social media dunce.
  •    ♥   Fully automated.
  •    ♥   100% newbie-friendly – no experience or skills required or monthly cost!
  •    ♥   30 days money-back guarantee.


X   This product is so helpful so I don’t find any problem.

Frequently Asked Questions


Bonuses From The Creator

When you purchase InstaWiz today, you will get these invaluable bonuses from the creator team:



With all the mentioned information, I hope that’s enough for you to believe this is surely a no-brainer deal. You can never imagine earning money could be this easy.

I just want to say this is an amazing product that needs to be taken home. You don’t take any risks buying InstaWiz because there is a full refund policy in case you’re not satisfied with it. I would love to say thank you for reading my review and I hope this review will be helpful to you.







Step 1: Buy InstaWiz on my website

Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours.

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