Audiostudio Review: A revolutionary app that creates scripts and voiceovers in any language

Audiostudio Review


As far as I am concerned, many individuals as well as businesses are increasingly utilizing voiceovers to engage and influence the target audience. The perfect voiceover in the marketing campaign can captivate audiences and make them focus on the messages that a business is conveying.

To produce natural voiceovers, you have to allocate a lot of time to plan content and create scripts. Or else, you need to hire professionals with standard accents, which costs you a fortune. If you don’t want to waste time and money, the only way is to resort to the power of Artificial Intelligence. If you are not an expert in using A.I. tools, how can you write scripts and generate voiceovers?

I’m going to suggest a solution to all the above problems, which is using Audiostudio. It is an A.I.-powered software that will revolutionize the way you create scripts, and generate voiceovers for you and your customers.

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Audiostudio Summary



Misan Morrison & Emmaneul GB



Front-End Price

$37 one time

Sales page
Coupon Code Add code “AUDIO10OFF” for $10 off
All-in-one Bundle
Bundle Price $297 one time
Bundle Coupon

Add code “AUDIO50OFF” for $50 off




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30-day money-back guarantee

What is this product?

Audiostudio is an A.I. powered app that creates high-converting marketing content & automatically generates human-like voiceover in any language with background music in minutes

About its creators?


Misan Morrison and his partner Emmanuel GB created this software. Both are talented software developers and online marketers who have several years of experience in this industry.

Misan is also the figure behind successful launches such as Testimonio, QRverse, UltraFunnels, Webcop, StockRush 2.0, Cubeet, FunnelBots, SmartWriterr, Affiliate Suite, etc. These products were sold like hotcakes on marketplaces, especially JVZoo.

Audiostudio Review- What does the package cover inside?

Audiostudio is packed with everything you need to boost traffic, leads, and sales for businesses with the power of A.I.

+  A.I. Script Assistant

You can use the app’s smart A.I. script assistant to help you generate high-converting scripts in multiple languages, levels of creativity, and much more, with just a few clicks on your mouse.

+  Access 130 100% Real Human Sounding Voices Across 20 Languages And Dialects

Audiostudio provides you with instant access to hundreds of real human-sounding voices across several languages so you can convert any script into audio to engage an international audience.

+  PDF/Word/Text File To Audio Script Assistant

Transform any text from a PDF, Word, or .TXT file into a professional-grade voice track in one click with Audiostudio’s text-to-audio script assistant.

+  Access 5 Audio Effects (Say As, Volume, Speed, Pitch, Pauses)

Make your voice tracks even more engaging and human using the app’s inbuilt audio effects. Play with your audio’s volume, speed, pitch, and more with a quick click and toggle.

+  MP3 Audio Output Format

Audiostudio allows you to save and export your audio projects in the most popular format (MP3).

+  Add Up To 2 Layers In One Single Project Timeline

Never limit yourself to creating audio with only two layers, because with Audiostudio you will be able to add up to 2 audio layers into a single timeline and mix voices, music, sounds, and more into a single track!

+  Access To 1K Stock Background Music

Auditostudio gives you instant access to a library of hundreds of stock background music tracks in all genres, which you can use in any project, royalty-free!

+  Access To 200 Stock Background Sound

Audiostudio also gives you unlimited access to a large library of hundreds of stock background sounds that will help you to really bring your audio projects to life, in any medium.

+  Upload Your Own Background Music

Adding the perfect background music for your projects is super easy with Audiostudio because it allows you to upload your own music files on the fly, right from the editor.

+  Create Up To 50 (5 Minutes Long) Audio Projects

With Audiostudio, you’ll be able to create up to 50 audio projects, each one up to 5 minutes in length.

+  Drag-And-Drop Audio Timeline Editor

Creating and editing amazing audio projects is super easy with the app’s proprietary drag-and-drop audio timeline editor, which lets you edit any project of any length or difficulty like a pro.

+  Script Multi-Language

Let Audiostudio be your personal multi-language writer and voiceover by using the app to generate, transcribe and translate professional scripts into any language with one click.

+  Social Media Share Gate

Increase your reach and engage your target audience wherever they are with easy social buttons and inbuilt share prompts, right after publishing your projects.

+  Embed Audio On Any Website

Audiostudio generates embed codes that you can use to embed your audio on any website the moment you finish and publish a project, with a simple copy and paste!

+  Audio Trimmer

Don’t worry about pauses, noises, and other imperfections. The app’s audio trimmer will let you cut anything you’d rather have out of your audio in one single click.

+  Job Finder

Start your own digital agency from the comfort of your home with Audiostudio’s Job Finder which automatically scrapes the top freelancing marketplaces to help you find high-paying gigs you can fulfill.

What’s more, you’ll get instant access to the following bonuses for free if you grab Audiostudio today:



Add code “AUDIO10OFF” for $10 off

AudioStudio Review- Pros and Cons


Effortlessly create high-converting scripts

An all-in-one solution saves you thousands of dollars and countless hours of time and effort

Skyrocket ad conversions from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and even TikTok

Reach anyone in the world in over 65 different languages and dialects, without writing or speaking a single word yourself

Massively reduce your workload by letting this easy-to-use app create profit-making scripts and convert them into over 237 real-sounding voices, languages, and dialects

Avoid grammatical errors and simple mistakes that cost you time and money

Reduce your overhead by over 90% by using advanced A.I. instead of hiring copywriters and voice-over talent in different languages.

Stop paying multiple monthly fees for single-use apps

Never worry about a lawsuit or copyright issue with their proprietary collection of thousands of background music and sounds.

Step-by-step process approach, 100% intuitive app, super-fast working experience adapted

Step-by-step, over-the-shoulder video tutorials are included

Agency license included

A 30-day money-back policy


I don’t have any complaints about Audiostudio

Who should consider buying this product?

It is a high-demand app that many people will need to facilitate their business activities a great deal. Here is a list of professions that Audiostudio is perfectly built for:

  • Affiliate marketers
  • Freelancers
  • Bloggers
  • Editors
  • Content creators
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Website owners
  • Social media marketers
  • Youtubers
  • And many others

Audiostudio Review- My using experience

How to use this software?

With Audiostudio, you can create content with voiceovers in just 3 simple steps:     

Step 1: Create A Project

Create a project from scratch, by using the AI Script Writer or by uploading any PDF, word, or text file in seconds!


Step 2: Mix & Merge

Mix and merge different voices, languages, dialects, background music, or sounds, using multiple layers in seconds   


Step 3: Generate & Profit

Generate and share your audio files across all social platforms to drive viral traffic or sell to clients for massive profit in seconds!


Below is the video tutorial with detailed steps, you can check for more:


Why do I think Audiostudio is worth an investment?

With Audiostudio, you don’t need to work hard literally as all is done by this breakthrough, from writing scripts to adding voiceovers, background music, sound effects, and many more.

From now on, you can stop spending time and effort planning and creating content daily, or paying for a third party to do so. The reason is that you can harness the power of AI to create high-converting scripts in any niche and language.

When your projects can be performed in many different languages, they can easily reach large audiences. As a result, driving massive traffic to your website, and boosting leads and sales, are possible.

Furthermore, Audiostudio enables you to add DFY human-like voiceovers to your ads, campaigns, etc., or customize to create your unique voiceovers which help to engage potential customers and increase brand awareness and retention.

Not stopping there, it also includes an Agency License allowing you to provide your clients with services related to creating and selling audiobooks, podcasts, video ads, radio adverts, etc. By doing that, you can expand your business scale quickly as well as earn a significant amount of income monthly.

Last but not least, your investment is protected by a 30-day risk-free guarantee. If you are not entirely satisfied with the product, they will refund your money in full, no questions asked. Thus, you stand to gain from this deal and don’t have anything to lose.

The following table and user feedback show why Audiostudio stands out from the crowd:



How much does it cost?

The front-end price

During the launch period, Audiostudio is sold at $37. After applying the coupon code, the cost will be more reasonable, only $27 for everything included inside the package. Instead of hesitating for too long, you should act now because the discounted price is available in a short period.

Of course, this is a low one-time investment, you don’t have to worry about paying monthly fees.

Take a look at all the features and bonuses you’ll access today:



Add code “AUDIO10OFF” for $10 off

Audiostudio Review- The upsells

Special offer: Audiostudio Bundle

Price: $197 – $297 one time

This bundle includes:

  • FE: Audiostudio
  • OTO 1: Audiostudio Unlimited
  • OTO 2: Audiostudio Platinum
  • OTO 3: Audiostudio Enterprise
  • OTO 4: Audiostudio Whitelable
  • Premium Bonuses
  • 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee


Add code “AUDIO50OFF” for $50 off

Discover the details of each upsell version:

Super Save Pass offer

Price: $197 one time

Get all of the Audiostudio Upgrades with a 40% discount!

Audiostudio OTO 1: UNLIMITED

Price: $97 one time

Check out what you can do with this OTO:

  • Create unlimited projects
  • Create projects of any length

Audiostudio OTO 2: PLATINUM

Price: $67 one time

With OTO 2, you can:

  • Unlock extra 107 100% REAL Human sounding voices across an extra 45 languages and dialects.
  • Unlock extra 2 Audio output formats [OGG & WEBM].
  • Add up to 4 layers in one single project timeline.
  • Access to extra 4K stock background music.
  • Access to an extra 300 stock background sound.
  • Record your voice with our In-app voice recorder.
  • Access to our In-built teleprompter.
  • Script Masterpiece Collection (Rephrase, Shorten, Improve, Expand).

Audiostudio OTO 3: ENTERPRISE

Price: $67 one time

Check out what is covered in OTO 3:

  • DFY agency website
  • Highly engaging letterheads
  • Highly engaging invoices
  • Highly engaging brochures
  • Highly engaging business card
  • Highly engaging PowerPoint proposal
  • High-converting video presentation
  • Highly engaging flyer designs
  • A highly engaging legal contract
  • Highly engaging ad banners
  • High-converting email sequence
  • High-converting telemarketing script
  • 5 Team members

Audiostudio OTO 4: WHITE-LABEL

Price: 250 Users Account: $197 one time / 50 Users Account: $97 one time

Users can resell Audiostudio under their brand with a full Whitelabel dashboard [Domain, logo, colors, and marketing Materials]


The conclusion

To sum up, Audiostudio provides all the top-notch features, and special offers at an affordable price, which is very beneficial for those who own it. However, the discounted price will not last long, so I highly recommend you pick up a copy of this software today.

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Final step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours.

Thank you so much for reading my AudioStudio review to the end.

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