Prosperity Lifestyle Review: The training allows you to make more money on Fiverr with a new title

Prosperity Lifestyle Review


Prosperity Lifestyle Review- Introduction

The speed of technology development is always accompanied by changes in consumer demand. That is, they always ask for new, more modern, more convenient things. This is also what makes business owners always have a headache. They need to find and improve many things to ensure that customer needs are satisfied.

There is an example that we can easily see that customers are bored of traditional ads, they need vivid things that come with many inspirational stories and attract them to stay. That is also the time when your promotional videos start to apply many techniques, and graphic design so that the video can become more attractive.

If you think, today I want to talk about helping you reach business owners with services like content writing, image SEO, website and graphic design, and video editing, the answer is no.

I have a much better way. It’s very competitive for a freelancer or newbie like you to be successful and have an offer on platforms these days, but with the method introduced below, you can make money much easier.

Obviously, the needs of businesses are very great, they always want to find a good service provider, and with suppliers, they always want to have orders from companies, but the problem here is how can they meet?

So, they need you to be an intermediary. And how to do that, please dive into the article about Prosperity Lifestyle products.


Lee Cole & Gloria Gunn


Prosperity Lifestyle

Launch Time

11:00 EDT, 2022-Dec-09

Front-End Price

$17 one time

Sales page



Yes, Huge Bonuses from my HudaReview team


07-day money-back guarantee

What is Prosperity Lifestyle About?

Prosperity Lifestyle is a new training that shows you how to sell in-demand digital marketing services to local businesses and have service providers on Fiverr such as: SEO, videos, other content, brochures, and other printable graphics, websites, and admin work. Others call this drop servicing or Fiverr arbitrage.

And these are the special things about this training course:


Who created this training?

Pajama-Profits-Lee-code Pajama-Profits-Author-2

Prosperity Lifestyle is developed by Lee Cole and Gloria Gunn. About Lee Cole, he has been making money online since 2007 and started his own agency selling SEO and other services to local businesses. He has coached thousands of people and sold tens of thousands of training products. Building substantial incomes selling Internet marketing products and services to local businesses are his goals.

Gloria Gunn is his longtime partner. In this course, they have shared their experience in making money on Fiverr by selling in-demand services to clients.

You can find them through some products like Pajama Profits, Google Business Profile Profits, Beach Money,  LinkedIn AI Profits, The Golden Goose Method, etc.

For me, the numbers say it all, let’s take a look at some of the highlights of their recent launches.


As you can see above, their products are always the best sellers on WariorPlus, and they always win the “Deal Of The Day” award.

Besides, their training courses are always highly appreciated by the students – also the buyers. That is evidenced by the very high rating they give to these products.

What are the features that can bring you more profits?

Gloria Gunn has run her own local marketing business for over ten years. All Gloria really does is manage the sales, which is easy because she works with competent Fiverr sellers who know what they’re doing. Gloria sells her clients a range of in-demand services: SEO, websites, content, graphics, printable graphics and brochures, and more.

This business model is called drop servicing or Fiverr arbitrage. It’s a very simple business model. You get a client and you let someone on Fiverr do all the work for you. And today, you can do it on your own with her method.

Vendors on Fiverr do all the work, you serve more clients and make more money. This training will show you everything! How to easily land clients, how to find the right Fiverr service providers, how to manage the sale, and how to collect money.

Let’s break this all down into steps:

1. Finding Clients: Gloria uses email marketing to easily find clients. In this new training, the course shows you step-by-step exactly how she does this. Nothing else is required except watching the training and implementing it. It gives you all the templates you need to get up and running fast!

2. Finding the Right Service Providers on Fiverr: This is easy! Gloria has been buying services and digital products through Fiverr for years.

She’s going to give you a list of preferred service providers. Every type of work you need to get done for your clients is on that list!

3. Managing the Sale and Getting Paid: In the training, Gloria’s going to show you exactly how she manages all her sales in only minutes per day. She’s even giving you her own, battle-tested tracking sheet. All the guesswork has been taken out of this. Just watch Gloria’s training, and you’ll know exactly how to do this!

Now take a look at what exactly you get:

  • Gloria’s brand new in-depth video course teaches you the whole amazing system.
  • The Rolodex of vetted Fiverr service providers.
  • How to set up a payment cheat sheet.
  • All the sales materials you need, including Gloria‘s own brochure that she uses with her clients. It does the selling for you.
  • All the templates and spreadsheets you need to get a profitable business up and running fast.
  • Gloria’s own prospecting and sales emails (proven to work).


Prosperity Lifestyle Review- Things make you buy it immediately

New and more effective ways to make money for you. This is definitely the best method for those who don’t have a particular strength but still want to make money on platforms like Fiverr or Upwork. It means you will be standing between the business owner and the vendors providing services on the platforms. You can sell multiple services at once, and whenever a customer buys them, you make a profit without having to do anything.

It sounds very easy but it will be a big challenge for beginners, that’s why you should choose this course. Prosperity Lifestyle will show you how to find clients and provide good service to your customers. That means when you find customers willing to buy your services like SEO content, images, graphic design, and banners, you also know how to find high-quality vendors so they can provide your clients with the most amazing results.

This is very important because if you don’t know how to choose good service providers, you can lose the trust of your customers and they will definitely never come back to work with you. So among the millions of talent out there, this training will also show you how to search effectively. Can guarantee that everything will be introduced to you from A to Z, and you can confidently earn money after completing it.

All information in this product is proven and drawn from practical experiences. Gloria has been doing this for many years and it can be said that no one can compete with her position. Her agency has grown and made her a lot of money.

I can say that not everyone is willing to share their enrichment experience, but this course seems to be the exception. You just need to follow what has been designed and wait for the results as she has achieved for many years:


Prosperity Lifestyle Review- Price and upgrades

The front-end

All you have to pay for this whole training is $37. This wonderful course will help you find clients and good service providers to make more money as a Fiverr arbitrage. When you buy this product today, you will be included in the 1,000 leads that Gloria is using and help her earn unlimited profits. This special discount is only available for this short launching time.



Prosperity Lifestyle Review- The upsells

In case you want to make more money and make use of all the features, you can buy the upgrades:

Prosperity Lifestyle OTO1: WEBSITE ($57 one-time)

The sales page: (Make sure that you click on the front-end’s sales page first, before clicking this OTO1’s sales page)

Get this professionally made website and content and look like a pro!


Downsell 01: $37 one-time

The sales page:

Prosperity Lifestyle OTO2: LISTS ($77 one-time)

The sales page: (Make sure that you click on the front-end’s sales page first, before clicking this OTO2’s sales page)

Everything you need to build powerful lists of local businesses that buy digital services and sell to them via automation.

Downsell 02: $57 one-time

The sales page:

Note: You should purchase the down-sell version instead of the main OTO in order to save money.

Who is it perfect for?

You will never be able to make a breakthrough if you don’t step out of your comfort zone and experiment with new devices. Please, give it a chance if you are:

  • Video Marketers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Local/Agency Marketers
  • Newbie Marketers
  • Bloggers & YouTubers
  • Newbies
  • Freelancers
  • Busy moms

Prosperity Lifestyle Review- Pros and cons


You can step into a full-time, job-killing local marketing business without all the hassle

100% beginner friendly

You can do this from anywhere in the world

No previous skills or experience required

No icky selling or cold calling

Trusted vendors on Fiverr do all the work for you!

You just need a few minutes per day to build your business

You can easily upsell clients into recurring income streams

7-day money-back guarantee


I found no bugs


Hope that this article is detailed enough for you to make a decision. If you want to find an easier way to make money on Fiverr, nothing can be more effective than Prosperity Lifestyle. However, you must buy it right now to have a good price.





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Step 1: Buy Prosperity Lifestyle on my website.


Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

Final step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours.

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