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AI Video Boost review- The product overview

The app creator

Ms. Jeanne Kolenda

Product name

AI Video Boos

Front-end price

$37 (one-time payment)

Sales page

Yes, Huge Bonuses, check them at the end of this AI Video Boos Review.


For Support Contact: [email protected]

What is this product?

AI Video Boost is their new training and PLR product that gives you everything you need to create a massive, passive AI-powered business selling AI-generated videos to local and online businesses.

You DO NOT have to be a video expert to do this! Just follow along with their training and use the off-the-shelf software the team recommends (free trial available).

Within 48 hours from purchase, anyone can have a real business up and running and making MONEY!

That’s where AI Video Boost comes in, empowering your agency to harness the full potential of video marketing and achieve remarkable results for your clients.

About the author- Ms. Jeanne Kolenda


For years, Jeanne Kolenda has been a trailblazer, crafting top-notch products tailored for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to venture into the realm of marketing solutions for local businesses.

Through her extensive personal experience, she has honed her skills and knowledge, establishing herself as one of the industry’s most sought-after marketing experts.

What truly sets Jeanne apart is her unwavering commitment to delivering only the finest products, all derived from her real-world expertise rather than mere theoretical concepts. Collaborating with a dedicated team that shares her passion, they collectively strive to provide you with the absolute best.

With AI Video Boost, you can trust that you’re in capable hands, gaining access to cutting-edge AI marketing solutions that stand at the forefront of innovation. The following section of this review will delve into more comprehensive details about this exceptional program.


Let’s take a look at her sales history:


AI Video Boost Review- What will you get?


Here Is What You Will Receive By Instant Download:


For more details, click the button below:


Why should you purchase this AI Video Boost system?

I know you are seriously considering whether you should join this program today or not, right? Let me explain to you some reasons you might want to consider:

♥   This is a high-quality product, created by a person with a lot of experience.

Mrs. Jeanne’s products are always of high quality and highly regarded by both customers and the community. This is evident from the fact that her training courses consistently attract hundreds, even thousands of participants.

Furthermore, her training courses and products consistently receive almost perfect ratings from students and always win the ‘Deal Of The Day’ award on the WarriorPlus platform.

♥   It is very beginner-friendly and suitable for those with limited experience.

Yes, this is an all-in-one product where you will be equipped with everything, from detailed training to software, as well as other necessary resources and tools to start making money today, even if you are a beginner with limited experience.

♥   Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is an inevitable trend, and if you can harness its power, you will lead the way in the coming years.

With this system, you will have unlimited access to the potential of AI, and it will assist you in handling everything intelligently and efficiently.

♥   24/07 support service

This is precisely what builds Mrs. Jeanne’s brand and her company’s reputation. By joining the course, you will always receive support whenever you need it, until you achieve your desired results.

Yes, all the points I listed above are convincing enough, aren’t they?

Price & Evaluation

The FE: AI Video Boost system

In this launch phase, Mrs. Jeanne Kolenda is offering this product at the price of only $37 (one-time payment). This is a very competitive price, making it accessible for everyone to join and start learning how to earn money.

Of course, the price will increase after the launch period ends. Therefore, if you truly find this product appealing, it’s recommended to make the purchase right now to secure the best price possible!


AI Video Boost review- The OTOs

Besides the main FE product above, the authors also offer some OTOs offers in this sale. These products are also extremely attractive and you should not miss them.

WAIT! Make sure you click on the front-end offer link before clicking on the links of these OTOs below to qualify for the awesome bonus packages from me and my team at the end of this AI Video Boost review.

AI Video Boost OTO #1: 120 MORE Social Media Graphics

Sales page:

Let’s recap everything you will get:

  • 120 more images and comments for Video Marketing
  • 180 Editable files for Video Marketing
  • Canva (Video) Training
  • Choice of 10 Pre-Made Niche Videos

Downsell 01:


Let’s recap everything you will get:

  • 60 more images and comments for Video Marketing
  • 120 Editable Files
  • Canva (Video) Training


Sales page:

Let’s recap everything you will get:

  • 60 Videos for Video Marketing and Comment Sheet
  • 60 Instagram Stories for Video Marketing
  • Ad Copy – Video Marketing
  • Website Copy – Video Marketing
  • Blog Post – Exploring the Power of Video Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide
  • Choice of 15 More Pre-Made Niche Videos

Downsell 02:


Let’s recap everything you will get:

  • 60 Videos for Video Marketing with comments
  • 60 Instagram Stories for Video Marketing

The end of my AI Video Boost review

Thank you for reading my review all the way through. Is this the system you’ve been searching for?

Keep in mind that the price of $37 (one-time payment) will not remain at this level for long and will rise after the launch period concludes.

But wait, there’s more! If you purchase this course through my AI Video Boost review, you will receive the following bonuses!





Pick 5 packs (for each purchase) from the following packages that you think are the most useful for you (or I will select randomly for you)

More bonus packages if you purchase any OTOs through my website:

New Bonus Package #5: Amazing WordPress Plugins With PLR

New Bonus Package #4: Materials To Grow Your Online Business

Bonus Package #3: Traffic Solution

Bonus Package #2: Doodle Assets Kit

New Bonus Package #1: Online Marketing Toolkit


Step 1: Buy the AI Video Boost on my website:


Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

And final step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours.


Thank you so much for reading my AI Video Boost Review.

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