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Hello everyone,

Today I am so excited to be back to introduce you to a special course related to spas and cosmetic surgeons. It is called Cosmetic Surgeons Marketing Confidential.

As you know, the beauty industry is developing considerably and gradually defining its name in the marketplace. From that marketing in this field also begin and develops.

With its growth, there are many clinics exploding all over the country that do minor cosmetic procedures such as Botox, anti-aging treatments, weight loss, and hormone therapy and charge big bucks for it.

This is fierce competition and you need my help. I today bring you a secret weapon so that you can win this battle.

With Cosmetic Surgeons Marketing Confidential in your hand, you can be confident to develop your business. This product will support you from A to Z step by step carefully.

Don’t let you wait long, check it out now.


Cosmetic Surgeons Marketing Confidential is a full and tested plan showing the way to become a local business marketing consultant for med spas and cosmetic surgeons. It is master fluff-free and can 100% actionable make the tactics.

Furthermore, this course is done for you all you need to do is to be ready to begin seeking legal prospects and implementing leads to pay. This new specialized training leads you step by step, you don’t need to be afraid of walking wrong.



Cosmetic Surgeons Marketing Confidential is made by Jim Mack, who has many years of experience in sales management and sales training. Especially, he has been in the internet marketing space for over 10 years.

In Feb 2016, he opened and directed new clinics in various states in the Midwest. He expert in Men’s Health, the treatment of Low Testosterone.

The Midwest Men’s Clinic was established to provide men of every age with discreet access to a team of licensed, experienced physicians concentrated on men’s health.

I can say that even though he is a new business developer at mentality health, his products are well-known and are trusted by consumers. I would like to list some of his latest brands: Auto Shop Marketing Confidential, Dental Marketing Confidential, 3 Pack Ranking Confidential, etc.


You can not ignore some of its impressive features if you want to own it. In this training course you will be shown:

Why Med Spas may be the best client you can ever have.

  • Why the “Self-Pay’ model adds even more opportunity.
  • Ready? Having thousands of connections and more in your network will NOT make you successful… here’s why.
  • Being a T.A. is more important than all those connections.
  • Why LinkedIn has proven better for getting clients than Facebook.
  • Lots of marketers are doing LinkedIn wrong, don’t make these mistakes.
  • Can you use LinkedIn in other countries?
  • The “Six Degrees of Separation” concept.
  • The truth about the Premium LinkedIn Subscriptions.
  • What MUST be in your LinkedIn Profile!
  • Why do so many Med Spas do poorly?
  • The range in price of procedures may surprise you!
  • How to Establish Authority & Leadership in your market.
  • How to define your niche in your market.
  • Why ‘broad’ niches do not work.
  • How NOT to describe yourself to prospects.
  • The biggest mistake I made when I started.
  • What I learned from working at one of these clinics.
  • How to use the Prospect Behavior Worksheet.
  • What kind of picture works best.
  • The right headlines to use and the wrong ones to avoid.
  • Invest 10 Minutes a Day to brand yourself an Authority.
  • Don’t make this big mistake in signing up for Groups.
  • The single best way to build your database.
  • The easiest way to create your Sequence Of Messages.
  • What size clinics to go after.
  • My unique strategy Gets The Clinics Featured in the 3-Pack and On Page One.
  • The newest, latest way to use Press Releases (important).

My approach to using micro workers.

  • TEN Key resources you need to use!
  • Why you should commit to B*** T** B****. I did and it made all the difference.
  • Best way to accept payments.
  • Goal Setting and Mindset.
  • Putting The Building Blocks Together.
  • Defining The Perfect Medical Prospect.
  • Making An Attractive LinkedIn Profile.
  • Branding Yourself As An Authority.
  • Joining 3rd Party LinkedIn Groups.
  • Creating Content For Your Groups.
  • Launching Your Own LinkedIn Group.
  • Introducing Your Group/Managing The Group.
  • Keeping Top Of The Mind Awareness.
  • Building Your Database Of Prospects.
  • Building Initial Connections.

With these contents, you can understand how to make profits from clinics and earn many leads.


1st Step: You look for businesses that are not ranked on the first page of Google or a specific website that Jim recommends to find clients. Jim has case studies! Or you help those businesses become an authority and brand them as an expert.

2nd Step: Send out an email to the prospect. Jim will show you a super NINJA way to get a business to email you back.

3rd Step: Then show the business how they can get ranked quickly on the first page of Google and get a ton of exposure and their phone ringing.

4th Step: Sell them a no-brainer package for $800 to $1500 per month for the lead generation service for the long term.  

5th Step: Since you are giving them proof of the service and how it impacts their business it is an easy sale.

6th Step: Collect the monthly fee. I know…sounds crazy. This works like a charm.



  • Low-cost
  • Super fast and easy to use
  • Newbie friendly
  • A complete and tested blueprint on how to become a local business
  • Show the way to get local clients in the short time
  • Support spas and clinics about SEO, lead pages, and websites to attract leads
  • Make profits easily
  • Step-by-step training course


  • Up till now, I haven’t found any weakness in this product


It will include:

  • One of the Top Training Course On How To Become A Local Business Marketing Expert for the Med Spa and Elective Cosmetic Surgery Clinics They will instruct you on the way to become a local business as fast as possible.
  • Many videos show the detail of every aspect of the course.
  • Essential Paperwork and Presentation Slides To convert and Sell Lead Generation Services.


This product will work out effectively if you are:

  • Social media marketers.
  • Product promoter.
  • Advertisers.
  • Business owners.
  • Online marketer.


Front-end: Cosmetic Surgeons Marketing Confidential ($27)

You will get access to the Cosmetic Surgeons Marketing Confidential. This is a full and tested plan showing the way to become a local business marketing consultant for med spas and cosmetic surgeons.

OTO 1: Six figures business consultant system ($47)

You can have the fastest, easiest, & most reliable system for setting up a six figures business as a consultant.

This is a complete marketing guide along with videos. You will also get the email templates they use every day in their business.

This is totally newbie-friendly. The upsell at $47 also includes 30 days of coaching via email and webinar.

OTO 2: Service contractor marketing videos ($47)

You enable to have service contractor marketing videos that you will be able to use in your marketing or resell the videos for a healthy profit in addition to marketing tools that speed up the learning curve.

In addition, there are press release templates and examples of successful press releases. The upsell at $47 includes 30 days of refugee via email and webinar.


It will only take you $25 to have this incredibly supportive tool for Marketing scope!

Isn’t this great?

You get to lay hands on a funnel-building method that does not involve any complicated ѕtage, and ѕtill can avoid burning your budget. In short, I do not think you can find any better deals out there!

Furthermore, buying with $25 can be expired, please take action quickly before this discount goes away. You have a “30-day guarantee” so you will not lose anything.

The price will rise up strongly as soon as it is published. Hence, make a decision quickly and don’t ignore this hot product.

I have to stop my review here, I hope that it can help you make the right decision.

Last but not least, thank you for reading my Cosmetic Surgeons Marketing Confidential review of the bottom line

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