New Bonus Package #5: Amazing WordPress Plugins With PLR


WordPress Profit System


How to make fully automated sales, thank you, and download systems for PayPal, Clickbank, and E-junkie merchants using the WordPress Profit System plugin.

WordPress Profit System is a simple, easy-to-use plugin that does exactly what most WordPress site owners want when selling digital products from their WordPress website.

WordPress Profit System coupled with WordPress allows the user to:

  • Easily sell digital products with just a PayPal account — PayPal is easy to use, but it doesn’t provide a way to hide your ThankYou page or protect your download links. WordPress Profit System makes it easy to do both. It’ll hide your Thank You page so that only valid customers can access it and it will expire your download page and encrypt your download URLs so that your links can’t be shared or posted on “pirating” forums.
  • Support multiple products in a single ClickBank Account — WordPress Profit System lets you use separate sales, thank you, and download pages for each product you define. That means that you can place multiple products in 1 ClickBank account but still display individually crafted sales pages for each product.
  • Automatically cloaks your affiliate links — The benefits of cloaking affiliate links have been discussed frequently on this forum and elsewhere. WordPress Profit System’s AFFILIATE mode handles this for you automatically!
  • Protect Download Pages — Download pages can only be accessed through a link that includes the buyer’s purchase information. These pages are also set to expire after a period you specify — usually 3-5 days after the purchase.
  • Protect Download Links — Create ugly, cryptic, expiring links that can’t be easily shared or posted on freebie forums.
  • Hide a digital product’s actual URL — Anyone who sees your download link won’t have a clue about what your download filename is. Everything’s all screwed up with numbers, letters, and special characters that don’t mean a thing to anyone but YOUR software.
  • Automatically generate PayPal, ClickBank, and EJunkie payment buttons — Saving you tons of time-fighting PayPal’s button factory or customizing your own ClickBank buttons.

Plus, because WordPress Profit System is a WordPress plugin it:

  • Is Easy to Install — WordPress is known for its “5-minute install” and installing WordPress plugins (like this one) is a cinch.
  • Is Easy to Maintain.
  • Makes it Easy to Add Content — including new sales or review pages.
  • Is Super SEO Friendly — Google and Yahoo really LOVE WordPress.
  • Is Easy to Customize — both visually with WordPress themes and functionally with WordPress plugins.
  • Supports the largest, free, most widely used payment processor in the world (PayPal).
  • Supports the largest digital products affiliate sales network in the world (ClickBank).
  • Supports one of the largest digital products delivery sites in the world (E-Junkie).

WordPress Profit System is a fantastic tool that turns any WordPress website into a platform for some serious Internet Marketing.


WP Content Loader


A quick and easy way to upload content to WordPress as opposed to wasting time copying & pasting jobs that take forever.

Yes, with the WP Content Loader WordPress plugin, you can add a massive amount of content to your site in record time.


If you publish lots of content (and you should!) WP Content Loader can save you lots of hassle and time.

With a single click, you can, in fact, upload hundreds of articles, set the categories, and schedule them for publication.


  • Automatically upload, schedule, and publish hundreds of articles with a single click
  • Easily publish both the content and the title – from a single .txt file
  • One-click bulk settings let you set the author, category, and more for every article you’re loading
  • Individual article settings allow for fine-tuning of your schedule
  • Upload plain text files or HTML for total control
  • Set uploaded articles to draft and tweak them later
  • “Auto-schedule” content — perfect for keeping the search engines happy
  • Works with posts, pages, and even custom post types
  • Option for reviewing articles before scheduling
  • The confirmation screen shows exactly what you’ll be publishing and when- for accuracy
  • Fine-tune formatting, tags, and other information from the “all posts” screen
  • Super simple installation via your WordPress dashboard

…and more…plus, there’s…

  • No complicated settings to configure
  • No limit to the number of articles you can upload
  • No mind-numbing copy and paste required


WordPress Corner Peel Plugin


Stop annoying your visitors with popups and intrusive advertising.

With the Corner Peel Plugin, you can add advertising to the top right corner of your website without interrupting the visitor’s browsing experience. Create advertisements in 3 simple steps. Corner Peel is responsive and will remain visible (sticky) throughout the website.



WP Lead Filter

This powerful new WP Plugin lets you quickly and easily create interactive popups that allow your visitors to indicate if they approve or disagree with a statement or answer yes or no to a question.


Depending on their response you can filter them into a particular email funnel and have them sign up for your list, make them an offer, or create a button that leads them to content based on their choice.

Lead Filter WP Plugin there’s a lot of flexibility and room for creativity here including:

[+]   Content Creation Tips for Online Marketers vs. Bloggers

[+]   Tips To Get New Clients For Virtual Assistants vs. Graphic Designers

[+]   The Best Email Marketing Solutions lead filter WordPress plugin for Florists vs. Wedding Photographers

[+]   It’s easy to see how you can customize content on your site and in your email messages to particular subsets of readers in your niche after filtering them using this plugin.

[+]   Lead Filter appeals to your audience with engaging, eye-catching pop-ups that you have full control over.

[+]   The Lead Filter WP Plugin lets you decide what they see and how often they see it.


Optin Engage WordPress Plugin

5.opt-in engage wp plugin

An Opt-in/Squeeze Page Plugin for ‘Lazy People’ – simply copy & paste your autoresponder code into Opt-in Engage to create beautiful, high-converting opt-in pages in minutes – without the integration hassles common to many opt-in/squeeze page plugins!
The money is in the list if you are not building a list, chances are you waste a lot of money from your marketing campaign.
The challenge in building your list is in the influence of your opt-in form or opt-in page that will draw the attention or attract your readers to subscribe to your list.
The good news is that inside this product is a plugin that will help you build beautiful not complicated set up option pages forms. This amazing software is a WordPress Plugin called Opt-in Engage.


Global Countdown WordPress Plugin


If you’re looking into a solution to creating scarcity for your customers, you’ve found it. Global Countdown is the easiest way to attach countdowns within your emails, in less than a few minutes!

One of the many problems that internet marketers are facing is by making their blog readers have the sense of emergency to make them do immediate action to subscribe to your list.

one of the best tools to do that is having a countdown WordPress plugin. The Global Countdown plugin is the best choice that you can use today.


WP Simple Geo Plugin




WP Link Shield Review Pack


Wanna Make Money Online as an Affiliate Promoting WP Link Shield Plugin? Listen up if you are an affiliate marketer, you would have heard of link cloakers. Probably you are using one already. Most are free and the basic ones just do one thing and that is to cloak your links so that your links not only look friendlier but also prevent stealing of your commission.

But once the promotion is over and if the seller decides not to sell the product that you are promoting anymore, then you are left with a dead link. Anyone that clicks on your affiliate link will go nowhere and this is one of the ways that you would lose potential commission. Previously the only way to ensure that your affiliate link works is to manually check them one by one. If you only have a couple of links, then that is fine.

But when you have lots of links, checking each one of them is really tedious and takes loads of time not a very wise way to spend your time. So most marketers don’t bother to check and this is where you would leak commission revenue. Not anymore with Link Shield. This is one of the latest and most advanced links Cloaker but what made me want to check it out was the feature that plugs this leak.


WP Site Launcher Review Pack


If you use WordPress often here’s something amazingly useful, and especially if you build lots of WordPress-based sites.

Every time you set up a new site, there are so many little tasks to take care of such as Installing your favorite plugins and themes, Setting up your pages, Deleting template pages, and SEO-optimizing your site.

It has been found that these tasks alone can take between 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on your expertise level

It is not a problem if you only have a couple of WordPress websites but if you own loads of websites, the task becomes repetitive, boring, and tedious.

But with WP Site Launcher plugin, this is absolutely a game-changer. With this tool, you can now able to crank out a niche site with just a simple few clicks.

The great thing is that there is no complicated software to learn. Even for a nontechy person like many bloggers and internet entrepreneurs out there, the plugin is very simple and intuitive to use.

The awesome thing about this plugin is that it is a 1-click plugin that sets up the entire site for you. You just need to decide on the settings once…and then you can use the same settings over and over again.

It downloads and installs all the most popular and powerful plugins to your site. Then it deletes the default pages and comments and the sample pages.

Then it automatically sets up pages like home, about, and contact. But the thing that you might love most about this plugin is that it provides some of the best security features that keep the site safe from breaches and increases the loading speed.


WP Instant Decor Plugin


With Just A Few Clicks Of Your Mouse, You Can Decorate Your Blog And Finally Get The Results You Deserve!

If your niche blogs are simple, plain, and boring… people are going to run for the hills QUICK. There’s only ONE single thing to put into your hand so that you can stop this nonsense right now.

And that’s SPICING UP your blog with decoration. I am talking about adding cool effects, enticing backgrounds, and make your blog UNIQUE. This is a life-saving tool that’s going to simply make your life easier and bring you MORE profits.

It’s simple… Either you decorate your blog or you won’t get the results you want. People want fun.

People are visual creatures… So if you want to start experiencing better conversion rates, more signups, and overall MORE profits the choice is VERY clear…


WP Support Bot


Here’s How You Can Use The Same Profit-Boosting Strategy As Many Of The Big Companies, By Offering Visitors To Your WordPress Blog 24/7 Live Chat Support – Even While You Sleep!

Traffic is nothing if this will not convert into paying customers. The thing is that, even if your website is online 24/7, if no one will interact with your website visitor, they will just go away somewhere else and never got back again.

The good news is that inside this product is a tool that will connect you to your visitors by having a Live Support chat box on your website.


Stakk Review Pack




WP Slideshow Master WP Plugin


Master Slider is an SEO-friendly, responsive image and video slider that truly works on all major devices, and it has super smooth hardware accelerated transitions. It supports touch navigation with pure swipe gestures that you have never experienced before.

Master Slider is built using WordPress best practices both on the front and the back end. This results in an efficient, robust, and intuitive plugin. It works with any theme, including WordPress Default Themes.


  • The Most SEO Friendly Slider Plugin in the Market!
  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Simply Create Fully Responsive and Device Optimized Sliders with 8 starter samples
  • Use Sliders Cross-browser and Works Well on All Popular Browsers! (Tested IE8+ and other modern browsers)
  • Superlative Lightweight Outputs in Compare with Other Plugins
  • HTML5 Valid and Clean Markups
  • Touch Swipe Navigation
  • Manage Slideshows with Autoplay Timing Options!
  • 24h Support with Expert Agents (check out our rates on WordPress)
  • Drag and Drop Slider Creation
  • Extremely User-Friendly Admin Panel
  • CSS3 Transitions with jQuery Fallback
  • Hardware Accelerated CSS3 3D Transforms
  • Optimized for Any Screen Sizes and Touch Devices
  • Smart Loading Assets
  • 6+ Interactive Slide Transitions
  • Smart auto-crop
  • Loop and linear sliding
  • Shuffle Ordering Slides Option
  • Auto-height Slider
  • Vertical and Horizontal Direction Navigation
  • Fully Customizable Thumbnail and Tabs
  • Vertical and Horizontal Bullets
  • Mouse Wheel Navigation
  • Customizable Arrows
  • Exclusive Widget and Shortcodes
  • Scroll Handle Slide Indicator
  • Smart Memory Management
  • 6 Modern and Unique Skins
  • Timer-bar and Circle Timer UI Controls
  • Custom User Roles and Capabilities
  • 5 Image Positioning Options (fill, fit, tile,…)
  • Advanced Import And Export Tool
  • Built-in Cache Boosting
  • Translate Ready
  • Multisite Compatible
  • Extensive Developer API


Photo Blast Plus WordPress Plugin


Great blog content can be as diverse as the bloggers themselves but there appear to be a few “tricks” that continually crop up and one of them is the use of images in their posts. It really is true: A picture is worth 1,000 words, and in the context of an online generation “skimming” and “scanning” is the general practice of reading web copy the importance of these “1,000 words” is even greater. Shoot, why not have more than one picture just to make sure!

Here are some of the reasons you should highly consider using images in your blog posts (or some
other rich media):

1. Catches the reader’s eye and helps them to commit to reading the content.

2. Differentiates the content from a lot of other similar blog posts.

3. Helps craft a visually memorable experience.

4. “Strengthens” the blog posts specific content with images.

5. Adds valuable SEO traffic related to the images within your blog post. This cannot be

Personally, I think the first and last point is the most important. The point is that adding an image to your blog post, even it requires a little more of your time per post, is worth the effort and cost that may be associated with the effort.

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