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Vizeo Review- Initiation

In today’s marketing landscape, video is an indispensable element for successful campaign implementation. It has the power to captivate and engage audiences, making it a vital tool for conveying compelling content.

However, creating high-quality and engaging videos is no easy task. With short attention spans and intense competition, it’s crucial to create videos that truly stand out and keep viewers hooked. Innovation is key, and customers now crave interactive video experiences.

Navigating this field can be a daunting challenge, especially if you’re not well-versed in video production. You may consider hiring freelancers, but that can be costly, and the results aren’t always guaranteed.

Alternatively, you can attempt to create your own videos, but that requires a steep learning curve to achieve professional results. It’s a dilemma that many marketers face.

But what if I told you there’s a solution waiting to be discovered? Enter Vizeo, a revolutionary tool that allows you to create human-like talking videos to increase interactions in a matter of seconds.

With Vizeo, you can unlock the potential to produce captivating, high-converting videos effortlessly. Say goodbye to the complexities and limitations of traditional video creation methods, and embrace this amazing tool that will transform your video marketing campaigns.

Join me on this exciting journey of exploration and unleash the power of Vizeo.

Vizeo Overview



Mo Miah and Taqi Askari

Product name


Front-end price

$57 – $67 one-time payment

Front-end discount

Add code “2OFF” for $2 OFF FE products

Sales page
All-in-one Vizeo bundle YES, included FE + OTO1 + OTO2 + OTO3 + OTO4 + All Bonuses + Premium Support + Full Refund Policy
Vizeo bundle sales page
The Vizeo bundle price $297 one-time payment



Yes, Huge Bonuses from the creator team and my HudaReview team, check them at the end of the Vizeo review


30-day money-back guarantee

What Vizeo?

Vizeo is a platform that helps you easily create stunning human-talking videos in any language within minutes. No need for cameras, actors, or expensive equipment. Just follow these four simple steps:

Step 1: Select Template

Choose from 50 customizable templates in popular niches. You can even choose from 27 different presenters or create your own avatar.

Step 2: Add Voiceover

Turn text into professional voiceovers. Select the language and accent from over 82 options. You can also upload your own voiceover and sync it with Vizeo.

Step 3: Customize

Use the intuitive editor to modify text, fonts, colors, images, and more. Customize every slide and add transition effects to make your video engaging.

And step 4: Render

Hit the render button and wait a few minutes for your stunning AI video to be ready.

You have the power to create captivating videos without the hassle: (I will show more clearly in the next part of my Vizeo review)


Vizeo Review- Who is the brain behind this idea?


Taqi Askari and Mo Miah are renowned software developers with stellar reputations. With a track record of success, they have proven themselves time and again in delivering high-quality and innovative software solutions. 

With over 4000 sales on the marketplace, they have garnered the trust and belief of numerous customers. This substantial number of sales serves as a strong endorsement of the quality and reliability of his products. Customers have repeatedly chosen their offerings, recognizing the value and effectiveness they bring.

For those looking to join this exciting venture, a simple search on the internet will reveal a range of their acclaimed products such as Notifio, Revio, Web Vitals Profits, Citation Profits, GMB Optimiser, Local Popups Profit, Local Leads Rocket, GMAPS Case Studies Secrets, Local Domain Profits, Reputation Closer and much more.

By exploring previous products, you can gain insight into the caliber of work they produce and the impact their software has had on countless businesses and individuals.

What are the key characteristics?

Elevate your marketing efforts with Vizeo‘s powerful features, including human talking actors, and text-to-speech voiceovers with seamless lip-sync technology.

This quick, easy-to-use, and scalable platform saves you valuable time, effort, and budget while offering an all-inclusive AI solution that handles every aspect of video creation without hassle or monthly fees.

Experience bigger attention, increased conversions, and skyrocketing sales as you leverage Vizeo’s cutting-edge capabilities to create captivating videos that leave a lasting impact on your audience.

Here are the features in detail:

👉  50 Done For You Customisable Templates To Choose From:

With 50 done-for-you templates in the hottest niches – this leaves no guesswork and saves you so much time. You can edit and fully customize every template to how you want. You’ll always have the perfect template for every client or your own personal use.

No tech skills or experience is necessary. Zero coding, learning, or outsourcing is needed. Vizeo is 100% newbie friendly and super simple to use.


👉  Get Professional Actors Without Spending Thousands:

You never need to worry about being on camera or using a mic. Vizeo creates stunning human-talking videos to convey your marketing message to the masses. Vizeo’s AI tech does all the hard work for you in just mere minutes.

There are 26 stunning human avatars to choose from or you can even upload and fully customize your own to make your video pop!


👉  Turn Photos Into Live Human Talking Characters:

Mind-blowing technology to create your own custom video actors from an uploaded image. Turn your photos into incredible digital human-talking avatars that grab big attention and skyrocket your sales without any effort.

Vizeo lets you fully personalize your marketing videos for stronger credibility and engagement with your viewers.


👉  Creating Epic Videos Is Drag-n-Drop Simple:

Customize & build your video the way you want. Drag-n-drop technology makes it so easy and fast to create jaw-dropping high-end animated AI videos like a pro!


👉  Full Range Of Male & Female Text To Speech Voice Overs:

Turn any text into professional voiceovers without recording your own voice.

‍Up to 82 different languages and 600 male/female voice accents to choose from.

You’ll have perfect voiceovers in just seconds without spending thousands of dollars on voice artists.


👉  Mind-Blowing AI Human Face Maker:

Blow your competition away by being unique and ahead of the curve. Vizeo’s cutting-edge AI automatically turns any photo into a unique digital talking human.

You can profit from this without worrying about any copyright infringements.


👉  Millions Of Image & Video Assets At Your Fingertips:

You can instantly search for any copyright-free images and stock video footage. Use them to spice your videos up without worrying about copyright and legal issues.


👉  Reach Global Audiences For Mass Exposure, More Leads & Sales

Endless possibilities to reach any type of audience and market. With just a click, you can create multilingual videos and voiceovers in any language inside Vizeo’s simple intuitive dashboard.

Vizeo’s powerful built-in text-to-speech engine comes loaded with 82 different languages and 600 male/female voice accents.


👉  Generate 100% Unique Voice Overs With Custom Voice Creation

Clone any voice and let Vizeo’s AI turn it into a 100% unique voiceover. Bypass Youtube, Facebook & Instagram copyright penalizer, so you can fully automate your content without any worries.


👉  Boost Your Reach By 90% By Adding Subtitle Captions

With Vizeo you can add subtitle captions to your video slides and boost your reach by 90%. Almost 90% of social media videos are watched on mute, so captions are key for high conversions.


Here are just a few of the other incredible features of Vizeo AI:

👉  Customize Actor

Fully charge the actor’s ethnicity, hair color, dress, and much more.

👉  Clone Audio

Re-purpose any existing voiceover file and turn it into a unique voiceover.

👉  Video Animations

Hook your prospects in and keep them engaged with special text effects and animations to spice your videos up.

👉  50 Pro Voices

Access a wide range of quality professional voiceover artists who sound more natural.

👉  Upload Your Own Voiceover

Personalize videos with your own voiceover or select from the hundreds of voice artists available.

👉  Create Podcasts

Vizeo lets you easily create your own series of podcast episodes in any niche with just a few clicks.

👉  1 Click Text To Speech Engine

Convert any text into a professional voiceover in any language with just 1 click.

👉  AutoSave

Any edits or changes you make to your video are auto-saved in seconds, so you never lose any work.

👉  Real-Time Preview

See any changes with the live preview before rendering, so you’ve got your video coming out perfectly every time.

👉  Duplicate Slides

Huge time saver, so you don’t need to create each slide from scratch. Keep your video theme consistent throughout.

Not stopping there, valuable bonuses are given to you if you invest in Vizeo today (Plus, our team offers you many special bonus packages, check them out at the end of this Vizeo review)



Add code “2OFF” for $2 OFF FE products

Vizeo Review- About the usigdetails

How exactly does it operate?

You will enter your information to sign in:


The main dashboard like this will be shown up:


[+]  Create a new project:

You will give it a name and start a new campaign.


There are many templates here, just pick up one:


You can add text to make voiceovers for the character.


It allows you to change the color of the background:


If you don’t want to use this face, you can change it. There are males and females as well:


You will insert text for each presenter on your video. The face will speak what you give to them:


You can choose the language for the speaker and customize the speaking speed, pitch, and volume for the voice:


There are many sections like ethnicity and hair color. You can set up the detail here:


And you’ve done it. Here is your final result:


That’s it, you just need to do what I presented and you can own the interactive videos in seconds. I hope my Vizeo review can help you imagine how to use the software effectively.

In what ways will buying this product be a vital investment for you?

♥  Capturing all viewers’ attention with human-talk videos

It is extraordinary to say that you don’t have to record your voice or appear on the video. With 50 ready-to-use templates covering the hottest niches, you have a wide range of options at your disposal. The templates are designed to emulate the mesmerizing AI human spokesperson style, ensuring that your videos have a professional and polished look.

What’s more, you can create videos in any language, making them accessible and versatile for a global audience. Once you have chosen a template, it’s time to add a voiceover. The advanced AI text-to-speech engine will transform any written text into high-quality voice-overs.

This eliminates the need to hire voice talent or record your own voice, saving you both time and money. With an impressive selection of 82 languages and 600 voice accents, you have the flexibility to cater to diverse audiences and create videos with natural-sounding voiceovers.

Within seconds, you can generate professional voiceovers that give your videos an extra touch of authenticity and professionalism. Your videos are interactive and all you have to do is select the templates and AI will work for you.

People also share their experiences with Vizeo, let’s see what they say:


♥  It is easy to edit.

Vizeo offers a drag-and-drop editor that allows you to fully customize the look and feel of your videos, giving you complete control over elements such as text, fonts, colors, images, and background images.

The editor provides a seamless experience, enabling you to add, move, and edit elements with ease. To make your videos even more engaging, you can incorporate text effects and animations that capture attention and leave a lasting impact on your viewers.

Additionally, the platform provides access to millions of royalty-free image and video assets, ensuring that you have a vast library of resources to enhance your creations without worrying about copyright issues.

♥  Vizeo grants you a full commercial license, enabling you to sell your AI videos and voiceovers to unlimited clients.

This means you can tap into a lucrative market and retain 100% of the profits. While others charge exorbitant prices for creating single video spokespersons, with this tool, you have the opportunity to generate substantial income. Imagine the earning potential when you can create stunning videos within minutes.

Take advantage of the commercial license to offer this red-hot service and make a lot of money like other freelancers:



What are the pricing and upgrade options?

Vizeo review: The front-end plans

Currently, there are two pricing options offered for you:

  • Vizeo Elite: $57 one-time payment
  • Vizeo Commercial: $67 one-time payment


Seize the opportunity to acquire Vizeo for just $67 and unleash its powerful potential. Act now to access its remarkable features, including lifelike human talking actors and seamless lip sync technology, revolutionizing text-to-speech voiceovers.

Elevate your marketing strategies, outshine competitors, and make a smart investment in Vizeo. Don’t delay—empower your business with cutting-edge video capabilities by purchasing Vizeo today.

Add code “2OFF” for $2 OFF FE products


The all-in-one Vizeo bundle offer

Price: $297 one-time payment

This is the special offer that the creator team provides in this launch. With this all-in-one Vizeo Bundle offer, you can get all products (FE + Upsells) at a great discounted price.

Let’s take a look at what you will get with this Vizeo bundle purchase:

  • FE Product: Vizeo Commercial
  • Upsell 1: Pro Edition
  • Upsell 2: Delux Edition
  • Upsell 3: VIP Templates Club
  • Upsell 4: Enterprise License
  • Access & Rights Included
  • Exclusive Bonus Packages
  • High-class Support Service
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee



With this Vizeo bundle purchase, you NEEDN’T pay any more RECURRING FEES. All is a ONE-TIME PAYMENT. Moreover, you will also get top-priority support service as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee policy.

Fast-Pass Offer: Vizeo Fast-Pass Bundle Offer ($247 one-time payment)

Sales page:

If you have already purchased the FE product and now want to grab all the OTOs, you should go for this offer to save a lot of money.

Let’s move to the next section to discover information on upsell versions!

Vizeo Review- The upsells

Immerse yourself in a world of captivating possibilities with these exclusive upsells, designed to take your video creation experience to new heights. Unlock a collection of additional stunning features and enhancements that will elevate the quality and impact of your videos. It’s time to come closer and discover the remarkable offerings that await you:

Upsell 1: PRO EDITION – $67 (one-time payment)

Sales page:

Unlock access to double the number of languages and voice accents, expanding your options and allowing for even more diverse and engaging videos.

  • Gain an additional 50 ready-to-use video templates, providing more variety and customization options to meet your specific needs.
  • Access 50 more premium voice artists, offering a wider range of voices and styles for your voiceovers, further enhancing the quality and uniqueness of your videos.
  • Explore an extensive collection of 300 additional voice accents across 82 languages, giving you unparalleled flexibility in creating videos that cater to diverse audiences.
  • Utilize the unlimited power of text-to-image AI, allowing you to transform your text into compelling visuals without any limitations.
  • Enjoy unlimited text-to-voiceover and file-to-voiceover conversions, giving you the freedom to generate high-quality voice-overs effortlessly.
  • Spice up your AI videos and voiceovers with a vast library of royalty-free music tracks, enhancing the overall impact and atmosphere of your content.
  • Benefit from live webinar training sessions that provide in-depth guidance on maximizing the potential of the tool, including tips and strategies for creating outstanding videos and voiceovers.

Upsell 2: DELUXE EDITION – $67 (one-time payment)

Sales page:

  • Utilize the exclusive lead finder tool to effortlessly discover high-quality leads specific to your Vizeo offering. This tool streamlines the lead generation process, allowing you to find potential clients without extensive effort
  • Connect any SMTP or G-Suite account to broadcast mass emails directly from the platform. This feature enables efficient communication with your leads, reaching a wider audience effortlessly.
  • Easily download pre-qualified local leads from any location worldwide. These leads are ready for your outreach, saving you time and effort in the lead acquisition process.
  • Obtain comprehensive information on every lead with just a click. This feature provides you with valuable insights and data to tailor your communication and approach accordingly.
  • Effectively manage your leads using the built-in leads manager. Tag and save leads for future follow-up, ensuring you stay organized and maintain effective lead nurturing.
  • Send fully formatted emails directly from within the application. This convenient feature enables you to compose and send professional-looking emails to your leads without the need for external tools.
  • The track opens and clicks on your emails to optimize your outreach efforts. This valuable data allows you to refine your communication strategy and improve the effectiveness of your email campaigns.
  • Receive a commercial license that provides you with multiple methods to start earning right away. The upgrade includes guidance on leveraging this license to generate income and maximize the value of your Vizeo offering.

Upsell 3: VIP TEMPLATES CLUB – $27 monthly / $127 yearly payment

Sales page:

With this upgrade, you gain access to 15 breathtaking AI video templates every month, covering the hottest niches. By receiving these monthly updates, you ensure that you stay relevant, up-to-date, and miles ahead of standard users.

The expert video team behind Vizeo will craft 15 additional stunning templates every month exclusively for you. These templates are automatically added to your Vizeo account, enabling you to keep up with the latest growth trends and maintain a profitable agency business.

The best part is that you can easily edit and customize these video templates according to your taste and requirements. Use them to create amazing human spokesperson videos for your own business or offer them to clients for substantial paydays. This opportunity allows you to scale your income to unimaginable levels without the need to hire expensive video teams or designers.

By leveraging these fresh video templates, you can save thousands of dollars that would otherwise be spent on video teams and designers. With Vizeo, you have the power to create high-quality videos on your own, enhancing your business and maximizing your profits.


  • 100 Licenses: $197 one-time payment
  • 300 Licenses: $297 one-time payment

Sales page:

Say goodbye to the complications, set up, and costs associated with starting a software business. With this solution, you can effortlessly sell our software as your own, without requiring any technical skills.

They provide a complete package that includes a 7-figure team of top-notch designers, copywriters, and developers, enabling you to leverage their expertise.

It’s a plug-and-play system that takes care of customer support for you, and they even provide video tutorials to guide you along the way. Embrace this opportunity to launch your own software business effortlessly and confidently.

Who is the primary beneficiary?

The primary beneficiary of Vizeo is anyone looking to enhance their video marketing efforts and drive better results.

Whether you’re a business owner, marketer, content creator, or freelancer, Vizeo empowers you to create captivating videos with human-talking actors and text-to-speech voiceovers.

It caters to individuals and organizations across various industries who seek to increase engagement, boost conversions, and ultimately achieve their marketing goals.

Vizeo Review- Upsides and Downsides


  • Easy creation of unique and stunning AI human spokesperson-style videos in any language
  • Powerful text-to-speech engine with support for 82 languages and 600 voice accents, providing a wide range of voiceover options without the need for expensive voice artists
  • Ability to clone any voice and transform it into a 100% unique voiceover, enabling automation of content creation without copyright concerns on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Transform text scripts into captivating marketing videos that significantly enhance engagement, generate leads, and boost sales.
  • Automatic addition of subtitle captions to video slides, enhancing reach and engagement by catering to the large percentage of social media videos that are watched on mute.
  • You’re completely protected by the 30-day 100% money-back guarantee
  • The 24/7 support team works against the clock for you.


It may take much time to choose voices and templates because you have many options here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Besides the information in my Vizeo review, you can aslo find some frequently asked questions below:

All questions are answered by the software developers)

Q/ What Is Vizeo?

Vizeo is an all-inclusive online platform that allows you to create stunning AI human talking videos & professional voiceovers across 82 different languages in just minutes! No tech skills or experience are needed.

It blows all the other apps right out of the water in terms of quality, features, speed, and results it produces.

Q/ Are There Training Videos Included?

Yes, there is an overview video plus step-by-step training videos provided on how to use the software.

Plus, the dedicated customer support team is on standby 24/7 if you’ve got any questions or need
any help.

Q/ What Is Vizeo?

Vizeo is an all-inclusive online platform that allows you to create stunning AI human talking videos & professional voiceovers across 82 different languages in just minutes! No tech skills or experience are needed.

It blows all the other apps right out of the water in terms of quality, features, speed, and results it produces.

Q/ What Makes Vizeo Different From Other Similar Tools?

Vizeo stands head and shoulders above the competition in terms of features, quality, ease of use, and results it brings. Other video builders charge you ridiculous monthly fees just to create and maintain 1 video alone, with Vizeo you can create as many videos as you want for the c.r.a.z.y low one-time price.

– Other video builders are very limited in features, slow, and often difficult to use. Vizeo is fully loaded with all the features you’ll ever need to create stunning, engaging, and profitable AI videos and pro voiceovers.

– Other software doesn’t have half of what Vizeo has and they charge ridiculous monthly fees.

Vizeo is an all-inclusive, under one easy-to-use dashboard. You would have to buy 10 different tools to do what Vizeo does in 1. The user interface is newbie friendly, easy to navigate and no tech skills needed.

Q/ Is There A Money Back Guarantee Policy?

Yes, a guarantee of 30 days is available to try out the platform, so it’s 100% no risk to you. If you’re unsatisfied with the software, just let them know and they’ll send you a full refund, no worries at all.

Q/ Is This Newbie Friendly?

Yes 100%, Vizeo has been designed for anyone of all ages, even if you have no tech skills or experience. It just takes a few simple steps and you’re done.

With drag-n-drop technology, you can easily create mind-blowing human-talking videos in just minutes from now. With 50 stunning done-for-you templates at your fingertips, all the hard work is done for you, leaving no guesswork.

The outcome of the Vizeo Review

In conclusion, Vizeo provides an efficient solution for creating captivating and professional videos. With its wide range of templates, AI text-to-speech engine, user-friendly customization options, and commercial licensing opportunities, it empowers you to meet the increasing demand for high-quality videos.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced video creator, this tool is a valuable asset that opens up new avenues for creativity, profitability, and success in the dynamic world of video production.

Thank you for reading my Vizeo review!




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Bonus Package #3: Traffic Solution

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And final step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours.

Thank you so much for reading my Vizeo review.

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