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ClickDesigns™ Review




If you buy things online, would you buy from a website without graphics?

No, right? Well, the truth is, 94% of people will NEVER buy from a website if it doesn’t have graphics or if they are ugly.

That’s why the design industry is worth a whopping $45.8 billion dollars because EVERYONE will pay over the odds for graphics that will sell their products and services like c.r.a.z.y.

As a result, if you sell anything, you need an amazing-looking website, blog, or sales funnel that attracts paying customers! Your website built without having stunning graphics cannot show potential customers you are their best choice.

So, how can you make an eye-catching image for your site?

I bet you may have tried other software but you get amateurish-looking graphics that will crush your credibility and sales. You want to cry or smash your screen because you put your heart and soul into a project, and can’t start selling because your graphics are ugly, or not ready and are forced to delay your business once again! 

Today, I’ll show you a product: ClickDesigns™ – that helps you effortlessly create stunning graphics that are WINNING and getting NON-STOP sales! 

Let’s check my review out!

ClickDesigns review- Product Overview



Mo Latif


The ClickDesigns™ software

Sales page


Front-end price

$67 (one-time payment) for Commercial Plan

Discount coupon

Use my code CD20OFF for $20 OFF
ClickDesigns Upgrade Bundle’s price $297 one-time payment

ClickDesigns Upgrade Bundle’s sales page


Yes, Huge Bonus


30-day money-back guarantee – NO QUESTIONS Asked!

Vendor’s support

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What is this software?

ClickDesigns is a brand-new, pixel-perfect sales weapon for logos, box shots, covers, reports, digital mockups, product bundles, illustrations, callouts, and many more sales-driven graphics on demand.

There is a truth that many top vendors on the WarriorPlus and Jvzoo platforms are using this ClickDesigns software to create their product boxes, graphics, and funnels for their launches. Like Rick Nguyen, Amit Gaikwad, Anirudh Baavra, Uddab Pramanik, and myself. I have used it to create images and graphics for my launches such as CreateBank, Short Videos Domination…etc.

As of now, on the Jvzoo platform alone, there have been over 8,000 copies sold and delivered to customers. The majority of customers love this product, and it has become an essential tool in their work.


What does it offer you today?

ClickDesigns™ gives you everything you need to effectively market & sell your products & services. It’s the only choice available on Earth that is changing the graphic design universe forever!


You can get phenomenal graphics without outsourcing or learning design:


ClickDesigns empowers everyone to have truly remarkable graphics without delays!


Who is behind this wonderful product?


Mo Latif is the one who is fully dedicated to producing this awesome product. After helping many vendors launch powerful software, he has decided to develop and release ClickDesigns – the impressive result of his great efforts and expertise.

He devoted 2 decades of experience to online digital mastery and has sold over 145,000 units on Clickbank, JVZoo & Warrior PLUS.

That’s why we can rely on his years of working experience to surely believe that he knows what our customers want and he knows how to drive their thoughts into buying our products!

ClickDesigns review- About using details

How to use this software

After completing your payment, you will immediately receive your login information via email (or you can also retrieve it in Jvzo Customer Member). Access the ClickDesigns software as follows:


And here is the main dashboard:


In this software, there are many beautifully designed and attractive templates already created. Your job is simply to choose the template you want and unleash your creativity according to your preferences:



Here are some images and graphics that I just created recently for my upcoming product launch:


I can’t see them, but I’m excited to hear more about those fantastic templates!

(I’m just showing a few, there are thousands of fantastic templates in each category).


1. Logo


2. Boxshots


3. Covers



4.1 Monitors


4.2 Laptop


4.3 Tablets


4.4 Phones


4.5 Watches


5. Bundle


6. Funnels

ClickDesigns Review – DEMO VIDEO

Here Are Some Graphics Created By Fellow ClickDesigners software:


ClickDesigns Review- Is it worth investing in?

The reason why ClickDesigns is so much better than anything else out there is that you can produce tons of stunning and impressive graphics out of the normality.

Honestly, ClickDesigns is a design powerhouse that levels the playing field for ordinary people like you to get extraordinary graphics that drive massive traffic, clicks, leads, and sales.

It’s the #1 “ultra-powerful” design weapon with baby-friendly controls, perfect for newbies, startups, and professionals who are non-designers. It can be said to be the first software of its kind that immediately shifts your creative weakness into your greatest strength, and competes with pro designers to get game-changing graphics in record time.

No matter what business you are in, you need irresistible graphics that will STOP, hold, and keep customers glued to your site until they buy!

Thanks to this wonderful tool, you instantly create shockingly amazing logos, box shots, covers, device mockups, bundles, illustrations, and a bunch of cool graphics in minutes.

Sound great, right?

You know, the creator of this tool is an experienced marketer, thus, he knows what we actually need and soon fulfills our needs without difficulties.

You only need a little good taste and some kind of creativity to build special footage with this software. No technical skills or graphic background is required buddy! 

I urge you to get hair-raising graphics without learning design, outsourcing, or hiring in-house right now!

Let’s see the table comparing this tool with others in the market!



What Others Are Saying About ClickDesigns Software:

Richard Fairbairn

Patty Huston

Tim Verdouw


Price & Evaluation

FE: ClickDesigns Commercial

Since this is a powerful tool and can bring you instant and amazing results, I have to say that $67 is a reasonable price.

This is a one-time investment with no recurring or hidden fees so don’t worry, that’s all you have to pay to revolutionize the way you create your images and attractive graphics.

Fully loaded with outstanding features, ClickDesigns can cost you a lot more and still get your attention, but the fact is that our talented vendor Mo Latif wants to make this tool accessible to more struggling marketers.

However, this price is only for devoted marketers who always find and keep track of new quality tools to improve their methods. That’s why it’s just available in a short time and will go up soon.

Moreover, your purchase will be protected by the 30-day money-back guarantee policy – No questions asked by the seller. So, your risk is TOTALLY FREE. Isn’t that awesome?

Here’s everything you get:


Click the button below to grab this with my $20 OFF discount coupon:


Use Coupon Code CD20OFF For $20 OFF

The upsells/Upgrades

Additionally, this deal comes with some powerful OTOs that I will update in detail for you as soon as possible:

The ClickDesigns Upgrade Bundle


With this bundle, you’ll save a lot of money when you buy it. Join me in exploring what you’ll get with this bundle.


Click the button below to access this ClickDesigns Upgrade Bundle offer:


And here are the details of each upgrade:

Upgrade #1: MAXIMIZER COMMERCIAL – $147 (one-time payment)


Coupon “50MAXIMIZER” for $50 Off

Get 2,000+ BRAND NEW Maximizer Templates, Expert Canvas Editor, Automated Logo Maker Engine, Custom Template Designer & 1 Click Design Cloner COMPLETE With Commercial Rights!


Upgrade #2: PROFESSIONAL COMMERCIAL – $127 (one-time payment)


Coupon “30PROFESSIONAL” for $30 Off

UNLOCK Worksheets, Checklists, Cheat Sheets, Photo-Realistic Mockups, Magazines Including Group Shots PRO & CUSTOM Device Builder For EXPLOSIVE High-Ticket Buyers & Sales.


Upgrade #3: DESIGN PAGES – $97 (one-time payment)


Coupon “20DESIGN” for $20 Off

High-converting design Pages for UNLIMITED Websites, Blogs, and sales Funnels For NON-Stop Traffic & Sales.

Get the million-dollar look without the million-dollar price tag for your business and your clients!


Upgrade #4: AGENCY COMMERCIAL – $247 (one-time payment)


Coupon “50AGENCY” for $50 Off

Exponentially Explode Your Income With a REAL AGENCY As Clients Consistently THROW Money At You For Phenomenal Designs Created At Lightning Speed Over and over Again!



Who should buy this ‘ClickDesigns’ software?

No matter what business you are in, this software will come in handy when you want to build creative and high-quality images for your site.

It is perfect for newbies, digital marketers, entrepreneurs, influencers, social media marketers, bloggers, authors & publishers, e-commerce, software creators, freelancers & many more. 


ClickDesigns Review- Pros and Cons


  • The world’s only All-In-One multi-purpose designer for all your graphic needs.
  • Creates stunning graphics & designs for your websites, blogs, and sales funnels in seconds without relying on freelancers or designers.
  • Get record-breaking attraction & engagement so you can get more clicks, leads & sales.
  • The ultimate, baby-friendly, point & click and drag & drop software that gets you pro designer graphics in a flash.
  • Launch your product or service overnight with superior “A Grade” design FAST & EASY.
  • Access ready-to-use, dynamic & beautiful templates across 28 niche categories.
  • Instantly boost sign-ups and exponentially increase sales with highly captivating & impactful designs.
  • In 1 click transform your blogs, websites, and sales funnels into powerful selling machines.
  • Get started immediately without any prior creative graphic design skills or technical coding experience.
  • Free Commercial License included so you can sell designs to everyone anywhere in the world.
  • 30 days, unconditional, 100% money-back guarantee.


  • Up to now, there is none

Frequently asked questions

(These Q&As are duplicated from the main sales page).

Q/ Is it really that easy to create amazing designs?

YES! ClickDesigns is point-and-click, drag-and-drop design software that takes care of the design work for you. The pre-designed templates are ready to go, which means you can be up and sprinting in minutes with your first design! Try it!

Q/ Am I still going to need to hire a coder and designer?

NO! You don’t and you don’t have to. ClickDesigns creates the designs for you and once you download them, you can directly add them yourself to any site builder.

This is your very own Creative Director on demand that works at the click of a mouse. No technical or creative skills are required.

Q/ Do I have to install anything on my computer?

NOPE! ClickDesigns is the perfect design tool that we host in the cloud so you can get immediate access. Just log in anywhere in the world and start creating mind-blowing masterpieces in minutes.

Q/ I don’t think I need graphics right now?

REALLY? As long as you have a business, you will constantly need graphics and design. Graphics are the only fuel that will make you stand out from the sea of competition. They are what will get you SALES!

However, if you think you don’t need graphics right now, then that’s fine too. You can come back later after the launch period and the one-time price on this page will no longer be available. You will be charged a premium of $67 per month upwards!

Q/ Who owns the designs I create inside ClickDesigns?

YOU DO! With ClickDesigns, you are the boss. You own all of the content you create and no one can use it—not even us!

Q/ Are the graphics and photos inside ClickDesigns free?

YES, they are free! All photos and graphics inside ClickDesigns are 100% royalty-free. Our templates, images, and photos do not require attribution, so you don’t have to worry when choosing from our library for your next project.

Q/ Can I use my own logos, photos, and images too?

DEFINITELY! You can upload your own logos, photos, graphics, and images into ClickDesigns and keep your branding intact. You can upload anything you want, and make it look exactly how you would’ve wanted!

Q/ Will this help me get more traffic & sales?

There are over 4 BILLION active internet users today, more than half of the world’s population, so there’s no shortage of traffic! What you have is a DESIGN PROBLEM.

You need to dress your sites up to impress your audience and convert them into BUYERS. That’s only conveniently and affordably possible with ClickDesigns.

Q/ Will this help me sell my products or services?

OBVIOUSLY! The reason why most businesses fail is that they have graphic designs as an afterthought and not as a necessity.

They assume that their product will sell itself. The point-and-click software GETS YOU your designs and will save you time so that you can focus your attention on other parts of the business without an ounce of worry.

Q/ I already have design software and it didn’t work!

NEWSFLASH: That’s why ClickDesigns is HERE. The creator team has used countless design software and hated every minute-mile of the process.

They’re not newbie-friendly and are mostly created with pro designers in mind. That’s why the team built ClickDesigns because like you, we hated everything else!

Q/ What’s the refund policy?

IT’S SIMPLE! You are protected by the iron-clad 90-day money-back guarantee. If you decide to get a refund, let the team know and they’ll deactivate your account and immediately give you your money right back!

If you have a technical issue, again, let them know and they will be super happy to help and fix it ASAP!

Q/ What if I have other questions, can someone assist me?

OH YEH! They would love to hear from you and help you out! Contact their customer happiness team by clicking the “Support” link at the bottom of every page or go directly to


With ClickDesigns, you will no longer have to deal with tons of hard work but receive a dead end. This ClickDesigns review is all I have experienced with this product. I hope you will have more information to make the right decision for yourself.

This price will go up soon so secure one copy of it before you have to pay more for the same product. Hope you will make a smart choice, thank you!



Moreover, if you purchase at least 1 OTO/Upsell, you will get all bonus packages below:

New Bonus Package #5: Amazing WordPress Plugins With PLR

New Bonus Package #4: Materials To Grow Your Online Business

Bonus Package #3: Traffic Solution

Bonus Package #2: Doodle Assets Kit

New Bonus Package #1: Online Marketing Toolkit


Step 1: Buy ClickDesigns™ Commercial on my website:


Use Coupon Code CD20OFF For $20 OFF

And here is the ClickDesigns™ Upgrade Bundle offer:


Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

And step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours.

Thank you so much for reading my ClickDesigns™ Review.

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