Extremely Standard Facebook Image Size To Optimize The Effectiveness Of Online Advertising

Extremely Standard Facebook Image Size To Optimize The Effectiveness Of Online Advertising

The size of Facebook images to run ads on social networks is the information that designers need to know in order to design images appropriately. Knowing the size of Facebook images, the new design department can collaborate seamlessly with marketers in effective social media planning.

Extremely Standard Facebook Image Size To Optimize The Effectiveness Of Online Advertising

Why is it necessary to design an image running on an image with the correct Facebook image size?

In the early days, Facebook was almost entirely text (posts) and links. It was rare for you to come across a small image and almost all of them were representative images. Therefore, we do not need to know exactly what Facebook image size is when there is already an appropriate image cropping tool right there. Nowadays, as the social network grows, marketing on Facebook with images becomes an important and integral part.

In particular, they are becoming increasingly dominant in becoming an extremely useful tool in social media planning. Photos on Facebook are attractive and attract the most attention on most personal pages. Even as applications that focus on dedicated images like Instagram are becoming more and more popular, photos on Facebook have never cooled down.

With a variety of categories and expressions, from images, videos, animations (animated GIFS). These tangible media are the preferred and central choice of many digital marketing strategies for every brand. A picture can be worth a thousand words. Indeed, just a great picture, special effects in the crowd, the chance for that brand to succeed is almost huge.

And of course, by setting new standards for Facebook image size, they want to ensure that you can effectively convey your thoughts and experiences by posting high quality images on social media. this association. Not only does Facebook help build great experiences for the community, Facebook is also getting the best results in terms of marketing and social media itself.

Facebook image size is important when doing social media planning

The need to run Facebook ads more and more, creative marketers always want to innovate their presentation style and design relentlessly to convince more customers. So we all have a common question: How accurate is our Facebook image size, so it fits in with the News Feed, timeline or the interface of Facebook in general?

Among the factors that contribute to creating great images for social media channels, size and shape (including length, width and direction) are the most influential factors in shaping images. How will the image appear? In fact, most Facebook images (from avatars to promotional photos) need to adhere to the sizes of Facebook photos they recommend if you really want them to stand out.

But keeping up with these standard sizes can sometimes be difficult, as they are always changing. And there is nothing worse than creating a great photo, but when uploading it to Facebook, the size is wrong. Moreover, for many people, they prefer to use Facebook on their phones rather than computers. So you need to take this into account when designing images for your marketing strategies.

At the time of 2019, Facebook is offering us 4 options when posting images: round, square, vertical and horizontal images. Regardless of whether you post an image in any format other than those 4, Facebook will automatically crop or compress your image to fit its standard frames.

Facebook image size is best to post a profile picture

When you visit any individual page, the circle image next to the username is the profile picture of that page. For a business, avatars are not only decorative effects for beautiful fanpage but also used for the purpose of brand recognition. Because this photo will follow you “go” everywhere, from posts. until the comments you post. So maybe this is the introduction that needs the most monumental and invested business when operating on Facebook.

For users who use desktop or laptop to access Facebook, Profile photos for the old interface will be displayed with size of 168 x 168 pixels. The aspect ratio of the Profile image is unchanged. In all cases, this ratio is always 1 : 1. Which means the Profile image on the profile will always be square (with the old interface has not been updated) or according to the latest updates from the size Facebook photos are circular.

When someone clicks on your profile picture, Facebook will display it under 850 x 850 pixels. Maximum and minimum acceptable Facebook image sizes are 2048 x 2048 and 168 x 168 pixels. However we recommend that you use only 761 x 761 pixel frames to ensure image quality. And of course if you can, 2048 x 2048 is always the best choice because they ensure you can project images of the highest quality.

Extremely Standard Facebook Image Size To Optimize The Effectiveness Of Online Advertising

The difference is that when appearing in the News Feed or in the notification, the images will display in a circular frame and automatically compressed to fit 40 x 40 pixels. Please keep this in mind when doing social media planning and do not design Profile images with the logo in the corner if you do not want those logos to be separated from the Profile image displayed in the News Feed.

Another “trick” if you want to use photos with people as avatars is to adjust the angle so that the frame can cover the entire face. Or at least the eyes are still clearly visible even with the images are the smallest in size because everyone likes to be connected to people around them through their eyes.

Extremely standard Facebook Cover image size to run online ads

Present at the top of the timeline of each individual page, cover photos are the perfect place for you to express your personality and highlights. The overall aspect ratio for most Facebook Cover photo sizes is 2.7: 1, with sizes ranging from 851 x 315 pixels to the largest of 2037 x 754 pixels.

Extremely Standard Facebook Image Size To Optimize The Effectiveness Of Online Advertising

For your own personal page (not a fanpage), the advice for you is do not try to turn them into banners, advertising signs even if you are the owner of the business. Try to avoid the slogan, slogan, call-to-action… as much as possible.

The function of cover photos on fan pages is a place for businesses to implement marketing campaigns, introduce their brands and products. Therefore cover photo plays an important role. The standard Facebook Cover image size on the fanpage is only slightly different from the standard ratio for individual pages. This ratio is 2.63: 1, the maximum size is 1985 x 745 pixels, the minimum is 820 x 312 pixels.

Like here, the cover photo for fanpage is not necessarily, nor should it be just an advertisement banner. Businesses should use them to express their individuality, leveraging them as a branding opportunity rather than a marketing opportunity. The great thing with cover photos of this type is that they are no longer hidden in any area. Because Facebook has redesigned the look of business pages with avatars across the left of the cover image. So to optimize your marketing activities, do not hesitate to create fanpage instead of personal pages.

Extremely Standard Facebook Image Size To Optimize The Effectiveness Of Online Advertising

Currently, most major social media channels like Facebook or Twitter allow users to control profile pictures and cover photos with a combination of tools to scale and resize these images until they are complete perfect. However, you should also keep in mind that Facebook will automatically resize the cover photo as needed to ensure it matches the resolution of many different screens.

Is Facebook Stories photo size limited?

Stories is one of the new features that Facebook learns from Instagram and this is obviously one of the features that Facebook will focus on in the near future. Therefore, there is no reason for businesses to miss a great opportunity to set up social media planning on Facebook. Stories are considered an extremely suitable feature for posting ads using image elements.

Similar to Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories will display in full screen for mobile devices. The ideal Facebook image size for images used in Stories is 1080 x 1920 pixels or with a ratio of 9:16 (width x height). When designing images to upload to Stories, pay attention to the most important details in the center of the image. Avoid inserting important information at the top or bottom of the image. Because the profile image and some function buttons (such as react, comment, etc.) are included here by default and may partially obscure your content.

Extremely Standard Facebook Image Size To Optimize The Effectiveness Of Online Advertising

With the new updates, Facebook Stories has allowed users to post freely. However, if you want your “story” to look authentic and seem like an image taken immediately without editing, the size we mentioned above is still most appropriate.

Facebook image size to run ads, attach text/links

When it comes to images that you post and share on the newsfeed, the Facebook image size allows you to diversify the size of your photos in 3 forms: square oriented photo, portrait oriented photo, landscape oriented photo. However, how your images are displayed on Facebook, in addition to being influenced by its frame size, is also governed by the number and order of the images you upload.

If you only upload odd photos (ie 1 photo) to Facebook, the maximum width that can be achieved is 492 pixels. The length of the photo will depend on the shape or aspect ratio of the image you upload. The horizontal, square and vertical images will have a maximum length of 276, 492 and 738 pixels respectively. Whereas if you download multiple square images at the same time, the photos will be arranged as follows:

  • 2 photos: 245 x 246 px (for both)
  • 3 images: 492 x 245 px (top image), 245 x 245 px (2 images below)
  • 4 photos: 245 x 245 px (for all)
  • 5 or more images: only displays the first 5 images with a size of 245 x 245 px (top 2 images), 163 x 163 px (left – right bottom right), 162 x 163 px (bottom center)

Extremely Standard Facebook Image Size To Optimize The Effectiveness Of Online Advertising

With a collection of many horizontal images, Facebook image size will be:

  • 2 photos: 492 x 245 px
  • 3 images: 492 x 327 px (top image), 245 x 163 px (2 images below)
  • 4 images: 492 x 327 px (top image), 163 x 163 px (bottom left, bottom right), 162 x 163 px (middle image)
  • 5 or more images: only displays the first 5 images with 245 x 245 px (2 images on the left), 245 x 163 px (top and bottom right), 145 x 162 px (middle right)

Extremely Standard Facebook Image Size To Optimize The Effectiveness Of Online Advertising

In contrast, with vertical images, the layout for that post will be:

  • 2 photos: 245 x 492 px
  • 3 photos: 327 x 492 px (left image), 163 x 245 px (2 images on the right)
  • 4 images: 327 x 492 px (top image), 163 x 163 px (top and bottom right), 163 x 162 px (middle right)
  • 5 or more images: only displays the first 5 images with dimensions of 245 x 245 px (top 2 images), 163 x 163 px (bottom left and bottom right), 162 x 163 px (middle image below)

Extremely Standard Facebook Image Size To Optimize The Effectiveness Of Online Advertising

In case you upload photos in different formats, Facebook will arrange the layout based on the first image. Currently, in order to have an effective marketing strategy and attract viewers, we should combine many different image images. So that when posted on the fanpage, the images will be arranged more beautifully, more diverse without being covered. Assemble the content you want to show. Some of the following size examples will help you get more ideas in resizing richer Facebook photos.

Notes on the size of Facebook images when posting images with links

Page to Web advertising is one of the advertisements that businesses use when implementing social media planning to attract more people to visit their website. When you share a link of a website, Facebook will use algorithms to find the tagline related to the image, such as the og: image tag, and use that image to share on the News Feed.

So to make sure Facebook will choose the image you want, manually insert the og: image tag in the header (the <head> section) on each page of your website. Or another way to dominate the selection of images to display with links is to use the plugin, which is responsible for processing the code and deploying most of the installation for you.

For most images that you share on your profile or attached images, the optimal size for them is 1200 x 628 pixels. However, whether you share landscapes, portraits or square photos, the size of your Facebook photos will change to 500 x 261 pixels or the ratio of 1.91: 1 to fit on the web browser. One note that you need to remember when arranging your photo layout in the design of digital marketing products is that Facebook tends to crop your photo from the bottom up. Therefore, you should place the most important details at the top of the image in case you are unable to keep the ideal size.

In addition to Page to Web, businesses also like to use Multi Product advertising products. For these conveyor belt posts, each picture of your product will be cropped to fit into a 300 x 300 pixels square frame.

Through this article, I hope you have a more detailed view of social media planning in particular and digital marketing in general.

Thank You For Reading! Feel free to ask any question!

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