IM Checklist V14 Seo Review: Successfully Boost Your Website’s Ranking On Search Engine

IM Checklist V14 SEO Review



There is no doubt that ranking is so important to the fate of a website.

When people search for something online, it is believed that they do not want to waste too much time reading all the pages, even reading 5 pages is quite tiring for them.

For that reason, high rankings are the constant purpose of online marketers., which allows them to get closer to potential customers, make their websites stronger, and earn traffic.

However, rankings are in relation to SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) and not everyone gets familiar with this field. The second problem is, how to complete hundreds or even thousands of websites out there.

Normally, entrepreneurs pay thousands of dollars for paid advertising or having agencies dealing with SEO. It costs an arm and a leg, definitely!

Others with low budgets spend a lot of time doing research and when finding out something, they are left so far behind. It is painful, too!

I have an alternative for you – IM Checklist V14 SEO. The product will show you how to overcome these obstacles without wasting so much time and money.

Let’s get started right away.



Creator Kevin Fahey
Product IM Checklist V14 SEO
Front-End Price $17
Bonus Yes, a Huge Bonus
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 14-day money-back guarantee
Niche SEO
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly recommend!


It includes 19 step–by–step checklists with training videos to help you have quite a deep understanding of the SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) field.

Optimize your websites and get a higher ranking by doing 3 simple steps: first, access the IM Checklist; second, follow the steps and instructions; third, apply and successfully increase rankings.

Especially, the product comes with Private Lable Rights, which speaks for its high quality.


Creator Of IM Checklist V14

IM Checklist V14 SEO was created by Kevin Fahey, a 7 – figure marketer whose coaching clients paid up to $5,000 to access. Kevin has been dedicated to internet marketing professional for eight years to become a successful affiliate marketer like now.

Kevin and his team have earned a reputation from many popular and high–end products such as: iDasho JVZoo Extractor, IM Checklist V9 Outsourcing, and IM Checklist Self Publishing.

IM Checklist V14 SEO continues to be his next success.


“How can 19 checklists help you?”

Here is the answer:

#1 – Educate Yourself

Kevin has put all of his valuable coaching experiences into creating these checklists. Like his former students, you can follow those reliable, proven step-by-step processes to complete any task.

Previously, each paid between $1,000 and $5,000 to access, now the price is not that expensive. With that said, you can access high-quality coaching without paying too much.

#2 – Create Quality Blogs Posts

The blog post is already in the process of being created with specific checklists. By adding some images and some extra SEO-friendly text, you will have blog posts ready to go in minutes.

Then you will run paid traffic to blog posts, target new interests (cold audience), build trust, and then follow up with the lead and sale.

This way is relatively convenient because you can manage to finish the process without too much technical knowledge. It sounds great, doesn’t it?

#3 – Create Lead Magnets

Take the video marketing checklist, Kevin will illustrate very clearly the ways to build the list and how to get massive traffic.

Inside it, you also have a chance to visit his own videos related to products and others for accumulating more experiences.

#4 – Rebrand & Resell

The checklists are able to be easily rebranded, including links to recommended products that services where you earn a commission and build a buyers list. A not-bad alternative right?

#5 – Done For You Product Idea

The most difficult part of creating a product is “where to find the idea” and then “how to have the complete outline”. Just dismiss these worries now.

Because Kevin spent weeks creating each checklist ensuring every part is covered on that particular topic with great details which will give you a lot of ideas on creating a product.

All the hard work has been already done for you.


Below are 19 powerful checklists which help you to achieve your goals:

1/ Are 301 Or 302 Redirect Best For SEO?

We certainly cannot avoid redirects. However, they do affect your SEO positively or negatively and this checklist will help you realize when it happens when and which redirect is better.

2/ Show The Way How to Check Domain Authority and Page Authority

Domain authority is known as a search engine ranking score that predicts how high your website will rank.

In this checklist, you will find out how you can check your domain and page authority as well as your website’s ranking prediction

3/ You Will Be Instructed on How to Do Keyword Research and Analysis

Some keywords can be little goldmines because they are extremely easy to rank. This checklist will show you exactly how to find those types of keywords and how to do keyword analysis and then make a better decision on which keyword to choose.

4/ Allow You To Know Whether You’ve Been Hit By A Negative SEO

Negative SEO has a huge effect on your rankings, and in case you’ve been hit by one, this checklist will show you exactly how to deal with getting rid of him. It means the checklist helps to protect your websites from negative impacts.

5/ How To Do Off-Page SEO

Your websites can not rank highly on search engines without doing OffPage SEO well, so you have to pay attention to find out the most effective ways for Off-Page SEO. In this checklist, the methods are going to reveal to you.

6/ How to Understand Searcher Intent & Boost SEO Rankings

Search engines exist to help provide users with information and results that are relevant to their search.

If you can optimize your websites to be closely connected with the searcher’s intent, your SEO rankings will go through the roof!

And this checklist will tell you exactly how you can achieve that.

7/ How to Research & Improve Your Site Speed?

Website speed is another crucial part of SEO. This checklist will show you the way how to figure out your website speed and how to improve it better.

8/ The Small Business Owners Guide To Conquering SEO

This checklist is built and specifically intended for small business owners to help them dominate with SEO.

9/ How to Track and Monitor SEO Results?

After you have finished setting up your website for search engine ranking success, you need to be aware of whether you are achieving the results or not.

This is important so that you can keep doing what’s working and adjust what isn’t for better results.

10/ How to Use Google SEO tools?

Google has a plethora of tools available for its users to create exciting, dynamic, and engaging experiences. This checklist will show you how you can take advantage of Google SEO tools.

11/ How To Do On-Page SEO?

On-page SEO is the practice of maximizing and optimizing web pages individually so that they get a higher rank and bring you the most relevant traffic.

On-Page SEO is crucially important for good rankings and this checklist will give you the detailed steps you need to take in order to achieve the best results doing On-Page SEO.

12/ The First Steps Of Your SEO Audit: Indexing issues

If your site is not indexed then it merely means one thing, search engines are not reading your site. This checklist enables you to deal with this situation as fast as possible.

13/ How to Do High-Quality Link Building for SEO

Link building can be understood as the process of getting other websites to link back to your website. Link building is extremely important in order to rank well because it proves your website is reliable.

This checklist will instruct you step-by-step on how to build your links for SEO.

14/ How to Build an E-commerce SEO Strategy for Large Retailers

It is a MUST–HAVE TOOL If you have an E-com store! This is a complete step-by-step strategy to dominate SEO rankings so that you can earn huge profits.

15/ How to Fix Technical SEO Problems

Technical SEO problems are sometimes unavoidable. This checklist is specially researched for those occasions so you would know exactly what to do if that ever happens!

16/ How To Use Twitter To Dominate Google Search Results?

A social network can bring better google search results. This checklist is going to show you how to make use of Twitter – one of the most popular networks to dominate rankings.

17/ How to Avoid Duplicate Content on Your E-commerce Site?

Before a page can work efficiently and get a good ranking, it needs to be crawled as well as indexed. A good ranking also requires the prevention of duplicating content and in this checklist, you will learn how to avoid that.

18/ How to Do a Necessary SEO Audit for a Small Business

SEO Audit is a process for the evaluation of search engine friendliness for a website in a number of areas, they are essential and compulsory for every site and you must not miss out on this checklist.

19/ How to Develop and Build an SEO Content Strategy

Whether you are starting on content marketing or if you have been using the same approach for quite a while now, it is always positive to revisit your strategic plan.

This checklist will show you how to develop and build a SOLID SEO content strategy that is the latest, strong, and innovative.


There is a lot to do with the product, such as:


  • turn them into PowerPoint Presentations.
  • edit, add graphics, and re-brand in any way you wish.
  • claim full authorship.
  • use them to create a video training course.
  • add them to a membership site.
  • use them to build your email list (individual checklists only)
  • use them to create blog posts or infographics
  • and translate them into different languages


IM Checklist V14 SEO is designed for anyone who gets involved in running a website and gaining a higher ranking as well as saving time, staying focused and getting better results on search engines.

They are eCom Store Owners, Affiliate Marketers, Bloggers,…



  • Give you a deep and thorough understanding of the SEO topic
  • Used for various purposes
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions for everyone to follow
  • Boost rankings quickly
  • 14 money-back guarantee


  • There are no disadvantages to using this product



You will get IM Checklist V14 SEO at a reasonable price of $17. I personally think it is worth more than that so it will be a smart investment for your business.

Monthly Membership

IM Funnels Basic



IM VIP Training


You will be offered some bonuses as below:

1/ Solo Ad Escape (Delivered in members’ area)

2/ Dropout Entrepreneur (Delivered in members area)

3/ Open Rate Explosion (Delivered in members’ area)

4/ 11 Questions To Success (Delivered in members area)


In my opinion, IM Checklist V14 SEO is comprehensive coaching compiled by an accomplished marketer and product creator in the field.

Therefore, if you are really struggling to develop your business, take a look at the product and decide whether it meets your expectation.

Thank you so much for reading my review till the end, hopefully, you will make a wise decision

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