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Welcome to my Dynamic Dental Dollars review…

The world of dental care isn’t just about clean teeth and bright smiles; it’s a goldmine of potential for marketing experts. Unlike passing trends, dental services are something people will always need.

Dentists don’t just stumble into their profession; they invest years in education and training, which means they’re deeply committed to what they do. Even when challenges arise, they’re in it for the long haul.

Now, let’s introduce you to the trusty companion on this journey: Dynamic Dental Dollars. Think of it as your map, compass, and guiding star all rolled into one for the realm of dental marketing.

In this article, I’ll be your tour guide through the lush landscape of dental marketing and show you why it’s such a promising place for marketing agencies. I’ll also reveal how Dynamic Dental Dollars can be your key to unlocking the treasures within.

So, fasten your seatbelt, and let’s embark on an exciting expedition to explore how this remarkable tool can lead you to success in the dental marketing universe.

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Dynamic Dental Dollars Review- Product Overview


Jeanne Kolenda & Uncle Bruce


Dynamic Dental Dollars

Sales page

Click here: https://dynamicdentaldollars.com/

Front-end price

$37 (one-time payment)

All-in-one Dynamic Dental Dollars bundle

YES, include, FE, FE Bump, OTO 1, OTO1 Bump, OTO 2, OTO 2 Bump, OTO3, OTO 3 Bump, all bonuses, and 24/07 high-quality support!

Dynamic Dental Dollars bundle price

$198 (one-time payment)


Yes, Huge Bonus


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What is this program?


Dynamic Dental Dollars introduces a groundbreaking strategy that allows you to become the most sought-after Marketing Consultant for Dentists.

This innovative ‘multi-maze’ approach grants you easier access to top-notch dentist prospects, all while reducing your workload, minimizing stress, and achieving higher ROI than ever before.


Dynamic Dental Dollars review- Who crafted it?


This amazing product is spearheaded by two renowned figures: Jeanne Kolenda and Uncle Bruce.

Jeanne Kolenda brings a thick expertise in marketing and consulting, particularly in the dental industry. Her extensive experience and deep knowledge make her an invaluable asset to the Dynamic Dental Dollars team.

Uncle Bruce is another key figure behind Dynamic Dental Dollars, known for his unique insights and approaches in the field of dental marketing.

With a track record of delivering exceptional results, Uncle Bruce‘s contributions have helped countless marketing consultants and dentists achieve their goals.

Together, Jeanne Kolenda and Uncle Bruce combine their skills, knowledge, and passion to empower individuals with the tools and strategies needed to excel in the competitive world of dental marketing through Dynamic Dental Dollars.

You can check their experience through some of their launches like AI Video Boost, Social Entrepreneur 365: Daily Celebrations, Senior Healthcare Hero GPT, Social Entrepreneur 365, Micro Service Empire, Social Home Services, Local Client Systems, and so on.

Dynamic Dental Dollars Review- What are the distinctive aspects?

You can assist new dentists in standing out from the competition and establishing themselves in the market.

The effective strategies they employ for both experienced and newer dentists are also highly successful for Orthodontists, Implant Dentists, and Pediatric Dentists!

The success boils down to three key factors:

   1/ Your target audience

   2/ Your outreach methods

   3/ Your offerings

You’ll receive a foolproof dental prospecting and marketing system that enables anyone to create attention-grabbing marketing campaigns.

Take a look at what you’ll learn in this training:

  • Discover the “2 Worlds of Dentistry” that no one talks about, helping you understand your target market better.
  • Learn how Uncle Bruce gained insights from a private dentists-only forum about what they really think of marketers and dentists who use them.
  • Find out which niche within the dental industry is most eager to engage with you and why starting there is a smart move.
  • Identify the dental niche that must market itself and why.
  • Understand the one entity that is impacting competition in dentistry, potentially working in your favor.
  • Explore the possibility of dentists who are employees of other dentists becoming your clients.
  • Discover the surprising lifetime value of each patient to a dentist.
  • Learn about dental practice management companies and whether they are your competition.
  • Master a simple math computation that demonstrates your understanding of dentists’ businesses.
  • Understand how effective marketing can potentially lead to dentists earning more than medical surgeons.
  • Learn why targeting the right dentists is crucial for your success as a consultant.
  • Follow a checklist to ensure you’re targeting the right dentists and not wasting time.
  • Evaluate whether a dentist’s online presence or lack thereof, indicates their suitability as a client.
  • Explore strategies for dentists with no online reputation, good or bad.
  • Learn how to find the Patient Intake Form online, a clue for targeting specific dentists.
  • Discover the multi-maze approach to reaching out to dentists, with various effective methods.
  • Find out about a local government website that provides a daily list of new businesses.
  • Understand how becoming a ‘dental niche specialist’ can allow you to charge more than the competition.
  • Learn a ‘rejection-proof’ conversation that is highly effective in closing deals.
  • Explore ways to bypass gatekeepers if you choose to contact dentists directly.
  • Discover how to explain your services using questions rather than pitches.
  • Embrace the policy of not repitching anyone who says ‘not interested.’

More than that, it includes many aspects here:

👉    Choosing the Right Clients

Remember, big dental chains like Aspen Dental can make money, but they might not be the perfect fit for your agency.

👉    Smart Strategy

This system is designed to match the wisdom of Dan Kennedy’s ‘Messaging and Markets’ in just a few minutes.

👉    Social Networking

They recommend a professional social network (not Facebook) that could be your go-to method for marketing, making things easier for you.

👉    Be Cautious

Don’t overdo it! Sending too many invites on this professional network can cause problems, so be careful.

👉    Effective Emails

Their “Thanks for connecting with me” email template is super friendly and not pushy, and it works like a charm with potential clients.

👉    Finding New Practices

Learn how to spot new dental practices that have just started, often within days of opening their doors.

👉    Daily Data

Get daily updates on new dental practice owners in various states, ensuring you have a constant flow of motivated potential clients.

👉    Instant Alerts

Enjoy automatic alerts that let you know when a new business is about to open up shop.

👉    Google’s Secret

Discover a hidden trick to get Google to give you a regular supply of new dental business leads, ready and eager to connect.

👉    Free Social Media Posts

You’ll have access to loads of social media posts designed specifically for the dental industry, a resource that would typically cost a fortune, but it’s included at no extra cost.

👉    Cold Email Made Easy

Think of their cold email approach as a quick solution for connecting with potential dentists, just like taking aspirin for a headache.

👉    Email Crafting Help

They’ll guide you through an 8-step system to create highly effective emails with the best chances of getting a response.

👉    Targeting Specialties

Find out the four best approaches to market specialty dentists like Orthodontists and Implant Dentists.

Check out these gorgeous social posting images, this is available by instant download as soon as you order:

  • 60 Dentist 2.0 (Brand New) Images
  • 60 Dental Implant Images
  • 60 Orthodontic Images
  • 60 Pediatric Dentist Images
  • 50 Page Training Manual For Dentists (PDF)
  • Report on Dental Market / Size / Dollars / Competition
  • Report on Dental Implant Market / Size / Dollars / Competition
  • Report on Orthodontic Market / Size / Dollars / Competition
  • Report on Pediatric Dental Market / Size / Dollars / Competition
  • Dental Practice Reports for the Client & Consultant
  • 5 Editable Dental Social Covers
  • 5 Editable Dental Implant Social Covers
  • 5 Editable Orthodontic Social Covers
  • 5 Editable Pediatric Dental Social Covers
  • Editable Dental Facebook Ads
  • Editable Dental Implant Facebook Ads
  • Editable Orthodontic Facebook Ads
  • Editable Pediatric Dental Facebook Ads
  • “Cold to Cozy” Email Training / With Templates

For more details, you will get 2 amazing bonuses below for totally FREE from the author team, they are available in the member area:


For more details, click the button below to access the main sales page:


Deciding factors that make this product stand out from the competition

Let me show you some factors:

♥   Dynamic Dental Dollars solves this strong demand by good dentists for marketing help

These dentists are dedicated to providing top-notch dental care but recognize that reaching out to more patients requires effective marketing strategies.

However, not all dentists are marketing experts. You can help them with Dynamic Dental Dollars. It steps in as the trusted ally, offering dentists the tools and know-how to spread the word about their exceptional services.

By simplifying marketing and providing valuable insights, it empowers dentists to focus on what they do best – providing excellent dental care – while also ensuring their practice continues to thrive and grow.

In this training, you will have enough information to consult and support dentists to build up their dental business.

From expertise knowledge to business experience, you know in and out. Dynamic Dental Dollars shows the strategy to do’s and don’ts, how to access potential customers and calculate the cost of business building.

In this internet world, even though this dentist is a genius, less social media advertising makes him “jobless”. So with training, you can help them with better marketing, online presence, and social platforms.

It will teach you how to use email and phone calls to close the deal and make customers come to their clinic. It could be said that Dynamic Dental Dollars has everything and are so powerful.

♥   Dynamic Dental Dollars provides data-driven strategies

Firstly, it shows you how much each patient is worth to a dentist over their lifetime. This means you can understand just how valuable every person who walks into a dentist’s office can be.

Secondly, it teaches you how to use local government websites to find potential clients. These websites help you discover new dental practices that have recently started. This info is like gold for your business.

By giving you these practical tools, Dynamic Dental Dollars makes sure you’re not just guessing. You’ll be able to make informed decisions that can lead to success in the world of dental marketing.

What is the payment amount?

Dynamic Dental Dollars FE

You can secure your access to Dynamic Dental Dollars at an incredibly low price of just $37. It’s a fantastic value considering the wealth of knowledge and resources it provides.

Dynamic Dental Dollars equips you with comprehensive training, insider insights, and data-driven strategies to dominate the field of dental marketing. You’ll also benefit from diverse outreach methods, ongoing support, and ethical principles that set you up for success.

However, it’s essential to be aware that this exceptionally affordable offer may not last indefinitely. There could be an upcoming price increase on the horizon.

So, if you’re looking to take advantage of this valuable opportunity to enhance your dental marketing skills and boost your consultancy, act now before the price goes up.

Let’s recap everything that you will get:


Click the button below to access the main sales page:


FE Bump ($9.94)

New Set of 5 Stunning, Editable Dental YouTube Videos.

You’re getting a professionally made stunning set of these New Dental YouTube Videos. Easy to post on a YouTube channel or on your consultant website or a dental client’s site… OR use it as a door-opener to get a dental prospect’s attention. It would cost a small fortune to have 5 videos of this quality produced so you’ll save plenty AND not have to do any work!

The upsells/OTOs

Moreover, here are some upgrade options available for your business, should you find them necessary to enhance your operations and achieve your goals.

Buying these OTOs is not mandatory; you can choose any OTO you want. They are also very enticing and valuable.

PLEASE NOTE: Please make sure to purchase the front end through our website and find my ID during checkout to be eligible for all of our valuable bonuses at the end of this review.

Like this:


Dynamic Dental Dollars OTO #1 ($57)

Salespage: https://dynamicdentaldollars.com/oto1

Massive Image, Posts and Graphics Collection

Let’s recap everything that you will get:

  • 120 Additional Dentist 2.0 Images, Editable Files, and Comment Sheet
  • 120 Additional Dental Implant Images, Editable Files, and a Comment Sheet
  • 120 Additional Orthodontic Images, Editable Files, and a Comment Sheet
  • 120 Additional Pediatric Dentist Images, Editable Files, and a Comment Sheet
  • Canva Video Training Course Makes It Easy To Edit
  • 5 Dentist Blog Posts
  • 5 Dental Implant Blog Posts
  • 5 Orthodontics Blog Posts
  • 5 Pediatric Dentist Blog Posts
  • 10 Dental Infographics – Dental Info presented in popular graphics format

Downsell 01:

Salespage: https://dynamicdentaldollars.com/ds1

Save $20 with this downsell.

OTO #1 Bump ($9.94)

A new set of 5 Editable Dental Implant YouTube Videos

You’ll receive a professionally crafted collection of these impressive New Dental Implant YouTube Videos. They are effortlessly shareable on your YouTube channel, consultant website, or a dental client’s website.

Alternatively, you can leverage them as a conversation starter to captivate implant dentists’ interest.

Producing five videos of such high quality would typically incur a substantial expense, but with this package, you’ll not only save significantly but also avoid any laborious production tasks!

Dynamic Dental Dollars OTO #2 ($67)

Salespage: https://dynamicdentaldollars.com/oto2

Dental Newsletters, Dental Videos, & Dental Articles

Let’s recap everything that you will get:

  • 12 – Dentist Newsletters – New Dental Newsletters w/high-value content & attractive template designs- these are VERY Impressive. $999 Value
  • 12 – Orthodontic Newsletters – New Dental Newsletters w/high-value content & attractive template designs- these are VERY Impressive. $999 Value
  • 12 – Dental Implant Newsletters – New Dental Newsletters w/high-value content & attractive template designs- these are VERY Impressive. $999 Value
  • 12 – Pediatric Dentist Newsletters – New Dental Newsletters w/high-value content & attractive template designs- these are VERY Impressive. $999 Value
  • Editable Dental Newsletter Template
  • Editable Orthodontics Newsletter Template
  • Editable Dental Implant Newsletter Template
  • Editable Pediatric Dentist Newsletter Template
  • 90 – Dental Videos & Comment Sheet – Get Ready For NINETY Professional Videos All About Dentistry! PERFECT for building credibility and patient education…$1200 Value!
  • 10 Dental Articles – Professionally written Dental Articles posted on blogs, and websites, and even included in email campaigns. $99 Value.

Downsell 02:

Salespage: https://dynamicdentaldollars.com/ds2

Save $30 with this downsell.

OTO #2 Bump ($9.94)

A new set of 5 Editable Orthodontic YouTube Videos

Your Dental Marketing will be noticed and appreciated when you display these Ortho Videos. Easy to add to your channel or a doctor’s channel and adds entertainment and education …Something patients can relate to and act on.

Dynamic Dental Dollars OTO #3 ($97): MEGA SEO System

Salespage: https://dynamicdentaldollars.com/oto3

Let’s recap everything that you will get:

  • GSite Course (valued at $299) – We are including one of the most popular and proven SEO courses available today.
  • Dental WordPress Theme – You’re getting a custom-made WordPress Theme for the Dental Niche – including support. It’s a PERFECT tool to offer any dentist who wants his/her first website OR wants to update their existing site. This also demonstrates YOU are a marketing specialist in their niche.
  • Google Training – Local Client Mastery – 10 High-Value Google Ranking Videos

OTO #3 Bump ($9.95)

A new set of 5 Editable Pediatric Dental YouTube videos

Here’s the ideal marketing solution for your Pediatric Dental prospects and clients.

It’s user-friendly for editing and customization, and the best part is, that you’ll save hundreds of dollars compared to trying to create it on your own.

The ability to promptly offer dentists tailored videos sets you apart from other consultants.

Who is the ideal customer?

The ideal customer for Dynamic Dental Dollars includes marketing consultants, dental marketing specialists, marketing agencies, dental practice managers, marketing coordinators, and anyone keen on assisting dentists with their marketing efforts while expanding their own consultancy.

It’s a perfect match if you’re enthusiastic about mastering dental marketing and gaining insider insights like data-driven strategies.

Moreover, if you value ethical marketing practices and aspire to stay current with the latest trends in the dental marketing arena, Dynamic Dental Dollars is tailored just for you.

Dynamic Dental Dollars Review- Advantages and limitations


  • Dynamic Dental Dollars offers in-depth training for dental marketing, suitable for both beginners and experienced consultants.
  • It provides valuable insider insights, such as data-driven strategies and niche specialization tips, giving you a competitive edge.
  • The product emphasizes data-driven marketing, helping you make informed decisions.
  • It encourages ethical marketing practices, fostering genuine client relationships.
  • You receive continuous support, including templates, resources, and ethical guidelines.
  • It offers a range of outreach methods, making it adaptable to various client preferences.


  • The low price may not last forever, potentially leading to a price increase.

Closing statement

All in all, Dynamic Dental Dollars will be a guiding light in this dynamic field, offering a wealth of knowledge, insider insights, and data-driven techniques. So, embrace the opportunity, seize the knowledge, and embark on your path to prosperity in dental marketing.

With Dynamic Dental Dollars within your reach, the possibilities are endless, and the future is bright. It’s time to unlock your full potential and make your mark in the world of dental marketing.





Moreover, if you purchase at least 1 OTO/Upsell, you will get all bonus packages below:

New Bonus Package #5: Amazing WordPress Plugins With PLR

New Bonus Package #4: Materials To Grow Your Online Business

Bonus Package #3: Traffic Solution

Bonus Package #2: Doodle Assets Kit

New Bonus Package #1: Online Marketing Toolkit


Step 1: Buy Dynamic Dental Dollars on my website:


Or you can purchase the all-in-one Dynamic Dental Dollars Bundle offer on the sales page at $198 (one-time payment) to SAVE a lot of money and maximize the benefits.

Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

Final step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours.


Thank you so much again for reading my Dynamic Dental Dollars review to the end.

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