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Roofing Smart Pages Review


Roofing Smart Pages Review- Product Overview

Local business owners are usually tech-challenged and or computer illiterate due to the fact that they spend most of their time working offline, developing their offline services, or training their staff.

However, if we take the increasing popularity of the Internet into consideration, we’ll finally find out they now have more than just one professional problem to deal with. It’s the online presence that they could attract more clients, close more deals, and gain income.

If you are searching for roofers in your neighborhood, I’m sure there are quite a few results for you. But the thing is they come up with unacceptably terrible designs or the functions on their site don’t work in the way they’re supposed to.

Surprisingly, they still have to pay a highly-priced fee every month to keep these crappy sites working. What a depressing situation!

Tell you what? There is no other situation that can be as amazing, and full of potential as this one.

With Roofing Smart Pages, you can work as an expert instead of a generalist like others are doing but of course without any hard work from you.

Just give it a guess, will roofers choose your service if you can deliver a much better-quality service, at a more reasonable price? Hell Yes!!

The next parts of my review will show you more details about Roofing Smart Pages.

What Is Roofing Smart Pages?

Roofing Smart Pages is a set of landing pages you can use to provide a top-quality marketing service for your roofers and make them satisfied while paying you a recurring fee.

To support the landing pages and ensure you can leverage them, they also include their proven prospecting methods and some additional training to get you started & up to speed fast!

Meet The Creator – InvisiblePPC



Let me tell you this, InvisiblePPC is a marketing company that is dedicated to delivering DFY web packages to users to boost their online presence.

Starting their business with a team full of enthusiastic marketers, InvisiblePPC gradually gains its popularity through its designs. Their previous product, known as Dental Smart Pages, has been sold to more than 2,000 clients including private buyers and businesses.

Of course, Rob Warner, the CEO of InvisiblePPC, and his teammate – Joe Troyer – are careful guys so this Roofing Smart Pages has gone through a careful test before they appear in the market. And look at the stats for the last 12 months and you will know this product is extremely qualified for your business.


Feature Details

[+]    3-step proven funnels

So, you should know this offer includes 4 different versions of the 3-step roofing funnel which gives you a Responsive Landing Page, Thank You Page & GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy. They are:

    ♦    Funnel Pages Built In Unbounce

You’ll get landing pages in Unbounce, and I can’t recommend it enough!

    ♦    Funnel Pages Built In Clickfunnels

They know some of you really drink the Kool-Aid, so they made the pages in Clickfunnels too.

    ♦    Funnel Pages Built In GoHighLevel

Over the last year, GoHighLevel has quickly taken market share from Click-funnels and many other platforms!

    ♦    Funnel Pages Built In HTML 5

If you are old-school techies and just want the code – no worries! Now you can do what you want with it!

[+]    Roofing Smart Pages Resources

In this section, you will get how to complete basic tasks through instructional videos.

Also, a 10-page PDF document will give you a more clear look at how to edit the Privacy Policy. They show you everything, you just need to put a little effort into the work and make easy money even when you are a complete newbie.

[+]    4 Practical Case Studies

You can learn from the experts. The 3 main case studies are put in presentation form with eye-catching designs so that you can learn from their campaigns, figure out what’s best for yours and collect all the good things from their mistakes.

[+]    Training Videos on How to Use the landing page

Well, don’t freak out if you have no idea what to do with the file you got. There are instruction videos on how to open your landing page on each platform so you just need to spend a few minutes watching and then go making money.

About using details

How to use this product

Step 1: Log In

Here is the login page of the InvisiblePPC system, you just need to fill in your registered email, and your password and click the login button.


Step 2: Choose your Course

So, now you can successfully log in to the system, and you’ll see all the courses you signed up for here. Click on the Roofing Smart Pages to get started.


Step 3: Explore the Course Curriculum

The app will show you all the lessons and tools you have in the course. In the sidebar, the app shows you your progress, literally how many percentages of the course you’ve watched.

You need to watch the About video first so that you can take a quick capture of what, to begin with on this site.


To access each section, no matter whether it is a file or a video, you just need to click on the Start button on the left side of the screen.


For the Roofing Smart Pages, you just need to choose the platform, click on the link, and wait for it to download.


Why Should You Buy These Roofing Smart Pages?

Choosing to find out more information about this product means that you are seeing the potential in this Roofing niche, aren’t you?

Well, the fact is this niche is quite profitable in recent years and there are more than 16,000 roofers in the USA only. So, you just need to invest a small fraction of your budget to get this marketing package, and then you can make use of it in the next few years.

Furthermore, this Roofing Smart Pages can benefit anyone, even if you are a complete beginner and just looking for something fun to do or if you are a veteran who is finding some innovations for your work, the app can fit all your needs.

It gives newbies the training to know the right way to apply their tools. It gives experts amazing tools to put in their proven methods.

One way or another, Roofing Smart Pages offer you many opportunities at a super cheap price. You can hit the ground running as soon as you enroll and start running with it!

Additionally, this is neither a complete training course nor a collection of landing pages, it’s actually a perfect combination of making money tools.

If you spend a few minutes with the sales page, it’s obvious that Roofing Smart Pages have been tested across 32,788 clicks & generated 3,864 leads in the last 12 months alone.

As many people out there are struggling to leverage their business with trial and error, you can inherit this proven-to-work invention and save a lot of time and method.

A lot of people have successfully implemented the system. Is it now your turn?


How  Much Does It Cost?

Roofing Smart Pages FE

The price for this agency package is completely reasonable for you. Just $27 for a complete toolkit to become a marketing expert and provide a professional look for your clients.

I’m sure you are looking at one of the greatest deals of this year and if you can grab this opportunity, you can be the best marketing roofing agency in your town, receive your clients’ positive feedback, and get their highest recommendations while charging them high recurring fees just because you are superior to other competitors.

The cart opens at 11 am EST on May 1st and lasts until May 5th – at 11:59 pm EST. There will be an early bird time for FE and Upgrade 1, which are better together. So, please make sure you are ready to check it out today to enjoy this great deal.

Date & Time FE Upgrade 1 Downsell 1
Friday  $27 $37 $17
Saturday $28 $39 $17
Sunday $29 $40 $17
Monday $30 $41 $17
Tuesday $31 $42 $17


The Upsells

Here are a few OTOs that can bring you more value, and higher income:

Upgrade 1: Sales/Marketing Pack ($37-42)

    +    Downsell 1 ($17)

Upgrade 2: Landing Page of The Month Club ($27 a month or $243 a year)

    +    Downsell 2: Landing Page of The Month Club ($1/24hr then $27 a month)


Who Should Buy These Roofing Smart Pages?

In my opinion, Roofing Smart Pages can be used as a foot-in-the-door method to sell any service:

    +    Reputation Management

    +    Pay Per Click Management

    +    Search Engine Optimization

    +    Website Builds

    +    Video SEO

    +    Facebook Ads

    +    Local SEO

    +    Bots

    +    You Name It

If you are or plan to set up a business that provides clients with these types of services, you should seriously consider taking this!

Bonuses From Author Team

Get this product today, you will get more bonuses below from the author:


Pros And Cons


  • This package is 100% complete
  • High-quality landing pages
  • Over The Shoulder training videos
  • Work on different hosting platforms
  • Practical Case Studies to look into the situation
  • No cold calling or cold visits to local businesses
  • Location-independent
  • Done entirely by email and phone/Skype
  • 30-Day “No Worries” Guarantee


  • Up to now, there is none.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q/ Can I do this even if I have a full-time job?

Mainly working evenings and weekends – You choose the days and hours you work – which means you can plan the work around your commitments or full-time working hours

Q/ Can I Whitelabel the results?

Case studies are already white-labeled!

Q/ Will there be any additional charges?

No surprise fees! The price is clearly shown in today’s Roofing Smart Pages review

Q/ What if I am unhappy with the course?

They would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact them in the first 30 days and they will give you a full refund. – Add a disclaimer or link to a Guarantee page.

Q/ Are there other resources/tools I need to buy/subscribe to succeed in this?

If you’re interested in our other courses, check these out:

Q/ What if I’m already subscribed to the Omni Program, Smart Niche, or AGV? Do I still need this? Will I get this as a bonus?

You will need to sign up for this separately.

Q/ I’m a complete newbie and I don’t have an agency. Will this work for me if I don’t have any idea how this works? Is there training?

You have lifetime access to their Landing Pages Change Lives course which will help you execute everything to get the results you want! This includes modules and video training. Some self-learning is involved but it can point you in the right direction!

Q/ Will this work if I am overseas/Not in the US?


Q/ Is it okay to target a location outside where I normally do business?

If you are able to service those accounts in that area, then go for it! However, it is important that you comply with local and national laws and regulations.

Q/ Do I need to register an LLC/business?


Q/ Is this just a rehash of previous courses?

No. In fact, this is NOT really even a course. You’re buying their asset. Roofing Smart Pages – their landing pages – have been tested across 32,788 Clicks & Generated 3,864 Leads in the last 12 months alone.

They’ve never offered a “product” with this unique angle and proof of such fast success before. To support the landing pages and ensure you can LEVERAGE theme they’ve added in their proven prospecting methods, and some additional training to get you started & up to speed FAST!

Q/ Why would I change gears and use this new model?

The biggest reason is… PROOF!.. compare their PROOF and marketing message to what you’re presenting to local businesses. Heck, if you’re doing better, then don’t try it… But if you’re falling behind, or you have a Roofing prospect you need this.

Q/ Does this take a lot of time?

Not at all they’ve collected all the data, prove the landing pages, and the marketing message, and packaged everything up into an easy-to-consume – swipe & deploy package.

Q/ Will I need a large budget?

No. Not at all. You can do this with just your own time and effort. So it’s perfect for the cash-strapped marketer!

Q/ Will I need Employees?

NO (Unless you Want Them) —If you choose to use virtual assistants or outsource that’s fine. But it’s not necessary. It is important to learn the process first before hiring anyone.

Q/ Are all my competitors using this?

These landing pages are proven to get results from being tested over and over again. There are variations of images used and call to action but this template has proven to get the best results!

Q/ Aren’t you concerned about saturation?

No. They know 85% of the human population just won’t take action… And there are 200,000+ roofers in the USA alone. Every business is unique so, in turn, the content will be unique to the business services and calls to action.

Q/ If It’s So Good, why don’t you charge more?

Simple… Their goal since founding the InvisiblePPC has been to put their students and consultant friends above everything else. They’ve been working with local clients in the US and in Europe for years…

They are NOT making their full-time living just producing products, so they don’t need to gouge our marketing students and friends.

The price is clearly shown in this Roofing Smart Pages Review

Q/ Can I do this all from my computer? (Or do I need to go door-to-door to find clients?)

No cold calling or door-to-door is necessary. This entire business is totally location independent and can be done entirely by email and phone/skype. (like our 30+ person team)

Q/ How long will it take to see landing page conversion increase?

Probably pretty quickly, maybe a week or two?… It all really depends on how much traffic you are getting. It could be as fast as a day or two. FTC rules don’t allow us to be more specific or to guarantee any results. If you take action now you would be among the fast starters.

Q/ How long will it take to get a Roofing client using your landing pages as my foot in the door?

Probably pretty quickly, it could be a day or two or a week or two… FTC rules don’t allow us to be more specific or to guarantee any results. If you take action now you would be among the fast starters.

Q/ Do I need a website?

Yes, you need your own website or hosting or your client’s website and hosting in order to use these pages. Depending on which of the pages you are using, ClickFunnels, HTML, Unbounce or GoHighLevel

Q/ Can you set my page up for me on my hosting / Clickfunnels / Unbounce / Website?

Unfortunately, they can not help you there as much as they would love to. It is best to chat directly with the different platforms’ support teams who will be happy to help.

The page doesn’t work! The authors added their own text and images and now it looks weird. You need to help.

As much as they would love to help with the formatting of every page after the purchase they are unable to. All the platforms have a wealth of information on how to make adjustments to images/text size. They would be your best resource.


I hope my Roofing Smart Pages review has given useful information for you. Please put in mind that this kind of product cannot be any cheaper. This product is a pearl of great price and I’m sure you don’t want to regret it later for missing it.

Once again, I hope you can make a wise choice. Thank you for reading my review!


























































Step 1: Buy Roofing Smart Pages on my website


Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

Final step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours

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