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Orion Review- YouTube Shorts is currently in its initial phases, with minimal competition in the field.

The Shorts feature is actively promoted by the YouTube algorithm, and as part of its strategy to compete with TikTok, YouTube provides free exposure, traffic, and subscribers to Shorts creators daily.

This results in even new creators with zero subscribers garnering tens of thousands of views daily.

Several creators have achieved notable results with YouTube Shorts:

  • 5 million views by posting videos created by others.
  • 24 million views through 5-second video posts.
  • 4 million views from 30-second review videos.


Are the outcomes presented above enticing to you?

The most exciting news is that you’re just 10 minutes away from achieving them! Let’s dive straight into my ORION review, and I’ll show you how!

ORION review- The overview



Obed SA et al

Orion app

Official website

Click here: https://getorion.live/fe/

Front-End Price

$19.80 one-time payment

Front-End Coupon

Add my code “OrionVIP” for $5 OFF.


Yes, Huge Bonuses from the creator team and my HudaReview team, check at the end of this review.


30-day money-back guarantee


Support Desk: [email protected]

What is this product about?

ORION stands out as the inaugural software designed to drive substantial traffic to your websites, blogs, and offers with just 3 clicks, utilizing the power of YouTube Shorts.

The noteworthy features of this software include:

  • No prior experience is necessary.
  • No video editing skills required.
  • No need to appear on camera.
  • No upfront budget needed.

Moreover, you can initiate the process and witness remarkable results without enduring lengthy waits, just like this:


Let’s scroll down below to see how this product works in detail!

What features are included in the product?

It all comes down to one thing in the realm of earning money online – traffic!

Whether you aim to promote affiliate products, CPA offers, e-commerce items, or anything else, traffic is the key!

I understand the weariness and frustration that comes with experimenting with ineffective traffic methods.

Allow me to make it clear: my role is to guide you toward what works and steer you away from what doesn’t. If you’ve landed on my page today, rest assured there’s no room for mediocre methods here!

So, how exactly can you achieve this? Enter “YouTube SHORTS.”

ORION provides a multitude of options for you to craft viral videos tailored specifically for YouTube Shorts.

👉  Add Your Video Or Use Other People’s Viral Video Content To Create Shorts

Certainly, you have the option to produce your short content. Yet, ORION extends the capability for you to discover and legally utilize videos with high views and likes, enhancing the content for your shorts!

👉  Professionally Designed DFY Templates Or Create Your Shorts From Scratch.

Numerous elegantly crafted templates are at your disposal. Simply select a template, customize it in a matter of minutes, and voila – your shorts are ready!

If working with templates isn’t your preference, you also have the option to fashion your templates from the ground up!

👉  Fully-fledged yet Simple Editor To Customize Your Videos.

Modify the text, images, and videos in your shorts to imbue them with uniqueness and enhance their attention-grabbing qualities.

👉  Export Your Video In HR 720p And HD 1080p.

Select your preferred video quality export options, enabling your audience to seamlessly watch your video on any device without encountering pixelation issues.

A Wide Range Of Tools Support Your Video Creation

👉  Customize Your Branding

Whether it’s a logo, branding, or watermark, you have a diverse array of options to select from, allowing you to establish and enhance your brand presence while directing traffic to your websites and offers.

👉  Add Call-To-Action

CTAs (Call-to-Actions) wield significant power. By incorporating them into your videos, you can prompt viewers to click and navigate to any destination of your choice!

👉  Viral Quote Generator

The allure of viral quotes has always captivated people, presenting one of the simplest methods to generate substantial traffic from social media. Leverage this feature to craft quotes that resonate with people, encouraging them to share within their networks.

👉  Facts Generator

Utilize this tool to seamlessly inject a surprising fact into your video, sparking curiosity among your audience. This engagement tactic will keep viewers returning to your videos time and again!

👉  Viral Shorts Finder

This feature will find viral videos with exceptional social performance and quickly create shorts that you can use to drive traffic anywhere you want. Stop finding them on your own and save hours on other tasks!

👉  Royalty-Free Music Library

You can one-click and add professional audio tracks to your videos. Video with music is evidenced to be more engaging and outstanding for the audience!

👉  10M+ Premium Stock Images and Videos

These stunning Stock Images and Videos are all royalty-free. You can leverage these premium visual assets to take your video to the next level and grab people’s attention from the very first second.

👉  Real Human Voiceover

There is absolutely no need to spend your money on expensive voiceovers as you can add your voiceover or choose from ORION‘s library of AI voices.


Add my code “OrionVIP” for $5 OFF.

My opinion after trying this Orion app

  ♥   This is a revolutionary traffic method that delivers you hands-free traffic!

I understand that you may have experimented with numerous traffic methods, leading to exhaustion and a sense of hopelessness. However, your search for an effective method ends here.

ORION requires no editing skills, budget, or prior experience. All you need is the desire to boost your traffic and sales. The step-by-step instructions inside ORION will guide you, making it easy to create traffic-generating YouTube Shorts in no time!

As you become accustomed to this traffic method, you’ll have the opportunity to scale it up, amplifying your traffic and sales. Additionally, you can explore various niches to maximize your profits!

  ♥   I can guarantee that there is no better time to get started with Youtube Shorts than now and VidShortz is evidenced to bring you the best results!

Upon examining YouTube Shorts, you’ll observe a scarcity of content creators on this platform. Those who do engage in content creation are experiencing remarkable success, garnering tens of thousands or even millions of views for their websites, blogs, and offers.

This phenomenon is attributed to YouTube’s preference for shorts, leading to the provision of FREE Traffic! It exemplifies the advantages enjoyed by early adopters.

This compelling scenario prompted the creator team to develop VidShortz, and they undoubtedly witnessed phenomenal results within a brief timeframe:



How much do you have to pay?

Front-end: ORION ($17)

Let’s recap everything:


To sum up, I have to say this is a one-in-a-million chance for you as in the future, this product will require you to pay a monthly fee to use ORION. But for now, you only need to pay as little as $17 to get your hands on all of the amazing benefits I mentioned above.


In addition, if you put the software to use and don’t get results not only will they refund you but they will also send you a further $500 as well they are also giving you the unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee.

So if for whatever reason or no reason at all you want your money back just let them know and they’ll send you back every cent.


Add my code “OrionVIP” for $5 OFF.

If you seize this opportunity during the special launch, you’ll receive four additional bonuses to enhance the performance of your online business. It’s crucial to note that once the launch period concludes, these bonuses will no longer be available.

Also, be sure to explore the exclusive and practical bonuses from my team after this ORION review!


ORION review- The upsells

If you’re not happy you can get your money back, it’s that simple. And you can keep everything too, so what are you waiting for?

  • Upsell 1: Unlimited Edition ($67/$47)
  • Upsell 2: Done-For-You Edition ($77/$57)
  • Upsell 3: Automated Edition ($97/$77)
  • Upsell 4: 1-Hour Profit ($77/$57)
  • Upsell 5: 1-Click Traffic Booster ($77/$57)
  • Upsell 6: ChatGPT Edition ($47/$27)
  • Upsell 7: Agency License Edition ($67/$47)
  • Upsell 6: Reseller Edition ($127/$97)
  • Upsell 7: Click Design Edition ($97/$87)



That concludes my review of the ORION app. I trust you found it informative and helpful in making an informed purchase decision.

If you find this product valuable for your needs, I encourage you to take prompt action to secure the best price along with enticing bonuses. Details about the bonuses can be found below.








Step 1: Buy this ORION app on my website:


Add my code “OrionVIP” for $5 OFF.

Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

And step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours.

Thank you so much for reading my ORION Review.

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