AppointBee AI & Bundle review: An optimized booking system for your local business

AppointBee AI review with Bundle- Have you ever visited a local dentist’s website and tried to contact them with a big old telephone number but you can’t make the call (because you’re at work or at a noisy place)?

Or maybe it’s after office hours and you’re in a rush but no one answers your phone to revise the meeting tomorrow. As a client, you must be frustrated and may not want to come back.

Sadly, examples like this happen in our daily life. Biz owners are paying thousands per month for call centers to take bookings for them (and it’s not working!).

Did you know that 97% of local business owners are losing thousands of dollars and hundreds of customers every month because of their outdated booking systems?

Now is your chance to get real results and kick-start a profitable business that creates appointment-boosting booking pages with the push of a button.

Let me introduce you to AppointBee AI and you won’t regret it!


AppointBee AI review- The summary



Harshal Jadhav & Nakul N.


AppointBee AI platform

Front-end Price

$24 – $27 (one-time payment)

Special coupon

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AppointBee AI Bundle


AppointBee AI Bundle Price

$297 (one-time payment)

Bundle Coupon

Use code ‘AIBEE’ to get $50 OFF
AppointBee AI Bundle Access



Yes, a Huge bonus

Support here:


30-day money-back guarantee

What is it?

AppointBee AI is an advanced appointment booking system packed with great features to help businesses set up appointments with customers in a professional way.

No matter what your business type is, AppointBee AI helps you skyrocket appointments with your clients, minimize booking cancellations, and then money would come to you in the easiest way.

Who’s behind this product?


AppointBee AI is brought to you by Harshal Jadhav and his partner Nakul N., who have a reputation for launching software products.

On top of that, Harshal Jadhav is the CEO and Founder of Rack Infotech Pvt. Ltd which is a top Internet Marketing SAAS company.

Having worked in the industry for a long time with success in creating digital products, they are on a mission to help local businesses thrive and improve the quality of customer services.

Throughout the years, Harshal – the talented creator has generated millions of dollars with his top-notch products that are sold like hotcakes up now, such as: VidPresent,  QuizTarget, StopMotionSuite, VidViral, ..etc…

AppointBee AI review- What does it offer you?

👉   Quick and easy to set up

Just click and point and the entire system set up for your clients will be done in a few minutes. No skill is needed.

👉   Accept Payment Upfront

Unlike regular booking systems, AppointBee AI allows your client to accept payments upfront at the time of booking! This helps to reduce “no-shows” because clients have paid in advance.

👉   No more double bookings

The software will let you know if their booking slot is still available, and prevent double bookings.

👉   Build your clients’ email list

Sounds like a lot of work for admins, AppointBee AI captures emails used for the booking process so that biz owners can follow and make use of them in the future.  

👉   Clearly – shown data

Your clients and you can easily export their appointment details and statistics for offline references and analysis.

👉   AppointBee AILeads Client Finder

AppointBee AILeads is a separate SAAS Module that deep crawls the web to find local business websites that are missing an appointment booking system.

👉   Manage and display correct working hours

Staying aware of the clients’ holidays, days off, lunchtimes, and meetings, the system only takes bookings in their available time.

👉   Google Calendar integration

With a single tap of a button, your calendar and your weekly plan are instantly synced so that we can follow up in only an application.

👉   Automatic email and SMS reminders

AppointBee AI manages bookings from Cloud Based Dashboard within a few clicks. Reminders to your customers have never been so easy and it shows you’re trying to take good care of them.

👉   Team License Included

Usually, a team of people will be in charge of booking, not only one person. With AppointBee AI you can give each member of the team their own appointment system under one “umbrella” system for that company.

👉   Compatible with all devices

AppointBee AI goes well with a wide range of devices and screen sizes. Customers can book appointments from their mobile devices with a few simple taps, without squinting, pinching, or zooming on their screens!


Add code ‘AIBEE2’ to get $2 OFF

(after the early-bird price ends)


About Using instruction and My personal using experience

How to use AppointBee AI?

You need to implement some settings with AppointBee AI like Calendar, Working Hours, Services, etc.


[+] Time Settings:

It will show you the list of time settings, you just need to click on it and complete it step by step.


[+] Accessibility Settings:

You can allow your clients to cancel the appointment or not, just go with this section. Some of the privacies or rights for you right here:


[+] Display Settings, Payment Settings:

What you set up and choose here, they will show up for customers to know when they make a booking with AppointBee AI.


[+] Notification Settings:

When you’ve done with this area, it will do everything automatically for you like sending a confirmation email.


It also has the DFY mail for you here, but you can customize it.


[+] Google Calendar Button Settings:

With a Single Tap of a button, instantly sync your client’s Google calendar into AppointBee AI allowing your client to see all of their appointments in one place, including ones booked separately in their Google calendar alongside their AppointBee AI bookings!


[+] Working Hours:

AppointBee AI has built-in technology to prevent double bookings.


Set up your client’s holidays, days off, lunchtimes, and meetings, so the system can only take bookings when they’re available.


[+] SMS API Settings:


[+] Form Position:

You can choose the form for your booking right here:


And when you’ve done, all settings will be shown up like this:


One board like this will pop up for customers to make an appointment:


They can book with this filter and choose the right people they want to meet:


They will know if the availability is ready or not:


If another customer has already booked an appointment, the software will let them know and suggest another slot that’s available!


Finally, they can finish their appointment with this form. Check all the details about the price, service, time, and date.


And that’s it, anyone can do it easily and you can provide the hottest service for any business and charge them monthly.


Examples of sites enabled with AppointBee AI appointment booking:

Example 1: DENTAL

Example 2: SPA

AppointBee AI review- Why should you purchase this platform?

Let me show you some reasons explain why you should purchase it:

♥   Save time and money

Do you know that business owners spend tons of money on call centers or administrators to book appointments with their customers?

Now make some calculations about the amount of time people have to spend talking or texting with their clients. AppointBee AI is a no-brainer that would do every step of an appointment booking for you.

♥   Improve the quality of customer service

Business usually gets complaints about how long they have to wait to have someone pick up the phone, or no one answers their after-office-hour questions.

AppointBee AI was made to help businesses offer the “foot in the door” service to win loyal local clients as clients can now book a meeting through the applications.

♥   Skyrocket sales

AppointBee AI will help you double the number of appointments your business has, reduce no-shows significantly, and then the sales would go through the roof. Your way to earning a 6-figure income has never been so easy.

♥   One-time investment for life

AppointBee AI is a one-time investment that will stop you from wasting money on outsourcing customer services and tools,  allowing you to create beautiful booking systems in seconds… without eating up your profits!

♥   30-day guarantee policy

I know that purchasing a new-launched software means taking a new risk but don’t worry because you’re covered by a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee. If there’s any technical issue that the creators can’t fix, you’re fully refunded.

Let’s check out what others say about AppointBee AI:



AppointBee AI review- Who is it for?

No matter who you are, I think all types of businesses can massively benefit from AppointBee AI because it’s a no-brainer app.

No special skills are needed so as long as you want to grow your biz, it’s a worth-trying investment for you. Highly recommended for:

  •  Coaches
  • Beauticians
  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Professional services
  • Consultants
  • Accountant
  • And the list goes on…

AppointBee AI review- Pros and cons


  • No sneaky booking fees, no ongoing charges, no special tools required
  • No freelancers required, no learning curves, no complicated dashboards
  • An All-in-one AppointBee AI bundle is available, to help you save money
  • A.I is integrated into this software
  • High-quality support service
  • 30-day money-back guarantee policy


  • There is nothing to complain about this

How much is it?

The Front-end

AppointBee AI – BASIC PLAN – $24 (one-time payment)

You only $24 a month for applications that could bring you thousands of dollars per month.

What a bang for a buck!

This is your ONLY chance to get AppointBee AI at the lowest price possible ‘cause they are running a special launch. Grab this now and start collecting easy paychecks, before it’s too late.

AppointBee AI – AGENCY PLAN – $27 (one-time payment)

Create appointment booking websites using the AppointBee AI WordPress plugin, plus get a highly customizable theme that can be used to build websites for any local niche.

Full-fledged training on how to sell appointment booking websites to local businesses & how to sell it as a service is also included.

Find out the distinct points between the two options:


Add code ‘AIBEE2’ to get $2 OFF

(after the early-bird price ends)

The all-in-one AppointBee AI bundle

Price: $297 (one-time payment)

This is the special offer that Tim Verdouw and his team provide for their customers in this special launch. With this all-in-one AppointBee AI Bundle offer, you will SAVE A LOT OF MONEY.

Unlock the AppointBee AI main offer along with all the OTOs for an unbeatable one-time fee:

  • AppointBee AI Agency
  • AppointBee AI Leads
  • AppointBee AI DFY
  • AgencyBee AI
  • AppointBee AI Whitelabel
  • DealzPage Agency Pro
  • All Exclusive Bonuses and AppointBee AI Upgrade Bonuses
  • All Access Unlocked
  • Round-The-Clock Customer Support
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


Use code ‘AIBEE’ to get $50 OFF


With this AppointBee AI bundle purchase, you NEEDN’T pay any more RECURRING FEES. All is a ONE-TIME PAYMENT.

Moreover, you will also get top-priority support service as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee policy.

The upsells/OTOs

The fast-pass AppointBee AI Bundle

Price: $167 one-time payment


Get access to all the OTOs for a low One-Time price.

This offer is especially for those who bought the front end and still want to buy the bundle at the most economical price.

AppointBee AI upsell #1: LEADS/ PRO PACK


Price: $37 one-time payment

AppointBee AI Pro Pack gives unlimited access to campaign creation and website license packs. You also get to grab an unlimited no. of leads with this upgrade.

It also includes amazing features like Leadlock Pro, Facebook Pixel Integration, Google Tag Code Integration, My Convert Lab, AppointBee AI-hosted quiz URLs, building custom audience funnels right inside Facebook and Google, and more.

Downsell 01

Try AppointBee AI Leads for $7 for 7 days.


AppointBee AI upsell #2: DONE-FOR-YOU

Price: $67 one-time payment


10 DFY Themes + 10 DFY WhiteLabel Videos + Sales Training to Profit from DFY Themes

The upgrade version includes 10 done-for-you Appointment systems along with a bonus training: How to sell done-for-you systems for $1,000-$3,000.

The done-for-you appointments include: 1) Dentists, 2) Lawyer,  3) Salon, 4) Spa,  5) Chiropractor, 6) Chartered accountants,  7) Clinic, 8) Optometrist,  9) Veterinary, 10) Dermatologist.

Downsell 02: AppointBee AI DFY Lite

Price: $47 one-time payment


5 DFY Themes + 5 DFY WhiteLabel Videos + Sales Training to Profit from DFY Themes.

AppointBee AI upsell #3: AgencyBEE AI

Price: $47 one-time payment


Save thousands on coders, copywriters, designers, and expensive tools, and use this ready-made Agency Site to win trust, build your list, and sell your AppointBee AI services on autopilot!

Upgrade to AgencyBee to Detonate Your Weekly Income With More Paying Clients Than You Can Handle!

AppointBee AI upsell #4: WHITELABEL

  • 50 Licences: $127 one-time payment
  • 250 Licences: $147 one-time payment


AppointBee AI upsell #5: DealzPage AGENCY PRO (Limited Edition)

Price: $97 one-time payment



AppointBee AI review- The conclusion

With all the information mentioned above, I hope AppointBee AI would be a game-changing decision for you and your business. This is definitely a cost-effective software for you to boost your local business and gain you a ton of money. Remember to thank me when you become a millionaire ;).

Thank you for reading until the end of my review!







Step 1: Buy AppointBee AI on my website


Add code ‘AIBEE2’ to get $2 OFF

(after the early-bird price ends)

Or you want to check the all-in-one AppointBee AI offer first:


Use code ‘AIBEE’ to get $50 OFF

Step 2: I have added all the bonuses inside the JVZOO portal, so you needn’t send a bonus email request anymore! Just download it from there directly.

If you have any questions, let me know via my email at [email protected]

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